Father forgive them for they know not what they are Doing

We lift up every person and institution who are remaining in sin and continuing to fall short of the glory either by willful choice or by ignorance. We are shown faults to intercede; to bring others before the throne of grace until they can bring themselves through the blood of the Lamb of God. We ask the Spirit of Truth to bring all Truth. We ask our Father to pour His Spirit upon all flesh. Only the Father knows when people are ripe and ready to awaken to the Way, Truth and Life of God within and without. We ask for all to turn from old Adamic ways to The Way; personal, intimate relationship with God through ascended Jesus The Christ, The Messiah, The Holy One who in relationship with, we are able to rest, abide in ease, light, peace, love and joy in the Holy Spirit through the righteousness of God with Christ in us!

We always start with God; be still and know; be still and silent and know or experience the presence of God, the glory. We have to receive before we can give. We remember, realign, attune to the highest frequency of Light and highest vibration of the Word which is life and Spirit. Then we begin intercession with ourselves; before you pray, if you have anything against anyone, repent first, then forgive. “Father, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” Ascended Christ Jesus, be King of kings and Lord of lords in us!

Only those who have the Holy Spirit in them can say “Jesus is Lord” as other spirits will keep you from the truth. Until Christ Jesus is Lord over your spirit and soul and body, other things will rule you: the mixed human spirit will rule you, your carnal mind will rule you, your unredeemed heart and feelings will rule you, your unsanctified will will rule you, or your unconscious body will rule you with pains, sickness, disorders, urges, or animal instincts/drives of the old reptilian mind, the base mind not yet reconnected with the Mind of Christ.

We humble our mind as we invite Christ into our heart anew to purify, refine and make it whole, holy and one with God; we ask to be whole-heartedly all in, all led by the Holy Spirit of God. The pure in heart see God. Those with a pure heart and clean hands by the power of the Holy Spirit are lifted up so the King of glory can come in to live in you.

Father, we thank you for _______ (insert the thorns in your life or what you have been shown is counterfeit). Father, forgive them and show them the Way, the Truth and the Life of God. Spirit of Truth, lead them into all Truth.  We ask for all hearts to soften enough to wake up and receive the Blood of the Lamb and the Living Water to purify and regenerate their heart. We ask for the Living Light to come into their minds to bring them into one accord with Christ’s Mind.  We ask for the Living Truth to come into their lives and all their relationships. We ask for the Living Love to overwhelm them to forge their relationship to our First Love, our Creator, who loves us first so we can begin to love others as we love our new being, born of God from Above, filled with His pure, powerful, holy Love. We ask for the Living Holy Spirit to resurrect, transform, transfigure, reFORM us all into Christ’s image and likeness.

Only Christ Jesus can remove sin and reconnect us to our Father and God; there is no other mediator or mediatrix. Only the Holy Spirit can bring you into the glory Light, the presence of God, to be transfigured and reFORMED in the glory, from glory to glory. Glory to God in the Highest who lives above the highest heavens and in His redeemed people on earth!!!!!!!

Christ in you brings what is not Christ to existence in you, and brings what is of Adam to NOTHING. He is the source of your life in Christ Jesus, whom God made our wisdom, our righteousness and sanctification and redemption” 1 Cor 1:28-30

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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1 Response to Father forgive them for they know not what they are Doing

  1. The world is pushed to say, “enough is enough” and turns to man-made solutions that hurt us even more, take away our freedom and liberty, and put human beings in even more bondage.

    When you are pushed to say, “enough is enough” turn to God and say, “YES! I turn and receive the highest and best for all with Christ, the highest Wisdom and highest Power of God to resurrect into the new creation as a new creature in the image and likeness of God, so a new heaven and new earth can be manifested for all who receive the righteousness of Christ in God!

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