Live and NOT let die!

The ego wants to be James Bond: live and let die,

the yearning soul wants to be like Christ!

The words of him who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars says, “I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead” (Revelation 3:1). Most people think they are alive but they are dead.

“Those who have The Son have life; those who do not have The Son have not life” 1 John 5:12

“Those who have, more will be given; those who have not, even that will be taken away”

Those who have The Son have life and life more abundant, more full, fulfilling, and ever-expanding life!

The Son is NOT the sun; The Son is immeasurably greater glory than the glory of the sun, moon or stars. The Son is not created but sent directly from Our Abba Father, while the sun is a created light from the Father of lights. The “god of this world” has tried to replace The Son with the sun and cause ignorant or asleep or deceived people into worshiping the sun as their deity; worshiping the creation instead of the Creator; replacing the Glory of God with images like the sun, the rose, the crucifix, the rosy cross, the dead Last Adam on a cross INSTEAD of KNOWING and RECEIVING the glory of the ascended, glorified Christ Jesus whom the Father pours into us by the Holy Spirit.

The river of water of life from the throne is a river of The Son’s Life to fill and continuously refresh, renew, replenish, regenerate and delight those who say “yes,” stay open to receive (continue in The Faith), and have let the Holy Spirit and fire of God remove EVERY barrier to its free flow above, in and THROUGH you as a river of Christ Life!

Believe The Son and have the testimony of Christ Jesus in you; those in unbelief do not have the testimony in them. “This is the testimony, that God GAVE US eternal life, and THIS LIFE is in The Son” 1 John 5:10-11

The human “life” with the “god of this world” who veils and blinds the minds of unbelievers to keep them from seeing the LIGHT of the gospel of the GLORY of Christ who is the likeness of God (2 Cor 4:2-4) is dust to dust, life AND death, blessings AND curses, a “life” of opposites, mixture of light AND darkness, truth AND lies. The New Life of Christ in you, the glory of God in you, is PURE LIGHT with no part dark. The Lamb is our lamp; the internal light of The Lamb far greater than any external light of the sun, moon or stars. The glory of God is our new internal Light with Christ in us! “His fire is around you; his glory is within you” (Zechariah 2:5) ”

Jesus says, “It is the Spirit that gives Life…the Words I have spoken to you are Spirit and Life” John 6:63

Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and The Life, those who believe in me though he die, yet shall he live, and whoever LIVES AND BELIEVES IN ME shall NEVER DIE” John 11:25

We can receive the three witnesses into our spirit and soul and body: the Spirit, the water and the blood! (1 John 5:7)

The Spirit gives us every good endowment and every perfect gift from above, the pure water washes and regenerates our soul, and the blood of the Lamb changes us from sons of satan to sons of God our Father! New Life! New Creatures: complete in Christ! New Creation: new Life!

The adversary comes to steal, kill and destroy your life; Christ Jesus comes to give you life and life more abundant and full! Full of Wonder! Full of Awe and Amazement! Full of Miracles! Full of Joy! The Joy of the Lord is our strength! We can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens us! Ascended Glorified Christ Jesus gives us HIS JOY from enduring the cross so OUR JOY may be FULL! Full of Fulfillment! Full of Satisfaction! Full of Purpose! Full of Meaning! Full of Adventure! Full of Excitement and Peace! Full of Movement and Rest!

We come to rest in God with Christ and we move FROM THIS REST as we are MOVED by the Spirit of God. We come from rest in heavenly places with Christ (abide in Me, and I in you) led by the Holy Spirit!

Those who have The Son have Life! Glorious Life of The Son!!!!!!! John shared BOTH the tribulation AND the kingdom in Jesus, the LAST ADAM (Revelation 1:9) NOW and is to come we can SHARE the Kingdom, Power and Glory WITH CHRIST by receiving The Spirit and The Bride come down from heaven out of God!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Live and NOT let die!

  1. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yes, Jesus the way, the truth and the life, Amen


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