She thought he was taking her for ice cream

The teenage girl thought her youth pastor was taking her for ice cream…

but he drove to a deserted road and unzipped his pants…

girls want love

girls want God, who is love

when a pastor gives a girl sex instead of God,

instead of love,

he changes who she is

and her relationships

including her most important relationship with God.

The fruit of the Spirit of God is love and self-control.

No one has the right to be a pastor if they have not received the Holy Spirit.

The youth pastor went on to great success in a megachurch,

a book about to be published (quote from his book “I am sickened by the thought that young adult or teenage girls are expected to be glorified erotic actresses playing the script of their sex hungry boyfriends.”), a celebrated “name” to get people to come on an upcoming cruise, a beautiful family, an adoring congregation…

but he told her to keep it a secret

and secrets are poison that wreak havoc on the inside of a person and are an open door for the adversary destroyer to enter and continue to steal, kill and destroy hope, faith, love, relationships, families and lives…

She thought he was taking her for ice cream…

we are created to eat the Word of God that gives us our identity in God, intimacy with God, beauty of God, righteousness of God, holiness of God, purity of God, innocence, blameless, spotless brides in covenant with Jesus in God,

not be fed sex instead of God’s Love.

The question is: who told you to use young girls as sexual objects? who told you to use children as sexual objects? who told you to satisfy a sexual urge anywhere but in the container of holy marriage?

Father open our eyes, ears and heart to hear your Voice and stop listening to the trickster, the deceiver, the adversary who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus comes to give us life and life more abundantly to lead us in the Way, the Truth and the Life that fruits Life Abundant.

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5 Responses to She thought he was taking her for ice cream

  1. bond0servant says:

    Sad so sad, we had a similar instance with our daughter and a youth leader when I was in a coma.


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