The Old Covenant is NOT your Home

Is it time to move?

Too many people keep returning to their old home, where they are familiar and it feels comfortable, BUT it never stays comfortable because the Holy Spirit and fire of God is not there. God is doing a new thing now and is to come! (Jesus fulfilled time) a new covenant! (Jesus fulfilled the old)

Jesus brought heaven to earth, returned to God and sent God’s Holy Spirit and fire to baptism you in His Love, Light, and Spirit to TRANSFORM you from Adam’s lineage of good and evil which contains blessings AND curses, life AND death, light AND darkness,

and moving you in Himself (“Come to Me” “Spirit and Bride say Come”)

from the dominion of darkness,

into the Kingdom of the beloved Son where there is ONLY the Good of our Father, ONLY the First-Born Son Blessing to all who are born again OF GOD (no more Adamic inheritance), ONLY Eternal, Ever-lasting Life with no more Death or Hades, and ONLY the Light of Christ’s Knowledge of God: the Glory of God, the Presence of God (Light, Love, Spirit) come down from heaven out of God INTO YOU with Christ in you (it was prophesied; it WILL come to pass when you awake and receive the Light of Christ when you are RIPE for harvest). All is NOW ready; all we have to do is COME and RECEIVE!

God has done His Part; now it is up to each individual person (the gate is narrow: one person taking off the “world garment” at time to be clothed WITH Christ to live in His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven in His glory, and later in the Kingdom of the Eternal Father from glory to glory) to do their part: COME to Christ and be transformed into His image and likeness.

Come out of the world system, the beast system, the deceptive system of agendas led by the hidden puppet master who incites violence, inflames emotions, peddles fear from every news, media and entertainment venue, spills innocent blood through “mob mentality” steals, kills and destroys lives and life, crafts stories then funds both sides of the story, incites wars between races, genders, nations and ideologies then funds both sides, deceives by sorcery, trickery, hidden dark instigator with an agenda to destroy human beings by pitting them against one another, putting a millstone around your neck controlling and manipulating your mind, gleefully watching you buy into it, caught up in lucifer’s dark plan instead of CAUGHT UP WITH CHRIST IN GOD with His Holy Spirit and Fire in you and flowing through you.

The darkness of lucifer’s heart is HIDDEN by his outward appearance and his promises of retribution, money, power, sex, anything goes, hedonism, to make you God so you can take power, fueling lust for power, sex, money and importance: THE LIE from the pit of hell because what you get is soul sucking, your spirit being drained to fuel waterless spirits, fear replacing love, hosting dark entities, a reptilian animalistic nature, a degenerate spirit, downward spiral after an initial high, tolerance increasing: need more and more for less and less, ending in not being able to be satisfied, never fulfilled, the “carrot” keeps moving in a direction you don’t want to go…

The nations are deceived by satanic sorcery (Rev 18:23), trickery, craftiness, crafting stories that are not true, stealing peace of mind, killing innocence, destroying lives. From the shadows they craft stories, get people to agree, then watch as human beings made in the image and likeness of God through Christ DESTROY each other for lack of Wisdom and Knowledge of God.

They fund BOTH SIDES of any conflict. The harlots are paid agitators–the hidden puppet master stirs up hate, pride and lust in people and uses the media to legitimize it, pays mercenaries to fight both sides of a war, pays agitators to stir up hate and violence while the hidden hand sits back and watches groups clash and laughs and profits from human suffering for lack of knowledge of God and His Glory.

His Glory is His Presence, His Spirit, that ALL can receive because of what Jesus did ONCE FOR ALL. The ball is in our court to COME to CHRIST and RECEIVE LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANT; beyond the clash of opposites there IS UNITY IN THE HOLY SPIRIT of God in the BOND OF PEACE (Christ in you).

The harlots who give their soul for money, power,  or degenerate sex, are fueled by lust for power, sex, money, fame or importance. They get in bed with the hidden puppet master, the hidden capstone; they are caught up in the world’s story and MISS being Caught Up in God through Christ. The harlots corrupt the world with fornication; in bed with unclean spirits. “Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues”

Instead of being caught up in the old covenant with good and evil; be Caught up with Christ in God and receive Christ in you, the hope of glory. If you still carry Adam within, you give back love for love and hate for hate. If you carry satan you give hate for love and hate for hate. But if you carry Christ in you, you give back love for love and love for hate; apart from Christ in you we can do nothing but wait…

but with God all things are possible!

Your Home, now AND forever is in Christ, and Christ in you is God’s heavenly Home in you. The world mindsets, the kingdoms of this world, ruled by the spirits of the world, is not your Home. The elemental spirit of fire is powerful, but fires can cause great damage in wild fires AND cause good things; the elemental spirit of water is powerful and can cause great damage in violent storms, floods, etc., AND causes good things. BUT the River of Water of Life which contains BOTH Holy Spirit Water and Fire ONLY causes Good and Greater Good, Life and Life Abundant, grace to grace and glory to glory! It is FAR MORE POWERFUL than the elemental spirits that cause both good and evil in the world. Come Home to Christ and receive His River of fire light glory and Holy Spirit!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to The Old Covenant is NOT your Home

  1. Does your gut tell you “all this” distraction, chaos, and conflict is to keep your focus busy on the world stage to keep what they do in secret from coming to light?


  2. Interesting article on the ancient god baal; it sounds like what is happening in the world right now

    Thank God for God! Thank you for sending Jesus! Thank God!


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