A Whole New Ballgame!

Jesus, The Christ, was a total game changer!

Wake up and LEAVE the game of the world;

you can NEVER win, for the deck is stacked against you,

and the god of this world holds all the cards.

Come to Jesus and receive NEW life and LIFE more and more full, abundant, fulfilling, meaningful, satisfying with all the riches of grace and glory, the true wealth. The Life you were created to live is wed to God’s Spirit.

Those who join with the Spirit of Christ, The Son, become one Spirit with our God and Father.

Jesus brought a new field of God to earth, accessible to ALL who come and receive!

The Christ Field of God–where righteousness dwells–right relationship with God our Father–right standing with God–right being with Christ in you, is a NEW heaven, and a new earth can begin to form.

Through the finished work of the cross and the Holy Spirit and fire baptism OF Jesus The Christ The Son of God The Messiah The Anointed One The Holy One

that comes down out of heaven from God to live, move and have his Being, Life, Love, Light and Spirit in us

when we answer the invitation to COME and be born again,

anew from Above,


to die to all that was OF Adam (Jesus was the LAST ADAM) body, soul, and unclean spirits

WITH Christ Jesus

to rise

WITH Christ Jesus

to be a co-heir of all that is good, true and righteous

that FAR EXCEEDS anything of this world ruled by the god of this world,

we are SET FREE to stop playing games and begin LIVING The Life.

In Christ, Christ in you, you are FREE and FREE INDEED. When the SON sets you free you are FREE INDEED! For FREEDOM Christ set you FREE!

When you RECEIVE Christ Jesus the Lord, so live IN HIM, rooted and built up IN HIM and established in HIS FAITH, abounding in thanksgiving. See to it that NO ONE makes a PREY of you by philosophy and empty deceit according to HUMAN TRADITION, according to the ELEMENTAL spirits of the universe and not according to Christ. For IN HIM the WHOLE FULLNESS of the Godhead dwells bodily AND YOU have come to fullness of LIFE IN HIM, who is the HEAD of ALL rule and authority. IN HIM your HEART is circumcised, NOT BY HUMAN HANDS. In the CIRCUMCISION OF CHRIST the body of Adam’s flesh is REMOVED as you are BURIED with the last Adam IN CHRIST’s BAPTISM in which you are also RAISED WITH CHRIST JESUS through FAITH IN THE WORKING OF GOD (evidence AND substance AND assurance of the UNSEEN). The SAME POWER that resurrected Jesus, resurrects YOU with Christ Jesus from the DEAD life of the lineage of Adam ruled over by the god of THIS WORLD. “You have the name of being alive, but you are DEAD.” And you who were DEAD in trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, GOD MADE ALIVE TOGETHER WITH JESUS THE CHRIST, having FORGIVEN us ALL our trespasses, having CANCELED the bond which stood AGAINST US along with its LEGAL DEMANDS; this he SET ASIDE, NAILING IT TO THE CROSS. He DISARMED the principalities and powers and made a PUBLIC EXAMPLE of them, TRIUMPHING OVER THEM IN HIM (Colossians 2:6-15).

Therefore GET OUT OF THEIR WORLD GAME where it is ALL RIGGED against you and COME TO THE LIVING WATER and DRINK and BE MADE WHOLE and COMPLETE when Christ comes to live, move and have HIS BEING in your being. The TWO become ONE new creature, a new creation, a new heaven and a new earth where the risen, ascended, glorified Son lives in you CHANGING EVERYTHING! Only what you resist persists; only what you hold on to OF Adam can hurt you. WITH Christ in you, you have ALREADY OVERCOME THE WORLD. You are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR IN CHRIST JESUS!

He hit it OUT of the ballpark so you no longer need to be a part of their field of dreams where human beings are enslaved and used for nefarious purposes,

but you can ENTER the Field of God, the fulfilled promises of God, time and space overcome with Christ to be a new heaven and new earth in spirit and soul and body with the Holy Spirit and fire baptism of Christ Jesus.

In all your getting, get Christ! the author and finisher of your faith: His Faith in you, God’s Christ in you!

The fire of God consumes all of the elements of your old world (faulty mindsets, closed darkened heart, distorted will, soul fragments, double-minded, split mind ruled by the elemental spirits of the universe),

and the HOLY Spirit forms the NEW of Christ in you, spirit and soul and body. The spiritual stem cells of Christ Jesus, pure God DNA, recreates you into the image and likeness of the Son who is the exact image and likeness of The Father and God, The Creator of heaven and earth,

the Source of a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells in God’s people: those who receive The Son to receive His Spirit in you.

With Christ we DIE to the elemental spirits of the universe, so stop living as though you still belonged to the world and not a NHOEN. In Christ it is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME! not a whole new world as disney wants you to think, but a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells, not MAGIC and SORCERY, but the REAL HOLY SPIRIT where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE with God!

Everything in the world is SET UP to make you settle for less than and to feel like you are less than; to feel unlovable, unworthy, not good enough, not enough; to keep you DOWN, ASLEEP, IGNORANT of who you are in God WITH CHRIST.

Everything in the world that seems good is only a type and shadow of the REAL Holy Spirit and fire of God that transforms, transfigures, re-forms, and moves you into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son where you KNOW GOD OUR FATHER and RECEIVE all you need to grow up to the full stature of Christ, equally yoked, a bride filled with all the fullness of God through KNOWING the Love of Christ that is BEYOND KNOWLEDGE; the intimate KNOWING of God through Christ in you!!!!!!!

EVERYTHING of the world PALES in comparison to the Son Life in you!!!!!!!

The god of this world is a worm, a serpent who bruised our heels so the SEED OF THE WOMAN (Holy Spirit and fire in the BRIDE: Christ in you) crushes his head, a paper tiger who has used sorcery to APPEAR real, a roaring lion who has to LIE and CHEAT and DECEIVE to prey upon human beings (1 Peter 5:8) who don’t know the REAL and TRUE that NEVER HURTS YOU, never stops LOVING YOU, never stops WOOING you, never stops trying to WAKE  YOU UP to give you what your deepest heart has ALWAYS wanted: to return to your FIRST LOVE, the Creator of Heaven and Earth who made you in his image, male AND female! Christ Jesus made it possible FOR ALL. His sacrificial LOVE was given once FOR ALL HUMANITY. He takes the VEIL off! We come and receive; we KEEP COMING until WE KNOW our soul is complete with Christ in us, the holy and perfect and pure Light, Love and Spirit of God in us. We keep coming to the River and drinking until we thirst no more. We let Christ be the STRENGTH in every weakness; we let the FIRE of Holy Spirit remove the dross, chaff, wood, hay, stubble, rust, tares, counterfeits and false appearing real!

IN CHRIST, baptized into CHRIST, we are co-heirs WITH Christ, no longer plagued by elemental spirits of the universe who are a MIXTURE of good and evil, darkness and light, blessings and curses, male and female, religious spirits and satanic or luciferian spirits, slaves and free, victims and persecutors, oppressors and social justice movements, BUT IN CHRIST there are no opposites or mixtures for we are all one with God our Father again, the Creator of a new heaven and new earth where RIGHTEOUSNESS dwells: all in right relationship with Christ: the two become one so we can be perfectly one with our Father and God and live from glory to glory to glory in ever increasing, expanding Life WITH GOD!!!!!!!

There is NOTHING worth more than KNOWING the LOVE of Christ. Human marriage points to the absolute necessity of believing and receiving Christ in you; that NO HUMAN BEING can complete you; that NO THING OF THE WORLD can compete you, fulfill and satisfy you. We humble ourselves knowing we can do NOTHING apart from God who gave us the ONE SOLUTION for every problem, issue, circumstance, situation or challenge of this world’s game,

GET OUT OF THE GAME and into Christ Jesus!!!!!!! 


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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8 Responses to A Whole New Ballgame!

  1. “Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by a New Mind in Christ” Romans 12:1-2
    Do not conform to the world’s mind for you may find yourself opposed to God our Father;
    conform only to Christ’s Higher Mind and Higher Ways and Higher Truth and Higher Life through receiving His Word and His Spirit.
    What is deemed wise by the world is foolish to God; and God uses weak, broken, foolish things of this world to show His Power and His Glory. What seems impossible with men is possible with God.

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  2. “Before Abraham, I Am” ~The Christ
    “In the beginning was The Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, the Light of Life that darkness can never overcome”
    I Am neither black or white, male or female, Jew or Gentile, slave or free; I Am a new creature, the two become one, The Word in me, The Spirit in me, The Bride in me, Christ in me, a new heaven and a new earth in me where righteousness dwells, pure Light dwells, pure Love dwells, pure, holy Spirit dwells! “Behold, I make ALL things new!” “Let there be Light!”
    Thank you Abba! Father! Yes!!! I receive ALL you are waiting to give us ALL! You are LIGHT with NO PART dark!!!!!!! Come into every spot and make us spotless!!!!!!!

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  3. God is ABLE to do in us what we can not do for ourselves! ALL things are possible WITH God!

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  4. Jesus endured the cross, something none of us could have done, for the JOY to give us that same JOY!

    “Count it ALL JOY” when we meet with trials and tests of The Faith, for the FULL EFFECT of going THROUGH what we go through when we enter The Way, to forge us into pure gold through the fires, and THROUGH the flood to the River of water of Life from the throne to take and partake of Christ to be made whole, perfect, complete and lacking NOTHING with Christ in us, The Truth that allows us to be FREE to live The Life!!!!!!!

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  5. The devil is a real but IS NOT in Christ, the ONLY safe and secure refuge where you truly can REST and ABIDE beholding the glory, in the strong tower where the strong man cannot enter; the Vine connecting heaven and earth, an open heaven, the river of water of life poured into you to become seven springs in you, the seven spirits from the throne of God sent to earth to replace the seven demons/spirits in you of the god of this world. Christ Jesus exchanges the life of Adam in you for the Life of Christ in you! This is the FREE GIFT OF GRACE so the glory can come through your unveiled spirit and soul and body through Christ Jesus by FAITH!!!!!!!

    Take and partake of the river of water of life to make it your own! manifest in you! Christ in you!

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  6. The world of Adam and elemental spirits of the universe is a different realm than the realm of the kingdom of the beloved Son, a new heaven and a new earth, which is not of time and space but can live in you in time and space. We wake up and receive the Light of Christ to purify, refine and be made white as snow in the pure blood, water and Spirit of Christ, the exact image and likeness of God. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” and “You are the light of the world” when we are IN the world not OF the world but OF the kingdom, heavenly citizens on earth who know the Light and be Light in the world to shine light into the darkness through the face of the glory of Christ in you. Let God our Father bless you and keep you, shine the face of his Son in you, lift his countenance upon you and give you His shalom, His peace, His completeness! Thank you Abba! Father!

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  7. Why are trials good? just as vomiting out a poison hidden in your food is good, when a trial leads you to quit looking to the world or a person or a thing to satisfy you as you wake up and run into the arms of your First Love and receive what you didn’t know you were missing, then you can truly say you count it ALL JOY because of the JOY you find that no one can take from you in Christ! to know what True Pure Holy Righteous Love is! The Love as in the Real God is Love, then you will never SETTLE for ANY love defined by the world again or the brand of “love” the world offers or “elemental spirits of the universe” offer which SOUND good or FEEL good because of twisted desires orchestrated by the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy you so you never KNOW the Love of Christ that can fill you with all the fullness of God. The upside down world of the elemental spirits of the universe is made RIGHT by Christ in you to transform your desires into LIFE GIVING choices based on your First Love, the only Love that truly satisfies eternally.

    Pride comes before a fall
    but in Christ Jesus, his humble, gentle, kind, noble, honorable, self-sacrificial, pure, gracious, all-loving, all-light-filled, all-HOLY Spirit filled Heart that is one with the Heart of our God and Father, we are kept from falling and are able to stand present in the glory with Christ with the enemy under our feet now and is to come!

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  8. Those who want to debate theology or debate about God or debate doctrines might have forgotten that Jesus told us we come as a child into the kingdom of God.

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