“We must funnel all the energy that you used to expend worrying and being angry over the evil in our nation, into a new way to pray for America.

Join me in prayer and, together with Lord of the Armies of Heaven, let’s tear down these strongholds!” ~Mario Murillo

Let me ask you a question. How is it possible for Biden to do and say the things he does, with little or no backlash from America? We are watching the single fastest decline in the history of this nation, ever, and it is all a result of its current leader. Biden makes everything about […]


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2 Responses to WHY I HAVE CHANGED THE WAY I PRAY FOR AMERICA — Mario Murillo Ministries

  1. The Answer is Jesus, every knee bow to Jesus, every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, not bow down to tyranny, or bow down to those who make themselves gods like in Daniel 3:16-19. They made the fire seven times hotter to kill those who wouldn’t bow down to anyone or anything but God, but the fire killed them not Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

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  2. “Take Action! I know people sometimes feel we need to stay out of politics, but that is the world’s way of thinking. If the Church does not influence the nation in which we live, who will? If the righteous do not act, the unrighteous certainly will. We have a responsibility before God to take action, and I feel a responsibility to ensure you know what issues must be brought down. That said, please note, in the next two weeks Congress will be hearing several key issues, HR-1 “For the People Act” which is very dangerous for our nation. It will codify the election fraud that took place in the 2020 election. HR-5 “The Equality Act,” another dangerous bill that will effectively silence the voice of the church in this country and ensure a genderless society is pushed upon not only every business in America, but the educational system will indoctrinate our children with this ungodly doctrine. These cannot pass the senate. Please keep this in prayer and call your senator and tell them to vote “NO” on both HR-1 and HR-5.

    Thank you again for your faithfulness!
    We love and bless you!
    Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of Nita Johnson and the WFJM Team”

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