Be Ready

Did you get the invitation?

get ready

stay ready


be ready

plenty of fire and oil of the lamp of the Lamb

“the bride makes herself ready” Revelation 19:7

the marriage of the Lamb

one Blood of God our Father and his Lamb

the Spirit and the Bride say, “come”

the baby is conceived


comes to full term

transition in labor

to birth


into the full stature of Christ


the kingdom of God within

flowing with the River of Christ

grace and glory and light and love and Spirit;

hidden manna within

hid with Christ in God



fruiting the Spirit

multiplying the imperishable seed of the Word

grows the Vine

tree of life within

rooted and grounded in love

upbuilt in love

trunk of new earth

branches of new heaven


in Christ and Christ in you

the marriage of natural and supernatural

marriage of Word and Spirit

marriage of Wisdom and Power

marriage of souls with the Lover of our souls

in Christ

worship in Spirit and Truth

marriage of Christ in you

when the perfect comes the imperfect passes away

when perfect love comes, fear is cast out

perfect peace, the shalom of God


nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing lacking, nothing impossible

with God all things are possible

unbelief conquered

faith, evidence of the unseen

assurance and substance of hope

Christ in you, the hope of glory

substance and assurance

presence of God

Jesus says, “you are the light of the world”

the eye,  lamp of the body

eyes sound and full of light

body full of light

no part dark

cast out light that is darkness

in rays of Christ Light


arise, shine

a city set on a hill

reflect and radiate the glory of Christ

the eye is the window of the soul

a soul full of Christ

heart, mind, will

to do the Will of the Father

for the glory of God.



About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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