The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

I was singing this song this morning and realized so clearly how the world’s wisdom, from all manner of sources, is just plain wrong or contains only half-truths and keeps human beings stuck in whatever cloud they are under and hoping for a FUTURE sun…

when the Truth of the Son is available now,

the glory cloud is available now to replace the dark clouds in your life;

the manifestation of the Son in you is available now.

Yes, things happen, moods change, feelings come and go, thoughts float in and out of our mind, but what you pay attention to, make concrete by talking about, focusing on, and notice can be GIVEN NOTICE:

you do not have to WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW which may or may not ever come,

which gives your power to a “future sometime”

and you MISS the IS of Christ “is, was and is to come”


God IS Real

The God of Israel was a belief system under the law; an external deity who was separated from humanity by sin, and Moses brought the law down from the mountain and the people were still under the law of sin and death; they still made idols to worship the creation instead of the Creator,

and Moses had to wear a veil because the FADING GLORY WAS ENDING

BUT God!

Jesus came down out of God  and as The Lamb of God died to sin and death ONCE and FOR ALL;

we have to die to sin and death as many times as it takes us to WAKE UP and RECEIVE the LIGHT Christ Jesus gives us into every part of us so that there is NO PART DARK, then we LIVE FREE…we LIVE VICTORIOUS WITH CHRIST, as an OVERCOMER, a CONQUEROR, seated WITH CHRIST in the heavenly places.

“We turn to the Lord and Christ REMOVES THE VEIL”

Christ removes the VEIL and gives us His LIGHT

that replaces ALL DARKNESS,

for we can NOW KNOW

God Is Real!!!!!!!

The external belief is REPLACED by inner knowing by experiencing the bright glory cloud replacing the dark cloud;

instead of noticing and FOCUSING ON the dark cloud,

we give it NOTICE,

we TURN OUR ATTENTION to the bright, clear, pure Light of Christ dissolving the darkness of thought, mood, feeling, or words!

We turn the stream of our heart to God and instead of issues flowing from our heart, the spring of Life begins to flow instead!!!!!!!

We can KNOW the invisible God by the visible, manifest, glorious presence of Christ with Christ in you!!!!!!!

The sun may or may not come out tomorrow,

but The Son IS HERE NOW for all who COME, TAKE, PARTAKE, REST, BASK in the LIGHT of HIS PRESENCE; let Christ, the sun of righteousness (with greater glory than the sun), The Son of Righteousness, rise in you with healing in its wings (in Christ there is no male nor female!)

and go leaping with JOY!

“I have told you these things so MY JOY may be IN YOU so YOUR JOY may become FULL and COMPLETE” John 15:11

“Be led out with JOY and return with PEACE!”

We die through the fire and water WITH CHRIST,

we RISE through the Holy Spirit WITH CHRIST!

Then we leap with JOY, the ashes of all that was anti-Christ under our feet,

the tree of the knowledge of good and evil burned root to branch within us.

We rise in Joy as the Holy Spirit descends upon, with and IN US;

as we are led by the Holy Spirit there is PEACE!

The sun may or may not come out tomorrow,

BUT Christ will come into you NOW if you ask Him to come!!!!!!!

“Abide in Me, and I in you”





don’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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