I refuse to let what others don’t see, affect what I do see, or they might never see.

” ‘Where are you STAYING Jesus?’… ‘Come and See!’ And they came and saw where he is STAYING; and they stayed WITH HIM” John 1:38-39

Jesus brings us TO HIMSELF so we can know the Father through the Holy Spirit he sends to be WITH and IN US! “I will not leave you as orphans or desolate; I will come to you…the world will see me no more BUT YOU WILL SEE ME…in THAT DAY you will KNOW that I am in my Father, and YOU IN ME and I IN YOU…we will come and make OUR HOME with you…the Holy Spirit will TEACH YOU ALL THINGS and bring to your remembrance ALL that I have said to you. Peace I LEAVE WITH YOU and peace I GIVE TO YOU. Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid…I go away AND I come to you…rejoice I went to the Father” so he can SEND YOU THE HOLY SPIRIT! (John 14:3-28)

“You are already made clean by THE WORD I have spoken to you. Abide in Me and I in you…I am the Vine you are the branches” John 15:3-5

In Christ you are in the SAME TREE OF LIFE, flowing with the SAME RIVER OF WATER OF LIFE from the throne of God ABOVE the highest heavens by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit will circumcise your heart; remove the stoney flesh and leave an open heart so you can HEAR the Word, and ACCEPT what you hear, to allow the Word to be made flesh IN YOU so you can bear Christ fruit (Mark 4:20).

God is GREATER than the universe. So many today in their limited thinking are making the universe God when God is SO MUCH GREATER. God CREATED the universe and everything in it, but is SO MUCH GREATER than anything in creation and he made human beings IN GOD’S image and likeness. Unlike the rest of creation we have free will to accept or reject God and all creation is groaning for human beings to WAKE UP and ACCEPT their true identity in God and intimacy with God through Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit and begin to rule and reign WITH CHRIST: the King of kings and Lord of lords, whom God gave ALL power and authority in heaven AND earth!

The “god of this world” (2 Cor 4:4) is an imposter like the wizard in Oz who hides behind the curtain using smoke and mirrors and computer images to fool people into thinking he has power; who blinds the minds of those who do not KNOW Christ Jesus, therefore do not KNOW the Father through the Holy Spirit who reveals Christ and forms Christ in us. Rejecting Christ is rejecting God and rejecting yourself as image and likeness of God; choosing a fake, mistaken identity given to man by the deceiver destroyer who wants to keep as many asleep, numb, distracted, and doomed to his fate as long as he can get away with it.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you LIGHT” to see!

Come and SEE!

“Your EYE is the lamp of your body; when your eye is SOUND, your whole body is FULL OF LIGHT; but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness. Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. If then your WHOLE BODY is full of light, have NO PART DARK, it will be WHOLLY BRIGHT, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light” Luke 11:33-36

The lamp of our spiritual eye is CHRIST JESUS. When we COME and SEE through the lens of Christ, our spirit and soul and body can FILL WITH CHRIST LIGHT. We become what we behold; BEHOLD the glory of Christ and be changed into his likeness from glory to glory, now and is to come, by the Holy Spirit of God! (2 Cor 3:18)


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to See?

  1. 19maude56 says:

    AMEN!!! Let us SEE, so He can Be SEEN in and through us!!! The revealing of this wonderful TREASURE in our earthy vessels!!! To God Be ALL The GLORY FOREVER!!! Bless you Yvonne for sharing the revealed treasure you find only in Him as you continues to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. What a wonderful privilege to enter in and be filled with all the fullness of God. Each day brings newness of life in great abundance!!! Love and Blessings to you!!!


  2. joansanusi says:

    May our eyes continue to see wonderful things in your Words oh Lord.


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