The Left and their Big Tech allies don’t want you to know the truth.Today, Facebook and Twitter will face their first Senate testimony after they blocked the 4th largest newspaper in the country from posting a bombshell story on the Hunter Biden scandal. The Director of National Intelligence, FBI, and DOJ all say Biden’s laptop is NOT Russian disinformation.
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But that didn’t stop Big Tech. We know they have long been censoring and silencing conservatives. Facebook is issuing false “fact checks” and strikes against pro-lifers because they don’t want you to know the truth about Planned Parenthood and abortion. Twitter even locked out our own Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell (yes, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence) for sharing voter fraud warnings.We can’t let the radical Left manipulate the social media you use every day to SILENCE your voice.TODAY, the Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing with the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter on the stand, among others. Big Tech must be held accountable for their actions.At the ACLJ, we have legal and Government Affairs teams dedicated to this issue. But, right now, we need the Senate to hear from you.Sign Our Petition: Stop Facebook & Twitter Censoring You.Jay Sekulow
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19 Responses to Censorship

  1. I coudn’t do anything last night while Carlson was interviewing him, it was a mess, but boy did Mr. Cruz let him know that what he did was not acceptable, I loved it, the Twitter guy looked like O.B.L., and all the other junk Dems want to impeach Amey Coney Barrett, they need to be stopped.


  2. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Jesus is the way……………………….pi


    • Yes it’s all true I heard the video’s yesterday or the day before, the worst man that could ever run for President,, and they have everything rigged to the gill’s, even closing down red counties in ill. and cheating in Texas, some places are going to count votes up to nine days after they said, we don’t have a chance except for God, NP has a smirk on her face as does M. Moore, Cher, they know it done, BUT THEY DON’T KNOW OUR GOD, I HEARD HIM SAY LAST NIGHT, YEAH THEY THINK THEY ARE SMART, BUT I AM SMARTER, The whole political system is rigged, even worse than with HC, and Biden admitted him and Obama came up with the greatest voter fraud that ever was, now thats something, that should have disqualified the whole Dem bunch right there, election should have been called, but to many dirty people in on it. and our God is our only chance our hope


    • I need to take this statement down, the headlines are alittle miss leading, I should have read the whole thing, it says there that she believes Biden will win and be sworn in Jan 21 , and final vote count will not matter, I am tired maybe I miss read it, this thing with all the cheating trying to keep certain ones from voting is upsetting, but I apologize sorry.


  3. Janedoe says:

    Indeed Gary.

    God bless you.

    God bless you also Yvonne.

    Will be better once this trainer’s election is over.

    Less politics. More Jesus.


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    • If you had lived in Germany before the Nazi’s came to power and killed 6 million Jews, would you have asked Christians to stay silent? If you ask Christians to stay silent when a government is at a critical point to either move towards the Word of God or away from it, are you complicit with the hatred and evil being unleashed towards those of Christ?

      I have one Judge and it is the Word of God.

      Thank you for your comment and I ask that you be willing to reveal who you are instead of using a pseudonym. God bless you and may the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus prevail in America and be a light to the rest of the world.


  4. “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that you may have life and life more abundantly” ~Jesus in John 10:10


    • big amen for sure thats why I back him, I could see even before the Lord told me to back him, this man loves America and is not a politician he is what we need, and then after fast 3 days, the Lord said tell the people Trump is my man, and I did, and oh boy was I hated. Good word Yvonne may God richly bless you


      • It surely has become obvious the far left is using ex-Vice President Biden as a trojan horse to bring Kamala to power. This bait and switch is not working as he is unfit to be elected to the presidency as he demonstrates in this article and videos that the mainstream media is not reporting:
        It seems to be way more than senior moments as it seems God is exposing their rhetoric that sounds good to say what the people want to hear but is not what is in their real plans as in only the example of many in the article, calling his “healthcare plan”, “bad…care” those in attendance heard him say, “Barack and I think it’s a right to have badakathcare.” the article exposes Biden’s incompetence to be in the highest office.


        • Yeah I saw that and several things and words he messed up in the last couple days, and KH came out and said this morning she backed communism, its all a show for Joe, he will not be anything but confused, he has plainly committed high treason under Obama, and has a problem with children, and they say he is ahead in the polls, look at the crowds Mr. Trump draws, his numbers don’t lie, only the poll cat liars, lie and say he is winning, its crazy a man loosing his mind, who couldn’t get 12 people with Bon J. singing and they want us to believe he is leading, no stink9ing way, only in their minds, and dreams, and they will try to say he won, if someone doesn’t do something what news outlet will tell us the truth, do you know one, there is a few honest but they will not let them cover the election, because its a take over attempt, only by Gods help can we win this one as the last one. Be Blessed Yvonne


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