Beyond the Roof!

If you go outside you can see more than if you stay inside your home. If you go up on your roof, you can see a lot more than if you stayed inside. But when YOU are UNVEILED by ascended Christ Jesus, your personal “roof” is taken off, our Father can send DOWN the glorified Spirit of the Son, the glory BEYOND the created sun, the Greater, beyond our imagination, Light; greater than the greatest created light…SO BRIGHT that you can’t see it with the naked eye because its frequency is so far above all physical light, so much more powerful than even laser light focused on a cancer cell OBLITERATING it…The Light OF God!

The light of Christ Jesus when he walked the earth, healed, delivered and set free…The Glorified Light of His Spirit sent DOWN to live with and in you is EVERYTHING you need to heal, be delivered from evil, be set free by the Holy Spirit so the glory light can fill you to begin overflowing to cover the earth THROUGH God’s people!

The One Thing that the counterfeit leaders are working overtime to STOP at ALL costs is Christ in you, the hope of glory. 

The hidden agenda that is beginning to SHOW, exposed by the increasing Light of Christ on the earth, is revealing the TAINTED love that is being PUSHED on the world: do whatever makes you feel good, not God’s BEST for who He created you to be; instead the lie is to be who the world programmed, conditioned, formed, perverted, deceives you to make you into their image and likeness; the hidden agenda: MIXED truth and lies being dressed up, masked to LOOK good, and FORCE FED to the public.

The mixture of truth and lies is TAINTED light, counterfeit light, false light being forced down the publics throats. But receiving the Light of Christ in you is the true Light that enlightens your heart-eyes to SEE past the “good” appearance, the masks and artificial fragrances to cover up the stench, ugliness and yes even evil intentions of the hidden agenda of the accords with the devil such as the misleading Paris climate accord, the false “world” peace accords, the false financial accords of London for a one world currency, the false government accords leading to a one world government, the false religious accord led by the hidden, black pope for a one world religion, etc. The rulers of this present darkness are ruled by the pyramid with a hidden capstone, the one eye of lucifer, the counterfeit light who disguises himself as the light of God while he brings destruction, chaos, death, sin and dark temptations that lead to further destruction.

Jesus told us the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Christ came to give you life and life to the fullest! Jesus brought abundant heavenly Life to the earth, the Life of God to earth, through the Truth of God. Jesus The Christ is The Way to The Father so you can RECEIVE the HOLY Spirit, the untainted Spirit of God, the untainted Light of The Creator who created the heavens and earth, created the lesser physical lights of the sun, moon, and stars; the untainted Love of God, the pure Presence of God, the pure Glory of God, the righteous, holy, perfect, complete Spirit of God!

No longer SETTLE for less than you have been created to be, and then do out of heavenly being-ness with Christ’s Pure Spirit, Pure Light, and Pure Love in you! Let us all wake up and receive the Light of Christ and then spread His Pure Glory over all the face of the earth! THIS is a new heaven and new earth!!!!!!! ONE ACCORD with the Holy Spirit, the Mind of Christ, and the Heart of God!!!!!!!

Man-made climate accords, peace accords, financial accords, governmental accords, and religious accords PALE in comparison with God’s Glorious Accord! Don’t settle for man-made when you can BE MADE NEW in God and receive His Accords that lead to LIFE and LIBERTY and JUSTICE and FREEDOM and RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE and JOY in the HOLY Spirit FOR ALL in the kingdom of the beloved Son, recreating this earth, transforming in the PURE Light of His HOLY Spirit!!!!!!!

Come OUT of the DRAMA triangle of the world: persecutor, victim, rescuer of the new world order, dramatically exhibited by Kathy Griffin’s inexcusable stunt of violent, reprehensible hubris in the left’s agenda of hate. “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues” Come to the Living Water and drink; be UNVEILED in Christ!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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15 Responses to Beyond the Roof!

  1. Being against the HOLY Spirit of God is the inexcusable sin. “Be eager to maintain UNITY of The Spirit of God, in the bond of peace” The Accord of Peace is found in Christ Jesus; the unity of the Spirit is found when Christ is received in you, making you His Peace, His Light, His Love, His Spirit that leaves tribulation in your wake as you have moved from the eye of lucifer to the eye of God who created Lucifer before he FELL and is now causing everyone who is fooled and deceived to FALL away from the blood of the Lamb of God who took ALL sin away and brought the glory to replace it so you no longer have to fall short of the His GLORY, greater than the “greater physical light” of the sun.

    don’t fall for the sun gods, when you can have Christ The Son; don’t fall for the moon goddesses when you can have Christ’s reflected pure Light in you; don’t fall for the star gods when you can be transformed in a TWINKLE when you stop “wishing upon a star” and receive the Light of Christ that lifts, encourages, inspires, creates the all pure Good of God, the all pure Light of God, the all pure Spirit of God that leads you to the highest and best!

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  2. Thank you for opening all heart-eyes Abba! Father! to see your glory, and discern to spit out all counterfeit light in Jesus’ matchless Name, the Name above all other names!

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  3. Thank you Abba! Father for the New Song! Begin to sing the New Song! The Song of the new heaven and new earth at a higher frequency of light of His Pure Spirit and vibration of His Pure Word: pure life and Spirit!

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  4. Thank you Abba Father for The New Day! The Eternal New Day when we wake up to remember, realize and receive a fresh infilling of Your Pure Holy Spirit!!!!!!! Pure Light!!!!!!!

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  5. We no longer go left OR right; we stay in the spiritual center with Christ In us!

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  6. leaves fall from the false vine,
    like leaves falling off the counterfeit fig tree that looked good
    but could bear no fruit that Jesus cursed.
    lilith is exposed and her consort lucifer
    and chaos plummets over her nobles
    they shall name it No Kingdom There
    and all its princes shall be nothing,
    thorns grow over it,
    nettles and thistles,
    there the night hag finds a resting place
    eternally in the torment of darkness,
    the worst pain,
    separation from The God, The pure Light, The pure Love, The pure Spirit
    (from Isaiah 34:2-14)

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  7. until the Spirit is poured upon each of us from on high and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field as we are reconnected to The Vine of Christ Life and the field of God becomes a forest of trees of life! in the well-watered garden paradise in Christ, Christ in you!
    (from Isaiah 32:15)

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  8. You shall weep NO MORE. Christ will be gracious to you at the sound of your cry, “Abba! Father!” When he hears it through The Son in you, our Father will always answer you. And though you had been eating the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself ANY MORE, but your HEART EYES will see your Teacher. And your SPIRITUAL EARS shall hear a word saying, ‘This is The Way, walk in it” when you forget and turn to the left or turn to the right. You begin to say, “Be Gone!” to every idol or counterfeit, or tainted, mixed lies and truth imposter or false light. And God Our Father will send his rain, his pure water of life to grow the seed of Christ in you until it is grown into a mature tree of life, and you rest in green pastures transformed from dry, desert wilderness of the heart separated from God, and by the still waters of the river of water of life within you when the storms calm with the Presence, the Glory, the Kingdom, and Power of Christ in you! “Peace be still!” The twin towers have fallen and you CHOOSE the one pillar of Christ that goes directly from earth to heaven and heaven to earth for those abiding on His Vine! gardened by the Holy Spirit in the garden paradise of our Father’s new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells! The Light of Christ’s glorified Spirit in you overshadows the light of the sun, moon and stars, when Christ’s Sevenfold Light of Glory fills you and overflows to fill the earth through Christ in you as a never-ending Fountain of Glory, the Light of Life that will cover the earth like water covers the seas! Christ Jesus will heal you, bind up your wounds, remove the yokes of bondage to all the counterfeit lights and transform you into his likeness and image from glory to glory!!!!!!!
    (from Isaiah 30:19-26)

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  9. I like what Peter Byers said, “Let worship bubble up like a fountain in your inner being, up from your spirit, out of your mouth as you declare His praise and the word of the Lord. As your worship, praise and declaration go up, His glory will come down and shower upon you. The divine exchange will take place. Your worship for His Glory showering upon you. Breakthrough, Breakthrough, Breakthrough [comes] out of His presence [in you].”

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  10. Another example of counterfeits: the new television series coming, entitled, all caps SALVATION but no cross bars on the A and A, symbolically taking the cross of Jesus out of it. There is NO salvation apart from Jesus The Christ who takes us to the Father to be reconciled, reborn, recreated, reFORMED, renewed, refreshed, and regenerated as we are restored to the Kingdom of The Son on earth as it is in heaven! out of the dominion of the darkness into the glory of ascended Christ Light and Spirit in us that will begin to manifest a new heaven and new earth where righteousness ALONE can dwell!

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  11. Do not be distracted by all the “chaos” the world system is manufacturing,
    they want to keep you numbed, in shock, distracted and distressed.
    “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues”
    Do not be distracted; keep your eyes on Jesus and walk on the water with Him, over the fray of the deceiver’s creations under your feet in Christ, a new heaven in your heart, a new FORM emerging in you and around you of a new earth!

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  12. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Amen and Amen


  13. Christophe says:

    There is already a one world religion: the Spirit! But it takes different forms of worship from one culture to another.


    • the new world order’s religion is one spirit with lucifer, the fallen one, the counterfeit light that says, “peace, peace, and then destruction comes”

      The Holy Spirit is the unity of Spirit with our sanctified soul in the bond of peace! Christ uses the Sword of the Spirit to cut away all that divides our soul from His Spirit! cuts away all that is false light to receive his true Light that enlightens, uplifts, encourages, inspires, creates in Christ’s image and likeness! Christ’s pure Spirit begins to replicate in and through us! This is the Peace that surpasses all understanding! True Peace is Christ within us that flows through us!

      The weeds grow up with the wheat until we can clearly SEE the difference between what is counterfeit and Christ in us and let the fire of God, the Holy Spirit Power consume all that is false, leaving only the righteousness of Christ Jesus so we can abide in His NHOEN while we eagerly expect His NHONE!

      In Christ we live FROM heaven with Christ on earth! Christ in you is God first in our priority, a heart that puts our First Love first! We have a new priority after being born again of God: spread God’s Kingdom of the beloved Son, the kingdom of glory, and the mystery of Christ in you, as Christ in you has already won, cannot be shaken, is immoveable within, the fire of his Life, the river of his Water, his Spirit breathing us with the ever-new Breath of Life!

      We yield our spirit and soul and body to the Holy Spirit to have Christ’s Way, Truth and Life in us! Glory to God in the highest!!!!!!!

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