Re Unite!

We are reconciled with God our Father through Jesus: the Way, the Truth and the Life of God. When Jesus walked the earth he “went about doing good” but said “do not call me good for my Father alone is Good”

Now for all who say, “yes” to Jesus; come to Christ Himself and yoke through the finished work of the Cross, we can learn Christ and rest our soul in God WITH Christ Jesus who is now and forever perfectly one with our Father, the Goodness of God is available to all who COME through Jesus.

It is WITH Christ in you that Jesus can do the greater works THROUGH you when you yield to the Holy Spirit and glory fire within you and around you. The awareness that we carry Christ allows us to yield to his workings in and through us.

We can do nothing apart from Christ in us; Christ can do ALL THINGS in and through us when HIS righteousness, HIS peace and HIS joy in the Holy Spirit is IN YOU! Apart from Christ’s Righteousness in us we have no lasting peace; without God’s Peace in us we have no lasting joy in the Holy Spirit. Christ in you is EVERYTHING of God in you!

Reunite into UNION with God through Christ Jesus and the new Life of God begins! Yield to the Holy Spirit and you will be led as a son of God, of the Kingdom of God. Let the King of kings and Lord of lords rule and reign in you! Yield to the Holy Spirit working through your eyes, ears, heart, hands and feet! Yield your members to the one Body and one Spirit of God with Christ Jesus!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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