Truth isn’t a Concept

Truth isn’t a concept. Truth isn’t a construct. Truth isn’t a good idea or thought. Truth isn’t a belief or a feeling. Truth is a person. Jesus is the Truth; everything else a mixture of lies and truth.

Jesus isn’t a religion; Jesus is the Son of God, The Christ, The Messiah sent for all; everything else is a counterfeit; a mixture of darkness and light, shadow and elemental spirits of the universe: sun, moon and star spirits. Because the greatest lights that could be seen in the sky seemed greater than the humans below, they began to worship the created lights, because they couldn’t SEE therefore couldn’t CONCEIVE that there was a Creator, the Father of lights, who loves us and wants a relationship with his children who he made in his image and likeness, but were fooled, tricked, deceived by the father of lies, the source of lies, who has “created” all systems, methods, religions and spiritualities that try to get you to reconnect with God or become God, that put the emphasis on “you” doing something to get something.

All systems fall short of the glory; all lead to dead works, idols, dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, loss of faith, fanaticism, cults, religious spirits, liberalism or conservatism,  leaning left or right, plurality of truths, “world” religions, sects, denominations, massive institutions that take the place of Christ, men who put themselves in the place of Christ, demanding loyalty to their “empire” replacing the Glory with images, replacing the Word with doctrines of men and unclean spirits.

The Truth is Jesus. “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” “Come to me and find rest” “Yoke to me, learn from me; I am gentle and humble-hearted and you will find rest for your souls”

Jesus never said, “Come to religion” or “Come to a church” or “Come to a religious system or formation.” Jesus says, “Come to me.” The Way to the Father of lights is to come to Jesus: pure Truth, not a mixture of truth and lies; pure Light of pure Life; pure Holy Spirit, even the Spirit of Truth; our Wonderful Counselor who gives wonder-filled Counsel, Guidance and Teaching. The Holy One anointing teaches you about everything and is the Truth, and no lies (1 John 2:20-27). Wisdom builds your body into God’s House; God’s Building, God’s Field. The new temple is Christ in you. Jesus came back with his holy angels in 70 AD and totally destroyed the external temple so God’s children could be the new temples where the glory could return.

FIRST seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all things will be added unto you. Take the white garment of Christ Light and put it on by faith (Romans 13:12b,14; Revelation 3:18). “No one tears a piece from a new garment and puts it upon the old human garment; if he does, he will tear the new, and the piece from the new will not match the old” (Luke 5:36). Surround yourself with the fire of Holy Spirit like a garment. Take the River of Water of Life, crystal clear, bright with Christ Light, within. “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; if he does, the new wine will burst the skins and it will be spilled, and the skins will be destroyed. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins” (Luke 5:37-38). We take the glory Jesus gives us into our body temple NEW every morning; fresh meat of the Word; fresh Bread of Life, fresh Holy Spirit each morning, fresh River of Water of Life, fresh Resurrection Life every morning: the new dawning of the eternal Christ Day; the morning star rising in our heart afresh every morning.

Stop drinking the OLD WINE. “No one after drinking old wine desires NEW; for he says, ‘The old is good.’ ” (Luke 5:39). You don’t know what you don’t know because you have never tasted and seen the glory of God. You keep Jesus a dead religion or myth or a good story or dead on a cross and perform a mass every day and keep a veil between human beings and their Father in Heaven, substituting a man and an institution for the living, active, present glory of Christ who is the ONLY mediator, and when you come to Him, he takes you IMMEDIATELY to our Father to receive sonship and grow in intimacy to bride-ship where the “two become one” body and Spirit. This is the purpose of religion: to end all orphan and widow spirits; to GIVE JESUS EVERYTHING of ADAM and TAKE EVERYTHING OF CHRIST as coheirs. For all will KNOW God and KNOW God’s Glory through receiving Christ in you who delivers you from the dominion of darkness and transfers you into the Kingdom of the Beloved Son, forgiven and redeemed.

Only ascended, glorified Christ Jesus can give you the white garment, refined gold and eye salve (Revelation 3:18). The white garment is Christ Light to wear as a garment; the refined gold is Christ in you; both covered and filled. The eye salve, the salvation of spiritual sight to see and behold the glory to be anointed, transformed, changed into the likeness of Christ from glory to glory. “When you see him you will become like him” “If the eye is sound and full of light, the whole body is full of light” “have your heart eyes enlightened”

“The new city of God, the new body temple of those who carry Christ Spirit within, have no need of an external light source of sun or moon, for the glory of God is their Light, and their lamp is the Lamb of God” paraphrase Revelation 21:23

I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus the Christ, the Father of Glory, may give you a SPIRIT of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may KNOW what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance, immeasurable greatness of his power IN US WHO BELIEVE, according to the working of his great might, which he ACCOMPLISHED (past tense) in Christ when he raised him from the dead (Jesus is NOT ON THE CROSS: all curses, sin and death are on the cross forever and can’t touch you IN CHRIST) and made him sit at his right hand in the heavenly places (where Jesus asks you to sit WITH HIM), far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and ABOVE EVERY NAME that is named (ALL CREATION), not only in this age but also in that which is to come (NOW IS AVAILABLE HERE); and he has put ALL THINGS under his feet and has made him head OVER ALL THINGS for the church, WHICH IS HIS BODY, the fullness of him who fills ALL in ALL. (Ephesians 1:17-23)

AND YOU he makes alive WITH CHRIST JESUS when you receive HIS HOLY SPIRIT; die to the spirits of this world, no longer following the “prince of the power of the air” the spirit of ERROR, the father of lies, the spirit of disobedience causing you to live in pride, lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh; following the desires of the Adamic body and mind, so by nature children of wrath. BUT GOD who is rich in mercy, out of the GREAT LOVE with which he loves us, even when we are DEAD through our trespasses, makes us ALIVE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST, RAISES US UP to sit with Christ in heavenly places. (Ephesians 2:1-6) “When I am lifted up, I will draw all humans up to Myself”

Wake up and receive the Light of Truth and be drawn out of the world system, religious systems, beast systems, to Christ Jesus. Die to Adam’s lineage with Christ and be born anew from Above of God in Christ’s lineage! There is a Blood Line in the sand; cross over to Christ; nothing unclean, abomination or falsehood can cross the Lamb’s Blood Line. The Cross of Jesus is forever standing in the gap between heaven and earth; between the Holy, Righteous God of Glory and human beings, so IN CHRIST the mountain comes down, the valley raises up, and the holy highway is in your heart removed of stones, a river of grace and glory, God and his Lamb enthroned in your heart, Christ ruling and reigning in you to the Glory of God now and forever and ever. Amen.

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13 Responses to Truth isn’t a Concept

  1. I call for reform; take all those putting themselves as Head instead of Christ off of their elaborate gilded thrones, walled city state nation, remove their statues, art, relics, rings, enormous physical holdings and wealth and give it to the poor. Then go as Jesus said to go into the world, “taking NOTHING but the Holy Spirit and heal, deliver, and set God’s people FREE from bondage to religion, world systems, beast systems and teach people to, “Come to me, all who are weary, laboring, tired, poor, heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble-hearted, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is EASY and my burden is LIGHT”

    Religion has become big business and too much money to support the massive “overhead” and pay for sexual abuse and cover-up scandals. 501c3 is three sixes; three sixes is the sign of the beast; government and religion should not be bedfellows; we need to be on the bedrock of Faith; the Faith of Jesus in God; 100% yes and amen with Christ in us. All the government waste, massive “overhead” and religious “overhead” to build bigger and more elaborate edifices could be used to feed and house the poor and the church “body” going around KNOWING Christ in them, doing good: healing, delivering and setting free those in bondage It is time for reform.

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  2. Treyeshua says:


    You are surely a saint of God, a lonely voice in the wilderness. I again urge you to more fully join the communion of Saints here on Earth, many whom are Church members.

    Working solo is good, and I love you and your inspiring words much. But perhaps working within what i am now absolutely sure to be the true Church of Jesus Christ, would be more productive. Jesus Himself endorsed church, “On this rock, I will build my church.”

    Perhaps you could risk a bit of your time watching this video from M. Russell Ballard, an Apostle of the Church, and openly consider the message.

    I commend this to you only out of my great love for you and your continued significant spiritual progress. There are hundreds of equally enlightening talks available at, perhaps watching them, and eventually visiting a local chapel, might convince you that you can be more effective in ministry by participating with other Saints. Where you live, you likely drive past the beautiful San Diego Temple. Please consider that such a transcendent building is likely only built by those in very strong, and indeed sanctified, relationship with our Savior, Jesus.


    • The Church is Christ’s Body, not external churches, and those who worship God, who is Spirit, worship in Spirit and Truth. Orderly worship of God is described in 1 Corinthians 14:26-33. We come together, our bodies joined to the Head, who is Christ, not men who have put themselves in the “Head” position. “When you come together, one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification. If any speak in a tongue, let there be only two or at most three and in turn; and let one interpret. But if there is no one to interpret, let each of them keep silence and speak to himself and to God. Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others weigh what is said. If a revelation is made to another sitting by, let the first be silent. For you can all prophesy one by one, so that all may learn and all be encouraged”
      I call for reform!


      • Treyeshua says:

        I agree. But in both the Old Testament and New, scripture does ordain priests, temples, and churches as assemblies of the faithful. I can assure you, based on my experience, and my spiritual thoughts are very similar to yours, that I have never been ‘shushed” in the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints.

        Quite the opposite, I have been invited at the podium to speak twice in just four months, and have been invited to teach Sunday School 4 times. My thoughts are not always congruent with all, but they are all eager and open to discuss what I say.

        And, on almost every first Sunday of every month, in every service,and in every chapel worldwide, the podium microphone is open for anyone to speak. I have done so in that context three times now, in various locations. Each time i was rewarded with high praise after the service from numerous Saints.

        And my son, who is not yet a member, even went and spoke from the podium on his first solo visit. He too was warmly received in a Young Single Adult service.

        Every three hour service is a collaborative effort produced by the membership. The Bishops rarely speak but each service usually features one woman, one man, and one teenager at the podium, doing as Scripture instructs, sharing testimony. It is unlike any other church I have attended, and I have attended well over 100 different churches.

        Every speaker acknowledges the true leader of every event, Jesus through His Holy Spirit.

        Not all Saints are yet actual saints like you, Yvonne, but all have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost, and priesthood power, and are so grateful that they work, not for their own salvation, always freely given by grace, but for the salvation of others, that they too may know the full joy and peace beyond understanding that comes from living in, through, and with our Savior, Jesus.

        And women in particular, hold places of highest honor in the Church. There is not a prophet among us who does not speak of less than highest praise for his loving wife, mother, and daughters who allow him to be the face of an eternal family, while acknowledging the vital, equal, and equally important role that women have as the givers of life, and the bedrock of families.

        Please consider my invitation carefully. Jesus has so much more to offer than even you and I can imagine. I have found that more among the Saints and quite literally hear and see both God and His miracles, including you, in my life daily.

        I was close to the place you are regarding church less than a year ago. Only by the grace of God did I discover, and was lead to join, the Kingdom of God here on Earth that is the true Church of Jesus Christ. Given your obvious passion for He who is Truth, please consider investigating.


        • Thank you for the invitation, but I could not join any religion, Mormon or other, again, as I am committed to only be joined to the Body of Christ, flowing with the Holy Spirit. The first words Jesus spoke to me were, “Come to Me…” I took Jesus at his word and he has never disappointed or failed to satisfy, fulfill, and continue to stretch me every day. Everything is now based on those words; the foundation upon which I choose to live, move, have my being, continuing to grow up in Him. I still enjoy communal worship in bible-based, Spirit-filled places of worship, as well as worship at home in the Spirit, and look forward to the Day when the knowledge of the Glory covers the earth as water covers the sea. Daily bible reading with the Spirit of God interpreting and translating is my favorite thing in the morning; always fresh, always exactly what I need to hear at the moment; daily Bread given by the Holy Spirit! truly satisfying! the Water of Life along with my daily cup of coffee!


  3. I call for reform! I LOVE to worship in Spirit as Jesus taught; how many times is tradition or ritual put ahead of praising until we enter worship (true oneness with Christ in God), then worship until the glory is revealed, the manifest Presence of the Living God. Who is leading the services, the Living Spirit of God or tradition or ritual or liturgy? Have you ever had a strong revelation during a worship service and try to tell people; you are “shushed” given the evil eye, people get mad at you. Instead of giving time for silence, or for the Spirit of Truth to bring all into Truth, or revelation, the hour or hour and a half is filled with the “body” being quiet and following the tradition or liturgy or rituals. Jesus tells us to bring the New Wine into New Wineskins and not to focus on external places of worship but have the Holy Spirit within and let him lead worship. It is time for reform.

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  4. what is the best thing we can do? pray for our fellow human beings, churches, pastors, religious leaders, our governments and presidents for the Spirit of Truth to lead into all Truth; for the Spirit of Holiness, Spirit of Godliness, Spirit of Righteousness, Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation Knowledge of God and his Glory, the Holy One anointing come to anoint, guide, teach, mentor, lead, enlighten the heart eyes, open the spiritual eyes of the blind, open the deaf ears that can’t hear the Voice of the True Shepherd, bring light into the darkness, save, heal, deliver and set free to be as God created us to be: like Christ and his image bearer, reflecting the glory of God for the Glory of God.

    This is not coming to a religion; this is coming to the place in Christ with God that Jesus prepared for us in Himself when he resurrected, ascended, was glorified and sent us the Holy Spirit. Ask the Father and let the Holy Spirit draw you up into Christ to live, move and have your being IN Christ spiritually, mentally, emotionally, willfully while your body is on earth. Become a son of light and walk in the light, eternally betrothed to the Beloved Bridegroom with your body full of the Holy Spirit, so you are ready at all times for the Wedding!

    Simple faith, not religion, is the goal: simple child-like faith; just believe Jesus, trust in God and do not fear!

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  5. carol pedigree says:

    Pilot asked Jesus, “What is truth?” But Jesus did not answer him. We may say, for instance, this chair is wood, that’s the truth; or, glass is brittle and transparent, that’s the truth. But will it heal us? If we realize the truth about the characteristics of glass, will it heal us? No, it will just make us more cautious when deal with glass. Now, what was Jesus talking about when he said that the truth will heal us? He must have had some special kind of truth in mind. We call it the truth of being. So to update the words of Jesus, we can say, “Ye shall know the truth of being, and this truth shall make you free of some pathogenic idea active in your consciousness.” Dr. Thomas Hora

    Truth was alive in Jesus and it is up to us to seek it within our Being. It is misleading to say a person is the truth without more helpful information.

    I hope this will help those of us who are true seekers of the Truth.


    • Hi Carol! Glad to see you visiting again! You will find in the scriptures that Jesus did not answer directly to those asking a question from their head or intellect and not a true seeking from the heart. “Men judge outward, physical appearances; God judges the heart” Jesus speaks directly to those who have a heart for God; asks a question back to those who are trying to trick him; and doesn’t answer at all to those who are coming from their head or denying God. God judges by the heart! The Father of Glory gives every good endowment and every perfect spiritual gift to those who ask with a sincere heart! Spirit of Truth lead us all into the Truth! God bless you Carol, and in your seeking may you find! And don’t forget who the Helper is! God bless you!


    • someone says:

      Hi Carol

      This Dr. Thomas Hora is a “metapsychiatrist”, a human trying to integrate man made “truths” instead of going to the one who is Truth, Jesus Christ. “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”. Indeed, Truth is a Person. And as such, there is nothing to “update” about what Jesus said. Human beings cannot “update” the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

      I also wish you the best in your search. However all searches in the end lead back to Jesus, He who descended, took on our humanity, joined it to His Divinity, died, buried and rose again to bring us to New Life. It is available to all. You are trying in vain to teach human precepts as “truth”, it is and cannot ever be Truth. The Seed of Truth is within us all as it has been since He implanted it in us with His death and resurrection.

      Best wishes for you, but teaching manmade precepts here, will continue to be in vain, as is trying to convince those who know only Jesus, the only Truth, to go through manmade religions, revelations or prophets.


      • Dr. Hora, welcome! Thank you for your gracious response to Carol, and thank you for visiting and making a comment. Knowing Jesus is so fulfilling, satisfying, and filling that we no longer hunger and thirst for Truth for we have found it! I searched a long time, through eastern and western spiritual terrain, but just a few simple Words spoken to me changed everything! God bless you!


      • someone says:

        I will also say, when people look to metaphysics, manmade religions and such, they are not understanding it isn’t God. The being of man is the image of God, but since the being is fallen, it is separated from God. As such, the being of the human is essentially separated from God as well. Being separated, humans cannot find God in themselves because of this. God is a separated Being, for He is Being, since He is the I AM. Our “I am”, what people think is real or is God, are mistaken, is an inverted reflection not of God, but reflecting mixed good and evil. Human nature is also a product of the natural world separated from God, since we normally identify with also the animal natures and drives, which is to say we are of dust, of the natural world, a puff. When one is “enlightened” in the normal sense of understanding of manmade religions and mystery systems, they are finding their own self, the inverted mirror. Even those full of compassionate love, they are finding the “good” side of “good and evil”, not “All Good””. That’s also why some religions teach a left and right hand path. But they are not finding God. They are finding the image, which they don’t realize is inverted. This is where good and evil reside, in this world of opposites, which is the world in which we are “here and now” day to day worldly life.

        Even the three monotheistic religions, while they have found the real God, they have not connected with Jesus. Christianity, is the “fullest” understanding of God, however still the manmade Christian denominations are just that, manmade. God hasn’t given special revelation to any person after Jesus’ Resurrection. Jesus IS the Revelation. No denomination found through any person is true. The may know the story of Jesus, but they don’t know Jesus.

        The only Truth is Jesus. The Bible is of no private revelation, yet He has sent us His Holy Spirit who leads us into all the Father’s Truth. He did not leave us orphans and widows that we must learn through other human beings. He promised us the Spirit both to comfort and lead us into all Truth and to enable us to remember. God does not lie and this is truth of Truth. Jesus is the Truth, the Life and the Way, the only Name under which we must be saved. He is the Door through which we enter He Who is beyond creation, so that He may be in creation through us, and eventually as more and more accept this, just accept what already is, the sooner that the Light that came into the world will shine in the world and the world will shine with the Lamp, so God may be All in All.


  6. “Communism… is humanity’s effort to create equality. It never works. The only place we will find equality is in God” (Teena Myers). The Way to God is Jesus where we find equality! “I am the Way,and the Truth, and the Life”


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