Wake Up!

Wake up! It is a New Day! let the old day go; a new has come!

the New Eternal Day of Christ!

only you can keep yourself from stepping through The Door, Christ Jesus!

into resurrection Life!

I Am of the I Am that I Am!

when you have the keys to The Open Door into the holy of holies in your secret heart…beneath the waves of thought…beneath the storms of feelings…beneath body sensations…beneath every care of this world…be still and feel into God’s Heart holding Christ’s Heart in your heart…it’s here…now… it is still there whether it is physically night or day! the pure Light of Christ!

whatever is going on…it is STILL HERE!!

Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all OF Christ’s kingdom and righteousness will be given to you…

the kingdom within…

Christ in you,

the hope of glory for the earth!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to Wake Up!

  1. Treyeshua says:

    Thank you as always. Some thoughts this morning you might like:

    You Me Let He, pronounced “humility”, a Word of God that begins and ends with the sound of the Spirit, which is our breath

    We’re not bumblebees, we’re humblebees, ever at God’s service, in His Spirit

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    • love the humility!
      and I love the intimacy with God our Father (into me I see)
      It is no longer I of Adam, but Christ, the I AM of God our Father, who lives in me!
      Glory to God in the Highest, Christ’s Spirit of Peace to God’s people on earth to live in God’s Glory!

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      • Treyeshua says:

        Love Into Me I See, perhaps you could compile a list of these sounds of God’s words as you come across them.

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        • Lets all share the Love!
          Thank you Trey for inspiring my “word of the day” in the shower before I head out.
          I heard, “Pride comes before a fall but humility comes before a rise”
          Stay in Pride and receive the counterfeit promise that the “god of this world” gives; or stay in Humility with the Values of Christ Jesus: Life, Freedom, true Liberty and Justice, Joy (happiness comes from outside; joy from the inside in Christ) Humility, Gentleness, Goodness, Kindness, Patience, Righteousness, Holiness, Godliness, Mercy, Faith, Grace, Glory, Pure Love, Holy Spirit that leads to Perfect Peace, a Complete soul, and Fullness of Joy. In Humility we are imparted, gifted, endowed with new levels of life, grace and glory! Pride makes us fall; Humility allows us to rise with Christ now and is to come! glory to glory!
          Thank you Abba! Father!


          • Treyeshua says:

            Thank you so much for this additional word. My new found love of humility came because I took a fall the other night, while visiting a church where I presumed to know more than the speaker. The Spirit actually allowed me to say some really crazy stuff, that was clearly not right, but in my position of pride, I said it anyway. Then coming home and doing a bit of research, I realized I was pretty much totally wrong, and sent the speaker an apology email for being rude. Not a lesson I want to repeat anytime soon, so I hope to be more vigilant. For the lesson is apparently to walk with Christ, in the Spirit, but not to run ahead and presume yourself the leader, unless perhaps scouting in complete humility, listening carefully for the clues that you may be off the path of truth.


        • ourkairosnow1017 says:

          Hebrew HYTK
          Hot, Sea, Small, Within Me


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