Do You Want the Truth?

Do you want the Truth? I have been on a Truth quest ever since I was “burned” twice and despaired of life itself. God responds to desperation; He more than responded to my despair and desperation to know the Truth by leading me to the HOLY Bible, particularly, Matthew to Revelation, the New Testament that reveals the old covenant passing to the new covenant; the old fulfilled in Christ and the new covenant fulfilled in Christ in you, the new creature of the new creation. Under the old covenant you want to do good but you fall and fall again because you are still living from the satanic tree of the knowledge of good and evil; all you will ever get is heartache for the “good things” it offers.

“I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all the Truth” ~Jesus through John the Beloved

Jesus asks, “What do you want me to do for you?” Do you know? Have you asked? Is your mind blinded by this world? “Only in Christ is the veil removed” 2 Cor 3:14

Do you want religion or do you want the Living Jesus who reconciles us to God our Father so we can receive the Holy Spirit without which we have no power to live as God designed.

Jesus asks, “Do you want to be healed?” Do you? Or do you want the status quo, the secondary gains? the sympathy, the donations, the government assistance, the …? Being saved gets you to heaven; getting “healed” gets you delivered from the dominion of darkness and transferred into the kingdom of the Son. We need all three: the Blood of Jesus, the Water of Life and the Spirit of Life to live like Jesus lived, knowing God and the glory that the Holy Spirit now can reveal to believers; help those in unbelief Abba Father.

The hard truths have to be faced, but NO ONE can bear the truth without first coming to the Living Glorified Jesus and receiving forgiveness for what we did not know. I made every mistake and I could not have lived with myself if I could not have come to Jesus and be saved, healed, delivered, set free, transformed by the Holy Spirit, changed by seeing the glory, grown on the Vine until I could see the heavenly branches; rooted and grounded in Christ for a sure, steadfast anchor for my soul; grown up to the Head to see and hear and spiritually perceive as Holy Spirit trains our senses in the Spirit of God to discern good from evil.

There is only condemnation in this world from the father of lies who tempts you and then condemns you when you fall for the temptation. ONLY Jesus was tempted and able to resist because he was God in the flesh, the Word of God in the flesh, and he had to empty himself of his divinity to share in our humanity to overcome it, so we can overcome it, and begin to partake of His Divine Nature. Apart from Christ we can do NOTHING.

So here is another hard truth people do not want to hear because they believe the world and world religions which includes the New Age religion and atheism, scientism, spiritualism and all the other “isms.” This causes more backlash today than it did in 2016. But God does not give us a spirit of fear; God gives us a Spirit of Power and a Spirit of Love and a Sound Mind of Christ, because it is the renewing Mind of Christ that transforms through the Holy Spirit who gives us the higher thoughts and ways of God our Father so we can align with Christ; our soul restored to rest in God, letting the Holy Spirit and fire of God consume all that is not of God’s Kingdom and Righteousness, and leave all of Christ in all of you: his life and spirit: the Spirit and Word of God, the Word of Truth, the Spirit of Truth that leads us into all truth, even the hard truth.

So…I am also sharing this word that resonates with my spirit, and as always, use discernment and test everything with the Word of God that spoke through Jesus and speaks to us now by the Holy Spirit.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit” 2 Cor 3:17 “God is Spirit” John 4:24


You question this one I placed in the White House for this time?
You are offended by his speech and demeanor?
I tell you, though his flesh often reacts and his ego feels threatened, it is MY zeal that I have placed in this one you have prayed for.
It is MY righteous anger at the demonic forces swirling within this nation that I have burned into his bones.
Though he may believe them to be his natural enemies, it is I who speak to the spiritual enemies that continue to assail this nation and My people.
Even when his flesh rules his mouth, it is I who rule his destiny.

Do not question the Potter as to the clay He chooses to mold and shape.
I have placed this one as a David for he is a man of war.
Not a man to bring war or cause war, but a man who is not afraid to war against those who oppose Me in the high places of darkness and deception.

Many do not yet perceive the demonic battles raging for control of this nation and I need those who are not afraid to war for My cause.
This one I have placed in office is not fully aware of how I use him, but it is because of the prayers of the saints that I use even his weaknesses and missteps to champion the causes of My Kingdom and your salvation.

Do not allow any offense to blind your eyes to the realities of the unseen realm.
Do not allow the distraction of his methods to turn your attention from what I am doing in higher places.

You think Me a tame God? You think My meekness and humility My only attributes?
I tell you, in these days you shall see aspects of My character and My name that you have not yet seen.
You are going to see the Man of War that I AM, for I have not come to bring peace, but to bring the sword with which to rightly divide the sheep from the goats, the true from the counterfeit, and the religious from the pure in heart.
Before there can be peace among men, the demonic forces warring with souls and deceiving minds must be overthrown and silenced.
My zeal is being unleashed and I am not afraid to offend minds in order to expose the flesh.

You must pray for this President.
Do not idolize the man, for in so doing, the ivory tower will surely fall.  
He is new to this Kingdom and has much to learn. I will teach him as well as correct him.
You must pray with eyes wide open and discernment keen. For this is not about a man. It is about My purposes being accomplished in whosoever will!
He has made himself available and thus being steered by My hand.

You must keep your eyes fixed on the goal of My Kingdom being manifest and the realities of heaven coming to earth.
Do not look to man or any whom I call in this hour. All are but vessels and parts of the whole.
I will use many in the days to come that will not seem qualified by man’s standards.
I will use many that will shock the world, many that have been hidden from the opposition in order to unseat age-old principalities and powers.

Come up higher!
I say to come up to where I AM and the enemy is denied access!
It is only from this place before My throne that you can be changed by My presence and permeated with My Spirit.
It is only through My Spirit that you will rightly pray and rightly rule.
Your prayers are being answered. I am working on your behalf.
Use My eyes with which to see and all will become clear.

(Isaiah 9:7, Romans 9:21, Exodus 15:3, Colossians 3:1,2)

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2 Responses to Do You Want the Truth?

  1. Loveurblog says:

    Still (them) as both. All things serve the agenda. Discern.


    • God does not have man’s agenda; God our Father has the Way, the Truth and the Life that is bigger than man’s agenda. We choose Jesus and we choose life and life more abundantly in Christ and Christ in us. Amen.


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