Optimistic Delight!

Optimistic delight! opti-mystical Delight! Jesus!!!!!!!

Thank you Abba! Father! When we have eyes to SEE and ears to HEAR and a heart that can PERCEIVE, then NOTHING in the physical world has nearly the Delight of the One who created the Wonders of this earth and set them into MOTION! Holy Spirit hovers over all until you receive Christ to live in you and our Father can make your body his temple for the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

Begin to live with the eyes of a child whose Father delights in you and your eyes will be opened to see the greatest Wonder of them all!

Instead of history: his-story, I choose His Living Presence on earth as it is in heaven! The resurrected Christ fills all heaven and all earth with his glory and we come into RELATIONSHIP with the Holy One!

don’t settle…no longer be distracted and numbed…don’t be beat down by the constant negative news…

The Good News still STANDS; still has ALL power and authority in heaven AND on earth! now and forever! Our part is to JOIN WITH ascended Jesus through the Holy Spirit; yoke with Jesus; marry the Christ with your total spirit and soul and body; the two are made ONE new creature; born OF God no longer OF the world!

We yoke with the Living One, with the Spirit of Jesus The Christ (Philippians 1:19), and begin to live in AWE and WONDER of the Spiritual Truth that trumps physical facts every time! It is the Holy One IN YOU that makes you holy; it is the Perfect One in you that makes you perfect: we can do NOTHING apart from Christ in us, the hope of glory: the substance and ASSURANCE of glory! It is not about what you have done or not done; it is ONLY about what Jesus has done ONCE for ALL through the cross; through the powerful, wonder-working power of His Blood. Come and RECEIVE it all!

“Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”

Our Father NEVER lets us down; Jesus will NEVER leave you nor forsake you once you heartfully, sincerely invite him to live IN YOU and through you. You prove it to yourself; God IS REAL!!!!!!! One Touch and you will never be the same; one Word and you will never be the same; experiencing the glory Presence and you will NEVER be the same!

He who knew NO SIN became sin so YOU could become HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Righteousness is the MOST PRECIOUS gift for it is ONLY through Christ’s Righteousness in you that you can have a son-Father relationship with God. Take it and guard it! Take the Mind of God and never take the world’s mind back! Let the Holy Spirit renew your mind in God daily! hourly! moment by moment until you KNOW and see and hear and perceive and BE!

“Peace I leave you; MY PEACE I give to you”  ~Jesus

“I give you MY JOY so that your joy may be FULL”  ~Jesus

“He who knew no sin became sin so YOU could become HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS”

Enter the kingdom of God as a child; take off your worn, broken years of worldliness and all that you were conditioned, programmed, manipulated or controlled to believe by the “craftiness” craft-i-ness of the p & p of world rulers of this present darkness and wickedness…

and you will see that the Kingdom of God is His RIGHTEOUSNESS, His PEACE, and His JOY in the Holy Spirit IN YOU! then run with it as a kingdom of God citizen on earth as it is in heaven. Our citizenship in Christ is heaven; our citizenship with Christ in you is a new heaven on earth!

God delights in you as you delight in God!!!!!!! Christ in you is God’s Delight!!!!!!!

God is NOT partial; the world shows partiality and divides into victims and oppressors and all the other DUALITIES of satan’s world that will probably never change. We CHANGE; we TRANSFORM when we humble ourselves and sincerely pray to God, die to the past and resurrect WITH CHRIST JESUS to receive His Holy Spirit, His righteousness, His Peace and His Joy! Receive the Kingdom and begin to Live the LIFE God has prepared for you from before the foundation of this earth! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! Thank you Father!!!!!!! Thank you Holy Spirit for coming and living in God’s beloveds now and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Optimistic Delight!

  1. I LOVE you Jesus!!!!!!! YOU and YOU ALONE are the SAVIOR: saving GRACE and GLORY!!!!!!! There is NO OTHER like you in all of heaven and earth!!!!!!!

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  2. gerrymackrell says:

    I am in the Father, He is in me and I am in you. How much better can it get?


    • yes! that verse says it all! thanks for your comment gerrymackrell!
      Interesting: is how it is written “I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you”

      The I Am of Jesus, which was “before Abraham, I am” is in Abba Father and we are IN Jesus and Jesus is in us when we believe and receive. The abiding IN the ascended Christ in heavenly places while Christ abides in us is the MOST IMPORTANT for we can’t be in our Father’s Presence without the righteousness of the Son in us! The eternal I Am of Christ of our Father in and through us and with us and upon us is the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT that is beyond words…literally and figuratively! I am in AWE of you Father!


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