The Center of Everything!

Christ is the center; the cornerstone of the new temple, our being made new. Christ is the foundation of our new being. Christ is the well of life that springs up. Christ is the Head that we grow into. Christ is our connection to the Father. Christ is the River of Water of Life that flows from the throne, above, in and through us in the new birth.

Christ is the New Jerusalem, the Bride and the Spirit that flow down from heaven out of God to live, move and have their united Being in us who believe and receive and be and do out this be-ing! “I am that I am” I am Spirit and I am Bride come down from heaven to marry within God’s People. “Those who join to the Lord are one Spirit with him” “Before Abraham, I am” Before religion, I am. Before Jew nor Gentile, I am. Before male or female, I am. Before slave or free, I am! Before creation, I am with Christ in God!

“The Blood covers what I did; the Cross covers who I am”  ~Andrew Hopkins

In Christ, I no longer live, but Christ lives in me! The original I am lives in me!

The Holy Spirit comes down from ascended, glorified Christ Jesus at the right hand of God where there is fullness of Joy and pleasures forever more, and changes us from the inside out. We receive a new birth, a new spirit man: Christ in you, and FROM this new creation in you, we YIELD to the Holy Spirit and ask to receive a new heart, a new mind and a new will. We wake up to receive the Light of Christ to SEE the kingdom, power and glory of God and CHOOSE to give our old heart, old mind and old will to God and receive the Bride’s heart, mind and will that is yoked, joined, united with the Holy Spirit!

“The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come, TAKE the water of life without price” Revelation 22:17

The price is already paid by Jesus so we can enter through the OPEN DOOR of ascended Christ to be seated with him in heavenly places as we carry him on earth! The gospel of God is simple: give Jesus everything and receive everything of Jesus! We follow Jesus to the cross, die with Christ, resurrect with Christ, let Christ draw you up with him to be seated in heavenly places in spirit, mind, heart, and will, while your body remains on earth.

You receive the new wine into new wineskins; the Holy Spirit into your body temple. You do not patch the old human garment; you receive the new garment of Christ! It is up to each of us to leave our biological inheritance to cleave to the Bridegroom and Bride, the Spirit and the Bride, and discipline our mind, heart and will through the power of the Holy Spirit and fire of God until our soul is sanctified and in tune with the new song of the Spirit and the Bride to walk in the inheritance of Christ in you!

“In Christ” is the same as “In the Kingdom” or “In the new heaven and new earth where RIGHTEOUSNESS dwells” Where righteousness dwells is IN CHRIST! Righteousness is CENTRAL! Where Christ is there is Peace; Peace is CENTRAL! Where Christ is there is fullness of Joy in the Holy Spirit; Joy is CENTRAL! “The kingdom of God is righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”

What are you thinking? “As you think in your heart, so are you” If you are in a male body and you THINK you are a female, you may CHANGE THE OUTSIDE to match your thinking, not realizing what spirit is influencing your thinking. The father of lies hates and despises humans; the spirit of the world comes to you to steal, kill and destroy the image and likeness of God in you. If those unclean spirits can get a human to mutilate their flesh and change their external appearance to match the unclean spirit, evil is called good and good evil. What spirit you are of is central; what you are thinking as a result is central.

The Holy Spirit comes to give you life and life abundant and change your thinking, which changes the way you feel and who you identify with. Unclean spirits within, identify you with the father of lies and the spirit of the world; thinking is distorted or twisted, and the resultant feelings are not from the Mind of God who made you in his image and likeness, the likeness of Christ, the manifestation of Holy Spirit.

Thoughts that come from the Holy Spirit of God manifest as Joy in the heart. Thoughts that come from unclean spirits, taken to heart, manifest as fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, uncertainty, gender confusion, sexual confusion, identity confusion, and cause all the “issues of the heart” such as separation, divorce, disease, disorders and perversions.

Changing the exterior doesn’t change your mind or heart or will (the soul), as only the Holy Spirit of God can change your spirit and soul and body to the image and likeness of God. 

Ground zero is what or whose spirit is influencing your thoughts, and do you believe every thought, or do you believe God and ask Jesus to come into your life and change you from the inside out to the image and likeness of God with a righteous, holy Spirit?

Following the world, pop culture, the spirit of the world, or the creation instead of the Creator, leads you into the ditch; a downward spiral or continuing on the wheel of suffering instead of the wellspring of Christ, the pillar of life, into eternal life NOW and is to come.

We wake up to realize fallen Adam. Reborn of Christ we realize GOD is our FATHER and we begin to identify with Christ, as Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth and Life and Goodness and Love and Righteousness and Peace and Joy! We are translated into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son with the Father of Glory who gives us every good endowment and every perfect heavenly gift as co-heirs with Christ, as fellow first-borns from the dead, and everything must bow to the Lord of lords in you. Fear must bow, Anxiety must bow. Depression must bow. Disease must bow. Disorders must bow.  Confusion must bow! Death and Hades must bow! Jesus holds the KEYS to the KINGDOM!

The gospel of the glory of God in Christ is simple and powerful! the glory is what we all had BEFORE the foundation of the world IN CHRIST. Christ is the image and likeness of God, the Goodness of God, the Glory of God, the Delight of God, the Bride and Bridegroom of God, two made ONE, the Spirit of God. Christ in you is God’s Glory, his manifest Presence come to you so you can live a kingdom life, empowered by Holy Spirit fire, embodied by Christ! the Strength of God in your weakness, the two become one, the mystery of the gospel made manifest with Christ in you! The revelation of Christ Jesus in you is the destruction of all of Adam in you!

With the Holy Spirit you can see where people are coming from: either from the father of lies identified with the spirit of the world, or from The Heavenly Father of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God! Decisions made from the former lead to destruction; decisions made from the latter lead to life and life abundant! The problems and issues in our world come from those following the spirit of the world, the father of lies. EVERY SOLUTION that does not have a down side comes from following the Holy Spirit of God to Life and Truth for all.

“No one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born anew from Above”

In Christ, the old is passed away; the new comes with Christ in you!

Move from the spirit of the world, religious spirits, unclean spirits, to the Holy Spirit, to be led into pure Life, pure Light, pure Awareness of God, pure Love and a pure, crystal-clear, bright River of Water of Life from the Throne of God to become seven pure rivers in you! Christ revealed in you is the seven eyes of Christ (7 ways of knowing), seven torches of fire and seven horns of oil of Christ in you (Revelation 1:4b; 4:5b; 5:6b); everything you need to see as Christ, and walk as Christ walked in the Power of the Holy Spirit!

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  1. In Adam, one was taken out to make two: male and female. Jesus was the LAST Adam. In Christ one is put back in to make one new creature! Christ in you, beyond Jew or Gentile, beyond male or female, beyond slave or free (Galatians) one with God!

    The mystery of the gospel revealed is Christ revealed in you: the apocalypse in you: the revelation of Christ to and in you and through you. There is no more Adam in Christ; no more you in Christ in you! “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me”

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