Eat the Word; Drink the Spirit

The old covenant was between God and people who were external to him. Sin and death separates a soul from God resulting in vulnerability to soul wounds, soul parts that are split off or dark; soul parts that have demons attached. They require a host body to feed off of to have an existence. The asleep soul does not know the source of their addictions, depression, anxiety, fear, disease, disorders, distress or why they do what they don’t want to do when triggered or hungry or lonely or tired or angry.

The saying “the devil made me do it” is probably more accurate than people want to admit. Pop culture given to us by the “god of this world” who blinds minds to the Way Truth and Life, wants to keep your soul damaged, dark, fragmented, asleep and ignorant. The “god of this world” programs us with false supernatural and conditions us away from Living Water by derision, like the character “the church lady” and her infamous line “satan?” meant to mock those who know the source of all evil in the world.

The “god of this world” keeps you veiled, keeps you down, asleep, ignorant of the Truth about God our Father and what he did through Jesus to FREE YOU from the “god of this world” and his faulty mind-sets, kingdoms, conditioning, programs that keeps pumping out lies and half-truths that continue to enslave human beings.

The “god of this world” blinds minds and eyes so all you see is the counterfeits and call them “good” when the truth is both the “god of this world’s” good and evil lead to death and destruction. His “good” is fed to you so he can steal, kill and destroy your life and keep you from all that is LIFE giving. He pushes a manipulative AGENDA called “pro-choice” that tricks you into choosing death; “pride” that tricks you into choosing destruction; and false “religion” that tricks you into never receiving your birth-right as co-heirs with Christ.

The mind-set of the new heaven, the kingdom of the Son, the Christ Mind with the Higher Thoughts and Ways of The Father seems unattainable to the mind blinded by the “god of this world” who keep you veiled, keeps a lid on you, controls you by lies, deceit and sorcery that keeps you in bondage to his agenda of stealing, killing and destroying your life while promising the good life, fame, power, sex, money and influence or control over others.

Jesus was tempted by these things when the Holy Spirit came, rested and remained on him at his baptism sending him immediately into the wilderness to be weakened by hunger, thirst, exposure to the elements for 40 days so he would be his most vulnerable to temptation to show the TRUE POWER of the HOLY Spirit alone in resisting worldly temptations when you KNOW your True Father and know yourself as a son filled with the Holy Spirit. As soon as he resisted temptation of worldly power in the “god of this world’s” kingdoms, he returned from the wilderness and began his 3 1/2 year ministry where he SHOWED and MANIFESTED the POWER of God working through a man who had emptied himself of his innate being to PROVE to us that WE could also do what he did and EVEN GREATER THINGS with the Holy Spirit with and in us. He was seemingly gone from the earth for 3 1/2 days and then RESURRECTED a NEW seventh day of REST IN GOD when we RECEIVE his Spirit and Fire so we can live the eternal Day of Christ NOW and is to come from grace to grace and glory to glory.

The “god of this world” does NOT want you to know what is possible with the Holy Spirit and fire baptism that only The Risen Christ, The Holy One, The Anointed One, The Messiah SENDS to those who come to him and learn from him so you can hear the knock when he comes to you  to eat with you and you with him (Revelation 3:20-21) to overcome the beast system and sit with him in heavenly places while our body is on earth. We EAT the Word so it is made flesh IN YOU. We DRINK the Spirit so it becomes a river of Living Water of Life IN and THROUGH you.

The new covenant is not EXTERNAL, literal or physical; the NEW covenant between The Father and The Son begins in you when you TAKE the blood of the Lamb, water of life without price (Jesus paid the price once for all) and His Spirit INTO your spirit and soul and body. The new covenant replaces the old for it is a BETTER covenant (Hebrews 8:1-13). We TAKE what God our Father GIVES FREELY through Christ Jesus: Christ in you, The Word made flesh in you to nourish his Sound and Light in you, The anointing in you, The Holy Spirit of God and the holy fire in you to KNOW beyond knowledge, to KNOW experientially the Love, Light and Spirit of Christ, the exact image and likeness of the Father, to be filled with all the fullness of God so he can DO IN YOU more than you could ever ask, think, imagine or dream for the glory of God.

FOR the glory of God, we take the glory of Christ, the light of Christ, the power and kingdom of Christ that Jesus gives us so we can spread the Kingdom of God as witnesses OF the ascended, glorified Jesus when he comes again to make His Home in us. We witness with the holy angels of the Presence that God is our Father and we are his beloved sons; that God is light and in him there is NO darkness at all; that God is love without opposite; and that God is Spirit and those who worship Him worship IN SPIRIT and Truth not on a physical, literal mountain or a temple made with human hands, but IN our body filled with the Holy Spirit IN heavenly places WITH Christ, the highest SPIRITUAL mount where we are transfigured WITH Christ, our soul is made whole, perfect (complete) and every PART saved, healed, delivered, set free and enlightened or made SOUND, and our spirit is PERFECTLY ONE, which means COMPLETELY ONE with Christ, no part still dark, no spots, no part still attached to a demon because it is split off from a trauma, no blemished parts of the soul, no wrinkled-withered-dying part of the soul from being separated, but EVERY part of our soul made complete with ALL of Christ Jesus JOINED with our spirit and soul and body!

We continue to eat the WORD of Life and drink the Spirit of Life to sustain us in Christ and Christ in us! Glory, glory hallelujah!!!!!!!

The first step is realize your need; then recognize the Solution to your need: The Way The Truth and The Life that takes you HOME to our Father where he runs to meet you, take off your dirty clothes stained with the sin and death of the world and put on his royal Son’s robe of salvation and righteousness, placing his Son’s ring on your finger to walk in sonship and light as a son of light, placing his Son’s sandals on your feet to walk in the gospel of Peace with the Spirit of Peace, and FEEDING you to celebrate your NEW LIFE, being strengthened to grow, and mature IN CHRIST as a son of God until you reach the full stature, able to take the full measure of grace and glory to become a spotless bride full of OIL, the Holy Spirit and fire to keep the oil burning bright as a light on earth as it is in heaven; equally yoked with Christ we eat what he eats: The Word of Our Father and God, and drink what he drinks: the Water of Life from the throne!!!!!!!

Glory, Glory Hallelujah!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Eat the Word; Drink the Spirit

  1. The more I seek you, the MORE I find you! The more I FIND you, the MORE I love you! Oh, thank you Abba! Father!

    This love is so DEEP, its more than I can stand; I melt in your peace, its overwhelming…

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  2. Does anyone know what song these lyrics are from that touched me so this morning?
    “higher, take us higher, into your glory, soaring with you; deeper, take us deeper, we are after your heart, worshiping you”?


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