It Ain’t Me Babe!

“It ain’t me babe; it ain’t me babe; it ain’t me you are looking for babe.”  I’m not the one you want; I’m not the one you are looking for…

It is Jesus you want! It is Jesus you are looking for!

you just may not know it yet!

He is wooing you with His Holy Spirit;

He is the source of your divine discontent;

nothing truly satisfies until

you meet the One,

the Holy One of God,

the Living One, alive forever more,

and His Spirit that comes to live with you and in you forever!

With Christ in you, it is no longer “I” who live,

but Christ who lives in you;

the two become one NEW creature of the new creation;

of the new heaven and new earth where righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit live!

God becomes the Source of your new Life; we honor and thank our Father for the every good endowment and every perfect Gift that comes down from the Father of Light, the Father of Life, the Father of all Goodness, Grace and Glory!

(John 14:16-28; James 1:17; Galatians 2:20; Colossians 1:26-27))


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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9 Responses to It Ain’t Me Babe!

  1. Trey Tomeny says:

    Perhaps Robert Allen Zimmerman is sort of latter day Jewish prophet?


    • Hi Trey!
      “Robert Allen Zimmerman emerged from the Supreme Court building at 111 Centre St. in downtown Manhattan on Aug. 2, 1962, as Bob Dylan – but it wasn’t his first name change, or the last.
      He’d been going by Bob Dylan since around the time of his arrival at the University of Minnesota in September 1959. “The first time I was asked my name in the Twin Cities,” he writes in the 2004 autobiography, Chronicles: Volume One, “I instinctively and automatically, without thinking, simply said: ‘Bob Dylan.’ Now, I had to get used to people calling me Bob.”
      Before that, Robert Zimmerman had been known as Elston Gunn. He also considered different formulations of his birth name, including Robert Allyn, and used variations on his most famous stage name, like Bob Dillon. (He was said to have mentioned the latter stage name as early as his junior year in high school.) The Gunn pseudonym was the first to gain wide notice, however, after Dylan used it during a brief late-’50s tenure in pop singer Bobby Vee’s band, when Zimmerman was barely out of high school.
      Family members, like close cousin Reenie, were understandably confused by the name change. “One time, she asked me why I was using a different name when I played, especially in neighboring towns. Like, didn’t I want people to know who I was?” Dylan recalls in Chronicles. “‘Who’s Elston Gunn?’ she asked. ‘That’s not you, is it?’ ‘Ah,’ I said, ‘you’ll see.'”
      Even then, Dylan knew there were more masks yet to come. “The Elston Gunn name thing was only temporary,” he adds in Chronicles. “What I was going to do as soon as I left home was just called myself Robert Allen. As far as I was concerned, that was who I was – that’s what my parents named me. It sounded like the name of a Scottish king, and I liked it. There was little of my identity that wasn’t in it.”
      Of course, Robert Allen didn’t stick either. The convoluted journey Zimmerman would take in choosing Bob Dylan as his new name has become its own enduring mystery. The most commonly accepted version has long been that it was a tribute to poet Dylan Thomas. Later, another theory posited that his pseudonym grew out of an early appreciation for the Matt Dillon character in the TV series Gunsmoke.
      The ever-enigmatic Dylan – who told Playboy in 1978 that “I just chose the name and it stuck” – was typically of no help. Long after signing the first management contracts that finalized his new identity, he claimed that Dylan was his mother’s maiden name (when it was actually Stone), that there was a Dillon Road in his hometown of Hibbing, Minn., that he took it from the name of a town in Oklahoma and that he had an uncle on his mom’s side of the family with a similar name.
      He even took shots at Thomas along the way. “Dylan Thomas’ poetry is for people that aren’t really satisfied in their bed – for people who dig masculine romance,” Dylan told The New York Times in 1961. “I didn’t change my name in honor of Dylan Thomas: That’s just a story,” he told Jules Siegel during a 1966 interview quoted in Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Star. “I’ve done more for Dylan Thomas than he’s ever done for me.”

      I can understand the name change “thing” because our identity in Christ in God is not the mistaken identity we grow up with. Christ in us is a whole new creature when we are in vital union with God. Christ in our spirit and soul and body is a whole new creation! Thank you Father!


  2. If you are hip to the name change thing, you might understand how my name never seemed like my name and I have gone through several iterations of nicknames but none really feel like the Name. Again this morning I am aware that the “name” doesn’t seem right because I am dead to the Yvonne who was born biologically in this world, WITH Christ, and I take His New Name. We break with the past in Christ; we gain Christ and are found IN Him by God our Father. I have gone through so much suffering and it is all worth it! We are resurrected WITH Christ in God and born anew from above OF God with a new name. I am resurrected WITH Christ in God. THIS IS FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS; God is not partial; Jesus died ONCE for ALL.
    I make Christ my own, because He has made me His own!
    We don’t make a way to reconnect with God through starting a new religion or building a tower or finding a new way or go to an old way; God made The Way by sending Jesus down to earth, finishing the work of the Cross, and sending the Holy Spirit to be WITH and IN us forever.
    I am alive today because of Christ; I am alive in Christ, with Christ as Christ-Yvonne (the first thing first!): yoked with Christ in vital union: I am one made two, in the two made one! I am Hepzibah Beulah! Married Delight! “My Delight in Her” and “Married”: Yvonne Christiana has a pretty ring to it! 🙂
    But I am pretty sure the” new name” written on the “white stone” is beyond earthly words! It is experienced as a whole New Thing! It is a new nature, an aliveness, peace in the midst of circumstances, a fullness of joy that underlies everything, a pure awareness, a holy being-ness, an awakened presence that is still, silent and powerfully quickening, the glory of Christ in us, an alert, awake, witnessing presence, a light that cannot be put out, a higher frequency heavenly light, a higher vibrational heavenly sound that continually resounds within and without; the wonders of His Love! the soul who has found her worth! the spirit who rests in His Holy Spirit, the body who is a temple of the Holy Spirit of God; glorifying God in my body! worshipping in Spirit, in the glory of Christ in God, the Spirit of Truth worshiping in Spirit and Truth within! O how I love His Presence! His Glory! His wonderful, awesome, wonder-working Presence and Power that cannot be quenched, but set ablaze by the River of Water of fiery Life and the continuous flow of God’s Holy Spirit that becomes a fountain of delight within us to share with the earth!


    • Treyeshua says:

      Yvonne Christiana is a beautiful name. In my church, we are constantly told to “take on the name of Christ”. Before even joining I had begun using the name Treyeshua on Facebook and in some correspondence, when led by the Spirit to do so. I literally received a white rock with the symbol of that name etched into it. It looked like three stacked Y’s, possibly of fossil origin. i actually passed the rock on to a loved one with a name that I believe might be intended for him.


      • 🙂 thank you for sharing!
        As soon as I wrote the “hip to the name” comment, a dove began cooing! I love how God speaks to us in so many ways!


      • Trey, as I was walking on the beach this morning, you came to mind and I felt led to ask you to make sure the Christ you are involved with is not a “planetary christ” or an elemental spirit of the universe christ, but the Christ of God our Father, the Spirit that hovered over the formless earth that was void before creation began; before light was created; before the greater and lesser lights of the sun, moon and stars were created: the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End; The Son of God, The Messiah, The Holy One who is one with the Creator from whom all things were created. Ask for Wisdom and Discernment! God loves you sooooo much!


        • Treyeshua says:

          Be assured that the Christ in me is the only Christ. He who is the beginning and the end, and everything in between. It must be nice to walk on the beach. Here I ski the snowy mountains of Colorado. If you ever get up here, please visit me at my restaurant, Jenny’s Pizza Empire, in Empire, Colorado.

          Here is the back of our menu, I believe it testifies of Christ in me, publicly. Some people cry after they read it:

          Love Fired

          We pray that Jenny’s Pizza Empire is a flicker of the Fire that is Love in your life today. We prepare each day prayerfully for all that cross our path, even as we tend to the reality of conducting an enterprise in our world today.

          We believe and strive to be Love in your path today. As the righteously most famous man on Earth, and in Heaven, told us, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. We not only believe in Love, but hopefully and prayerfully act on our belief. Putting more of ourselves into what and who we serve than is expected, ever giving more than is taken.

          Jenny’s Restaurant has been here in Empire for more than half a century. In its first incarnation it served pasties, a hearty savory stuffed pastry, to immigrant miners. The name referred to a mule, and type of mule, that labors endlessly hauling ore carts through narrow mine shafts. After that era, for 35 years, Jenny’s was the loving effort of Sue Hauser, who cooked most every meal, and we hope to be as love fired now as it was then.

          And now, we continue as Jenny’s, hopefully this time honoring our oldest and dearest friend, affectionately known as Jenny to her nearest and dearest. She lives a quiet life of integrity and grace, taking every opportunity to serve others, particularly those often considered the least. So we pray that the trajectory of the name follows the plan of Love and Fire and Light and Life, onward and upward as we progress towards the unity of Spirit, through, with, and in, all.

          So a weighty ambition for a modest enterprise in a small town that styles itself an Empire? Yes, yes, and yes, for by saying yes to all the possibilities of Love we each can become the Love that we are no doubt destined to be. The road to Love, like Berthoud Pass, can be quite the struggle at times, but the effort expended and lessons learned, were and are and will be worth it. For the path of Life is no less than the Love fired way to finding even more of Love, by creating Love, as we each and every one, learn of all, that is Love.

          Thank you for joining us today, in this very special moment between yesterday and tomorrow. We trust that your being here, and us being here to serve you, is no accident. For all things work for good, to those who love Love and are called unto its unsurpassed attraction to itself, in you, in me, and in us, forever.

          Share your love. Check out, for opportunities where you live.


          • Justsomeone says:

            Hi Trey, that’s really nice! Certainly an unexpected treasure on the back of a pizza place menu. 🙂

            As a Mormon, my understanding is that your belief would be the Father and Son are two separate essences, not of the same substance, not both God, is this correct?

            Is Jesus Christ then the Image of God to you? If so, how if not the same substance? I don’t believe the Mormoms are Trinitarians.

            Regardless of denomination – Jesus comes through Himself, and not through any manmade denomination or human prophet. As the Beginning and the End, the Fulfillment of Existence, there is none other who could come after.


            • Treyeshua says:

              The Mormon conception of the Trinity is exactly as I have believed since having a vision concerning it 25 years before joining the Mormon church. The Father and Son are the same in all ways, only different persons. The Spirit has no body, but the same God essence, and is purely spirit.

              Evangelicals all accepted this version of the Trinity as I explained it over the years, only saying my conception was a bit more developed than their own doctrines of “mystery”.

              Mormon leaders who interviewed me before I was baptised seemed surprised to find that I completely understood their conception of the Trinity or Godhead without having learned it in their church.

              Please consider searching “godhead” at to get a most correct and comprehensive view of this LDS doctrine. I find much LDS “doctrine” advanced by others is not true LDS doctrine at all.

              The key item of faith is not what you believe, but how you act unto others. Jesus said DO, not just believe. Thank you for your interest in my view of this subject,


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