Awakening to the Grace and Peace of God

I woke up this morning singing “all the angels cry, ‘holy are you Lord God’ and the earth replies, ‘holy are you Lord!’ ”

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty; heaven and earth are full of your glory Christ Jesus!!!!!!! We receive your glory light to see and enter your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven as children of God The Father of glory!!!!!!!

We commune with God always when we worship night and day in union with Christ! We were created to delight in God and God in us! worship is communion and union with God in Christ in Spirit and in Truth!

Christ in you is daily delight; God’s Delight in you! We get to know God through relationship with The Son to be known fully. When we only know God in PART of our soul, with other parts dark, darkness still has dominion. But when we receive the Word: life and Spirit into every part of our soul, and the Light of Christ: the Spirit of our Holy God into EVERY PART of our soul, we become God’s Daily Delight and His Delight is IN US! His Joy in us! His Christ in us! His Son in us! His anointing in us! His Holy Spirit in us! Christ Jesus in us!

The holy angels are our brethren when we are witnesses of Christ Jesus (Revelation 19:10). We CONQUER through the blood of the Lamb and our witness!

We can RECEIVE Christ, the FULL inheritance of God WITH Christ in the land of the living. Beyond all created things of earth and heaven, sun, moon, stars, or elemental spirits of the universe is the Son of God, The Christ, The Anointed Holy One of God who COMPLETES US by filling us with his Christ Spirit. Our whole, redeemed, sanctified soul weds his Spirit resulting in a whole new being of the new creation in the new heaven and new earth, the kingdom of the Son who brought heaven to earth!

In Christ we are the righteousness of God; Christ in you is the righteousness of God that grants you the right to live in the new heaven and new earth, God’s Kingdom, Power and Glory on earth as it is in heaven! Christ in you is God’s Kingdom, Power and Glory in you! Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to his people on earth!!!!!!!

Many wake up this morning and stay asleep. They have the name or reputation of being alive but they are dead (Revelation 3:1b) and don’t know it, or blame their disappointments in life on their past, their spouse or job or their lack of money or any number of excuses when deep down every soul is incomplete or fragmented and cannot be fully satisfied or fulfilled without returning to our First Love, God our Father, the Father of Jesus, the God of Jesus, the God of Peace! We can ONLY return to our First Love through Christ Jesus: The Way, The Truth, and The Life (Spirit) of God through the finished work of the cross.

There is no religion of peace; the God of Peace sends his Spirit of Peace to you with Christ in you! his Holy Spirit in you! his Kingdom in you! his Power in you! his Glory above all created glory (light) in you! his Heaven, above the highest heavens, in you! Christ is the answer to EVERY issue!

“May the God of peace himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound” 1 Thessalonians 5:23

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father” Colossians 1:2

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…you have heard before in the word of truth, the gospel which has come to you, AS INDEED IN THE WHOLE WORLD it is bearing fruit and GROWING…from THE DAY you heard and understood the GRACE OF GOD IN TRUTH…be FILLED with the knowledge of his will in ALL SPIRITUAL wisdom and understanding, to live a life worthy of the Lord, FULLY PLEASING to him (His Delight in you; His Christ in you), bearing fruit in every good work (and greater works than Jesus BECAUSE he ascended to the Father and sent his RIVER to you: his glorified Spirit, the Christ, the Anointing, the Holy, Righteous One to you to live, move and have his being in you, his new heaven and new earth in you!) AND increasing in the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD (not increasing in knowledge of good and evil: satan’s trick). May you be STRENGTHENED with ALL POWER, according to his glorious might (Christ glory light in you!), for all endurance and patience WITH JOY (his DELIGHT IN YOU; his Christ in you), giving thanks to the Father who has QUALIFIED US to share in the inheritance WITH The Son, The Lamb of God, The Christ IN LIGHT! He has delivered us from the dominion of darkness (the law of sin and death; the legal rights of the enemy; evil, curses, sorcery) AND TRANSFERRED US to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we HAVE redemption, the forgiveness of sin…And you who were ONCE estranged and hostile to God in mind…are NOW reconciled IN YOUR BODY of flesh by dying WITH CHRIST to all of Adam and his spirits, in order to be PRESENTED holy, blameless, irreproachable, SPOTLESS with The Lamb (equally yoked with The Lamb of God) before God, PROVIDED YOU CONTINUE WITH CHRIST and the gospel of the Kingdom, Power and GLORY: Christ in you! and not FALL for the wiles of the devil who infiltrated religion and kept the HOLY SPIRIT from filling God’s people completely spirit AND soul AND body so the devil could have NO PART in us.

God is LIGHT and in him is NO PART DARK! Awake and receive the LIGHT Of Christ into every part of your earthly being to be presented before God as a spotless bride in the glory, in God’s manifest presence that comes down from heaven out of God to inhabit the NEW creation! We do not patch our human garments; we take the NEW garment of Christ: the armor of Light. We do not put NEW wine in our old wineskins; we LET GOD give us new wineskins to put His NEW wine into. We wake up and realize that God not only redeemed human beings with Christ, but he redeemed time and space so we can LIVE, MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING led by the Holy Spirit in the new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells!!!!!!!

Singing “hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, holy is the Lord!”

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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