Let them see You in me: de Light!

When we receive Christ into our spirit and soul and body, we receive God’s Delight so we can delight in God! Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your innermost heart: Himself! Our deepest desire is to KNOW God in deeper and deeper relationship with the Holy One who has no beginning and no end! to reflect God’s image and radiate his likeness!

The ego wants to be God; the true self is already a part of God, but has fallen asleep and forgotten our true identity in God. Our true beingness longs to be awakened, recognized, revealed, manifested and expressed for the glory of God! Our true awareness is being in intimate relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- a true Family- knowing we are NEVER alone in Christ, never abandoned or betrayed, never forsaken, separated or divorced from the Living One who knows us best and has only the highest, purest intentions for us. The soul who finds her worth in God can rest in Joy! in union with Christ in God! every need supplied by the Source of Life!

The world seeks union of mind and body; the true self seeks union of spirit and soul and body with Christ in God and wakes up to receive the Light of Truth that delights! The world affirms the ego, keeping you searching, seeking, yearning, needing, buying, trying, doubting, fearing, and having to jump through hoops following the carrot of satan that is always moved a little bit in front of your eyes to keep you following but never truly satisfied until you give up and despair of life and hope for death. This is the LIE.

But God! God says Wake up and Receive the Light of Life, what has already been won for you, to overcome the world and enter the kingdom of God that has no end. B.C., Before Christ, is over and done. Now and is to come you can come to Christ and receive Christ in you, the fulfillment of the law, prophesy and promises of God as co-heirs WITH Christ glory to glory; life to life to the fullest because Jesus brought heaven to earth and made The Way for all to receive the Father through the Holy Spirit POURED out from heaven out of God into you and I to live a new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells: where Christ dwells in you to partake of his divine nature through God’s Power at work in us (2 Peter 1:3-4)!

The kingdom of God is righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. What Christ won for you by the Blood, Holy Spirit brings to those who BELIEVE. Only unbelief can keep you from the completeness of union with the perfect, Holy One of God. We can do nothing good apart from Christ; eating of satan’s tree keeps us addicted and enslaved to the duality of good and evil where even the good is counterfeit. Jesus frees us to be free to set our heart, mind and will on heavenly things: awe, wonder, miracles, healed, whole, holy, complete, perfect, lacking nothing, all things possible in partnership with God, sonship and brideship: intimate union with The Son–taking His Faith that is 100% yes and amen with the Father! We cannot please God without Faith; faith in a new heaven and a new earth, knowing and taking resurrection life to partake in divine nature now and is to come, from glory to glory for the glory of God!

We give God our spirit and soul and body and let the Holy Spirit transform, transfigure, translate and regenerate us to reflect and radiate The Son of Righteousness! the Light of God! Be so hidden with Christ in God that all that is visible is God! without faith you cannot please God; take a new heaven and a new earth by faith! “Let them see You in me” Let them see de Light!

When you go to sleep at night, give the old heavens and old earth to God; speak the Word full of life and Spirit. “Heaven and earth pass away, but the Word does not pass away” Mark 13:31. When you wake up in the morning remember the new heaven and new earth, thinking heavenly things to set your heart, mind and will in heavenly places with Christ in God, setting the tone for the day and take the NHONE by faith! the kingdom of God by storm!

“Lead a life worthy of God who calls you into His own kingdom and glory” 1 Thessalonians 2:12

“Rejoice always” renewing JOY in the Holy Spirit River flowing down from heaven out of God!

“Pray constantly” remember our union with Christ in God; aware of right relationship with God: know God and his glory and be known by God in the glory of Christ!

“Give thanks in ALL circumstances” never forget God and who you are in God!

“Do not quench the Spirit!”

May the God of Peace HIMSELF sanctify you wholly: spirit and soul and body to be KEPT sound, blameless and spotless (1 Thess 5:16-24).

Take it by Faith! through grace! Holy Spirit power working in you, in the glory the Father gave Jesus and Jesus wants to give you so you may become perfectly one with our Father as Christ is in God! As he is so are we in the world in Christ! (1 John 4:17b) in God’s delight; His delight in  you!

Christ was God’s “daily delight” from before the beginning (Proverbs 8:30); Christ in you is God’s delight in you! a new heaven and a new earth! a new Spirit forming new substance! Before the earth was formed the Spirit hovered over a formless earth; now the Spirit hovers over each of you waiting for you to receive Christ so the Spirit can become a river in you and through you to give God glory!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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