Are you Willing to Move Now?

Are you willing to move from the old city, represented by Jerusalem under the old covenant, under the laws of sin and death…

to the new city come down from heaven, the Spirit and the Bride, Holy Spirit indwelling your transformed body temple, a new heaven on earth now, the new Way, Truth and Life of God with Christ in you? The glory the Father gave Jesus The Christ, The Son of God, The Messiah, he gives to you, the manifest presence of God to reFORM you into a new creature of the new creation under ONLY the law of the Spirit of Life! The tree of life  seed grown and matured in you; the river of water of life from the throne flowing in and through your heart in your belly, your spirit man, your innermost being! transformed from the inside out with Christ in you, the hope of glory! the hope of manifest presence! the assurance and substance of manifest presence of God!

“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit WITHIN  YOU, which you have FROM GOD?”

“Do you not know that YOU are God’s temple and that God’s SPIRIT dwells IN YOU?”

“IF the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead DWELLS IN YOU, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will give LIFE to your mortal bodies also through HIS SPIRIT who DWELLS IN YOU”

The kingdom of God is not external to observe, it is internal to BE!

The kingdom of God is not food and drink, symbols or rituals; the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy IN THE HOLY SPIRIT! The KOG is being in the River of God flowing from the throne IN YOU and THROUGH YOU; his tree of life in you; his Vine in your innermost spirit man, the center of your body!

God is not in control; robots are controlled; satan makes robots to control; soul-less robots to control. Christ in you is the free choice of those who awake and realize the lie of the world system, the lies of the synagogue of satan, the lies of the religious system of the world and the lies of the rulers of this present darkness. We wake up and become aware, awake, alert, watchful, vigilant to hear the knock on the door of our heart to let the glorified Spirit of Christ Jesus in; to commune intimately with. To receive the Holy Spirit and fire baptism to CONQUER and be raised to sit in heavenly places with Christ to rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven WITH CHRIST in God! He made us a kingdom and kings and priests to God his Father!

Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead (share the first resurrection with Christ) and Christ will give you Light! Life! and His Spirit in the the one body! In Christ there is FULLNESS of Life; in Christ in you there is HEAVEN on earth!!!!!!!

Do not accept a watered-down gospel; do not accept anything but the Holy Spirit and fire of God, Christ in you, both the Wisdom and Power of God in you; Power to become sons of God, led by the Holy Spirit; Wisdom to become brides of God now and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Are you Willing to Move Now?

  1. THIS is the ever-renewing Day that the Lord has made; the Day that is as a thousand year millennial reign, a thousand years as One Glorious renewing Day IN CHRIST; a thousand-fold blessing as the ONE blessed gift of Christ in you which is EVERYTHING for everyone who TURN and come and receive; listen and HEAR the invitation of the Spirit and Bride to come and TAKE and PARTAKE!!!!!!! Yes God!!!!!!! I am willing; YOU are able!!!!!!!

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  2. There is so much MORE than the physical realm! Because Jesus went to his Father and his God, our Father and our God, we can live, move and have our being in his heavenly realm on earth as it is in heaven in Him!


  3. Dennis Rhodes says:

    I like your word sister. My wife and I were talking about things yesterday and she being tired and being in a full time nursing job…was feeling like there is no hope…as I was speaking about the false image that our brethren are stuck worshiping….she was asking when will they ever see the inner revelation rather than going after streets of physical gold and a mansion made of bricks in some faraway heaven one day. We shared about Romans 8 and the groaning and expectation of all creation waiting earnestly for the revealing of the sons of God who shall appear, be revealed, all over the earth setting all creation free from the bondage of Babylon and all it’s various tendrils that have wrapped around our minds.
    Yet I want to ask a question of you. Are you saying we are in the river or that we have to do something to get into the river? Are you saying we are in the glory and the glory is already in us…or we have to do some spiritual gymnastics to get into the glory? I have been in that place of seeking feelings to prove to me that I am in the river before. Now I simply believe it is so for Jesus said it is. Do I see any evidence? No, none.

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    • Hi Dennis! pardon my long response 🙂 Some never feel or sense or have direct experiences but the Word and Spirit are trustworthy and true nonetheless! We don’t walk by sight, but by Faith! We continue to Surrender and Trust! Eat and drink both the Word and Spirit of God! Consecrate ourselves to God and take it by Faith! We continue to simply believe and not fear; ask and receive, believe we have received by faith through grace and do not waver; agree with God not human wisdom; yield our whole heart, stay mindful in Christ, free to choose the Goodness of God, awake, aware, alert, attentive, sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit; pray Thy Will be done; and submit only to the Lordship of Christ Jesus; led by the Holy Spirit. We ask and intend and with eager expectation expect to see the Goodness of God in the land of the living!

      I’m a feeler, a sensitive, so I feel the River flowing within or its absence if I turn left or right; I feel the quickening when the Holy Spirit refreshes me, refills me, breathes me, uplifts me, etc.; I feel the effect God’s Word has on me and the effect things lacking the Holy Spirit have on me.

      God always confirms the Word to me by showing me in so many different ways, singing songs over me, dreams, visions, inner knowings, books, overhearing conversations, nature signs, body sensations, feelings as guides to or away from things, convicting my conscience, witnessing to my spirit, resonating or repelled, or using people to tell me, e.g., I was putting on the white spiritual garment every day, literally reaching up and pulling Christ’s garment over my body and I was at a deliverance training at a church and a woman came up and said she could see a sparkly, luminous white gown on me. I once had a vision of myself covered in golden honey and a friend told me I smelled like honey after she hugged me. I started seeing the golden light here and there and when my earthly dad was transitioning I heard the audible words, “glory divine” and experienced the presence of glory that came into the room when he passed and it has become alive for me.

      The first time I read Revelation about the throne of God I remembered it and cried tears of recognition. When I read Revelation 21 and 22 I recognized it as what I was experiencing after my spiritual awakening, fire and Holy Spirit baptism coming down from heaven, being caught up to heavenly places and knowing for the first time that God was real; then days later Jesus manifested himself to me and speaking to me causing the chains to break off my heart and my heart to open to let the darkness out and the light in!

      All I know is I wasn’t in the River and fell FAR short of the glory for a long time and then a SUDDENLY of God! The transition from lost to found, seeker to finder, dead to alive, darkness to light, empty to full, depressed to joy-filled, despairing of life to Life, worried and stressed to resting and abiding in God, worst sinner to saved, healed, delivered and set free has rocked my world and turns things from upside down to right side up! Now my passion is God! my delight in Him! an ever-increasing intimate relationship with Christ my greatest love! my purpose to set people free to know the Truth and the Truth sets us all free to live a new heaven on earth now!

      I don’t know why some see, hear, smell, taste, feel, experience, encounter the things of God and some don’t, but the Holy Spirit knows and can safely take us through the floods and fires, lead us to the springs of living water and dry our tears as Comforter! Oh how I love you Holy Spirit of God!

      There need not be any evidence, experience or encounter to believe and receive all that Jesus taught and take it by faith. I must have needed it, so God provided it and continues to provide the evidence of the unseen! I don’t know why but God does!

      I do know we don’t need to jump through hoops or “spiritual gymnastics” as you put it so well. God sovereignly encountered me but the gifts of the Spirit are for all who come to Christ through faith by grace! We also each have unique aspects and giftings of God that brought together makes a wonderful, whole, many-membered One Body of Christ for the glory of God!

      We take the Way, the Truth and the Life of Christ in God by faith through grace if we don’t experience it directly. Blessed are those who believe without seeing! God bless you for simply believing!

      Thank you Abba! Father! Glory to God in the highest! All honor, praise, worship, thanksgiving, majesty and dominion to God and his Lamb forever and ever! We love you because you FIRST love us!

      On the Vine of Christ we can only bear Christ Fruit! Father we thank you for Holy Spirit forming Christ in us as a Vine connecting heaven and earth in us to bear heavenly fruit on earth as it is in heaven! Father we thank you for Holy Spirit leading us to the water of Christ to drink so we become his River on earth as it is in heaven! Father we thank you for the finished work of the cross! Father we thank you that with you all things are possible! Simply believe and do not fear!

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      • Dennis Rhodes says:

        Thanks for your honest open reply sister. Yes you touch on some things that have caused many to stumble. You know what I mean? Along comes this minister to their church one Sunday who has all these amazing spiritual experiences daily it seems. The rest of us are left feeling like we must not be really Christians. So we either get really into striving after Him thinking we must not have Him…not much any way…like sister so and so does. We fast and worship and plead and cry but nothing changes or happens. Many feel they are deficient in some way or not as loved by God as those who see and feel and hear. And yet Father works all that in their lives to teach them His heart for them and how they are to walk with Him. The temptataion is to think and say about you–‘oh you are so blessed sister…I wish I had all those experiences’ …so people begin to follow you in case something rubs off on them….
        I remember very well going to church one morning years ago and before the sermon I went up to a brother I knew. I knew that this brother prayed incessantly in the spirit from what others had told me about him. As I got within about 2 yards of him I distinctly felt like I had stepped under a shower of warm rain. I chatted to him a little…then went back to my seat. He did not say hardly anything to me. I thought to my self that was amazing. SO I went back to ask him something. Again I felt the manifest presence of God like a shower around him….about 2 yards diameter all around. He just looked at me….and his eyes said that he knew I could feel the Lord but that I was not to make a big thing of it….so as the meeting was about to start I went back to my seat. But do you know that the rest of the meeting is a blur to me now 20 years later except for that experience. I have sensed that on the main preacher a few times as they ministered the word of God and have been in prayer lines or walked away from the pulpit into the congregation. But that brother was someone who spent long hours in prayer and intercession in tongues and groanings. He was one who was transported in the spirit to appear in other places and all sorts of amazing things(normal for a true prophet). I have been very confused about whether I can have these things or not over the years.

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        • Every part of the body is necessary, valued and important to the body of Christ; the eyes don’t know what the mouth or hands are doing; the feet may not know what the heart is doing, but the least part of the body has the most honor! We are so thankful for our Father and God and his Body on earth!

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