With God it’s Possible!

history to Christory; in the fullness of time Jesus brought the kingdom of God (Mark 1:14-15), so it is more than time to repent and return to God our Father; now is the time; now is the day of salvation; it is always NOW until you come to Christ!

history to Christory:

  1. God Alone; uncreated, unmanifested Majestic Glory!
  2. God created man in His image and likeness; one became two: relationship with man
  3. Father-Son-Holy Spirit separated from man by sin
  4. Complete Man -Jesus- last Adam – sent to save us from sin/separation
  5. Grace given to all through the finished work of the Cross of Jesus but we have to CHOOSE: ask and receive Grace; seek and find the kingdom of God and his righteousness; knock and open to receive River of Grace from the Throne of Grace of our Eternal Father
  6. Mankind separated by the Cross of Jesus into sheep and goats: goats refuse to come to Christ, rebel, reject, deny Jesus’ crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, glorification as King of kings and Lord of lords, the High Priest, Name above all names that can be named; the sons of disobedience still fathered by satan; fed by his tree of the knowledge of good and evil; led astray, deceived, tricked, fooled by counterfeit spirits: goats either have this world’s religion’s religious spirits, mixed good and evil, that divide and promote hate, or have the profane, secular humanist spirit of the god of this world who blinds the minds of unbelievers to the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, the likeness of God (2 Cor 4:4); goats are like the image of baphomet; goats have anti-Christ spirits of the ba’als; while sheep follow Christ, the True Shepherd, to our God and Father and receive the spirit of sonship, received into the Family of the Creator of heaven and earth; co-heirs with Christ of all the inheritance of God; one in Christ, in one body and one Spirit with Christ, the righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21); sheep are fathered by the Father of Glory; God working in us greater than we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:14-21); those who have eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart to spiritually perceive
  7. sheep become complete in Christ (Isaiah 60:1-2, 61:1-11; Colossians 1-3; Ephesians 1-4) kings, priests of Kingdom
  8. the new beginning; Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire; old dissolved; new formed within
  9. new birth; Christ in you, the mystery hidden for ages and generations, the mystery of the Will of God; His delight in you; married spirit and soul and body (Isaiah 62:1-11) the bride
  10. see the glory, changed into Christ’s image and likeness; receive the glory, become perfectly one with God and his Lamb (John 17:19-23). “In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you”( John 14:20)

We take it by faith, through grace, through the Door of Jesus who lives forever to make intercession for the saints: believers who come to know God and his glory of Christ.

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to With God it’s Possible!

  1. sorcery is living, moving and having your being from any other source than the Life and Spirit of the Christ of God; trying to do what only Jesus can do: save, transform, change, heal, deliver, set free, make whole and holy, purify, refine and make white as snow in the Blood of the Lamb of God;
    Jesus is the only Righteous One,
    we surrender to Christ Jesus alone; cast out all idols and images,
    receive the glory of Christ of God.
    We are made strong in Christ, apart from Christ we can do nothing;
    pure religion is unstained by the world; only Jesus is unstained by the world;
    true faith is yielding to let the Holy Spirit teach, guide, counsel, and lead;
    sons of God are led by the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of the Beloved Son; sons of Adam are led by the father of lies, eating of mixed good and evil; hence this world’s issues and man-made solutions that make things worse.
    Do not be deceived.
    “Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins”
    “Come to Christ and find rest; take His yoke and learn from His gentle, tender, righteous, just, compassionate Heart of God, and find rest for your soul. His burden is light and his yoke is light”
    Counterfeits are keeping people in bondage to the elemental spirits, unclean spirits, and anti-Christ spirits, leading away from the true righteousness and holiness that only comes from Jesus renewing the spirit of our mind continuously in Christ’s Mind of God who writes the Word on our heart and mind.
    Come into your right mind and be clothed with Christ, lest you are found naked and on judgment day Jesus says, “depart from Me I never knew you”
    It would be abject terror to realize you had chance after chance and yet you refused the Christ of God in your pride and arrogance; the way you thought was right leading to destruction


  2. We now carry around in our hearts priceless eternal Peace. What the world can never gives us or anyone else, ours forever. Thank you.


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