Honor and Respect

The most entitled individuals today are sports and entertainment stars. The amount they make in one appearance, one episode, one movie, one concert is more than most people ever make in a lifetime. Yet, at what price fame? Whoever you obey you become the slave of; those who obey animal instincts or reptilian mind or self-serving, self-righteous, self-centered pride, lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh, lust for fame, wealth, power, sex, or control over others, become a slave to lucifer, devil/demons, and satan: the unholy trinity of good and evil that leads to a small elite group that try to get everyone to serve and worship them and follow their agenda instead of God.

“the way that seems right to man leads to destruction”

Their idea of equality, justice and fairness is that they get their hatred, bias, prejudice, partiality for their agenda, politics, desires, affinities met while they dishonor, disrespect, mock, deride, insult the rest. They make themselves god and reject Christ Jesus who in Truth brought Life to all, equality to all, no more victims or marginalization, no more Jew nor Gentile, no male nor female, no black or white, no slaves or free but ALL are ONE in Christ who is ONE with God.

Christ Jesus brought mercy instead of justice, compassion instead of knowledge of good and evil, wisdom instead of selfish agendas, power to uplift ALL instead of power over others. When the elite sports or entertainment stars put themselves above God, above the president, above the flag they show their true colors. Jesus has a gentle humble heart so we can trust him to lead us to God; the god of this world is arrogant, elitist, full of pride and lust for power; the spirit of this world divisive, rebellious, controls, forces or manipulates, hides the true hidden dark agenda, the hidden capstone of lucifer, rejecting the All-Goodness, All Light without any darkness at all, All Love without excluding any, TRUE impartiality of God. They are serving their master: satan and his luciferian agenda. They tell the people one thing and do another; say they are for all human beings, but secretly plot to destroy all who are not like themselves.

They are promised good if they sell their soul, but they reap evil and are forced to toe the master’s line: abortion or killing of babies is fine, disrespect for the flag is fine, dishonoring of the president is fine, arrogantly putting others down to exalt yourself is fine, just so you say you are for everyone you can be only for yourself. Devoid of the Spirit of God you cause divisions and push the puppet master’s cause: destruction of all that is good, true and right.

Those who disrespect and dishonor, call good evil and evil good.

You make yourself god and dishonor the God who created everything; you take credit for the things you have and do instead of giving CREDIT to the ORIGINAL SOURCE. God is the Source of all Life; the Source of all that is beautiful, pure, light, love, holy, righteous, blameless, spotless, free from harm, good, lovely, excellent, gracious, compassionate, wise, glorious, splendid, magnificent, amazing, awesome, astounding, wonderful and miraculous. But knowing this you choose to make yourself god and add to the darkness of the world while claiming to be for human rights, justice and equality while denying the Source of all rights: the Creator-given rights reestablished by Jesus The Christ The Messiah The Anointed One The Holy One who came FOR ALL and GIVES ALL TO ALL who humble themselves and come to the Source of all Life and turn away from the god of this world and the spirit of this world that comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Jesus comes to bring Life and Life Abundant for all. Those of the anti-Christ seek only for themselves. Those of lucifer judge by external, physical, outward appearances; God judges the heart and sent Jesus to transform the human heart to be like the Heart of God.

The two commandments of the new covenant are: Love God and Love one another as yourself. What the god of this world calls love is self-centered, self-entitled, conditional, dark, destructive, divisive, and ends in death.

You who dishonor and disrespect make yourself the source; you seek glory from men and refuse to give glory to God. Like Lucifer you hate human beings in the image and likeness of God, and seek to exalt only yourself and your agenda. Your heart is hard and dark, harboring resentments and bitterness and refuse to come to Jesus to be forgiven and reconciled with God. Those disrespecting the president and dishonoring the flag, your arrogance is showing.

You have eyes but you cannot see; ears but you cannot hear; a heart that cannot understand or perceive the Goodness, Wisdom, and Power of God that has no harmful effects, no negative side effects, no mixture of good and evil, darkness and light, right and wrong. In God with Christ there is only Light, only Goodness, only Love and only Holy Spirit that uplifts, encourages, edifies, inspires, makes better, comforts, makes what is wrong right, heals, delivers, sets free, counsels, teaches, guides, prunes, convicts instead of condemning, honors, respects, loves, brings into peace, enlightens, empowers, inhabits, indwells, turns everything for good in those who love God and are called to his purpose.

Pride comes before a fall; the humble hearted are exalted. God looks at the heart; you look at the past and become judge and jury.

The good and evil duality of satan’s tree steals, kills and destroys life. Its fruit looks good but poisons, causes division, entitles the few and enslaves the rest, dishonors, disrespects, counterfeits, arrogantly demands, imposes an agenda that adds to the darkness of the world. Christ’s Tree of Life only bears Christ Fruit of righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Spirit, love without opposite, light without darkness, holiness, completeness, wholeness, perfect harmony, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and self-control. It values ALL life and is for the upbuilding of ALL; a republic of sovereign people under God flourishes.

Jesus brought heaven to earth, reconciling humans with the Creator of all life, and made us a kingdom where righteousness dwells; those who refuse to come to Christ to be reconciled with God live outside the camp where the dogs rule: backwards, upside down, humans enslaved, unclean spirits rule, unrighteousness, unholiness, ungodliness is the source of all suffering and lack of peace.

But God! We transform through the Wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit into the original design; be who God created us to be: the image and likeness of God. Those who make themselves god, arrogantly dishonor and disrespect, trying to force their way instead of The Way, Truth and Life of God, rebel, turn away from God to the god of this world and try to influence others to follow the spirit of disobedience and lawlessness. They are of the anti-Christ spirit and their end is prophesied in the bible as drawing the wrath of God and great tribulation while in Christ there is Peace forevermore. “Led out in peace and go forth in Joy!” Separation from God is hell; union with God our Father through Christ by the Holy Spirit is beyond all we could ask, imagine, dream or think!!!!!!!

The god of this world promises the world but cannot deliver. God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth promised, fulfilled and delivered when he sent Jesus who finished the work and sent us the Holy Spirit and fire of God to transform, transfigure, reform, and regenerate our image and likeness to God. The god of this world is trying to pervert, mutate, mutilate, and alter the image of God in you.

Christ in you is the hope of glory: the fulfillment of every promise of God. NOTHING else compares in this age or those to come!

“Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues”

The world system is run by the god of this world who infects human beings with a virus, the spirit of this world causing fear, anxiety, depression, doubt, confusion, anger, hatred, resentment, victimhood, bitterness, shame, regret, guilt, unforgiveness, sin, death, lust, greed, selfishness, entitlement, arrogance, hubris, pride, deceit, lies, counterfeit light, self-righteousness, self-serving, self-importance, self-aggrandizing, self-focused, lovers of self instead of God who loves all without partiality.

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4 Responses to Honor and Respect

  1. In Christ the mountains are brought down, the valleys brought up; all are given a level playing field in God. All who come to Christ receive God, the same Holy Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead; the same Wisdom and Power of God; the same Word and Spirit made flesh as Jesus carried in the world so we can now carry Christ Spirit to a hungry and thirsty world, hungry and thirsty for righteousness: right relationship to God, right positioning of our hearts made soft, humble, gentle, eyes of our heart opened to see and hear God, yielding to the Holy Spirit so we can be regenerated into the image and likeness of God no longer looking like the god of this world or carrying his unclean spirits of fear, hatred, hubris, worry, depression, doubt, darkness and deception. Spirit of Truth lead us all into Truth; Holy Spirit fall upon all flesh; open the eyes of all hearts to the wisdom and revelation of the knowledge of God and his Kingdom, Power and Glory!


  2. We put on the whole armor of God and we stand…and we stand firm with Christ. Every knee will bow to Christ who has been given all authority and power in heaven and on earth now and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!


  3. There are two ways of looking at things: 1) how the world system sees you and interprets things that hides the hidden agenda, using lies and deception to control and manipulate public opinion to budge and nudge you to believe their interpretation and 2) how God sees you and the world, and the way, truth and life that will set you free


  4. Do not be conformed to the world; be transformed by the Mind of Christ!


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