The Heart Knows

The heart knows no time nor season; it either is yoked with the father of lies or the Father of glory through Christ Jesus. The heart is either in cycles of emotions, wheels of suffering, and circles of thought, or underlying Joy despite circumstances.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they see God”

The redeemed heart sees the King of glory and becomes like him. “When you see him you will become like him.” Only the Spirit and fire of God can purify a heart, that is why Jesus said you must be born again to see the Kingdom of God. John the Baptist, whom Jesus said was the spirit of Elijah unrecognized, said he baptized with water but Christ Jesus would baptize with Holy Spirit and fire.

“I bring you good tidings of great Joy!”

Only you can take your Abba Father-given Joy away by denying and refusing his Son or by projecting an enemy who you allow to steal your joy, when the Truth is Jesus defeated all enemies of God at the cross and resurrected his kingdom, power and glory. It is time to agree with God instead of the Deceiver.

“So you had sorrow, but when I see you again you will rejoice, and no one can take your joy from you” (John 16:22)

If there is no joy in it, ask Father, “Is it for me?” Most likely you have taken on something that was never meant for you. “Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart!” He will give you a new name, “My Delight is in her” and “Married” (Isaiah 62:4) no longer Forsaken or Desolate; Depressed, Worried, Sick, Fearful, Abandoned, Betrayed, Lost, or Alone.

Our Father is more than enough; the Son is more than enough in you!

Holy Spirit led sons of God, living, moving and having their being in the River from the throne full of God’s Spirit, Light and Love, are guided by our Father to his deeper purposes and higher Will as it is predestined in Christ in you before the foundation of the world to express through your unique vessel–his body temple of you–here, now, living the “is” of Christ Jesus. “The beast was, is not, and is to come” (Revelation 17:8-11). Jesus was, is, and is to come the same all-Light, all-Love, and all-Holy Spirit; the God who comes to live in you when you ask and receive him–all of Him in all of you, spirit and soul and body!

Only Christ can complete your soul! and that makes your heart sing!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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9 Responses to The Heart Knows

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  2. Christophe says:

    Oh yeah, I want Jesus to ravish my heart, I’m tired of aching, nothing else will do.

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  3. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yes ! when we finally see him as he truly is we remember that we always knew him and the we transform into His likeness. Love, Love and more Love.
    One God, One Tree, One Life

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