Disney life?

Don’t just “disney” your life away

don’t just “let it go”

that is the world’s prescription that doesn’t work because it festers, resentment grows, and love is stolen, killed or destroyed. The hidden darkness is stirred up and triggered by the world until you say, “enough is enough” and come to the Light of Christ.

Don’t “let it go” but instead “let it be done unto me according to your Word”

the life and Spirit of God transform!

“Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, PRESS ON to the PRIZE, The Gift of God in Christ Jesus”

Receive what “lies ahead” now by receiving Christ to live, move and have His Being in you. There is no time nor space restraints in the Spirit!

Receiving the finished work NOW is impossible without Christ; you can’t do it apart from The Son who is The Way to our Father who gives you Resurrection Life and Truth. The Spirit of Truth brings you into all Truth when you can bear it. The Holy Spirit falls upon all your flesh, the upward call to be seated in heavenly places WITH Christ to receive ALL the heavenly spiritual blessings and heavenly gifts to manifest and express the Fruits of Righteousness, the Fruit of Light and the Fruit of the Spirit of God here, now on earth and is to come in heaven on earth! Conquer the past; conquer unbelief; conquer the world’s fallen mind and mind-sets!

Forget the past! The world’s wisdom says, “remember the past so it doesn’t happen again” but is devilish, unspiritual and carnal-mind advice to keep you remembering sin and forgetting God. Ask for God’s Wisdom: forget the past; remember the NOW of God: Jesus said it is NOW and is to come. “Time IS fulfilled; the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness IS at hand; repent and believe Jesus not the world, and RECEIVE the Kingdom of God and HIS Righteousness into your heart and let it circulate to your entire spirit and soul and body!

Forget the past; let it be crucified with Christ Jesus.

Arise and shine; your calling is to the resurrection Life of Christ to be a pure Light!

Arise and go! “do” out of BEING in Christ, Christ in you! the baseline for humanity now is NOT OF THE WORLD but FROM Christ in God on earth as it is in heaven! Stop running the world’s programs in your consciousness! Come out of the world and the dominion of darkness into Christ’s Kingdom and Righteousness and rule and reign WITH HIM so darkness can never rule or reign over you again; you can slay its many forms with God’s Spirit. We use the Sword of the Spirit: the Word in our mouth that proceeds from it WRITTEN on our heart and mind in Christ!

We arise and “do” from His Rest; from Holy Spirit guiding us through the Word Now: rhema and logos that are God-breathed, containing His Life and Spirit, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! Kingdom of The Son Life!

Holy Spirit, when we open our mouth, fill it with the Sword of the Spirit: the Word of God: sharper than a two-edged sword to cut to any division and sow the Unity and Peace of God!

“Those led by the Holy Spirit are the sons of God”

Get intimate with the Holy Spirit*, the Holy One whom Jesus told us he would send when he returned to His Father, to be WITH and IN us forever: the fiery anointing and His glory within. Be as intimate* as knowing His Breath is your breath: the Breath of Life! Holy Spirit’s River your water of life flowing in and flowing out as a river of God! Holy Spirit’s hidden manna the Bread of Life within you! The Holy Spirit Seal on your forehead so NO THOUGHTS from the evil one can enter your mind! Have the Mind of Christ in you! Holy Spirit is your New Life, your Resurrection Life from above, forming Christ in you, the substance and assurance of glory!

(*the world perverted “intimacy” to mean sex and “love” to mean sex; while Intimacy with God is not sex, but perfect oneness in the glory; the two become one; way more glorious and mysterious; far greater than we can ever think or ask or imagine or dream: powerful, true Light of Pure Love, The Way; mind-blowing, heart-expanding, will-changing Intimacy with God through Christ Jesus!)

Intimacy with our Father through the Bridegroom of our soul!

The Intimacy of God is Life-giving, Love-restoring, sound-Mind regenerating, Fire-Light dissolving of anything unlike Itself, Holy Spirit power, glory and kingdom manifesting Intimacy! All Glory to Abba! Father!



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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Disney life?

  1. Do you see it is not “unity” of religions; not unity of the elemental spirits of the universe? It is Unity of the HOLY Spirit of God with Christ in you that is the hope of glory to cover the earth!
    God made human beings in the image and likeness of God, not elemental spirits.
    The unity of the Holy Spirit of God in the bond of Peace is in Christ alone.
    If you have The Son you have Life, if you do not have The Son you do not have the Life of God, but life and death, light and darkness, good and evil of elemental spirits of the universe.
    Jesus says, “In the WORLD you will have tribulation; but in Me you will have Peace!”
    World peace is an oxymoron; the world will always have conflict and lack and limitation and poverty; only in Christ is there fullness of Life, fullness of God, fullness of Joy, Power and Wisdom from Above.
    Only with Jesus’ equipment of Peace on our feet, only in Christ are all enemies of God under your feet to walk in perfect Peace, a walking Kingdom of Peace. A tranquil Mind of Christ gives life to the flesh! The still waters of a heart in Peace lives in a garden paradise of God.
    “You keep us in Perfect Peace when our mind is set on Thee, and we Trust in Thee!”

    The PEACE beyond understanding or knowledge is the Peace of Christ in you that keeps your heart and mind in Christ Jesus; the same Peace at your feet in Christ that keeps you in the Peace of God from your crown to the soles of your feet! The Peace of Christ is a transmittable Spirit that stays where the Holy Spirit lives and is returned to you where the Holy Spirit is rejected.

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  2. There is HOPE! OMG! pray for the churches in your area and the pastors! there is HOPE! The Holy Spirit is moving! pray for the Spirit of Truth to bring ALL into Truth! pray for the Holy Spirit to fall upon all flesh! it is happening!!!!!!!! starting to move from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (satan’s tree) to the tree of life! in Christ! Christ in you! Thank you Abba! Father! I rejoice with the holy angels in heaven that things are beginning to CHANGE! “For FREEDOM Christ HAS set you FREE!” Soon and very soon ALL will know the Way, the Truth and the Life!!!!!!!

    the church is moving from eating from the wrong tree in the old covenant to eating from the Christ Tree in the new covenant of Righteousness with Christ in God: the new!
    Keep praying! keep interceding! keep speaking the Truth in Love! His Truth and His Love feed us Life and Life more abundant and full! not even close to that which is called “truth” and called “love” in the world but is MIXED with lies and hatred from the hidden capstone

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  3. “disney” your life away: busy-ness, lots of external distractions, escapism, scripts, song and dance, characters playing roles taking you on rides in the kingdoms of the world designed to keep you away from discovering the Kingdom of God and entering LIKE a child

    wishing on a fallen star and never knowing the glory of the Morning Star of Christ rising in your heart
    being content with the seven dwarf: sleepy, grumpy, etc., instead of receiving the seven spirits from the Throne of God
    you love pets more than human beings
    you get your “truth” from disney’s ABC “reality” shows and sitcom programming
    you would rather play video games than live real life

    other metaphors for the magic kingdom which keeps you away from interested in knowing the Kingdom of God?


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