Wow! Wow! Wow!

I love you God! You are beyond words! beyond amazing! beyond wonder FULL! beyond awe and delight to the never-ending fresh, new, ever-deepening, ever-heightening, ever-broadening, and ever-lengthening awareness through the Holy Spirit! even more! unlimited! unlacking! source of all beyond what we can think, ask, imagine, dream…

We don’t want new skin put on the old bones…EVERYTHING we were conditioned with has to die, to wake up, arise from the dead and receive the NEW LIGHT OF AWARENESS through ascended Jesus’ eyes, in the Light of His Face! the glory Light of God…

we don’t want new skin put on the same old bones!

that just perpetuates the lie

and generation to generation there is the SAME ADAM waters in new skin…


We want the fire of God to burn to the bone…Adam’s bones dead, gone and burned to ash and NOT RESURRECTED.

We want to die to the marrow of Adam, to be born COMPLETELY NEW of God, by HIS pure WATER and HIS holy SPIRIT! made NEW in the image and likeness of ascended Christ Jesus! The new Christ Jesus marrow produces stem cells of Christ Jesus’ DNA… there is no DAN in the tribes listed in Revelation 7! NO MORE MIXED UP DNA OF ADAM’s TAINTED WATERS.

In the light of what is being MAN-MADE right now; scientists messing with DNA and gene editing and mixing animal DNA with human DNA and who knows what else, don’t walk, but RUN to Christ Jesus and take his Living Water and his Spirit and be born again anew from ABOVE.

DAILY take the Living Water of Life and be made new EVERY morning! Wake up and REMEMBER! not the past, not some future event, but now in his ever-renewing Presence be present! Daily eat of the Word and drink of the Spirit and the bride will form within!

It is going to get ugly through the evil intentions of the world rulers of this present darkness. “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues” Come to ascended, glorified Christ Jesus and he will safely lift you through the fallen angel realm, above the old heavens and old earth of Adam, to his righteous kingdom of the Son, drinking the water of life of the Spirit and the Bride, to live from heavenly places IN HIMSELF, as a part of his one body and one Spirit…the ONLY safe place in the heavens and the earth…his new heaven and new earth and new sea where we live in consciousness, awareness of the Most High God, the Creator of heaven and earth who we can ONLY know through Jesus who is the exact image and likeness…his FORM in us through the POWER of the Holy Spirit…his substance and Spirit in us!

All the images, statues, paintings, and representations are copies, counterfeits, types and shadows…even the host offered to you contain ghosts, spirits that are NOT CHRIST, but idols that can give no Living Water, tainted spirits that leave you constantly seeking…

RUN to the REAL PRESENCE and FIND; be SATISFIED; receive the FULFILLED PROMISES through the real, alive, living Christ Jesus who will take you immediately to our Father to be born again…to live, move and have your being in His Son’s Perfect, Holy, Pure, Righteous Being as a member of His Church, not external, not made with human hands, but His Body, His Glory that covers the new earth like water covers the seas by TAKING HIS WATER OF LIFE, his Spirit from heaven out of God.

If you don’t know the ascended, glorified Christ Jesus through more and more intimate relationship, you will settle for counterfeits and will refuse the Spirit when it comes to you, or shrink back with shame because you don’t know the FINISHED work of the cross, or FEAR and not receive his river of water of life that is full of FIRE and HOLY Spirit. You will settle and say, “The old is good” because you have never tasted or seen or known the NEW resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus. You will let the false church and the elemental spirits PATCH your garment instead of receiving the new, white garment from the Holy Spirit, the pure gold refined by the fire of God, or the eye salve that allows you to SEE and KNOW the counterfeits so you can say, “Be gone!”

The elemental spirits of the universe are BOTH good and evil, a mixture of light and darkness. The water can be pure or tainted; fire can be used for good or evil; metal can be rusted or polished, earth can be the old of Adam or the new of Christ; air can be toxic as hell or fresh, pure, life-giving and heavenly.

But in Christ you receive the HOLY Spirit of God: the Living Water from the throne which is ALL PURE, the fire of God that consumes only what is false, the metal ONLY pure gold of Christ, the new earth where only righteousness dwells, and the new heaven’s air, breath of Life, giving Life and Life Abundant, the fullness of God with Christ in you!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to Wow! Wow! Wow!

  1. I love your passion for Christ! Keep doing what you do.


  2. the old thing, new skin on old bones…being patched up under the laws of sin and death

    the New Thing, Christ in you…new bones, new DNA, new skin from ascended, glorified Christ Jesus under the law of the Spirit of Life! new wine in new wineskins, new garment Christ Light! new heart eyes to See! new pure gold refined by the holy fire!

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  3. The Holy Spirit and fire of God do not take your old house down to the bones and rebuild you.
    The Holy Spirit and fire burns the old house flowing with unclean spirits down to the ground NOT leaving the old “bones” and builds a new house/body temple to be a home for the Holy Spirit of God! flowing with the pure river of water of life, his Spirit flowing above, in and through you!

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  4. Resistance = struggling, suffering, sin, falling short of the glory

    Total Trust and Surrender = willing to go through, not stay in, the flood and fires because you hear, see and know the True Voice saying, “Go through because you are precious in my sight and honored and I love you”
    knowing the end before the beginning!

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