blessings and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God for ever and ever! amen.

Thank you Abba! Father! Thank  you God for transformation into renewing new Life in the Holy Spirit! every morning new Life! unlimited possibilities! and the more we thank our Father the more surprises show up to amaze, astound, and delight us!

“hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life”

when your desire marries God’s Desire you become a tree of life in the likeness of the Tree of Life, bearing the fruits of righteousness, fruit of light, and fruit of the Spirit! The seeds of this Fruit replicate on the earth and no one tasting, seeing and knowing Christ Fruit would ever go back to the fruit of the world tree…

we look to the unseen and the unseen grows! (2 Cor 4:18)

be FILLED with the fruits of righteousness that come from Christ’s Tree of Life, to the glory and praise of God! (Philippians 1:11)

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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