Discerning the New from the Old

You can’t see the counterfeit until you know the Real,

you can’t see the fallen angel disguised as light until you know God and his glory of Christ;

to know is to intimately experience within, beyond knowledge.

You can’t discern those disguised as servants of righteousness that prey instead of pray, until your faculties are trained by the Holy Spirit to discern good from evil;

a little leaven spoils the whole bunch,

a little lie mixed in with mostly truth, keeps you from the Truth,

a little darkness disguised as light, keeps you from the true Light of the Life of Christ.

A mixture of good and evil is satanic from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Christ’s tree of life is all good with no evil; all truth with no lies; all Life of God with no death; all true light with no darkness at all; all perfect, pure, holy, unperverted Love; all righteousness; and all holy Spirit watered.

We come to Christ to eat and drink of the tree of life and River of water of life; it satisfies and fulfills, unlike the counterfeits who never satisfy or fulfill. Only the Living, Breathing, Holy, Perfect, Righteous, Almighty Majestic Glory can truly satisfy the human soul with the substance and Spirit of Christ, the Son, the Life of God sent to you when you come to Christ, give everything, open, and receive the new life of Christ in you.

“Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and learn from my humble, tender, compassionate, loving heart of God, and you will find rest. My yoke is easy and my burden light”

“Come to Me and drink of Me”

“My Word is food and my Spirit is drink indeed”

Chew, eat, ingest, digest the Words of Christ Jesus to receive the life and Spirit of Christ of God (John 6:48, 63). Drink of the River of water of life to receive the Holy Spirit and fire light and glory presence of God our Father who is in Christ; and Christ in you is all the fullness of the presence dwelling bodily. Be led by the Holy Spirit, in the pillar of fire light and pillar of glory presence, Christ in you; and glory can begin to cover the earth like water covers the sea. In Christ, the old covenant is gone; in Christ in you, the new covenant has come.

“If any one is in Christ, they are a new creature, of the new creation, of the new covenant; the former things of fallen Adam are gone; behold, the new has come”

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