Once We Knew Part of God

Once we knew in part: Moses was a part of God, Abraham was a part, Noah was a part, David was a part, Elijah (John the Baptist) was a part…

but now we can know the WHOLE

now, after the cross event that changed everything and 70 AD where the EXTERNAL temple was DESTROYED COMPLETELY without ANY stone left UNTURNED, so our living body could be filled with the Spirit of God, so the glory could return to our body temples, we can know in full.


Can we know Jesus?


When Christ Spirit comes into our body and soul and spirit we FLIP OVER, turn RIGHT SIDE UP as spirit and soul and body of Christ sharing the SAME SPIRIT that resurrected Jesus from the dead, ascended Jesus back to the Father and GLORIFIED HIM so he could send us HIS SPIRIT, HIS LIGHT, HIS GLORY, HIS POWER, HIS KINGDOM: the kingdom of the Son: a new heaven on earth to live from glory to glory; degrees of glory!

To know The Christ, Yeshua, The Son of God is to KNOW God and be known by God!!!!!!! to taste and see the glory of the King of glory as he comes into our body temple and makes US a home for the Father of glory now and forever and ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

Jesus changed EVERYTHING!

Now, instead of making an external stone altar, we let the Spirit of glory alter EVERYTHING in our spirit and soul and body!!!!!!!

Instead of knowing in part or through a glass darkly, we can KNOW Christ Jesus because he sent The Holy Spirit to teach us everything through the Holy One anointing.

You fight about man-made world religion; you talk about this prophet and that, this doctor of the church and that theology of theologians. It is all dross, chaff, dung in comparison to knowing Jesus who said, “you search the scriptures to prove your theology, but fail to COME TO ME. You HEARD… BUT I SAY!”

“Come to ME and find rest for your soul!”

Your religion is keeping you from a direct relationship with Christ to KNOW and BE KNOWN…

every religion is A PART ONLY

and within every religion there are sects or PARTS OF PARTS


sent the WHOLE


Take the FULLNESS from Jesus’ hand to FINISH THE WORK in your heart!

Partake of the FULLNESS!

Come to the WHOLE, the FULLNESS of God through His Christ!

THIS is the SURE foundation and we are to build on NO OTHER…stop building on MEN’S foundations, i.e. RELIGIONS


To know Jesus is to know God!

If you can bear the truth,


satan is religious, legalistic, keeps you under the laws of sin and death, the prince of the air: ALL TALK and NO TRANSFORMATION, veils you literally, metaphorically, symbolically, spiritually and cuts your soul off from full COMMUNION with God in his Now Kingdom,

which is NOT food and drink,

but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

If you have no Peace…God is not in it.

In the world you will have tribulation,

the god of this “world” of tribulation is satan with his fallen angels led by lucifer and demons apollyon, abbadon, destroyers, accusers, tricksters, controllers, handlers, manipulators, killers, thieves who ROB humans of the kingdom, power and glory by offering up a religion to pacify you and keep you busy listening to a mixture of truth and lies and doing things FOR a god you don’t know, instead of forgetting the past, they will continually remind you of it and say “never forget.” They make converts to their way of thinking, to their cause which is a mixture of light and darkness while Jesus taught that God is Light with NO PART DARK. Knowing Jesus is to know God for yourself, make the FULL gospel your own: fullness of time: access to the present, the FREE GIFT of God: the GRACE through the BLOOD that was ONCE FOR ALL then we have to WORK OUT what God gave us, SALVATION, with FEAR AND TREMBLING…

fearing ONLY God, we have NOTHING to fear; God did not give us a spirit of fear but a spirit of love and power and sound mind with self-control!

-fearing evil, satan, or mankind begets more fear-

the Name above all names in you makes EVERYTHING bow

and when you know who you are with Christ, nothing can touch you but the glory, revealing a new heaven and a new earth in Christ, Christ in you!

God is a consuming FIRE

that consumes all that is NOT OF CHRIST

but does not consume CHRIST IN YOU;

everything else becomes ashes under your feet and you go leaping for JOY in the light of Truth of the LIFE of God put in you when his righteousness is in you.

All that is LEFT after the intense, seven-times-hotter fire is Christ in you; seven torches of fire in you to keep Christ in you and all that is ANTI Christ out of you (the doors to all that anti-Christ are shut and no one can open, while the Door to the new heaven of Christ in you is open and cannot be shut), the seven oil horns of Christ Power in you, and the seven eyes of Christ Wisdom in you.

Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to his people in a new heaven on earth now and is to come when you awake! and receive Christ Light! seven times greater than the light of the sun, moon or stars of the first heaven, obliterating the fallen light of the second heaven. In Christ we are seated with Christ in heavenly places, third heaven and above, our body on earth. Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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