It is time to reevaluate life.

It is more than time to turn from the fallen world that judges by the color of a person’s skin, judges by external physical appearances: age, sex, race, income, education, status, or religion instead of the heart; buying into pop culture standards of promiscuity, glorifying idols/stars/fame/fallen gods/lucifer/counterfeit light; devaluation of life, using women as sexual objects, glorifying sodomy, devaluing family values, devaluing the sanctity of marriage, devaluing love, perverting peace, devaluing others to raise up self, fear-mongering, spreading doubt, elevating self over God, mocking God, self-realization instead of God Realization, self conscious instead of God Consciousness, focusing on earthly problems instead of heavenly solutions; loving darkness more than the light of Christ, reaping the fruit of darkness; enlightenment of the ego instead of waking up to Truth of Christ as Light, waking up to the VALUE of the VALUES of God: right to life, right to truth, freedom to choose godliness, liberty to choose life, and justice for all innocents from the womb to the tomb.

“Come out of the world system, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues; for her sins are heaped highs as heaven…she glorifies herself…she makes herself a queen married to the world system, in bed with lucifer, yoked with demons, in bondage to satan…all nations are DECEIVED by thy sorcery. And in the world system is found the BLOOD of innocents, and ALL who have been slain on earth” Revelation 18:4-24

NOW is the time to wake up to your VALUE in God’s Eyes. God sent Jesus to save you from the lies and deception of the world system because you are so VALUED by the Creator who sent The Messiah because of your VALUE.

You no longer look like God, you look like the world, so God sends you the Spirit of Christ by the Holy Spirit and fire to CONSUME all that does not look or act like God in you because of the Pure Love our Father has for ALL his children. “We bow before God our Father in Heaven, in whom ALL FAMILIES in heaven AND on earth are named” (Ephesians 3:14). Everything in us that refuses to bow and cast our crowns before the Throne is anti-Christ, anti-Life, anti-Truth.

You have taken the names of the father of lies through deception and a hidden dark agenda. You lost the image of God; you took on the ugliness of sin and death and FORGOT who you really are with Christ in God. Your spiritual eyes are closed and blind; only your physical eyes are open NOT SEEING the deception, illusion, and lies (e.g. the picture bombarding you has the accused’s eyes closed, mocking your blindness to their hidden dark agenda)

You are masked, veiled, blind, darkened-mind, closed-heart, spiritual senses turned off, stiff-necked, rusty-mirrored, because you are veiled or covered by lucifer; you are an imposter asleep to the lie; you believe the lie rather than the Truth of God who made you in his image and likeness.

What do you value?

pleasing God or pleasing man?

doing your own thing or doing the Will of the Father?

believe only what you think, believe what you know but not knowing what you don’t know, following a plurality of truth, believing physical facts over Spiritual Truth,

or receiving the Spirit of God, the Mind of Christ, and following the Way, the Truth and the Life of God with Christ? the Way of the Heart: the holy Highway of the Holy Spirit and Fire of God!

We reevaluate.

We reconsider.

We repent.

We turn to God.

We re-cognize, re-think: think differently!

We are healed, made whole; complete in Christ; complete with Christ; yielding to the Holy Spirit,

completed when Christ is allowed to live in us, reconcile us, re-birth us, re-member us, revive us, regenerate us,

Holy Spirit move us,

our Father gives us his Being, his Name above all names, his Purpose, his pure Light of Awareness, the Light of Truth, Light of the NEW eternal Day, Light of the NEW dawn of Christ in you, eyes full of Christ Light, body full of the Light of his Spirit.

Our Father gives us his Mind, his Heart, his Will and his Body with Christ! WITH Christ all the fullness of God dwells bodily in you. We COME TO FULLNESS OF LIFE in Christ! The HEAD is connected to our body; the Holy Spirit and fire of glory comes to make its home in you to put OFF the body of flesh and put the Garment of Christ on you! pure Light! pure Love! pure Spirit of God!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Reevaluate

  1. We live lives of value when we come to know and experience how much our Father in heaven LOVES us.


  2. Bottom line: do we obey God or man? do we take the values of God or man? do we live as we were created to be: in the image and likeness of God or as we were never created to be: in the image of the father of lies


  3. Freedom comes from God, not laws, not government


  4. There are no bad children of God, just children who don’t know they are loved and don’t know God is their Real Father


  5. “Do what is right even if it is not popular” football coach fired for praying for both teams at the end of games


  6. God gave EVERY human being free will; we have the right to believe or not believe, and will reap what we sow; but no unbeliever has the right to tell a believer they can’t pray


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