Sudden Acceleration

Turning points bring sudden acceleration!

When we turn from what is not working in our lives, to the Source of Life for direction and leadership, we reach a turning point in our lives which can bring a sudden acceleration into all that is good, true and righteous (right relationship with God).

THE Turning Point of every age, past, present and future is The Cross of Jesus. It changed time and space and who we are, eternally! Jesus brought the kingdom of heaven to earth through righteousness (living in right relationship with the Creator of the heavens and the earth). The SPIRIT of God brings a new heaven and a new earth to the Bride: Christ in you! A NEW NAME brings a turning point; turning from the old name to a New Name, Christ in you, brings a sudden acceleration as you rise into your destiny through the New Name!

Before the cross of Christ, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a new colt that had never been ridden. The people took off their outer garments and put them underfoot. Before the cross, people were treated like less than animals (they still do without Christ). BUT God! God provided the LAST Adam who took all curses, sin and death and nailed them on the old tree of life and death: satan’s knowledge of good and evil which is STILL and ALWAYS WILL BE outside the Body of Christ resurrected, ascended, glorified and in those who BELIEVE and RECEIVE Christ. He is NOT on the cross; all that is DEAD is on the cross. Christ is the Living One, The Holy One, alive FOREVER; the One who gives you and I eternal LIFE now and is to come!

Christ Jesus was resurrected with the SAME POWER that God sends to LIVE, MOVE and have its BEING in YOU; the HOLY Spirit of God and the FIRE of God so YOU can CARRY the glory, the PRESENCE of God who is SPIRIT IN YOU! The Bride carries both the Spirit and Fire of God! The Bride carries the glory of BOTH the Spirit and the Bride: Christ in you!

When you believe and receive the Name above every name, you receive salvation. When you are born OF God  OF water AND Spirit you are at the turning point. You turn from the old name: human being OF Adam with unclean spirits; and you take the New Name, born OF God with his HOLY Spirit, into sudden acceleration. When you receive the Holy Spirit and fire baptism of ascended, glorified Christ Jesus, you RECEIVE IT ALL as a co-heir: forgiveness, redemption, sanctification, and for the mature: glorification!

God chose what is foolish to the world…God chose what is low and despised in the world, even THINGS THAT ARE NOT, to BRING TO NOTHING things that ARE…He is the source of your life IN Christ Jesus, whom God made our wisdom, our righteousness and sanctification and redemption (1 Cor 1:27-30)

“Among the mature we do impart wisdom, NOT of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are DOOMED to pass away. But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed BEFORE THE AGES for OUR GLORIFICATION. None of the rulers of this age (0-70 AD) understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the LORD OF GLORY” 1 Cor 2:6-8

“Those he foreknew he also PREDESTINED to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the first-born among many. Those he predestined, calls, justifies (just as if you NEVER took part in sin or darkness), and GLORIFIES” Romans 8:29-30

The Turning Point: turn to Christ Jesus and sudden acceleration to reconcile with God our Father. Turn to our Father and sudden acceleration into sonship, crying Abba! Father! receive the robe of righteousness (salvation) of the kingdom of God! righteousness brings every promise of God FULFILLED! All the fullness of God is given to your spirit and soul and body when you RECEIVE the fiery, glory, light-filled LOVE of Christ from heaven out of God coming down LIKE a river!

The turning point of KNOWING Christ and KNOWING you are robed with righteousness, the garment of salvation IN CHRIST, suddenly accelerates you to the New City of God where you learn, grow and mature in the Kingdom of the Beloved Son! no more dominion of darkness or the god of this world, but translated, transferred, moved into the NHOEN.

When you KNOW Christ you KNOW the Father and he sends you His Spirit and Lamb to  make YOU the Bride, the wife of the Lamb! The new Name: Spotless Bride accelerates you into your destiny as you turn from the “names” the world calls you into the New Name! sudden acceleration! as you realize you received Christ’s new OUTER garment at salvation, but you receive his spotless, seamless, light and glory INNER garment when you begin to wear the wedding garment, the fiery white Light of his glory, the Holy Spirit oil filling your spirit and soul and body, and the eyes of your heart see only your Bridegroom, your First Love, and you KNOW you dwell in the House of our Father NOW and is to come, from glory to glory! realms of glory that we cannot conceive or imagine, or think!

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love Him!” 1 Cor 2:9

What the “god of this world” has prepared for mankind is tribulation, chaos, death, population control, survival of the fittest, resources only for the elite, destruction, deceptive agendas to manipulate you into giving up your Creator-given rights.

But God! gives us the turning point, the choice point, now and until The Door closes to those who do not have their spirit and soul and body FULL of the oil of the Holy Spirit. When we turn to Christ Jesus and take our new name and move into the new city of God where only righteousness can dwell, we receive the glory fire to ignite the oil of the Holy Spirit and we can begin to SEE as Christ SEES, not as the world sees. Our perception changes; our perspectives change; our consciousness is raised to KNOW God our Father and receive all the fullness of God as co-heirs with Christ; the list would fill pages, books and just as ALL that Jesus did on earth could not be written, so is ALL that the Spirit and Bride: Christ in you, unable to be written; it must be experienced! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE!

Jesus truly IS the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Door, the Vine of the Tree of Life, the Living Water, the Hidden Manna in you: the Bread of Life, the Spirit AND Bride come in you, the resurrection and the Life of God, the ascended glory fire-light and presence of the Father of Glory who comes to you, the Lamb of God who leads you as the Good Shepherd to the springs of living water so you can drink without price, then sends the River of Water of Life down from heaven out of God to be 7 streams in you of the River flowing out of your belly, your spirit joined with Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth!!!!!!!

Good Morning Son-Shine, the new heaven and new earth say hello!

He was lifted up so YOU could be drawn up with Him into Himself to share his one body as the Bride and share his one Spirit NOW and is to come from glory to glory! In Christ, Christ in you, the ashes of your old identity and life are UNDER your feet as you go forth leaping with Joy in the Holy Spirit and glory in Christ! (Malachi 4:1-3) You KNOW Christ in you, and the Bridegroom fully knows you! you hold nothing back! you have surrendered all! you give the Bridegroom your First Love, every PART of you so that nothing OF the antiChrist spirits can take part in you!

Your heart becomes a watered, garden paradise where the Father and his Lamb live, expanded to the dimensions of the NHONE, contiguous with the River of Living Water from the throne. Your heart field becomes God’s Field; your body becomes God’s Temple, God’s Building NOT MADE WITH HUMAN HANDS but of Living Stones full of fire and glory and resurrection Life! Your new Heart and Righteous Spirit circulate the NHONE to your whole spirit and soul and body when you hold NOTHING back and the River flows out to the world wherever you go when you STAY AWAKE in the LIGHT of His Glory in you!!!!!!!



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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to Sudden Acceleration

  1. We go out in Joy and are led forth in Peace!
    A simple but powerful Life in the kingdom of the Beloved Son!
    e.g. I went to post office this morning and the clerk goes from sullen and downcast to smiling and bending over backwards to be helpful;
    went to gas station and pump didn’t work so I went in to get help, I go back out to pump gas and hear, “go back and tell her you aren’t sure you said thank you so you came back to make sure.” As soon as I decide to go back in to talk to the clerk, I see a shiny new penny on the ground and when I tell her God told me to come back in and thank her, but also he sent a “penny from heaven” to remind her of how much he thinks of her. She lit up like a 1000 watt bulb and smiled with her whole being and said, “You don’t understand how much this mean to me; you made my day!”
    Then I went to the grocery store and when I came out there was a homeless man who looked very dirty and disheveled. I looked at him with a big smile that comes from knowing who you are and whose you are and where you reside, and he lit up like a glory light bulb and said, “thank you for your smile” I returned the thanks to him for his smile and he started to laugh with Joy and I turned around and said, “more Joy!” and as I walked to my car I knew it was an angel disguised as a human…
    and so it goes IN Christ, OF the kingdom…
    whether the smallest, simplest gesture or Our Father asks you to do some greater work, it is ALL for the glory of God living in His glory, His presence!

    a New-every-morning Life LIKE the life of a well-loved, well-cared for beloved child who has NO burdens or cares to carry; just carry the glory light of Christ in peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit! It is a DELIGHT to delight in God and he gives you the desires of your deepest, innermost heart!

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  2. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yes, He does delight in giving the Kingdom to his children when they mature. AMEN


    • mature eternal children, sons and daughters, of the Kingdom of God, inherit as co-heirs!

      eternally betrothed brides of the Bridegroom, male and female, in the Father’s Kingdom live in eternal glory, rapture of spirit! now and forever!

      our mature soul (heart and mind and will) the wife of the Lamb of God! given everything the Lamb has conquered and won for us, in holy, pure, spiritual marriage of our spirit and soul and body with Christ!

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  3. “Before she was in labor she gave birth…Who has heard of such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in ONE DAY? Shall a nation be brought forth IN ONE MOMENT?” Isaiah 66:7
    Yes! when we wake up and realize every Word that proceeds from Christ Jesus’ mouth is TRUE! Abba! Father! open the ears and eyes of our heart!

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  4. Dennis says:

    the word He has given you is like a little hammer tapping on the same spot on the wall…..I feel it beginning to crumble….I sense a wall is being removed so that what is hidden shall be revealed and come into view. I thank Jesus that somehow I not only found your blog but He has kept me reading it….keep on tapping. 🙂


    • Dennis says:

      just had a few minutes of laughter here! The wall She/He you is tapping on is a protective wall I have built around my self that causes me to be suspicious and hold anyone’s teaching at arm’s length…so I do not receive anything cos I wont let it in…but as I read your blog here out loud suspicion fled away…and the wall began to crumble. OOPS more laughter…RECEIVING has never been easy….but here I am all undone….the wall is partially down…and I sense the need to put it back up quickly…to maintain control over what comes in and what goes out…more love, more receiving!!more tapping!


      • Yes! thank you Abba! Father! You love Dennis SO much! The Word of God is a Sword that breaks down walls of division or separation from God! The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God that slays walls, dragons, demons, spirits, disease, disorders, dysfunction, and any and all barriers to receiving the Love of Christ so we can be filled with all the fullness of God! (Ephesians 3:19)
        We can safely and securely let down all walls in the Presence of the Living Holy One as He puts a wall of His Fire around us to keep out what is not of Christ and keeps in what is Christ Himself when we are born anew from Above of God by water and Spirit of God!!!!!!!
        Christ in us is greater than anything in the world! Thank you Abba! Father!

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