The First Miracle

It is, was and is to come about RELATIONSHIP! What are you wedded to?

The first miracle at the wedding was before The Time, yet Jesus plus anything is complete. The lowest form of water in six containers, dirty foot washing water, PLUS Jesus (the seventh containing the Spirit of God) was transformed into the purest, best wine! When man touches a virus or virulent germ, the man gets infected; but when The Christ touches a virulent organism, Christ Jesus, the Name above every name overcomes every time, leaving only the Christ!!!!!!! leaving whatever it touches better, more complete!!!!!!! When we remain in relationship with Christ Jesus, and he in us, we can’t help but be made complete! Apart from intimate relationship with Christ we cannot be complete and we do not add to the Light of the world…

Jesus wedded to anything is made complete! including you! let the Spirit of Christ Jesus live, move, have his being in you, and have his way, truth and life IN YOU! Let the seventh man, Christ Jesus, live in you and transform your natural spirit and soul and body into his supernatural, pure, holy, perfect, complete, lacking nothing spirit and soul and body!!!!!!! The number of man is six; the last Adam, the last “six” is crucified with Christ; the seventh man is the new creature of the new creation, born of God with Christ!

Receive the seven spirits from the throne: seven eyes of wisdom, seven torches of fire, and seven horns of oil! Everything you need; both the Wisdom and Power of Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit to ignite and sustain Christ in you!!!!!!!

Not only can the Holy Spirit of God make you a virgin, but the Holy Spirit gives you the fire, oil and wisdom to not be a “foolish virgin” and miss the Bridegroom!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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