Hold On, Don’t Let Go

Hold on, don’t let go,

give it to God,

and let God go to work.

Instead of getting upset about the latest thing the luciferian agenda wants you to be upset about, call upon God. Come to Jesus who was, is, and is to come, Holy, Perfect, Just, Pure, Righteous, Powerful, Counsel-giving, Peace-giving, Life-giving Spirit, Almighty, our Eternal Father who NEVER judges by external, physical characteristics like skin color or biological sex, for in Christ ALL are given freedom from sin, falling short of the glory, death, and the WORKS of the devil. When we come to Jesus, learn to rest in God our Father, the Holy Sprit can do the work of Jesus and the greater works of the Spirit of God.

All are invited to come to Jesus; no one is excluded; all that is required is willingness; you don’t have to know how God can do it, how God is ABLE, how all things possible with God, but have faith in Jesus’ 100% Faith in God our Father, because he knows the Father doesn’t turn any one away, because God knows who he created you to be and do, not who the world has conditioned, indoctrinated, propagandized you to think or feel you are, through social engineering by those who do not have YOUR best interest in mind, but their OWN. But through Jesus’ POWERFUL death, burial, resurrection, ascension, glorification at the Right Hand of God, he will pray and intercede for you 24/7 as High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek when you come to him, and put Holy Spirit within you to live in you.

The gospel of God that Jesus preached (Mark 1:14-15), the light of the gospel of the GLORY of Christ (2 Cor 4:4), is Good News when you deny your old self, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus to the Cross and lay it ALL down and take all of Christ Jesus into your spirit and soul and body and life, so the Holy Spirit is able to transform, transfigure, change the stoniest, hard heart, giving you a NEW pure heart to see God (Matthew 5:8) and a NEW righteous spirit to fellowship with God (2 Cor 13:14); training your faculties to discern from good from evil, if you will just give your heart to Jesus who will NEVER harm your heart. And when you trust God and give him everything, your life can become a garden where the Vine of Christ grows in the Vineyard of God tended by the HOLY Spirit. There is HOPE in Christ Jesus!

“Hold On, Don’t Let Go”

Verse 1:
Heartaches may come,
teardrops may fall,
seems like no one’s there for you.

Friends are all gone,
you feel alone,
be strong God has a plan for you.

Verse 2:
Hold on, hold on to Him.
let Him lead you,
your valley is temporary.

This too, this too shall pass,
find peace at last,
in Him we have the victory.

Hold on, don’t let go,
even though your heart hurts you so;
He’ll never let go of your hand.

Verse 3:
Just be steadfast,
just be faithful,
God is only teaching you.

Eyes have not seen,
neither have ears heard
just what He has prepared for you.


Your trials come to make you strong,
seasons will change, it won’t be long.” ~Richard Smallwood

Call on God, and he will show you great and hidden things which you did not know (Jeremiah 33:3).

I will not be shaken, because I rely on God’s Power and Love and Sound Mind of Christ. If you are relying on the government or religion to save you, you need to come to Jesus and come under the only Name that SAVES and RECONCILES you to God our Father, so you can RECEIVE the Holy Spirit to live in you; becoming a new, holy temple of God where Holy Spirit dwells within, a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 3:16-17, 6:19-20).

Under the Righteousness of Christ, all that can be shaken will shake, tremble, quake, flood, fire, wind, storm UNTIL only what cannot be shaken will remain: the unshakeable Kingdom, Power, and Glory of God, Christ in you. Jesus will NEVER disappoint, disillusion, or discourage you as the world system does and will, WHEN you conquer unbelief and trust the risen Christ, submit to the Father, and yield to be HOLY Spirit led. Jesus IS Living Hope! Jesus IS the Victory! “With  men it is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible.”

“O Your Grace so free washes over me, You have made me New, now Life begins with You; Its Your Endless Love pouring down on us; released from my chains; my debt cancelled and You call me friend; Jesus arose with our freedom in hand, yes that is when death was arrested and my Life began! Yes we’re free, free, forever we’re free; come join the Song of the redeemed; when death was arrested my life began”

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Hold On, Don’t Let Go

  1. amen so true Yvonne May God richly bless you

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    • We take the River of Christ’s fiery Presence and the Power of his Spirit, in Jesus’ Name above EVERY name; always Fresh, always new resurrection Life of his Spirit! all thanks and honor and glory to God and his Lamb!

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  2. “With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
    See Christ as he is NOW, to become as he is. Find JOY in Jesus, to take delight in God. Once I was weaned off spiritual milk by the Holy Spirit, now all I want is the Meat of the Word and his New Wine of the Spirit! Fellowship with Jesus in the Word and God will fellowship with you in the Holy Spirit within you. Jesus is The Way!


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