See Change!

See Change!

Sea Change!

C Change!

I love words! For some reason, english words (I speak english so can’t vouch for other languages) tell a story deeper and higher than the word itself and we know words POINT but are not the thing itself. You don’t take a page of the bible every day and wad it up and eat the physical words on the page; but every morning I definitely EAT the Word, both Life and Spirit, spiritually, heart-fully, mentally, willfully  (the FREEDOM to choose Life!) and I become what I eat!

The Holy Spirit in union with the Word of God both feed me and fill me with Living Water from the throne! It is unlike anything in this world! full of Wisdom and Power of Christ Life! In Jesus, the Word of God was made FLESH and NOW and is to come, the SAME Word is made flesh in us and the SAME Spirit resurrects us into Kingdom Life of God’s Power and Glory!

The seven seas! The seven SEES, the seven spirit’s seven eyes! The seven C’s!

Receive the Living Water from the throne full of seeing, fire power, and oil of authority from ascended glorified Jesus! Receive the Christ Anointing!  Can you C?

7 Cs!

  1. Cause: get to the root cause: God LOVES you and wants his children back! wants us to know our identity as sons of God in Christ! wants his children to be FREE and FREE indeed to choose life; no longer in bondage to sin, death, disease, disorders, and distress
  2. Cost: Jesus PAID the price IN FULL; once for all human beings; the FINAL SACRIFICE
  3. Condition: there is only ONE condition: believe Jesus! agree with God our Father! the TWO became ONE!
  4. Consequence: no longer UNDER the LAWS of sin and death, no longer VIEWED as human but NEW CREATURES under the spiritual, righteous, holy, JUST, perfect, complete LAW of the Spirit of LIFE! you will NOT perish but have eternal LIFE now AND forever! facts transformed to spiritual TRUTH!
  5. C glory! see Christ’s ascended Glory and be changed! be TRANSFORMED! be transfigured by Christ Light of Glory! a frequency BEYOND the physical spectrum that can instantly heal, do miracles, deliver, and set you FREE to live as Christ LIVES!
  6. Changed by the Glory, in the Glory, seeing the Glory, C-ing the Glory! beholding the Glory! knowledge of the Glory! Receiving the Light of Christ’s Glory within! receiving the pure gold refined in the Fire of God! receiving the King of Glory! Hallelujah!
  7. Covered by the Glory! Father of Glory sends us EVERYTHING we need to be endowed, equipped, enlightened with Christ Light, endued with Power, encouraged and edified, anointed, taught, trained, guided, pruned, healed, delivered, set free, inspired, embodied with the Holy Spirit! A wall of Fire around you! total protection and provision from Above! Our Father of Glory keeps us COVERED! Hallelujah!

Our old sea is changed to the New Sea! crystal clear, bright with fire and glory of the Living Waters from the throne in our body water that becomes a fountain of Life overflowing to the world until all can see! See? C? Christ in you allows you to C!!!!!!!

Come Christ, both Wisdom and Power, into me! live, move and have YOUR BEING in me! your Word in me! your Spirit in me! your Fire in me! your Glory in me! your Sea in me! your Gold in me! your Manna in me! your Light in me! your Dunamis and Exousia in me! YOUR LIFE IN US! now and is to come from one degree of glory to another! glory to glory! the baseline IN CHRIST is glory and we are lifted in Christ and with Christ to higher degrees of glory! ALL for the Glory of God our Abba! Father! the Father of Glory!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. We won’t see change out “there” until we see it within us! Only Christ can change your heart to His!

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