One and one is One!

Only in Christ is one plus one, One!

“Abide in Me, and I in you” is still my favorite seven words!

The relationship of God and his Christ in the new covenant is our new relationship that changes EVERYTHING! The Father and Jesus are one and we can enter into their oneness so the “two become one.” We ALL have the potential, possibility and same gift of Christ to become one new creature of the new creation with Christ in us!

The invitation has gone out to ALL human beings; all we have to do is COME to Jesus The Christ and follow him to the cross; die with Christ, rise with Christ, and RECEIVE his Holy Spirit and fire to consume the old and regenerate the New Thing: Christ in you, the image and likeness of God!

Christ Spirit becomes your innermost spirit man in the new birth. Then we choose to be discipled by the Christ Spirit within; yoke and learn Christ; learn ease (grace) and light (glory)! His Holy Spirit teaches us everything when we are open, willing and receptive; welcoming the sensitivity, vulnerability, pruning, destroying fallen branches, dead, rotted, diseased, damaged or blighted branches. We go through the sanctification process to remove all the “spots” in our mind, heart and will until we find REST for our souls!

We become a son of God led by the Holy Spirit and fire of God; led by the glory Presence of Light and the Spirit of Holiness, Righteousness, Godliness, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Life,  Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, Spirit of Counsel and Might, Spirit of the Knowledge of God/Glory, Spirit of Reverential Awe, and Spirit of the Lord!

We receive the seven spirits from the throne of God: seven eyes, seven torches of fire, and seven horns of oil to SEE as Christ sees, and be able to live, move and have our BEING in Christ as we gratefully, thankfully, humbly allow Christ to live in us, his Spirit to move us, his Being fill us, his Father to return His Glory to our body temple.

Only the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit can accomplish what seems impossible to the human mind; we can do NOTHING apart from God, but WITH GOD all things are possible! We yield our LIVING body as the only sacrifice (no more grain, animal or human sacrifices are allowed) as Jesus ALREADY made the FINAL SACRIFICE and we give ourself body and soul and spirit to God and his Holy Spirit and fire come from heaven out of God and BURN the sacrifice, leaving our spirit and soul and body to be REGENERATED in his image and likeness. The Son of Righteousness rises in us with healing in his wings and we go forth leaping for Joy in the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

Jesus’ sacrifice was for ALL human beings; no exceptions or exclusions. He died ONCE for ALL. All we have to do is believe it, receive it, and yield to the Holy Spirit led Way!

We humble ourselves as we realize our ways have led to the current world system; the way that SEEMS RIGHT to man leads to destruction. BUT GOD! With God all things are possible and when we surrender all, let go of the past, yield our spirit and soul and body to the process of sanctification, we can safely and securely TRUST the process as God our Father is our Creator who desires to heal, deliver, and set us free and gives us the spiritual tools to accomplish his purpose: a new heaven and a new earth where RIGHTEOUSNESS DWELLS!

We give ALL sin and unrighteousness to Jesus and he gives us ALL HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and puts us under the law of the Spirit of Life instead of the laws of sin and death! We willingly put our entire spirit and soul and body under the Lordship of the King of Glory and move into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son! We go through the sanctification process so our spirit man becomes filled with Christ Spirit and our soul becomes a spotless bride who weds, unites, joins as one with Christ Spirit to become the place of habitation for the Glory, the Presence of God. As more and more people wake up and receive the Light of Christ, the more things will transform.

In Christ we receive the Spirit of God: awakened consciousness, pure awareness of God, holy Presence; the Love of Christ that fills us with all the fullness of God to be motivated by the Love of God; and the Light of God into our heart to break through the hard, stoney heart; broken open to be filled with the Light of Christ with no darkness at all, that circulates to our whole being! Christ in you brings the assurance and substance of glory; heaven on earth so soon the earth can be covered with God’s Glory as prophesied!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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21 Responses to One and one is One!

  1. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for RIGHTEOUSNESS, for they shall be satisfied [filled]” Matthew 5:6
    Receive God’s Glory River of His Spirit! Let it flow and overflow!
    “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory” (2 Cor 3:18)
    “And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one” (John 17:22)
    “Lead a life worthy of God, who calls you into his own kingdom and glory!” 1 Thessalonians 2:12
    “May the God of Peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless” 1 Thessalonians 5:23
    “Your eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is sound, your whole body is full of light; but when it is not sound your whole body is full of darkness. Therefore be CAREFUL lest the light in you be darkness. IF THEN your whole body is FULL OF LIGHT, having no part dark, it will be WHOLLY bright as when a lamp with its rays gives you light” Luke 11:33-36
    “There is no temple in the city for God Almighty and his Lamb are the temple IN YOU when you receive them…the glory of God is your inner light, and your lamp is the Lamb of God!” Revelation 21:22-23 paraphrase
    Glory, Glory Hallelujah! I give you ALL the Glory Father! You give your glory to none but Christ and Christ gives it to his beloveds when in intimate relationship as one with you in your Father!
    “In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you” John 14:20
    “There is one body and one Spirit…one God and Father who is above all and through all and in all” Ephesians 4:4-6
    In Christ we are one body and one Spirit with Him; Christ in you makes you ONE glorious new creature of the new creation!!!!!!! transformed and transfigured WITH Christ in the Presence of God, the glory, the light to walk in the light as the light seeing the light and filled with DELIGHT! de-Light! oh how I delight in the Light of God! all Glory to you Abba! Father!

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  2. Righteousness comes to you as brightness; salvation as a burning torch! (Isaiah 62:1b) a River of Fire, a River of Holy Spirit, a River of Glory Light, a River of Righteousness, a River of Salvation!

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  3. Arise, shine; for your Light has come! and the glory of Christ will rise upon you!

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  4. Jesus’ work on the cross opened the heavens for us and ascended, glorified Christ Jesus sends his kingdom, power and glory down to us so we can live with Him in heavenly places while our body temple is on earth! glory fill our body temples! Spirit of Truth lead us into all Truth and Life of Christ in us! We worship you in Spirit and in Truth!

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  5. Jesus is the Door, our access to our Father so he can send us His Holy Spirit and fire!

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  6. The counterfeit church is outside the body and Spirit of Christ. The true church is the body of Christ we access through the blood of the Lamb; in Christ and Christ indwelling us! no separation; in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit: the Kingdom of God come in us; Thy Will be done in us! on earth as it is in heaven!

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  7. Freely we receive; freely we give! I give credit to the Original Source; for ALL THINGS in heaven and on earth come from God our Father through Christ, the manifestation of his kingdom, power and glory on earth as it is in heaven! I boast in God! for in Christ all we have, think, imagine, or create comes from God; so NONE can boast in themselves or take credit for what is given to them. We thank and honor God! We delight in God and he gives us a new name: “His Delight in You” and “Married” ONE NEW BEING! the two become one! glory!

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  8. Your fire is around us, your glory within us, Father, if we will just believe and receive your Christ, with all your spiritual heavenly blessings, on earth as it is in heaven! (Zechariah 2:5; Ephesians 1:3; 1:17-23; 2:4-6; 2:15-22; 3:9; 3:14-21; 4:3-6; 4:15-16; 4:23-24; 5:8-14; 5:23-32; …)

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  9. You are my shield, my glory and the lifter of my head for the King of Glory to come in and live in me! (Psalm 3:3; Psalm 24:7-10; Colossians 1:26-27)

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  10. Jesus was lifted up and he will draw you up to Himself! The mind cannot understand this, will rationalize it to be after you die, or will reject, ignore, mock, deride, misunderstand, filter it out, or push it into your unconscious. The redeemed heart positioned in God can believe it, receive it and live it! By faith through grace!

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  11. Come out of the two pillars of the world system of duality; enter the ONE pillar of Light; the pillar of Christ that connects heaven and earth, God and human. All other access to the spirit realm is illegal and unauthorized and brings mixed light and darkness, good and evil, right and wrongs. In Christ there is only Righteousness, Goodness, and Light without darkness at all! Word! In Christ the Word makes you clean; the Blood makes you purified; the Fire makes you refined; the Holy Spirit regenerates you into the image and likeness of God!

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    • ourkairosnow1017 says:

      Yes, to be in the world but not of the world. Earthen vessels to be used by and for the Lord receiving from him everything we are created to be in . What an amazing gift. Iam so truly grateful for our Yeshua and his Love. Amen


      • I agree! So grateful!
        The plumb line from our Heavenly Abba Father is The Son, The Christ of God that goes PLUMB through us!!!!!!! We unite in the One Pillar of his Love, Light, Spirit and Life that connects heaven and earth!!!!!!!

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  12. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Our Kairos Now in Portland Oregon, HI- Hawthorne, Thank You Jesus


  13. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Just returned from the west coast. What an amazing journey we have in Jesus.


  14. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    It can be done
    We can give everything away to follow Jesus and our Father will give us everything we need to do it. I am now living in a shelter and am gaining ground all due to the willingness to seek his kingdom where He wants me too. It’s difficult but totally doable in the Holy Spirit.
    The Word is Truth. Amen


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