Internal Weather

Do you check the weather each day? Southern California had a reputation for always being 70 degrees and sunny; maybe now not so much!

But do you also check your internal weather and not just let your focus or attention be pulled, distracted or captured externally? Do you check within and let Holy Spirit bring whatever is your current weather, your internal day, to His Eternal Day that is always Son-ny and Seventy? Do you ask and intend for the Full Son to enter into every cell of the internal city of God within you? Do you let yourself be still and silent and present with full awareness to breathe new life, the breath of Life, Holy Spirit breath, into your whole body, crown to soles?

Do you move from any internal storms or dark clouds or concerns to the eye of the storm where it is always still and silent until it is 70 and Son-ny within again? In the eye of God with Christ, we are complete in Christ (7) with his fire light encircling us completely (0), knowing the FULL Son of God! The Christ within! in substance and Spirit! his bright cloud covering you! his pure rain making streams in your heart with the water of life to blossom a new heaven and new earth garden paradise within!

Thank you Abba! Father!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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