May the Lord of lords Bless You!

May the Lord bless you and keep you!

kept on the Vine as branches of the tree of life,

kept in Christ, both power and wisdom,

kept with Christ in God

on earth as it is in heaven!


Stop trying to change the outside of you,

put it all on the altar,

and let Christ Jesus in to alter your disposition.


Receive His Holy Spirit

to go from human spirits to Holy Spirit led,

from soul wounds or dark spots to Christ in your soul = complete,

from damaged or mutated DNA to Christ’s perfect DNA.

Receive Christ into your spirit and soul and body.


Stop trying to change the OUTSIDE to match your INSIDE.

Get Christ Jesus on the INSIDE and watch the outside align with Christ!

Get Christ on the inside and get altered or remade within!

The world’s wisdom is leading you astray.


“Therefore, if any one is IN CHRIST, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the NEW has come” 2 Cor 5:17

“God can bring to NOTHING the things that are, to bring Christ IN YOU” 1 Cor 1:28 paraphrase

“When God becomes the Source of your life (Christ is the LIFE of God) in Christ Jesus, The Son becomes your wisdom, your righteousness and your sanctification and your redemption” 1 Cor 1:30 paraphrase


And when you receive Christ, learn Christ, grow in Christ on the Vine, mature in Christ and reach full stature into the Head in Christ, you receive ALL the fulfilled promises of God: ALL of Christ into ALL of you!

“No man can MAKE HIMSELF pure by obeying laws [are you listening Islam and RCC and Jewish orthodoxy?] Jesus Christ does not give us rules and regulations; His teachings are TRUTHS that can ONLY be interpreted by the DISPOSITION He puts IN. The great marvel of Jesus The Christ’s salvation is that He ALTERS heredity. He does not alter human nature; He alters its mainspring”  ~Oswald Chambers

He alters the main SPRING; he replaces the waters of the world with the Water of Life from the throne from heaven out of God! He replaces the spirits of the world ruled by the “god of this world” with the HOLY Spirit of God he is able to send down AFTER Christ Jesus died, resurrected, ascended and was GLORIFIED so we could RECEIVE the glory Water to become our body water, to BE who God created us to be in His image and likeness again, for the GLORY OF GOD. For the glory of our God and Father and His Lamb, we RECEIVE the glory light, the fire light, the Holy Spirit GIFTS and endowments and impartations and anointing!

May the Lord of lords and King of kings bless you and KEEP YOU

make his FACE of glory SHINE upon you

lift his countenance IN YOU

and give you Christ Shalom,

the complete, whole, holy, righteous, resurrected, ascended, glorified WAY, TRUTH and LIFE with Christ in you, our hope and fulfilled PROMISE when we turn back to God in our heart and RECEIVE all our God and Father is wanting to GIVE YOU so you can GIVE to the desert wilderness world!!!!!!!

We can only truly Love when we RECEIVE our Father’s LOVE;

the world’s type of love hurts, wounds, and causes people to mutilate their bodies, destroy their soul and invite unclean spirits within them.

Those forgiven much, love much.

Come as you are to Christ Jesus,

and He will make you AS HE IS!!!!!!!

May the King of kings bless you and KEEP YOU filled with the Holy Spirit and fire of God!!!!!!!



About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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