Clean House!

If you just clean house of all that is old, unsavory, dark, dirty, unhealthy, or harmful, but do not fill it with what you want instead, the void will be filled with the old again. Nature abhors a void; deliberately and intentionally fill your cleaned up house with the Light of Christ, the Love of the Father, and the Holy Spirit!

Our body is a vessel, a carrier, a container, a house. Before we wake up and STAY AWAKE with Christ, we take on things we no longer want to carry. Described so clearly in Romans 7, we want something new but find we keep doing the old things we don’t want. “Hell is paved with good intentions”

But God! But when we get real about “enough is enough” and we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can come to the Holy One of God, The Christ who died for ALL so ALL may come to New Life IN Christ. This promise of God still stands for all who are willing to let go of the old way of thinking, speaking, and doing to BE who God created you to BE: the image and likeness of the Son who is the EXACT image and likeness of the invisible God who created the heavens and earth.

We get deliberate and intentional to KICK out all squatters in our body temple just as Jesus kicked out all who were of the wrong spirit in the external temple. We renounce and kick out all unholy or ungodly spirits from our spirit and soul and body and repent of letting them live in us and feed off of us. We ask Holy Spirit to FILL our entire spirit and soul and body, and keep us clothed with God’s robe of righteousness and garment of salvation; clothed with the armor of Light as we PUT ON the Lord Jesus Christ as a New Garment, the Wedding Garment that will allow us to stay at the Wedding Celebration. We do not PATCH the old; we take it completely OFF and put on the New Life in Christ Jesus.

We do not put new wine into old wineskins; we ask, intend and receive the Holy Spirit River into our new body TEMPLE that we allow the FIRE of God to cleanse; the Holy Spirit to wash and regenerate to be a NEW temple for God’s Glory to be able to return! The Presence of God is able to inhabit your body when Christ and Christ alone is the resident Spirit! The Father can only have fellowship with that of the Son; the new covenant is between the Father and the Son. We ENTER into RELATIONSHIP with the Son to receive the Father’s Inheritance: all the promises and divine possibilities are YES and AMEN with Christ in you!!!!!!!

We receive the Kingdom of God like a child. Give your life to Jesus and let him CLEAN HOUSE and fill you with the Spirit of God! The fire burns satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil root to branch and Holy Spirit nurtures and grows Christ’s Tree of Life in you. We don’t work or try to get good fruit; we let the Spirit of God make you into a Christ tree and the fruit is taken care of! A Christ tree can only bear Christ Fruit! Thank you Father for your SEED! The seed of the woman CRUSHED the head of the serpent; he is CRUSHED under your feet IN CHRIST! Hallelujah! Believe and Receive!

“What is impossible with men is possible with God” Luke 18:27

“Leave your old life/nature/way of being/thinking and receive manifold MORE in this time AND in the age to come NEW LIFE in Christ!” Luke 18:29-30 paraphrase

Feast on the Presence of God; wear the New Garment of Christ; receive the River of Water of Life: the Holy Spirit new wine: Christ’s glorified ascended Spirit into a washed and regenerated new wineskin: a new body temple filled with Christ Light, Father God’s Love and their Holy Righteous Glorious Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will RAISE you up to BE with Christ where He is in the heavenly places and every spiritual blessing flows to you. EVERY good endowment and EVERY perfect Gift comes down from the Father of lights: the Father of Glory! including the King of Glory! The Bridegroom! Maranatha!

Ask God to open the eyes of your heart to SEE THE NEW POSSIBILITIES and PROMISES IN CHRIST. Receive the Wisdom and Revelation of the Knowledge of God to replace satan’s knowledge of good and evil that keeps you like a hamster on a wheel of suffering, getting NO WHERE. In Christ, God is NOW HERE and nothing is sweeter, more powerful, more glorious, more awesome wonder-full than the PRESENCE of God.

You don’t know what you don’t know until Holy Spirit shows you! Ask and receive! Let the Spirit of God clean house and FILL you with the New Life! The Faith! The Way! The Truth! The Life of God! The Christ! it is by GRACE through FAITH! a GIFT of God, not works! Come to Christ Jesus and give EVERYTHING and receive His ALL into all of you! NOTHING COMPARES! unspeakable Joy! amazing, astounding gratitude! thank you Jesus for reconciling us with our Father! We are no longer slaves to fear when we KNOW we are a child of God through Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit! There is NO OTHER power greater than the Holy Spirit of God!

“He who is IN ME is greater than he who is IN THE WORLD.” Let the Holy Spirit CLEAN HOUSE and fill you with the power and presence of God: Christ in you, both the Wisdom and Power of God Almighty! Strive to enter His Rest! Be still and KNOW God through Christ in you; the seven eyes, seven torches of fire and seven spirits from the Throne of God; the sevenfold anointing of the Holy Spirit of God!!!!!!! There is NOTHING better in this world!

“In the world you will have tribulation, but in Me you will have peace”  ~Lord Jesus The Christ of God

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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