Living, Loving, Rivering

Everywhere the River goes the waters may be healed and made fresh, and everything shall live wherever the River goes (Ezekiel 47:9). In the new covenant of Jesus’ Blood, the River of water of life from the Throne of God our Father and his Christ is resurrection life and Spirit to your body water, soul and spirit, when you give your old life to Jesus and take the new life of Christ in you.

“Wait and listen, everyone who is thirsty! Come to the waters you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Yes, come, buy [priceless, spiritual] wine and milk without money or price [simply for self-surrender that accepts the blessing]…Hearken diligently to God, and eat what is Good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness [the profuseness of spiritual joy]. Incline your ear [submit and consent to the divine will] and come to Jesus; hear, and your soul will revive” Isaiah 55:1-3 AMP Classic

Do not patch your human garment; put on the new white garment of Christ Jesus. Do not put new wine into old wineskins or it will burst and the new wine will not remain (Luke 5:36-39).

Do not submit and consent to the new abnormal of this world’s beast system. “No one after drinking the old wine desires the new; for he says, ‘The old is good’ (Luke 5:39). But after the finished work of the Cross, the new birth, of God, of Spirit, is possible, and we are born again of God, of both Water and Spirit, when we come to Jesus, submit and consent to God our Father, and receive the River of Water of Life and Spirit of Life. Ask and receive; seek and find the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of Christ, of the new birth, of the River of Christ, can flow in you to overflow through you to a thirsty world. Knock on the Door, and God our Father will be open to you through Jesus’ glorious Body and Spirit. Submit to God, resist the devil and he must flee from you as his works are illegal in the Kingdom, and as Kingdom citizens in Christ and Christ in you, the keys of the Kingdom give you the authority and power to bind evil and loose the Goodness of God; forgive people who do not know Jesus and those who believe intellectually but don’t know the Love of Christ beyond knowledge, to spiritually battle the enemy of our souls with the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit and the weapons of Righteousness. Our weapons are not physical and worldly, but spiritual and powerful to bring down illegal strongmen and take every though captive to obey Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, who teaches you all that is true, and no lie, and to abide in Christ and Christ in you, in the river of water of life, truth, light, love, salvation, wisdom, righteousness, redemption, sanctification, faith, healing, miracles, blessings, favor, help, comfort, beauty for ashes, oil of gladness, deliverance, freedom, discernment, eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to spiritually perceive, and so much MORE than we could ask or think to give glory to God our Father and his Christ.

Children drink milk, but those who mature in Christ drink the new wine of his Spirit and fire, and eat the meat of his Word that strengthens for today and gives bright hope for tomorrow. Living in the River of Christ assures you of the never-ending flow of new resurrection life and Spirit that is new every morning; new mercy, grace, glory and goodness in the land of the living. The River from the Throne continuously fills, overflows, and flows through you, clearing the old and bringing the new; refreshing, reviving, reforming, regenerating and renewing.

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let those who hear say, ‘Come.’ Come to Christ and take the water of life without price and your thirst will be satisfied in the River of Righteousness and Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit; the River of the Kingdom of God; the River of Christ’s resurrection Life and Spirit; the River of Presence; the River of the Light of the Glory of God and his Christ: the Father of Glory and the King of Glory, who is our King of kings and Lord of lords in the Kingdom, ruling and reigning over ALL things in heaven and on earth when you abide in Christ, rest in God; yielding to be Holy Spirit led.

“For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water” Revelation 7:17

“If any one thirst, let him come to me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.’ Now this Jesus said about the Spirit, which those who believed in him were to receive; for as yet the Spirit had not been given, because Jesus was not glorified yet” John 7:37-39

Do not be deceived or misled; Jesus IS glorified!!! Christ in you is a River of grace and glory; a River of every good endowment and every perfect gift coming down out of heaven from the Father of lights, without variation or shadow of change. Of God’s Will he gives us new birth by his Word of Truth and Life, Christ in you, making you a kind of first fruit of resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus (James 1:16-18; Revelation 22:1-17).

In Christ is the River of water of life, fresh, pure, ever-flowing, never-ending;

come and take,

thirst and be satisfied and fulfilled,

no matter what the external circumstance;

in the Spirit, in the Christ, in the River of water of life

there is a continuous stream of God that makes the innermost being glad.

Rejoice, again I say rejoice, the Lord is at a hand. Do not be anxious, worried or fearful about anything, but in everything make your request known with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, and the Love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge, and the Peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus, in the River of God: the Water of Life. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Whatever is true, think about these things. Whatever is pure, think about these things, Whatever is just, think about these things. Whatever is noble and honorable and respectful and courteous, think about these things. Whatever is excellent, think about these things. Whatever is lovely, gracious and glorious and victorious, think about these things. Whatever is worthy of praise, think about these things.

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