to EVERYTHING turn, turn, turn…

Christ ministers salvation, forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and freedom so we can “die to sin and come alive to righteousness” (1 Peter 2:24; Romans 5:17, 6:11); repenting, turning from darkness to marvelous Light, turn from anti-Christ to Christ, turn from views of the world to God’s View, turn from beliefs of this world to believe Jesus and God Who sent Him, turn from lies to the Truth of God; turn from reacting like the world to responding like Christ, getting wisdom and understanding, counsel and might, knowledge and reverence in the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit upon, with, and in you — the Spirit of the Lord. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! to abide and remain in Christ and Christ to abide and remain in you;

be endued with Power from on High — Holy Spirit and fire baptism of Jesus — the light of the glory of Christ within, coming down from the Throne LIKE a bride into those who make themselves READY — ready and willing to forsake all others to be joined, yoked, hitched, wed, married, united spirit and soul to ascended, glorified Christ Jesus, with Holy Spirit dwelling in your new temple of God — your body given as a living sacrifice — the acceptable offering in Spirit in Truth in worship in glory in Holy Spirit and fire.

Hear the Word of the Lord in Jeremiah 7:1-34: amend your ways and doings and turn to dwell in Christ and Christ in you — Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Do not trust in deceptive words…do not have other gods to your own hurt…do not continue abominations of this world system…listen to Jesus…call on the Lord God Almighty…do not pray for them, do you not see what they are doing…for the queen of heaven, for other gods…in their confusion. Turn and obey Jesus’ Voice and his God and Father.

“Death is preferred to life by all the remnant that remains of the evil family” apart from Christ Jesus (Jeremiah 8:3) living in blind perversity — holding fast to the lies of this world — deceit of the devil, refusing to turn to Jesus — speaking lies and refusing to repent (turn) — perpetual backsliding, refuse to turn from the deceit (5-6) — they turn to their own course, like horses — with false pens of lies — rejecting the Word of Truth (Jesus) — greedy for unjust gain — dealing falsely (10) — committing abominations — not knowing how to blush (12), they will be overthrown — they are not on the Vine of Christ (13) — sour grapes, no figs, cursed tree, leaves withered, destined to pass away with the old heavens, earth, and polluted seas — doomed to perish — given poisoned water (14) — looking for peace they are given war; looking for healing they are given terror (15) — snorting horses of the apocalypse under false christs, counterfeit white horse — all that can be shaken shakes — apart from Christ there is grief beyond healing (18), serpents bite, hearts sick, crying, hearts wounded (21), no Bride joined to the Bridegroom in defiled bodies who refuse discipline, reject God’s Truth for the lies of the world system, stiff necks from not listening to the True Shepherd; listening to their own counsel with stubborn hearts, going backwards with the world leaders instead of forward in the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Jeremiah ch. 7-8).

But those who obey Jesus’ Words, have his God and Father as yours and you become His, to walk in the Spirit and all will be well with you; balm given by the Great Physician…health to the daughter of God’s people (mature in Christ, part of the Bride] RESTORED (Jeremiah 8:22).

Oswald Chambers Classic Edition May 27 says:

The Life That Lives

The disciples had to tarry until the day of Pentecost not for their own preparation only; they had to wait until the Lord was glorified historically. As soon as He was glorified, what happened? “Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, He hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear.” The parenthesis in John 7:39 (“For the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified”) does not apply to us; the Holy Ghost has been given, the Lord is glorified; the waiting depends not on God’s providence, but on our fitness.

The Holy Spirit’s influence and power were at work before Pentecost, but He was not here. Immediately Our Lord was glorified in Ascension, the Holy Spirit came into this world, and He has been here ever since. We have to receive the revelation that He is here. The reception of the Holy Spirit is the maintained attitude of a believer. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we receive quickening life from the ascended Lord.

It is not the baptism of the Holy Ghost which changes men, but the power of the ascended Christ coming into men’s lives by the Holy Ghost that changes them. We too often divorce what the New Testament never divorces. The baptism of the Holy Ghost is not an experience apart from Jesus Christ: it is the evidence of the ascended Christ.

The baptism of the Holy Ghost does not make you think of Time or Eternity, it is one amazing glorious NOW. “This is life eternal that they might know Thee.” Begin to know Him now, and finish never.”

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