Kept in Perpetual Wonder!

Forgetting the past,

remembering the finished work of the Cross,

we step into the upward calling to receive the downward flow of heaven out of God through the sevenfold Holy Spirit River.

The River of Water of Christ Life is a River of Blessings we take in Faith by Grace; all the Promises of God fulfilled in Christ Jesus, whose Will is irrevocable making you co-heir of the entire inheritance of the LAST ADAM. Jesus became the curse so we could become NEW CREATURES of the NEW CREATION with the First Fruit: crucified, resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus, The Messiah for all.

In Christ, the past is long gone; Christ in you is the present Presence of God, the Holy Spirit, who brings to you every promise of life and Life Abundant, faith to Faith, grace to Grace, glory to Glory when we YIELD to the Holy Spirit and humble ourselves to be LED into the promised land, the NEW heaven and NEW earth where righteousness dwells. Nothing accursed or unclean can enter; it is only accessed in Christ who is in God, by the Power of the Holy Spirit sent by God and received by those who believe, so they can KNOW God and His Glory. NOTHING surpasses knowing and being known by God.

The River of Water of Life flows down from the throne to wash every woe and replace it with God’s Blessings, Promises, Life, and the knowledge of the glory like water covers the seas! We are caught up through the Open Door of Jesus to our Father–everything changes–the faucet is turned on that no one can shut off to let the River of Water of Life flow and flow, and fill to overflow, to become a fountain of Christ Life in us! We yoke with Christ and learn Christ: God’s Ways are not our ways; God’s Thoughts are not unredeemed human thoughts; God’s Heart is not the unredeemed human heart; God’s Will is not the unredeemed human will; God’s Body of Christ is not man-made religion.

As we awaken through the Light of Christ, become aware of the Presence of God (the glory) through the Holy Spirit sent to us, come alive in the Joy of the Holy Spirit, alert, attentive and present to Immanuel, God with us, we set our mind on the things above as we know we are seated in heavenly places with Christ. We focus on heavenly things as citizens of heaven on earth; ambassadors from heaven to earth with diplomatic immunity. We focus on things that are true, pure, honorable, gracious, glorious, praise-worthy, excellent, righteous, perfect, and holy; surrendering all we know to come into the Knowledge of God and His Glory by the revelatory Wisdom and Power of the Holy Spirit.

We consciously choose to stop focusing or paying attention to things OF the world: the counterfeit light of lucifer that satan wants us to see, think, feel, speak, get mired or stuck in, make our bed and sleep in, fixated on delusions, neuroses, psychoses, disorders, dis-eases, dismay, disgust, distrust, and dissing each other. Those who are asleep are vulnerable to satanic symbols that speak to their unconscious; old ways or patterns of archetypes play out in their psyches while the spark of eternity planted in their innermost heart sleeps, having not awakened by the sent Holy Spirit of God.

The “new normal” the god of this world wants you to accept is not God’s highest and best for you. Normalizing sin, evil and perversion is the counterfeit agenda of lucifer who poses as a being of light. We consciously TURN to God—YIELD–and RECEIVE the NEW LIFE of Christ and let the River of Holy Spirit wash, clear, cleanse, purify, refine by fire, make white as snow in the Blood of the Lamb, and regenerate Christ Being in your spirit and soul and body. God’s Word is made flesh in you by the Power of the Holy Spirit; old Adamic flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

Take the Water of Life without price; take the divine nature of Christ; take the Kingdom of God by force! “Violent effort on my part to disassociate myself from my old ways of looking at things, and putting myself right over onto Him” ~Oswald Chambers

“Take every thought captive to obey Christ”

We work out the Salvation Jesus won for us with fear and trembling. We forcefully change our way of thinking, speaking and responding. As we think in our heart, so are we.

We begin to appreciate and understand the wonder of the individualized relationship God draws us into with The Bridegroom through the Holy Spirit!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Kept in Perpetual Wonder!

  1. We are under grace, not the law, and we are not redeemed by our works, but we are already redeemed by Jesus’ Works! We enter into what Jesus already finished; we yoke with Christ and learn Christ. The Work of God is eternally Jesus’ Works in us and through us, and the Greater Works of Christ Jesus now available in and through us since He has returned to our Father and sent the Holy Spirit to be with and in us FOREVER! We strive to enter God’s Rest so ascended, glorified Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords, can work through us; we empty of all of Adam to be filled with all of Christ into our spirit and soul and body. Our New Life is Christ in us!

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  2. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yes, the whole creation groans in anticipation for the manifestation of the Sons of God, we need only to wake up from being children to growing in Truth and in Spirit to become what we are born to be.
    The two Become One.


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