The New Name!

Thank you Abba! Father!

We take the New Name as our spiritual married name! The new thing on the earth! The new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells! The new Name and new Nature: both nurture and nature! The Christ of God, The Son of The Father, the Creator of heaven and earth! We take and partake of the Name above every name in heaven or on earth: Christ Jesus! and we receive our new married name: His Delight in you! His Christ in you! so glory can return to the temple!

Christ Jesus writes it on our forehead as we freely choose the Name above every name, written on our prefrontal cortex to filter out every other name, and let Holy Spirit seal it with the blood of the Lamb of God, the water of life and the Spirit of God our Father!

We fly Christ’s Banner of Love over our heads! declaring Victory over all other names; they have to bow and leave our spirit and soul and body. With The Name above every other name with, over, upon, below, to the side, all around and within us, every disease and disorder has to bow to the Name and leave us! We are left ALONE with The Christ which is ALL ONE with our Father!!!!!!!

We take and partake of Christ’s divine nature.

We take the new Name of Christ in us, leaving behind the old name of Adam. For those truly IN CHRIST, spirit and soul and body, the old has died, the new resurrection life has come (share in the first resurrection and be blessed)!

After we have been raised up, the Spirit and Bride come down from heaven out of God and make their Home in our circumcised heart NOT circumcised by human hands. Christ tears the veil over us from the top of our head to the bottom of the soles of our feet so the seven spirits from the throne can enter our new, holy, pure body temple made WITHOUT human hands for His glory to ENTER!

The King of kings and Lord of lords, the King and Father of glory as one, come in the cloud of witnesses to clothe you with their cloud-covering full of fire and rain/reign so you may be hid with Christ in God! their glory within as your new light; their fire as a wall around you consuming all not Christ; the armor of Light!

The seven spirits from the throne make the NEW YOU (the one recreated in the image and likeness of God) complete in Christ! seven (complete) eyes of wisdom to see what the Father is doing and saying! seven (complete) torches of fire; the fire power to carry out what you see the Father doing and saying! and seven (complete) horns of oil, the fuel to keep you going! the “food” you used to not know; the hidden manna!

When we KNOW The Truth, The Truth sets us free! Jesus, the Christ of God, is The Way to the Father, The Truth of God, and The Life of God that comes down out of heaven from God to give you New Life!

Thank you Abba! Father! Abba is the SAME forwards and backwards! satan is always backwards, upside down and mixed up to confuse and destroy us (satnan, santa, e.g.). Jesus The Christ, The Son, The King of kings and Lord of lords is the SAME yesterday, today now, and forever: the Healer, Deliverer, Yoke Breaker, Heaven on Earth maker, and everything good, true, right and light recreating! Only those who are caught in the delusion, caught in the web of the destroyer, or caught in the trance-like hive mind, unconsciously programmed, conditioned and pottered by the world system, reject Jesus or are fooled by the counterfeits to keep you in bondage to their systems of control. Only Christ in you can set you totally free to choose Love, choose Light, and choose the Holy Spirit over all the worldly temptations that appear good but are mixed with evil and lead to our downfall and never waking up to receive the Light of Christ to live a resurrected life on earth as it is in heaven.

God is Able!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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