Where Life is Found

Fullness of life is found IN Christ Jesus.

Receive Christ Jesus the Lord, and live IN him, rooted and built up IN him, established IN the faith of Jesus IN God the Father, just as you are taught by the Holy Spirit, abounding IN thanksgiving for what Jesus did, does, and will continue to do, that no one can do for themselves.

See to it that no one make a PREY of you by the activity of satan, philosophies, ideologies, empty words full of deceit, human traditions of fallen Adam under the father of lies, or according to the elemental spirits of the universe and not Christ’s HOLY Spirit of God. For IN CHRIST, you are not a victim but IN the Victory of God over all enemies domestic, foreign, and spiritual, for IN him is the whole fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily, and we come to FULLNESS OF LIFE in Christ who is the HEAD of all rule and authority in heaven and on earth.

IN CHRIST we are also circumcised with a circumcision not made with human hands, by putting off the body of flesh IN the circumcision OF CHRIST, buried WITH HIM in baptism, in which you are also RAISED WITH HIM, through faith in the WORKING OF GOD. Our Father makes you alive together WITH CHRIST by the HOLY Spirit, having forgiven us of all our trespasses, having canceled the bond against us with its legal demands; this he set aside, nailing it to the Cross of Jesus. God DISARMED the principalities and powers and made a public example of them, TRIUMPHING OVER THEM in Christ (Colossians 2:6-15

Do you have faith in the working of God? or the works of fallen government and usurpers?

Do you put your trust in the things of fallen Adam and the father of lies, or do you put your trust in the working of God?

Hold fast to the HEAD through whom the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST is nourished and knit together to God through Christ Jesus, growing with the growth that is from God.

IF with Christ you DIED to the elemental spirits of the universe, why do you live AS IF you still belong to the world? (Colossians 2:19-20)

IF then you have been RAISED with Christ, set your mind on the things that are above, not on things of this earth (Colossians 3:1-3). PUT OFF the old nature with your former manner of life and its practices, and PUT ON the new nature that is renewed in wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge of God and his glory of Christ, after the image and likeness of Christ, the exact image and likeness of God (Colossians 3:9-11).

“Stand mature and fully assured in all the Will of God” Colossians 4:12b

No longer believe or live like the world system of beliefs, global government and world religions of lucifer, in the futility of the hive mind, the consensus trance, darkened in understanding, alienated from the LIFE OF GOD because of ignorance and hardness of heart, callous; given up to licentiousness, greed, corruption, compromise, socialism, communism, Marxism, satanism, atheism, luciferianism, scientism, idols: putting things above God’s Word and Will, apart from Christ. But be taught IN Christ; the truth is IN Jesus. PUT OFF your old nature belonging to your former manner of life that is corrupt through aligning with the world mind full of pride, lust, deceit, manipulation, lies, propaganda and indoctrination away from God. PUT ON the Lord Jesus Christ and be renewed in the SPIRIT of your MIND and PUT ON the new nature, created after the image and likeness of God in TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS (Ephesians 4:17-24).

To set your mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the SPIRIT is life and peace. For the mind that is set on the things of this world is HOSTILE TO GOD, not submitting to God’s Word and Will, and those who are IN the flesh instead of IN Christ, cannot please God. But you are not in the flesh but IN the SPIRIT, if IN FACT the Spirit of God dwells IN YOU. Any one who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him (Romans 8:6-9).

The law of the Spirit of Life IN Christ Jesus sets you free from the law of sin and death. God did through Jesus what no one can do for themselves. ALL the law and prophesy is FULFILLED in Christ Jesus and can also be fulfilled in you when you walk according to the Spirit and not the world’s ways that seem right but lead to great harm and destruction (Romans 8:1-5).

There is NOTHING better or higher than the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords! Put NOTHING above God. “Evil shall slay the wicked; and those who hate the righteous will be condemned. The Lord REDEEMS the life of his servants; NONE of those who take refuge in him will be condemned” Psalm 34:21

“Fret not yourself because of the wicked…Trust in the Lord…enjoy security. Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth VINDICATION as the light, and RIGHTEOUSNESS as the noonday…Fret not…The salvation of the RIGHTEOUS is from the Lord; he is our REFUGE in the time of trouble. The Lord helps us and delivers us from the wicked, and saves us, because we take REFUGE in him” Psalm 37:1-40

“I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in Me, though you die you will live, and whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” ~Jesus in John 11:25-26

IN CHRIST is life, and the life is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness can NEVER overcome it. The true light of God came to earth with Jesus. ALL who RECEIVE CHRIST and BELIEVE in his Name (above every name that can be named in heaven and on earth), he gives power to become children of God, BORN AGAIN of God, of Water of Life and of Spirit of Life; not of flesh and blood of fallen Adam, but of the Blood, Water, and Spirit of Christ Jesus of God. Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, full of grace and truth, lived on earth, and when we behold his GLORY, we are changed into his image and likeness from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord who is the SPIRIT. And from Christ’s FULLNESS we receive grace upon grace (John 1:1-16; 2 Corinthians 3:18).

“Truly, truly, I say to you, you who hear My Word and believe him who sent Me, has eternal life; you do not come into judgment but HAVE PASSED from death to life…Hear the Voice of the Son of God, and those who HEAR will LIVE” ~Jesus in John 5:24-25

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