Can you Hear His Heart?

“Go to this people, and say,

‘You shall indeed hear but never understand,
and you shall indeed see but never perceive.
For this people’s heart has grown dull,
and their ears are heavy of hearing,
and their eyes they have closed;
lest they should perceive with their eyes,
and hear with their ears,
and understand with their heart,
and turn for me to heal them.’

Let it be known to you then that this salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles; they will listen” Acts 28:26-28

From Kevin Barrett, : “The Lord says: “I come to My people to OPEN the eyes of their understanding, so they can make the ADJUSTMENTS that are necessary in this present hour. In this day, many still walk in their life having a VEIL upon their hearts. For so many still do not understand the NEED for them to change & BE as I have called them to BE. For so long My people have been INUNDATED by doctrines that have minimized the effectiveness of My will within My people’s lives. Many HEAR these doctrines, being told that they already possess the things that they are told, but few have understood the TRUTH in receiving these very things.

My people MUST come to understand their place in My will for their lives. I told you that I desire My people to be FREE in 2023. I told you that in this freedom, My people will be able to SEE in 2023. I need My people to understand that the things that I desire you to see are somewhat DIFFERENT than what many are EXPECTING. For many expect My victories & blessings to just fall upon them & when these things do not happen, many of My people are CONFUSED & even begin to LOSE hope, because their hope was not IN what I said, but IN what man has told them.

Some will even be ATTACKED by the enemy to CONVINCE them that because they did not get what they thought, that I do not love them. I tell you these things because in the time ahead I will REQUIRE My people to walk on a higher level. There can be NO MORE listening to well-meaning men’s teachings & doctrines. For THIS is the hour of spiritual warfare that I have warned you was coming. I have told you THIS over time not to scare you, but to cause you to RISE UP in spiritual war. Do you think one can rise & fight when they have not PREPARED to do so? This is a fallacy!

No soldier goes to war WITHOUT first being prepared & trained & THIS is what I have been doing in My people over time…preparing them for WAR! But many have not taken hold of My words & instead have let My words SLIP & they remained the same, unprepared for what was COMING. But NOW I call My people to SHAKE themselves from the complacency & compromise that they have been BOUND in, for the time of My GLORY to come UPON you & IN you HAS come. Those who will righteously RESPOND to My words in this hour WILL rise to heights they have never known.

Many will be TRANSFORMED SO greatly, they will see Me do great things IN them & THRU them. Many will walk in the SAME manifestations of My spirit that the EARLY church walked in, for the time of the GREATER things shall you do, has come again. For this IS the hour for My people to ENTER into the early & the later rain TOGETHER…a time that I said would come long ago. So many have NOT been ready for this hour, but NOW more & more of My people ARE beginning to hear My voice…NOT the voice of strangers, & because of this they WILL arise in this hour & do exploits of old & even GREATER than ever before.

For THIS IS the hour for My church to truly BECOME My church. LED of Me, WALKING in My ways & DOING those things that ARE pleasing unto Me! Many do not understand what that really means to be pleasing unto Me, but in the hours ahead, MANY will begin to GRASP this truth & RISE UP & walk IN it. For in this hour, I am removing the veil from the hearts of My people, for many are now starting to SEE the truth of My word & no longer HIDING behind the “pseudo” teaching of man that has COMPROMISED My people for SO long. Now many are taking their PLACES IN Me & doing THEIR parts.

Many do not understand that for things to happen there is USUALLY always a part that must be done. If you push the button, the light goes on. If you open the door, you can walk in. If you put food in your mouth, you will eat. These are just a few indications of the truth of ACTION & RESULTS. So many of My people do not SEEM to understand that in spiritual things this is STILL action. I need My people to OPEN the hearts of their understanding & SEE things as they really are! For in this hour, many will ACTIVELY take hold of Me & My words, NOT with lip service, but with the ACTION of their lives & THESE will rise up INTO the place that I have prepared for them.

For in TRUTH, these will have REMOVED the veil from their hearts & they shall SEE My face, in glory & power, as I RISE UP WITHIN them. My glory will begin to MANIFEST all over the earth, as My people rise up INTO Me & My glory. For as My glory begins to CONSUME My people, more & more will COME CLOSER & they will, in turn, allow My glory to TOUCH them & the veils upon their hearts will be REMOVED as well. The time for My people to SHINE as lights in this dark world HAS come. For this to happen, it was NECESSARY for My people to SEE the truth of what has been WITHIN their hearts & as they RESPOND unto Me & My words they will continue to be CHANGED into the SAME image that I have told you would come, for they will be doing THEIR part in this change, as I do Mine.

Come to Me, My people & allow Me to take hold of you in this hour. The time for you to BECOME as Me has come. You can NO LONGER continue in your ways, you MUST come My way in this hour. I will help you, as you will be willing to SEE the things that I show you & to respond with your hearts with TRUE repentance, for true repentance is NECESSARY for this veil to be removed from your hearts. As you begin to SEE as I see, you WILL begin to walk as I walk, for you WILL know My stepping in your path, as you walk along with Me, at your side. I love you all with an everlasting love…surrender your lives to Me, as never before & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”

From : “Dear Saints, The Lord has given us another powerful word of instruction through Pastor Mark because of the seriousness of the hour we are in. Please, please don’t disregard these important warnings and instructions from the Lord.

The Lord says: “I come to My people to ENCOURAGE them in this hour, for truly the time has come for My people to STAND in Me, as never before. For as you WATCH going forward in the coming days, there will be much happening & many will not be PREPARED for what is coming because too many are still consumed by their SELF-life. I come to you now to HELP you, so you will not be discouraged or fall aside thru all that is about to come. For even as you have seen this night in My word, My people have ENDURED tribulations, they have endured PRESSURES from all sides.

But in the lives of many, those that say they are Mine do not KNOW this experience on the level that the saints of old endured. So many of My people have not been DISCIPLINED by the pressures that are necessary for you to STAND strong. How can you stand strong, when you have never had the need to USE this strength that I speak of? For I tell you that in the coming time, you will see & hear many things that will GRIP you & many will not be able to stand UNDER the pressure & stress that these things will bring. So I tell you now, it is NEEDFUL for you to come close to Me now, while you still can.

I am NOT saying that this is the end. I am just saying that so many are not even prepared to go THRU what is soon coming. I need My people to UNDERSTAND that I must cause My people to be STRONG in Me & to do this. Unfortunately many must go thru hard times to bring them to this place. For in a life of ease with no real problems, many just SKATE thru life, never understanding what pressure REALLY means. I am not speaking about the little pressure you know of, thru your NORMAL daily lives…I am speaking about a pressure that will CHALLENGE the very level of who you truly are!

I need My people to understand that it takes pressure to SHOW you what is really within you. So many COMPLAIN to Me about the things they must endure & this saddens Me, because these things mostly are MINIMAL, compared to what My people of old have gone thru. And these STOOD strong in Me, denying their very lives to please Me & they stand in the annals of FAITH before Me. For I have these things written in My word as a TESTIMONY to you, so you will know what is REQUIRED to truly stand IN Me. So many think they ARE standing in Me, but I tell you that the truth of this is shown by how they hold up UNDER pressure.

I need you to SEE your place in all of this because so many think that in all things that I will somehow miraculously always show up & do something to RESCUE them. I need My people to see that in most things, there is always a PART that you must do, even in My rescue. You are approaching a CRITICAL time in your faith & I need you to stand in this hour, not GIVING IN to the fear or doubt that the enemy will try to pour upon you. There will be good times ahead…they will be DYNAMIC demonstrations of My power & glory, but there will also be times where My people will have to FIGHT the good fight of faith to SEE these things come.

Never forget that the things of heaven do not just AUTOMATICALLY fall down from heaven…My people always have a part in what is to come. Look at the day of Pentecost. Did My Spirit just miraculously fall from heaven? Some will say “yes”, but these very people have OVERLOOKED that My people TARRIED for Me to come & pour down upon them…they DID their part & so I did Mine! I need My people to understand the workings of heaven. For I have called for there to be SYNERGY in all things, even so with My people there must be a WORKING TOGETHER IN UNION for things to happen on the level that I desire.

So many of My people live a life that is mainly only GRASPING at what they can receive from Me, by My grace & mercy, them having no REAL part. But I am looking for those who will TAKE HOLD of Heaven & WORK TOGETHER with Me & IN Me to see the things I desire to come forth in this hour. I want My people to stand STRONG in this hour & DO exploits. I desire for My people to truly BE My people. So many do not understand why I keep saying this, time & time again. It is because the TRUTH of My words are not fully taken as I have given them. When I say “My people”, I am talking about a people who are LED of Me.

I am speaking about a people who OBEY Me, above all else. I am talking about a people who are SET APART for My use…NOT their own! I need My people to truly understand what it means when I call you “SAINTS”. For a Saint is one who IS sacred, pure & morally blameless. Yet so many of My people do not measure up to the reality of what this means. Most will stand on only the grace of My blood, as being the ONLY part. While at the same time, not realizing that My very blood truly APPLIED to them will CAUSE them to truly BE sacred, pure & morally blameless in their lives as THEY WALK in this present world.

How can you say you are saints when you are NOT truly walking AS a saint? How are you SACRED unto Me? How are you PURE unto Me? How are you MORALLY BLAMELESS unto Me? By only the grace of my blood? Or by what the grace of my blood has CAUSED you to BE & to WALK IN your life day by day? I say this because, in this coming time, I will be taking My people CLOSE unto Me so they will NOT be touched by what is coming. I truly love you all with an everlasting love & it is My desire that you all BE with Me. The question I speak to you now is, how can you think you will BE with Me IN heaven, when you are not truly with Me now, ON earth?

I say this to AWAKEN you out of the slumber that your SELF-life has lulled you into. For the truth of My grace & love must be EMBRACED as the truth that I have spoken, not by man’s MANIPULATIONS that have caused My people to fall into the “Laodicean church” mentality. It is time for My people to truly BE My people & as you will HEAR My voice & RESPOND unto Me WITH your lives, you will SEE Me manifest the true REALITY of Me WITHIN you, as I desire. Come to Me, My people & allow Me to TAKE HOLD of you as never before. Begin to SEE things as I have shown you & you WILL do just fine. I await for you to do your PART & come to Me. I love you, please LET GO of your self-life & RISE UP into being who I have CALLED & ORDAINED you to be & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!

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