From His Heart

from Kevin Barrett,  :

“Dear Saints,

The Lord has given us a powerful word through Pastor Mark. Please, please don’t disregard what the Lord is saying to us through this word.

The Lord says: “I come to My people in this new year 2023 to bring you good tidings, for it is My desire for My people to truly be free in 2023! Many will ponder this statement & wonder, thinking that they are already free. But as I have already told you many times, most of My people are only partially free because they only walk in partial truth. But, I have been reaching out to My people over time, and now more & more are starting to hear My voice in this hour. And as they are doing this, they are beginning to arise into My truth & seeing My freedom manifest greatly within them, for they now are walking in life having their eyes to see & their ears to hear, more than ever before.

In this new year of 2023, many more are going to follow them in this stepping, as they begin to see many things occurring suddenly around them. For in 2023 so many more things will come forth & be revealed & as this happens, the multitudes of My people, as well as those in the world, will no longer be able to hide behind their complacency & compromise anymore. For what they will see & learn will break the very foundations of what they once thought & believed. And by “believed” I mean more than just in their belief in Me & My word, for I also speak that they will begin to have their eyes opened to things around them that they never thought to be possible.

So many of these things that they were once convinced as being “true”, will now begin to catapult downward into falsehoods, & the lives of many will be changed forever. I told you before that you were entering into the “Great Awakening” & when I spoke this I told you that this meant there was going to be an awakening beyond what most people would even relate as to being happening “spiritually”. For so long this world has been submerged in lies & deception. This programmed mindset has twisted reality into something that the multitudes would be convinced to accept as “real”, yet now as time goes forward the truth of many things will now become more & more evident.

The time has come for My people to go beyond all that they are seeing happening around them. In this, I am speaking about My people letting go of the things that this world system has deceived them, as well as others, into believing & having accepted into their lives as something they must do. I told you that the things of this world are temporary, so why should My people allow themselves to be ensnared by & into things that will only take them away from Me? I need My people to see the truth that is being revealed around them so they will know what is real & what is deception. For the time of the great deception has already come & many are still ensnared within it.

Many do not comprehend that this has already been happening, yet at the same time, these same people gave themselves over to doing things that are contrary to My word. And most of these people have done it because they did not know better, or because they trusted this world system. Some did it because they were forced to, by the threat of losing their livelihoods. And by world system, I include the medical field, because so many over time have trusted doctors & medicine to be a help & as being good. Yet, so many doctors these days do not serve as healers anymore, for many have been compromised by the powers of darkness & now are even doing the bidding of the evil one.

A great multitude of people cannot fathom this reality, yet it is real & it is true. Today I tell you that there is only safety in medicine, with the doctors who have not been compromised. In the days ahead the world is going to find out the depth of evil that has been perpetrated on mankind by these doctors, medicine, & its related industry. People will not believe that I am saying this, but the truth is truth & as the multitudes have their false narratives destroyed around them they will be forced to see the reality of what really happened, as it really is. Soon many will begin to desperately seek Me & My kingdom ahead & I will then need My people to rise up to be a help to these.

In this new year of 2023, I am bringing My people to a greater understanding of the way things are. For even as My servant had mentioned, I am causing My people into a greater dimension of life within My presence. And as I reveal this truth, many will begin to take hold of it & pursue Me in their lives as never before. For so many think of being in or coming into My presence as being “close to me”, yet as I have already told you, that to most, this is mostly just like someone “warming themselves standing in front of a fire”. I have made this comparison before, that I desire for My people to jump into the fire, for only in the fire can you be consumed & conformed into My desire!

Now here is the greater reality & understanding of this. To many, “being in My presence” happens only when they attend a church worship service. The truth in such an experience is, that many are only “feeling” an overflow from those who are TRULY entering into My presence at that time. Many are NOT experiencing My presence for themselves, which is the true reality of what I desire to do, but only a taste. But, now as I am giving you this new understanding, you will seek to enter into something greater than you have ever thought possible. For it is My desire that experience My true presence for yourselves…not just a 2nd hand experience of being near someone who is. For I am calling My people into a greater reality of what it means to truly be in My presence & on fire in Me.

And those who will take hold of what I am saying in this hour will see Me manifest greatly within them & they will explode into a freedom & a liberty that they have never known. For it is My desire for My people to be close to Me. It is My desire for My people to walk with Me. It is My desire for My people to become like Me. And as My people will begin to seek Me for themselves, not just counting on or relying on a ‘2nd hand experience’ by being near someone who is entering into My presence, but truly seeking Me in themselves & taking hold of Me & My presence within them, they shall arise in Me in this hour & begin to be greatly changed into the image of My Son.

Are you willing to truly go forward with Me in this hour? Are you sincerely desiring more of Me in your lives? To be honest in yourselves, you must recognize that in neither of these things are many truly walking in, for so many still hold to their own lives as being the first priority within them. But, as My people will hear My voice in this hour & truly take a step closer out of self, by crucifying their flesh so that I become their greatest need within them & all around them, then they will begin to be molded & shaped by Me. And My glory & My power will come forth as I walk in them & thru them in the time ahead, for the time for My people of power & glory has come for all to see!

Come to Me, My people & begin to truly see the way things really are within you. As you will release your reality unto Me & seek My reality, you will see things on a level that few have ever seen. For this is the hour for the truth to come forth, for it already has started & now My people will be forced to see things as they truly are in ways they before refused to see. There can be no more complacency & compromise within My people. There can be no more just accepting everything that you are being told & never questioning it. The time for My people to try the spirits whether they truly are of God or not has never disappeared, though few seem to remember that I even said this.

I need My people to understand that “trying the spirit” means more than just on a “religious level”, for there is SO much going on around you that you would never understand or perceive as being spiritual when it truly is. Because in reality, everything around you is spiritual, it’s just that few have perceived this reality. Remember, in John 6:63 I told you that words ARE spirits. There are either words that are the spirit of truth & life, or there are words that are the spirit of lies & death. As I lay things forth in this way, you should be able to understand that everything around you is spiritual & it is your responsibility to walk before Me in truth & in life, in this hour, with all of your lives.

I call you forth in this hour to walk circumspectly in this world, redeeming your time because the days are evil. In 2023 you will be required to walk in accountability before Me, in all that you do. I challenge you to see the truth before you. Remember, your lives are not your own, for you were bought with a price, therefore glorify Me with your bodies & your spirits, which are Mine. In this new year, I will take hold of My people in this hour & those who will yield unto Me & rise up to be used by Me will see My hand greatly in this hour. Come to Me, My people & allow Me to carry your forward in this new year in all that I desire to do & you will not be disappointed, says the Lord!”~Kevin Barrett’s blog

This is why we count our times of trial, tests of faith, sufferings, all joy in hindsight that is 20/20 (James 1:2-4), for their FULL EFFECT is to be perfect (lacking nothing), holy (set apart), and complete (abiding and remaining in the Word, in Spirit, in Christ in Peace, in His Shalom (wholeness, fullness of life and blessing, tranquility, completeness, harmony, health, wealth, prosperity of spirit and soul and body) and Christ abiding and remaining in you, in joy in the Holy Spirit). Thank you Jesus!

Endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us” Romans 5:4-5

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life” Proverbs 13:12

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2 Responses to From His Heart

  1. Christophe says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    I read a quote today that you may have seen already, but I think it could be a good place to post it:

    “Dear God, if today I lose my hope, please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams.”

    It really speaks to me, because despite the gains in wisdom and understanding I have made over the years, I still feel some confusion about my place and purpose in the world and I also get frustrated sometimes when my plans don’t pan out.

    So it comforts me to know through all the mess and confusion that God does have plans and that maybe temporary failure and confusion are part of His plan and will lead to greater things, greater depths of understanding or greater acceptance that I don’t need to have it all figured out in advance, instead it might be much more enjoyable to just relax, trust God and let him surprise and delight me with His divine will every step of the way!


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