All the ills of the world have a root cause:

being tricked by l.d.s.: the unholy trinity of lucifer, devil and satan.

The “god of this world” blinds humankind’s mind,

controlling, manipulating, and programming it.

“By the mercy of God we do NOT LOSE HEART. We RENOUNCE disgraceful, underhanded ways; we REFUSE to practice cunning or to TAMPER with God’s Word, but by OPEN STATEMENT OF TRUTH (Jesus is the TRUTH) we speak to your conscience in the sight of God. And even if the gospel is veiled, it is veiled ONLY to those who are perishing. In their case the god of this world has BLINDED THE MINDS OF UNBELIEVERS to keep them from SEEING the LIGHT of the GOSPEL OF THE GLORY OF GOD, who is the LIKENESS OF GOD” 2 Cor 4:1-4

Therefore, UNDER the influence of lds,

blinded and unable to SEE the glory of Christ,

they are mangineering the world

by manipulating our food, water, air, DNA, minds, hearts, wills, etc.,

basically experimenting on human beings,

while trying to degrade, dehumanize humans, elevate animals and machines and artificial intelligence OVER human beings made in the image and likeness of God to serve THEIR AGENDA and keep you from being GODgineered by the HOLY ONE who loves you, cherishes you, honors you, and has your HIGHEST and BEST interests in mind at all times. Only YOU can wake up and turn away from the god of this world to God our Father who is trying to get his sons and brides back; ALREADY made the WAY, given us the TRUTH and the Life; but we have to be able to CONQUER the mind programmed by lds and take Christ’s Mind, Heart, and Will to OVERCOME with Christ to SEE and ENTER the kingdom, power and glory, anointed by the Holy Spirit.

The unholy trinity of lds, INFECTS human beings to get them to rely only on the unholy trinity within: me, myself and I (self-love, self-righteousness, self-sufficient, self-serving, self-interest, self-focused plurality of rights and social justice ignoring God-given rights and God’s perfect, holy, righteous Justice). Stirred up by lds to “DO SOMETHING” about all these terrible man-made issues while the hidden-hand controlling the puppets sit back in elite, exclusive towers of secret societies, pride, arrogance, hubris, haughty, entitled, self-proclaimed royal egos in the hidden darkness, move the chess pieces of the world with the end game of destroying all that is good, true and right in human beings, replace with machines with AI, enslave you further, and take every resource that they have not yet taken by keeping humanity under their “spell” of sorcery due to weakened bodies, souls and unclean spirits. (pharmakia is just one of the ways; hence the ubiquitous, never-ending ads with fine print no one reads, including forced injections due to massive, expensive campaigns to herd the chattel)

They are doing EVERYTHING to stop you from waking up and TAKING your TRUE royal inheritance as sons of God which means you won’t FALL for their tricks anymore. They do not want you to take your Creator-given rights as CO-HEIRS with Christ; to take back the sovereignty of human beings in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with God.

All power and authority in heaven AND on earth was given to Christ Jesus by our God and Father, and Christ gives it to you. THIS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS: Godgineering through Christ in you!

“The Source of all life is in Christ Jesus, whom God made OUR wisdom, our righteousness and sanctification and redemption” 1 Cor 1:30

“To the mature we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed BEFORE THE AGES for our glorification” 1 Cor 2:6-7

The god of this world and his fallen angels and demons do NOT want you to mature and receive the Wisdom and Power of God and be glorified as Christ is, and is to come in you. Christ IN YOU is the hope of glory for the earth. Keeping humans AWAY from Christ is lds’ GOAL and AGENDA.

THE CREATOR of heaven and earth FINISHED THE SOLUTION in the fullness of time to END the ills of the world and he ALREADY sent it for you to RECEIVE, but lds (lucifer, devil, satan) work overtime every night all night to KEEP YOU DECEIVED. Keep you DIVIDED by race, gender, nation, age, beliefs, sex, money, power, and deceptive religions that devolve (backwards love) human beings, especially women, who are veiled and genitally mutilated or used as sex slaves. They use LIES to infiltrate countries and then working from the inside under the veil of “peace” they start to steal, kill and destroy while denying it is the spirit of their religion. JESUS WARNED US ABOUT THIS! The “synagogue of satan” that has infiltrated EVERY WORLD RELIGION and is hidden or not-so-hidden within each group who will attempt to come together to “coexist” to give “peace” but Jesus says, “when they say, ‘peace, peace’ then SUDDEN DESTRUCTION WILL COME.

Do not be fooled; do not be deceived by the imposters disguised as servants of righteousness in the gilded, statued city-state-nation or the religion of “peace” who seem to be joining forces to unite every religion to bring false peace through laws that will try to TAKE the true kingdom, power and glory of the HOLY ONE away from your consciousness so you will not ask and receive the Holy Spirit and fire; so you will not receive the anointing to NOT BE DECEIVED anymore.

“I write this about those who would deceive you; but the anointing which you receive from the Holy One will abide in you, and you have NO NEED that any one should teach you; as His Anointing teaches you about EVERYTHING; and it is true, and is NO LIE, just as the anointing teaches you, ABIDE in Christ, and Christ in you!” 1 John 2:26-27; John 15:4)

THE SOLUTION for EVERY human and societal ill is not social justice and everything goes; but RIGHTEOUS justice and HOLY solutions and PURE love expressed in ways that we were CREATED for; not that weaken and destroy us slowly but surely.

God our Father sent Jesus to wake us up to God as our Father, no longer having to be fathered by the devil; no longer having to pass on his corrupted seed from generation to generation in Christ.

The Solution to every problem is JESUS the Son of God, The Christ, THE MESSIAH OF ALL both NOW and is to come. The Lamb of God who died, resurrected, ascended, was glorified in perfect oneness with God and SENT US the HOLY Spirit to be WITH US and IN US to make us the eternally BETROTHED BRIDE, and as we grow in intimate relationship, the wife of the Lamb. We start looking like our HUSBAND, the one we spend the most time with, tell all our secrets to and he to us in intimate union of Spirit and soul. This is the re-union of God and humanity, heaven and earth, solution, and it is done by coming to ascended Christ Jesus, turn your attention to Jesus, and POUR out your heart to Him and RECEIVE his Heart and right Spirit: his Resurrected LIFE into your spirit and soul and body. Ask and RECEIVE the Holy Spirit and fire baptism. Ask to be born of God of the Water of Life to become a part of the NEW SEA and of the Spirit of God to become a part of the NEW HEAVEN and NEW EARTH where righteousness dwells: where Christ in you dwells; where our Father can come and tabernacle WITH YOU and put his GLORY WITHIN YOU so that it can one day COVER the earth like water covers the seas.



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  1. The “shower inspired” word, “When you partner with God our Father through Christ Jesus, what you are inspired to do and create DOES NO HARM and is for the GOOD OF ALL in heaven and on earth. When you partner with the “god of this world”, even what you do for the GOOD of the world will cause harm in the end”


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