Flip It!

Flip it! The “god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4) flips you off while smiling, winking, and drawing you in to his culture of theft, death and destruction masquerading as “new age” or “new world order” or “peace accords” or “laws to protect you”. God, The Creator of heaven and earth sends the Holy Spirit and fire to burn down the old house and build a new one for God to tabernacle, to bring the Glory to your house: his holy, perfect, righteous PRESENCE to live in you, so YOU can live in a NEW HEAVEN, a new atmosphere on earth (no longer OF Adam and THIS world ruled by the god of this world)!

The old has passed away in Christ; the new has COME with Christ in you! (2 Corinthians 5:16-18)

Not only is our body, soul and spirit FLIPPED to spirit and soul and body (connected by and in the Holy Spirit); also Father, Son and Holy Spirit (FSHS: fish) is FLIPPED in you to Spirit and Bride and the two become ONE in you. The Spirit is ONE Spirit of the Son returned to the Father; the BRIDE is Christ in you! “On that day God is one and his NAME one” Zechariah 14:9

The Spirit: Father and Son as one, the two become one, and The Bride: Christ in you, the two become one, COME as ONE: The Spirit and Bride come INTO YOU making you as ONE new creature of the new heaven and new earth where RIGHTEOUSNESS dwells!

EVERY promise is FULFILLED in the RIGHTEOUS ONE and ONLY those who have the RIGHTEOUS ONE within their spirit and soul and body: Christ in you, have ALL THE PROMISES OF GOD fulfilled in you, including a NHOEN! where you KNOW God and you are fully known by Him because He is not only WITH YOU but he is also IN YOU! Righteousness BRINGS the fulfilled Promises of God!!!!!!!

When we are truly SAVED from the god of this world, we become like jewels of Christ’s Crown, shine on the earth as we FLOURISH in Christ, Christ in us, with the new wine (Living Water from throne) (Zechariah 9:9-17). With clean hands from a pure heart (the Lamb in your heart), the King of Glory comes into your spirit and soul and body: the river of WATER of LIFE from the throne that comes down out of HEAVEN from GOD to become the crystal clear bright NEW SEA in our body water. The old embalming fluid in the culture of death becomes Living Water in our New Life OF the Spirit and Word! The Word keeps us clean; the Spirit keeps us em-body-ing Wisdom and the Power of God. The SCEPER of EGYPT departs (replaced by the budding rod of Christ in you): the unholy trinity of the god of this world departs: eye of Horus (one eyed snake), Osiris with his phallic symbol towers, Isis (the domes representing the warring bride; the bride who is wearing combat boots NOT Christ Jesus’ TRUE Peace gospel footwear)

NO MORE BUTS! NO MORE EXCUSES why you can’t ACCEPT the INVITATION of the Spirit and Bride to invite them back to COME IN YOU to eat with you and Christ IN you (hidden manna in you); together as ONE: the Word AND the Spirit as you are SEATED at the table in the midst of your enemies, ANOINTED with the seven spirits from the throne: seven torches of FIRE, seven horns of OIL, and seven EYES!

“NOW I see with my own EYES! NO oppressor shall again overrun me for I KNOW Christ in me, the glory PRESENCE in me, Christ Spirit in me (the Spirit and the Bride in me) Zechariah 9:8. ” I will be a wall of FIRE around you, and the GLORY within you” Zechariah 2:5

The ASCENDED Christ Spirit of FIRE around you; the armor of LIGHT; AND the GLORY, the manifest PRESENCE of God in you: Christ IN YOU!

Come Spirit and Bride, live in me! Refined-by-fire lampstand or pure gold: Lamb of God come LIVE IN ME! The LAMB is the NEW LIGHT shining in us BOTH day and night! The eternal NEW Day of Christ! The hidden manna: Christ in me, the Bread of Life, come LIVE IN ME! Ark of the NEW covenant, come LIVE IN ME! Christ in me! HIS glory in me! His fire light in me! His Presence in me! His Word made flesh in me! His Spirit around and IN ME! His tree of life IN ME! His Living Water IN ME and flowing THROUGH ME! Come Spirit and Bride, LIVE IN US!

The Fire of God burns through the OUTER SHELL, the conditioned, programmed walking dead Adam. The Spirit GIVES US CHRIST LIFE!!!!!!! our NEW Life!!!!!!! The Spirit of Life! The Spirit of Holiness! The Spirit of Righteousness! The Spirit of Truth! The Spirit of the Father and Son and The Spirit of the Bride: the TWO become ONE SPIRIT! The Spirit of Godliness to replace the unclean, mixed spirits of the “god of this world” light and dark, good and evil, sun, moon, star gods and goddesses! The Spirit of the LIVING GOD: the HOLY ONE (Father and Son become ONE)! The Spirit of the Bride: Christ is not Jew nor Gentile, male nor female, slave nor free man, BUT ONE WITH CHRIST (the Bridegroom and Bride BECOME ONE: the two become ONE in SPIRITUAL HOLY MARRIAGE!

Jesus, The Bridegroom. Christ, The Bride. The TWO become ONE in you: Christ Jesus in YOU! Christ in you is no longer JEW nor GENTILE, male nor female, slave nor free, BUT ONE Christ in you! The Father and the Son become ONE SPIRIT and ONE BRIDE IN YOU!

Come Spirit and Bride and LIVE IN ME the glory of God, the PRESENCE, The Creator of heaven AND earth AND Christ in you, the NEW CREATURE of the NEW CREATION with a NEW NAME, a NEW CITY OF GOD, CHRIST IN YOU! The Bride flowing with THE SPIRIT: holy, perfect (means COMPLETE with Christ in you), righteous, living in the new heaven and new earth, God’s Kingdom of the beloved Son, whose LIGHT Is the LAMB of God and PRESENCE is the glory of God which contains all the Wisdom and Power from heaven on earth with CHRIST IN YOU!!!!!!!

This is my ONE DESIRE! I DELIGHT in the Spirit and Bride! and Our Father gives His Son to make US equally yoked! seek the KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS to be equally yoked with the Spirit and Bride: RECEIVE by TAKING the water of life WITHOUT PRICE (Jesus paid the FULL price)! Jesus said it is good that I go so I can SEND you THE SPIRIT OF GOD to make you THE BRIDE!!!!!!!

First ascended Christ Jesus BREATHED on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” and then said to WAIT until endued with Power from Above: RECEIVE the Spirit and FIRE and LIVING Water to become a river and never ending FOUNTAIN of CHRIST LIFE!!!!!!!

The hidden manna is Christ in you that replaces the “god of the belly”( who feeds you a toxic mixture of light and dark, good and evil, that keeps you always starving for love, acceptance, belonging, home, union, peace, happiness, liberty, lack of conflict and chaos and drama) WITH The Bread of Life!!!!!!! Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!!!!!

The budding rod is the RESURRECTED ROOT of Christ Jesus that God plants in YOU to grow a NEW TREE OF LIFE, Christ in you, (Son and Father united as ONE, Spirit and Bride united as ONE in you) to BEAR Christ FRUIT (replacing satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil)!!!!!!! Knowledge OF GOD replaces knowledge of good and evil!!!!!!!

The old and new wine is replaced by the River of water of life that flows DOWN from heaven out of God to the ENDS OF THE EARTH, through you and I when we know Christ within AND around us!

The Holy of Holies, Christ Spirit, makes its Home in your heart; Christ in you is the CORNERSTONE in you (not the hidden capstone of lucifer and the eye of horus (snake eye) that makes everything in you spirit and soul and body holy and complete!!!!!!! Apart from Christ in us, we can do NOTHING and the NOTHING we try to do, thinking it is SOMETHING, results in HARM, hate, division, false peace, counterfeit spirituality and false religion. Apart from the Holy Spirit and Bride in us we take part in death and curses instead of Life.

United by the HOLY Spirit in holy spiritual marriage WITH Christ in God (the Bride), His Name is One and our New Name is One: Christ in you!!!!!!! Come Spirit and Bride! Live in us!!!!!!!

The Spirit and Bride come IN YOU is the New Name in you, the New City in you and the festal gathering of HOLY angels with the co-heirs with Christ, the first-born from the dead in the NEW covenant between The Spirit and The Bride, to a RIGHTEOUS judge OF ALL and the spirit of humans made COMPLETE IN CHRIST, CHRIST IN YOU: the Blood of the Lamb of God in you (wife of the Lamb), so all that can be shaken is shaken out of you, leaving ONLY the kingdom of God in you and his RIGHTEOUSNESS that CANNOT BE SHAKEN (Christ in you). So we gratefully, thankfully offer our living body (Romans 12:1-2) come to Life when dead to the old Adam in earthen vessels filled with darkness and unclean spirits of the god of this world: walking dead. Christ in your living body (the union of Bride and Bridegroom) in you worships The Creator in Spirit and Truth, in the glory, in the Presence, with REVERENCE and AWE; for our God is a consuming FIRE who consumes all that is OF the antiChrist in us and LEAVES the REFINED PURE GOLD of Christ in you!!!!!!! (Hebrews 12:18-29)

When you KNOW God through Christ Jesus as The Bride, the wife of the Lamb of God: the LAMB IN YOU, you fully KNOW as you are FULLY KNOWN in the NHONE and NHOEN!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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