Call to Righteousness

There is a call to righteousness

resounding from Above;

don’t fail to heed the call.

Listen! Hear! Act on what you hear!

Righteousness is right standing with God,

right relationship with Almighty God,

right position in God who created the heavens and the earth

through the only man who was righteous,

the Son of Man,


our Salvation.

Only One can make you righteous,

the Son of God

the Christ,

the anointed Messiah of God,

who calls you into Himself

so you can say “our Father”

through the finished work of the Cross of Jesus;

cleansed from all unrighteousness in His Blood,

not blue blood of earthly royalty

but the perfect, holy, pure red Blood of the Righteous One sent from the Righteous Father of all families in heaven and on earth (Ephesians 3:14)

who removes the stains of the father of lies

who deceives this world,

when we individually come to Christ,

yoke (join) our spirit and soul (heart, mind, will) to the Living One, alive forever,

learn from Christ


receive the Holy Spirit and fire into our body

to be a new temple of God,

a new city called, “God is here”

a new spotless bride whose “spots” are removed by her Bridegroom King of Glory,

Christ in you

who is able to keep you from falling

and to present you to His Father of Glory

without blemish

in the presence of his glory with rejoicing,

to the ONLY God,

our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord,

be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority

before ALL time

and NOW

and forever. Amen. (Jude 1:24)

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Call to Righteousness

  1. janetfogarty says:

    Thank You !!! A Call To Righteousness Is Needed In The Church Very Bad !!! The Church Has Been ” Greatly Deceived” By The Serpent. ” OBEDIENCE IS DESIRED RATHER THAN SACRIFICE “. Vatican City ” Seat Of The Divine Serpent. Seat Of Caesar “. ” CATHOLIC IS GOTH “. BLACK MASS. DEVIL WORSHIP. THE SERPENT ONLY CHANGED ONE WORD TO BRING DEATH ON HIMSELF AND ALL HIS POSTERITY. GOD IS NOT 3. THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE LORD. We Are Not Saved By Going To Or Joining Any Religious Building Or System. That’s A Lie. God Does Not Live In Houses Made By Hand. It Is Impossible To Go To. Attend Church , Synagogue Or Temple. ” You Are The Temple Of God ” IF THE HOLY SPIRIT DWELLS IN YOU “. The Holy Spirit ( ghost) Does Not Normally Dwell In You. Adam Sinned, Died, Brought Death On Himself And All His Posterity. [edited] The Living [edited] Jesus Christ. Not Everyone Is Living. Most Are ” DEAD IN ADAM”. Eve Hearkened To ” The Voice Of Her Husband ” ” Iniquity Was Found In Adam ” Lucifer”. He Fell From Heaven Became A ” Dark, Fallen, Wandering, Roaming, Roam Man, Roman Star”. The Pope. The High Priest Of The Evil One. The Devil. He Twists Gods Word. The Deceiver Of The Whole World. A Person MUST OBEY GOD. Not The Serpent. Enter Holy Covenant With God ” Marriage Contract” To Receive The Holy Spirit. Ghost. Acts 2: 38 ” Christ Died To Give Us Of His Spirit ” !!!! [edited] We have to be Wash In His Blood [or we can’t receive the Holy Spirit] Receiving The Holy Spirit. A Person Is [edited: we are saved by believing in Jesus] He/She Finishes The Race. Called, Chosen And Faithful To The End [edited: through the Holy Spirit sent to believers]. A Marriage Contract To Be Honored. God Does Not Permit Spiritual Adultury Or Divorce. All Things Done In The ” NAME ” OF JESUS CHRIST. BAPTISM ALSO A MUST. MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB. TWO BECOME ONE.


    On Sun, Jul 21, 2019, 8:28 AM New Heaven on Earth! wrote:

    > NewHeavenOnEarth posted: “There is a call to righteousness resounding from > Above; don’t fail to heed the call. Listen! Hear! Act on what you hear! > Righteousness is right standing with God, right relationship with Almighty > God, right position in God who created the heavens an” >


    • Since Jesus was the new Adam, the last Adam, I would think the new “Eve” would be the Bride who makes herself ready (allegory is Sarah written about in Galatians 4:21-31), the Church, the one body of Christ with the one Spirit of Christ and our Father, when we receive the Christ who comes down out of heaven from God in his glorified Spirit to live in those in whom he knocks and we open to let him enter and remain (Revelation 3:20), continuing to Eat of His Words, Christ’s life and Spirit, and drink of His Holy Spirit, the same Spirit as the Father, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, resurrects us into the Son so we can become sons of our Father, led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14).
      The mystery of God’s Will and the “two become one” is a profound one, found in Christ and Christ in us (John 15:4; Ephesians 5:32; Colossians 1:26-27; 1 Cor 4:1; Romans 16:25; Romans 11:25; 1 Cor 15:51; Ephesians 1:9-10; Ephesians 1:9-10; Colossians 4:3-4; and so much more!)
      I also see that satan has infiltrated almost every church and seminary in this world, so that they are all mixtures of truth with lies, so the only pure teaching is from the Holy Spirit, and we test every word by the Word of God; testing all teachings like the Bereans, going to the Holy Bible as inspired scripture, and only reading the Old Testament through the “lens” of the New Covenant we have from our Father and His Lamb.


  2. Loveurblog says:

    Yvonne is correct, new Eve is the Church.

    Also janet, yes, God is 1 in 3, 3 in 1. One Divine essence and Being and Nature, three coequal, coexisting persons bound up as Love.

    The Father (God transcendent of the world) is the Lover, the Son as Word (Jesus the Word as God made flesh/immanent in the world) the Beloved, and the Spirit (God as action agent in His creation) is the Love generated between them. All in marital and family relationship.

    God has to be 3 in intimate relationship or we would not exist in Their Image, and we as humans could not have intimate relationships ourselves.


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