Aware and Noncompliant

Government and religion make strange bedfellows…

do not get in bed with them…

“It is done! To the thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life for FREE. He who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be your God and you shall be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, the murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the SECOND DEATH (in Adam all are dead though they say they are alive; without the name/nature CHANGE into Christ’s eternal LIFE)” Revelation 21:7

Jesus warned us about the “Jews who were not Jews,” the synagogue of satan, in bed with the Roman government. They cared nothing about ordinary people; they only cared about keeping power. They committed horrendous evil upon the people with unjust and unrighteous ruling. But our all-Loving Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, sent the Messiah to save, heal, deliver and set us ALL FREE. He sent the CHRIST appointed for EVERY human being, finished his work on the cross, so we could be reconciled and reunited with our Father. His Christ IS NOW, was and is to come! He has got you COVERED! past, present, future! I’m with Him ^

(NOTE: I am NOT talking about all the wonderful Jewish, Christian, Roman Catholic, Muslim PEOPLE who are humble-hearted, gentle, prayerful, yielded-vessels,  God-fearing, hard working, honest, truth-seeking, with congruent hearts, words, thoughts and deeds, authentically seeking God)

Today there are still Jews who are not Jews; they are now a shadow government throughout the world in bed with a roman shadow religion with a blood oath allegiance to their hidden capstone which they put above God, country and “we the people” whom they HATE. The synagogue of satan has also infiltrated institutions, corporations, education, entertainment/arts/sports, the economy, and the family. It is the bad leaven that has infiltrated the entire world. The synagogue of satan’s evil yeast has spread to include Christians who are not Christians and Muslims who are not Muslim and governments who are not our real government, but hidden darkness with  hidden agendas who do rituals and use sorcery, such as the “cremation of care” where politicians and world leaders of this present darkness sacrifice all that is good, true and right and get in bed with the luciferian agenda, the hidden capstone, the secret society’s god of the world of darkness. They worship the Ba’al gods of ancient Egypt and Babylon. They are mystery babylon; the beast system and the harlot.

Their goal is to keep the citizenry “unaware and compliant” with their hidden agenda and darkness. They are the DOUBLE-MINDED hypocrites with a public policy and a HIDDEN personal policy or hidden agenda that Jesus warned us about, saying “do not be deceived” “do not follow them” “true religion is to be unstained from the world” religion in bed with government is apostasy; popery; sorcery; thievery; destruction; murder. “They come to steal, kill and destroy. I came so you may have life and life more abundant” The reformation revealed the hidden antiChrist system; the ban of Jesuit influence and master masons has been forgotten. They are the builders and architects of evil while keeping those under them “unaware and compliant” of who the hidden capstone is, and they do not want you to wake up and receive the Light of Christ…

“But woe to you hypocrites! because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither enter yourselves, nor allow those who would enter to go in. Woe to you hypocrites! you make human beings twice as much a child of HELL as yourselves” Matthew 23:13

The illuminati card game has a 23 card that seems to point to Matthew 23 and the 13th chapter is indicative of their love for the number 13. Revelation 13 is about the two beasts of the world system. “All the nations were deceived by thy sorcery. And in her was found the blood of all the innocents who have been slain on the earth” (Rev 18:23). Pope Francis surprisingly came to power, the first Jesuit to become the white pope, with alliance to the black pope who is always a Jesuit. The latest popery came to power on 3-13-13 a day important to the hidden darkness. The harlot is in bed with Cain and more blood of innocent Abel will be sacrificed…

“These are of one mind and give over their power and authority to the beast” Rev 17:13

Revelation 23 does not exist in the bible but it could be their adding false words and taking away the finished work of the Christ with their counterfeit gospel (Rev 22:18-19); the 23 that TRIES to take away the entirety of the bible: the Alpha: the Spirit of God hovers over the earth while it was still formless and void, AND the Omega: the Spirit and Bride say, “Come…take the water of life WITHOUT PRICE [FREE]” The Alpha and the Omega: The Spirit and Bride of Christ in you!

Jesus warned us over and over again about the synagogue of satan who work for evil and intend evil for human beings while they speak flattering words and tickle our ears while they have a pit of snakes in their heart that is FAR FROM GOD. They speak about God, but they LIE with the god of darkness and death; they teach a different Jesus, a sun god, not the Son of God, the Christ of God, the Messiah of God, the Lamb of God who was the LAST ADAM. They continue to get you to drink their “koolaid” that you are still a sinful Adam under the ruler of the present darkness continuing to fall for their tricks, lies, deception, and hidden capstone, lucifer, who promises the world good, but delivers evil, darkness, death, disease, distress, dismay, disappointment, discouragement, fear, disorder, chaos, terror, endless wars from which they profit from.

“They preach but they do not practice. They bind us with heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with their finger. They do all their deeds to be seen by men; they love the place of honor and the best seats in both government and religion” Matthew 23:3-7

“Woe to you blind guides…blind fools….blind men…hypocrites who cleanse the outside but the inside is full of extortion and rapacity…whitewashed tombs which outwardly appear beautiful, but WITHIN they are full of dead man’s bones and all uncleanliness. They also OUTWARDLY APPEAR righteous to men, but within they are FULL of hypocrisy and iniquity…you murdered…you serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you going to escape being sentenced to hell? You shed righteous blood on earth, from the blood of INNOCENT Abel…and those you MURDERED” Matthew 23:13-35

The world rulers of this PRESENT DARKNESS want the Harlot and the murdering Cain to rain evil upon the “unaware and compliant” giving consent to the house of cards, the hidden darkness, the hidden capstone of lucifer/satan, and their hidden agenda. We say, “no” to evil and evil doers, to powers and principalities, and the world rulers of this present darkness (Ephesians 6:18). We say, “Yes!!!” to our Father and his Lamb who are ONE! “Yes!!!” to our Abba Father and his Christ who are ONE! “Yes!!!” to the Creator of the heavens and the earth and his Messiah who are One! “Yes!!!!” to our ONE Father and God who is ABOVE ALL, and through all and IN ALL” (Ephesians 4:6) “Yes!!!!!!!” to Christ in you “In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you” (John 14:20)

Father, your mercy, grace and glory is NEW every morning and this morning it is clear and present you are DOING A NEW THING on the earth as it is in heaven. The WAY where there is no way has already been revealed to us, the hidden mystery, hidden for ages and generations but REVEALED by the gospel of Christ Jesus: Christ in us IS NOW the hope of glory for the earth! We TAKE your bright, fiery River of Water of Life from the throne. We DRINK of YOU Christ Spirit; your water, fire and Spirit! We PARTAKE of your divine nature! We take your Living Water and we become a river of Christ Spirit, a fountain of Christ Life that overflows Christ everywhere we go until the GLORY OF GOD covers the earth LIKE WATER covers the seas!!!!!!!

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often would I have gathered your children together as a HEN gathers HER brood under her wings, and you would not! Behold, YOUR HOUSE is forsaken and desolate” Matthew 23:37-38

Those in Christ, with his Bride and his Spirit, are the New Jerusalem, the new city of God, a city set on a hill, arisen, SHINING Christ’s LIGHT in a dark world and THICK DARKNESS over her people. “The Spirit and the Bride say, “COME!” “Take! Drink of Me! Partake of Me! Eat my Word to be made flesh in you! Holy Spirit writes the Word on your heart and mind and it is made the flesh of Christ by the Holy Spirit and fire of God who brings the hidden eternity in your heart to LIFE! new Life in Christ! “As he is so are we in the world” for such a time as this!!!!!!!

For though we live in the world we are not carrying on a worldly war, the weapons of our warfare are NOT WORLDLY but have DIVINE POWER to destroy the strongholds of hidden evil. We CANCEL the assignment of the enemy against “we the people” of God! We BIND evil doing on earth! We loose the help of the Spirit of Christ into every human being! We destroy their arguments, talking points, flattering empty words of their public policy, double-mindedness, hidden agenda and hidden dark personal policy. We destroy every PRIDEFUL, arrogant, hubris, and haughty obstacle to the KNOWLEDGE, BEYOND KNOWLEDGE, experiential knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to have the Mind of Christ, the Higher thoughts, ways, wisdom,  understanding, counsel, strength, might, power, and reverential awe of God!!!!!!!

This election is not about the two people; this years election is a spiritual battle that Christ Jesus has already WON for us to turn FROM the world and enter HIS KINGDOM AS pure, righteous CHILDREN; made righteous through the blood of the LAMB that was shed and sacrificed ONCE FOR ALL. There are no more external temples in Christ; no more blood sacrifice: animal or human IN CHRIST, his Christ in you, God’s Spirit and Bride IN YOU!!!!!!!

We TURN from the darkness of the world and are healed! We repent, change our minds, and we enter into Christ’s Mind as ONE BODY and ONE SPIRIT with Christ in God!!!!!!! We give Jesus every sin, past, present and future, and we take HIS righteousness and enter the city by the gates: the new heaven and new earth: Christ’s Spirit and Christ’s Bride!!!!!!! In US!!!!!!!

“The Kingdom is not coming externally, not “Lo, there” or “Lo, here” but the Kingdom of God is within and in your midst IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR ENEMIES” “I prayed and My Father will send you a Comforter Counselor Advocate Interceder Counsel Helper Teacher Guide to be with you FOREVER, the Spirit of TRUTH, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither SEES him nor KNOWS him; YOU KNOW HIM, for he DWELLS WITH YOU AND IN YOU” “I have set a table, My marriage feast, so you can eat and drink of Myself and not eat the fruit of their lies and deception” “Every stone of the external temple I destroyed so you may be MY NEW TEMPLE for My God and Father and His Spirit to live, abide, indwell, inhabit, move and have HIS BEING in you forever and ever and ever”

The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!!!!!!!”

“Abide in Me as I abide in YOU” Glory, glory Hallelujah! We CANCEL consent for their hidden darkness and hidden agenda and we say, “YES” to our Heavenly Father God and his Lamb and their REVEALED fulfillment of the gospel promise: Christ in you!!!!!!! Yes! we awake and arise from the dead Adam cursed on the tree, and Christ gives us HIS LIGHT! Arise and Shine, body of Christ who are filled with His Spirit! The Spirit and Bride in YOU!!!!!!! Come!!!!!!! Receive!!!!!!! Be his LIGHT in the world until the darkness is ALL dispelled!!!!!!! NO MORE SPELLS; no more counterfeits; only the one body and one Spirit of Christ, the  kingdom of God in you and you and you and you…where righteousness dwells!!!!!!! According to His promise, receive Christ, receive His Light, the new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells! (2 Peter 3:1-18)

NEW wine and wineskins!!!!!!!

“Now to him who is ABLE to keep you from falling and PRESENT you without blemish before the PRESENCE of HIS GLORY with rejoicing, to the ONLY GOD [above all other gods], our Savior through Jesus the Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, BEFORE ALL TIME, and NOW and FOREVER. Amen” (Jude 1:24). Hallelujah!!!!!!!

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A Nation without government, Christianity without religion!

What would it look like to have a nation “we the people” without corrupt government? We would have more than enough money to take care of the least of these! No elections spending billions for theater, spin, games, murder, manipulation, bribery, blackmail, mud-slinging, deception and lies that hurt our nation? What would it look like to have “Christ in you” without religion, but a real intimate relationship with God and empowered by the Holy Spirit? Instead of ritual and empty words, what if there was powerful demonstration of power, wisdom, signs, wonders, miracles, healing, deliverance and freedom?

“My speech and my message are not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God” 1 Cor 2:4

Jesus brought the righteous government of heaven to earth, he took the corrupt Roman government and the corrupt Jewish religion with him to the grave and corrupt government and religion are is still cursed on the tree outside the camp, where all our sins, unrighteousness and death also reside, cursed forever…

Ever since “Christ in us” was revealed by Jesus after being hidden for ages and generations, the secret TRUTH that governments and religions have not wanted you to discover because you could no longer be controlled, manipulated and deceived. This is exactly why God sent the Savior, the Messiah, to FREE you from all external controls; to be able to live in the kingdom of God under only the King of kings and Lord of lords who is the only righteous ruler, righteous judge, who is gentle, humble, and with ALL Power and Authority in heaven and on earth. He is always and forever FOR “we the people” of God, the human race that is made in the image and likeness of God. The people that Hillary hates; the America that big government hate; the revelation of “Christ in you” that both shadow governments and religions hate. They are of the antiChrist spirit, and they hate Christ who is the exact image and likeness of God…

We have arrived at the tipping point…….the craziness and disappointment and lies and cover-ups so profound that we can finally let the world system go…Jesus said heaven AND earth would pass away…only His Word would remain…and His Word in you, his Christ in you, is His Word made flesh in you! We take His righteousness and enter His kingdom of heaven on earth!

Father thank you for exposing all hidden darkness! Abba Father thank you for exposing all hidden agendas! Spirit of Truth thank you for leading us into all Truth! We do NOT consent any longer to shadow governments and false religion! We unite with the Lord and become one Spirit with Him! We come to Him and become one body with Him, the new city, the New Jerusalem, the Bride filled with the Spirit of God!!!!!!!

We are no longer the polished-worded Hillary’s “unaware and compliant citizenry.” We are no longer the bombastic Donald’s sexual play toys. We are no longer willing to vote politicians who fund both sides of wars; give weapons to terrorists for their hidden agendas and are bought and paid for with dirty money that we can use for the least of these around the world instead of playing “politics and religion”.

We are no longer willing to fund endless wars and hurt innocent people; we only supported the lies we were fed that they would lead us to peace. But it was the false peace of the world that can never deliver us from evil and evildoers, but gets in bed with them instead. Government and religion are in bed with the synagogue of satan. We no longer consent to the beast system and the harlot. We turn to God and are healed from our old alliances. God pours His pure Love and Spirit into our hearts so we can Love God, love one another as ourselves and love our enemies, who are no longer enemies when they accept our love and forgiveness!

We say “yes” in Christ by the power and wisdom of his Holy Spirit! We accept his righteousness and glory! We know beyond knowledge that “I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you” True Peace! beyond the kingdoms of the world, entering as pure spirited, whole-hearted children of God into His kingdom, power and glory on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!! “THY will be done Father, on earth as it is in heaven”

Father, make a WAY where there is no way!

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Transform and Transfigure

“What you do to the least of these you do to me.” Jesus, the last Adam is the naked, sick, imprisoned one. In Christ we bring the Light, the Christ, that clothes the naked with God’s Light, heals the sick, frees the prisoner, removing the bondage. Christ is the clothed, healthy, compete, free one!

There is one body and one Spirit (Ephesians 4:4)

There is one of the world: Adam: he thinks he is alive but he is dead. There is the Living One of the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of the Beloved Son. We transform from the man of the world and transfigure into the man from heaven!

“It is sown perishable, raised imperishable; sown in dishonor, raised in glory; sown in weakness, raised in Power; sown a physical body, raised a spiritual body…the first man Adam became a living being, the LAST ADAM became a life-giving spirit…the first man from the earth, a man of dust; the second man is FROM HEAVEN, SO ARE THOSE WHO ARE FROM HEAVEN. As was the man of dust, so are those of the dust; and AS THE MAN OF HEAVEN, SO ARE THOSE WHO ARE OF HEAVEN [on earth]. Just as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also BEAR THE IMAGE OF THE MAN OF HEAVEN. The man of dust, those in the image and likeness of Adam CANNOT inherit the kingdom of God or the imperishable. Lo, I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we all all be changed, IN A MOMENT, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet” 1 Cor 15:42-52

Jesus, the LAST ADAM is on the cursed tree; Christ is the tree of life!

Jesus had every sin and death upon his person on the cross to DESTROY sin and death once and for all; Christ has new eternal Life and resurrected Spirit upon his person for all who COME!

First we must come to the cross to die with Jesus and let the old man (Adam) with the LAST ADAM stay nailed to the cross in the world of darkness and mixed good and evil, outside the camp.

Resurrect and ascend and be glorified WITH Christ in heavenly places while your body is in the world but not OF it. Your mind, heart, will (three-part soul), and spirit are in heavenly places with Christ. Our body, the new temple, is on earth with Christ within: the kingdom of God within!

Some day that no one knows the time or date but our Father, the kingdom within God’s children will also outwardly manifest as the new heaven and new earth where only righteousness may dwell!

“The Son of man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne…he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left. Then the King will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’ Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? And when did we welcome and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you? And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me’ ” Matthew 25:31-40

“Then he will say to those at his left hand, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels; for I was hungry and you gave me no food, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was a stranger and you did not welcome me, naked and you did not clothe me, sick and in prison and you did not visit me.’ Then they also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick or in prison and did not minister to you?’ Then he will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it not to one of the least of these, you did it not to me.’ And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life” Matthew 25:41-46

The goats are not “as Christ is in the world” Christ was, IS, and is to come in the world but not OF it.

“By this we KNOW that we abide IN HIM AND HE IN US, because he has given us of his OWN SPIRIT. And we have SEEN and TESTIFY that the Father has sent his Son as the Savior of the world. Whoever confesses the Jesus is the Son of God [and believes it in their heart] God abides in him, and he in God. So WE KNOW and BELIEVE the LOVE God has for us. God is LOVE, and he who abides in LOVE abides in God, and GOD ABIDES IN HIM. In THIS is Love perfected IN US, that we may have confidence for the day of judgment, BECAUSE AS HE IS SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD”  1 John 4:13-17

We transform from goats preyed upon by lyin’ lions, leopards (with dark spots!), bears, scorpions, snakes and flies, to sheep with The True, Good Shepherd, who is ONLY Love, Light, and HOLY Spirit!

We transfigure from human beings in the image and likeness of Adam to like Christ, the image and likeness of God!

The narrow gate is Righteousness and it leads into the wide, beautiful, peaceful, alive, pristine garden paradise of God, bursting with new Life, Joy, the impossible made possible, the invisible made visible, and the manifest Word of God made flesh! the New Jerusalem: our new body temple of God in New Jerusalem…

the new Israel: our new, sanctified, glorified SOUL (mind, heart and will)…

and our human spirit married to God’s Holy Spirit making us a sheep nation only UNDER GOD our Father!!!!!!!

Beauty from Ashes! Christ from the LAST Adam!

Those outside the camp with Adam, the image and likeness of the father of lies, banished from the garden cannot enter the gate into the new city…unrighteousness cannot enter…

being a sheep or a goat has nothing to do with religion, race, gender or nation…it is NOT EXTERNAL DIFFERENCES OF PHYSICAL APPEARANCES…

it has everything to do with WHO IS IN YOUR HEART: Adam, the last Adam on the cross, OR the THIRD OPTION: the resurrected, ascended, glorified CHRIST in your heart and his resurrection LIGHT circulated to your whole body, soul and spirit, flipping you from a physical human being to a Christ-like SPIRITUAL being with spirit FIRST, spirit and soul and body; one body and one Spirit with the resurrected Christ!

those still of Adam are goats

those with Jesus on the tree are cursed and dead, the LAST ADAM…don’t stay on the cross…let the Spirit of God resurrect Christ in  you…

those with Christ share the resurrection Life in the garden paradise of God!!!!!!!



The Spirit and Bride say “Come!”

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Peace, Peace

In the world you will have tribulation, but in Christ there is true Peace.

Peace to the far, and peace to the near. “My peace I give to thee, not as the world gives, do I give thee”

World peace is an oxymoron; the god of the world is the father of lies and offers a false promise of peace and delivers the opposite: tribulation, turmoil, chaos, confusion, disorder, distress, disease, dismay, discouragement, disappointment, depression, anxiety, fear, doubt, terror, war, conflict,division and death.

Jesus promised peace; the resurrected Christ delivers Peace!!!!!!!

“Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble of heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matthew 11:28

Come to Christ for respite in the storm! Come to Christ for comfort! Come to Christ for help! Come to Christ for healing! Come to Christ to be delivered from addictions! Come to Christ to be complete! Come to Christ to be set free! Come to Christ and receive true Peace!

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Urgent! Warning!

Warning: put on your own oxygen mask FIRST, here and now, before we ALL crash and burn…

the oxygen mask is the Breath of Life…Jesus will breathe on you saying, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22)

the Christ for ALL human beings who IS, who was, and is to come, will breathe NEW LIFE into you and give you His Spirit so you can’t be fooled any longer…

no longer susceptible to the LIES you have been fed…

or the deception of their two-faced politics…the deception of their PUBLIC POLICY, the LIE, while maintaining a HIDDEN, covert,  personal policy aligned with the powers and principalities, the world rulers of this present DARKNESS…

Jesus said, “Come to Me, learn from Me, yoke with Me, I am gentle, humble and will ONLY tell you the TRUTH to set you FREE and remove your burdens, NOT pile burdens upon you…give you rest for your heart and mind…TRUE Peace”

Take the oxygen mask of Christ and partake, or BREATHE IN THE FRESH AIR OF LIGHT AND TRUTH! the WAY of the heart of TRUTH and Love and righteous Power and a sound Mind in Christ!

Jesus says, “Receive my Holy Spirit” “Come to Me” “TAKE MY PURE RIVER of Holy Spirit and fire water of Life”

to consume ALL that the world has tainted or stained you with,

and form Christ IN YOU, the way to UNION WITH GOD and the TRUTH of Christ in you, the hope of glory and Christ’s Abundant Life IN YOU NOW,

casting OFF the lies and deception sent to STEAL your freedom and rights,

KILL all opposition,

and DESTROY whistleblowers, truth tellers, those who can’t be bought, bribed, blackmailed, black-balled, or controlled with manipulation and compromising situations.

Put on your Christ oxygen mask FIRST!

Put on the whole armor of God! Put on the armor of white, pure LIGHT of Christ, the same covering Adam and Eve wore BEFORE THE LIES, TRICKS, DECEPTION caused them to align with evil instead of God. Put on the Lord Jesus the Christ like a GARMENT. It is seamless and cannot be penetrated by LIES and the EVIL ONE. Only HIS robe of righteousness that he will give to YOU is the wedding garment to enter, live and have your being in the new heaven on earth; his Christ with and IN YOU, making you one with our Father, the Creator of heaven and earth!

Put on the garment of Salvation to walk in this world as LIGHT; to wake up everyone you encounter so they too can receive the LIGHT only the Christ of God can give!!!!!!!

Seek FIRST the kingdom of God within by taking Christ’s righteousness that he will GIVE TO YOU so you can LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE YOUR BEING IN CHRIST IN GOD!

This is a come to Jesus moment for our nation and the world drowning in darkness! Come out of the beast system and the harlot or you will share in her sins and plagues. FREEDOM is with, in and through the Christ of God, here and now, and to come. We are no longer slaves or in bondage to the lies and deception of the corrupt political system and false religious systems. We the people are FREE in Christ Jesus!!!!!!! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE! “I am the way, the truth and the life” Christ in God IN YOU!!!!!!!

We the people of God are not under the Lord of flies; we are under God alone in Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords!!!!!!!

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Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled!

Let not your heart be troubled, neither let them be afraid!

We are all on earth for such a time as this!

Esther was there to save a people group from being destroyed: the Jews

We are here to save a people group from being destroyed: the salt of the earth, the light of the world, Christ in YOU and you and you and you and you…the only true, sure hope of a bright future for all. The only Living One, alive forever more, the FIRST-BORN from the dead who has the KEYS…our forerunner…the only one with both the POWER AND AUTHORITY to transform each individual to transform the nations.

The election in the US is distasteful; only those hardened of heart could stand it,

but I thank God our Father, the God and Father of Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ appointed for ALL, who IS, who was, and who is to come,

for this is a wonderful opportunity to come out of the vitriol, to come out of the hidden darkness, leave the hidden agendas, and turn to the Light of the world and be the light of the world!

This is not a battle between two people; this is a spiritual battle.

“For though we live IN the world we are not carrying on a worldly war [or election], for the weapons of our warfare are not worldly but have divine POWER to destroy strongholds. We DESTROY ARGUMENTS and every proud obstacle to the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, and take every thought captive to obey Christ [listen, hear and act on what we hear]…LOOK AT WHAT IS BEFORE YOUR EYES. Be confident that you are Christ’s…with the authority he gave to BUILD US UP and not destroying US…we do not MEASURE ourselves by comparing ourselves or the candidates with each other. They are without understanding” 2 Corinthians 10:3-12

In all your getting, get understanding! Come into the LIGHT of Truth! The author and architect of lies wants to steal, kill and destroy you and is using this election to try and divide and conquer…to try and take God out of this nation…and keep citizens from knowing the TRUTH that will set us FREE to live in RIGHTEOUSNESS, the narrow gate into the new heaven on earth, the Christ in you, instead of the father of lies, darkness, tribulation, the author of hatred and division, controlling, manipulating, lying and deceiving you. The Messiah who was and is to come IS HERE NOW beyond time and space to transport you the instant you TURN from the world and TURN to Christ to be in union with God.

Righteousness is the narrow gate; it is ONLY obtained through Christ in you when you give him the sins, burdens and conditioning of the world you are carrying.

We need TRANSFORMATION not more words, rhetoric or empty promises. Only the Spirit of Christ Jesus can transform one and all! 

This is our moment in time to JOIN with the timeless Savior of the world, to yoke with Him and find rest for our souls and be transferred from the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son. We start the grass-roots momentum: every person turns to our Father through his Christ, the ONLY RIGHTEOUS King of kings and Lord of lords, The Messiah who “once and for all” WON FREEDOM for all human beings. We reunite with our Father and his Lamb to receive their one Spirit of Holiness, Spirit of Righteousness, Spirit of Life and Spirit of Truth to lead us into all Truth so we are no longer deceived.

We join together in the Family of God, the Father of every family in heaven and on earth, and pray for our nation, our leaders, the two presidential candidates, the states and the cities of America to put God above country and political party and come together as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty, freedom, justice and righteousness for ALL! We pray for every human being on earth to reconcile and reunite with our Father in Heaven through the Messiah, his Christ FOR ALL who is ALIVE AND PRESENT in the world waiting for YOU. We pray every able-bodied male will go home to the country they have tried to flee from and begin to rebuild each nation with the help of God to be only UNDER GOD, sovereign citizens of heaven on earth.

The father of lies has made people believe they have to come to the US as their savior, or need big government save them, or an elected official who says all the right words save us, or have to wait for a future Messiah or even to die before they can LIVE. The lies and deception have kept people in bondage to big governments and religious traditions that are based on precepts and doctrines of both men and demons. But Christ has set ALL HUMAN BEINGS FREE so we LIVE FREE in the FREEDOM given to all by the Son who calls us all to be sons of God, led by his Holy Spirit!

Come out of the beast system and the harlot now, lest you share in her sins and plagues. Come to Christ, ALL who are weary of this election and heavy-laden with big government, regulations, rules, and unrighteous laws that are restricting the sovereign Creator-given rights as a child of God to LIFE, LIBERTY, the pursuit of happiness and the JOY that is beyond words that comes from reuniting with our FIRST LOVE through Christ, coming OUT of the darkness into the Light, coming out of their hidden agenda into the Way of Love, Truth and Life!


The ONLY KNOWN God, alive here and now FOR ALL,  is Christ Jesus who is the EXACT image/likeness of God! We come to the invisible Unseen through his visible Christ made manifest in you! Christ in you, the hope of glory! Come Now!


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Do you want the legacy of Adam for your children and grandchildren, to inherit this world of darkness, sin, death, lies, deception, and manipulation…

where the outside of the cup is washed, cleansed, dressed up, words polished, lies given with a smile, deception fed with flattering words, tickling ears with all the right words…

but the heart is far from God…

Jesus said, “Woe to you, hypocrites! for you cleanse the outside of the cup, but inside are full of extortion and rapacity. You blind Pharisees! first cleanse the inside of the cup, that the outside also may be clean” Matthew 23:25

Jesus said, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to you! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not! Behold, your house is forsaken and desolate” Matthew 23:37

…or do we want the legacy of Christ Jesus and inherit his kingdom of heaven on earth. “Christ in you, the hope of glory”

The hope for our nation and the world is “God our Father above all, and through all, and in all,” Christ in you, and you, and you and you…making us sovereign citizens of heaven on earth…

Those who “join themselves to the Lord become one Spirit with Him.”

I’m with Him ^

I made the mistake of falling for the smooth words, charismatic smile and promise of hope and change 8 years ago. “Yes we can” which played backwards sounds like shocking words; we were promised God and got the dogs.  I will never fall for constructed rhetoric again. I will never follow the crowd again, believe the media or join in political correctness. I was asked to come out of “following the flock.” To the best of my ability I will listen to the voice of the Gentle Shepherd who leads us to springs of living water, and drink from Him to have rivers of his Spirit flow from me.

I pray for every candidate in the upcoming election to have a “come to Jesus” moment. To allow their brokenness to be healed in Christ as he is the only Power and Authority in heaven and on earth that can TRANSFORM nations, groups, and people. I pray for hearts and minds to open and receive the Light of Truth for the highest and best of all. I pray for every citizen of this nation that we will not judge by physical appearances or listen to the voices of the world, but will seek God and ask for His higher wisdom, knowledge and revelation. I pray that every human being will put God first, before country or political party. Father, I thank you for opening our spiritual eyes, ears, heart, and minds. Abba Father, I thank you for pouring your Spirit upon all flesh. Holy Spirit I thank you for giving dreams, visions and prophesy of Jesus to every soul. Thank you for waking us up and giving us the Light of Christ, to expose all hidden darkness, uncover all hidden agendas, and spiritual discernment to see the hearts of the candidates and who they serve.

A concerned patriot who values “content of character” not judge by external appearances, color of skin, gender, religion, political party, etc.:

A pastor and veteran who values understanding of “duty, honor and responsibility” to God not a luciferian new world order:

“We the people” are tired of politics as usual and the degradation of the election and political process. “We the people” will not put up with God being taken out of our “one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.” “We the people” no longer consent to trickery, sorcery, lies and deception, manipulation and hidden agendas, to push a globalist agenda of endless wars, terror, injustice, unrighteousness, taking freedoms and rights away, pushing hate, pushing division, perversion, murder of innocent children, sexual slavery, human trafficking, arming the bad guys and trying to disarm our citizens, participating in the drug trade and arms trade, or giving away our “Creator-given sovereign unalienable rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness.” We say “no” to the world and we say “yes” to higher Wisdom, righteous Power, true Peace, pure Love, and fullness of Joy in the Holy Spirit of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Father, raise up a leader with God both in their HEART and their MOUTH. Thank you Abba Father for loving the world so much you sent a Messiah, the Christ appointed for us, Jesus, who IS, who WAS and who IS TO COME our King of kings and Lord of lords, Faithful and True, The Word of God, and the King of Glory! Cleanse our hands and purify our hearts Lamb of God! Unite us in your holiness, righteousness, blamelessness, irreproachability, perfection, purity, completeness, so we lack nothing you won for ALL. Let our decisions be pleasing to you Father to give you the glory, honor, praise, dominion, majesty, worship and thanksgiving! All Glory to God forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

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Hillary is Broken

Hillary is broken. Trump is broken. The political process is broken. The election system is broken. The government is broken. Corporations are broken. The media is broken. The economy is broken. The entertainment/arts/sports world is broken. Education is broken. Institutions are broken. Nations are broken. Religion is broken. Communities are broken. Families are broken. Individuals are broken.

The world system is irretrievably broken…

When sports stars say they have never heard misogynistic locker room talk, we can be SURE that the scapegoating as old as time is happening…

If you look back to your own experiences in every group you have been involved with, you will realize that scapegoating happens. The group, family, or nation is BROKEN into persecutors, victims and scapegoats. In the scapegoat, all the projections of the group or nation is put on an individual (or religion or race or gender or level of income), all the hidden darkness is projected upon the designated “other” or designated “patient” and everyone else bonds over vilifying the scapegoat, elevating themselves, feeling quite sanctimonious, pious, self-righteous, thinking or saying, “thank God I am not like ____.”

The family, group or political party heap all their hidden darkness on an individual to carry all the “sins” so they can continue to live in the public persona, the mask hiding the personal persona, living the original lie and deception, as the self-righteous imposter looks GOOD on the outside but their insides are very broken. They can even fool themselves into believing the lie and deceptions. The scapegoat cannot bear the projections and either takes the victim role and asks for reparations instead of taking personal responsibility or takes the persecutor role and begins to hurt those who hurt them.

The world system is BROKEN, but the good news is Jesus came to the world to become the ultimate scapegoat, to take all the darkness upon himself, to become BROKEN so human beings could be WHOLE. I was totally broken before Jesus came to me and gave me new Life. Jesus TOOK every projection of hate onto himself, every lie, deception, manipulation, disease, disorder, disrespect, “diss,” offense, hurt, chastisement; every sin, past, present and future, and even death. Christ Jesus then resurrected NEW Life for every human being, FREE of scapegoating, victimization, persecution, sin and death. “For freedom Christ has set us FREE” All we have to do is come to Him and TAKE IT to partake in His divine nature, freely given to ALL people, groups, tribes and nations! “Whom the Son sets free if free indeed”

He took our brokenness and gave us His righteousness so we could live in a new heaven on earth, new wineskins filled with the new wine of His Holy Spirit, living in the kingdom of God: His righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. He TOOK all of Adam and the world, and GAVE us all of Himself so we could stop projecting blame and take personal responsibility; to wake up and see the conditioning of the world causing our old being to think, speak and act out of the darkness. Christ gives ALL who COME, His Light that dispels the darkness and fills our spirit and soul and body with His Life and Truth: His Spirit of Life and His Spirit of Truth that lead us into all Truth!

When we come to the realization of the Truth of Christ, the Life of God, where the scapegoat has ALREADY been offered or given ONCE FOR ALL, the “unholy trinity” of persecutor, victim, scapegoat, can be replaced with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the invisible Creator of heaven and earth, His visible manifestation in Christ in you, and the river of water of life: water, fire and Spirit of God from the throne into your spirit, soul and body, making you complete, whole, healed, delivered, set free and lacking nothing because you have EVERYTHING of Christ!

Instead of open borders, we need an OPEN HEAVEN over every human being! Christ Jesus is the Messiah who already OPENED THE HEAVENS for all his Father’s children whom he LOVES so immeasurably that he has been wooing you from before time! Every human being needs to realize their brokenness, accept personal responsibility for adding to the darkness of the world, TURN, take a 180 degree TURN, and run into our Father’s Arms and let His Lamb wash the past from you, let His Messiah save all that is good, true and right within you, let His Christ anoint you with His Anointing to begin to think, say and act from heavenly places with Christ and be filled with the LIGHT to overflow like a river to help change the world! 

No one can FIX themselves, their family, or country; but GOD IS ABLE through the Christ he SENT TO ALL, for ALL. We can no longer sustain worldly “fixers” like the character Olivia Pope, or high-profile lawyers where one side wins and the other side loses by dirty tricks, cheap shots, lies, deception, murder, corruption, black mail or bribes. The Christ for all, Jesus, died to the world as “the forerunner on our behalf” (Hebrews 6:20) so we could ALL be raised into Himself! “He is the first-born from the dead.” Apart from Christ’s Resurrection Light we are lost and broken. In union with His Spirit we are TRANSFORMED, a new creature, a new creation in the image and likeness of Christ who is the exact image of the one, true God!

In Christ, the old broken human is not only FIXED, but re-formed clay by the Potter into His image and likeness, into the NHONE version instead of the world’s version! The world rulers of this present darkness want to impose external order out of their created chaos. But we do not consent to the world system; we consent to Christ Jesus who has ALREADY finished the work so we can enter into Him and go immediately from chaos to INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION! New wine in a new wineskin! A new garment of white light, His robe of righteousness, His garment of salvation: completion, wholeness, lacking nothing, able to give from the deep, deep well of Christ that becomes a fountain in us to water the world until it too springs up the paradise garden of Christ in God!!!!!!!

“Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and OPENS THE DOOR, I will come in to you, and eat with you, and you with Me. Those who conquer, I will grant to SIT WITH ME on my throne, AS I MYSELF CONQUERED and sit with my Father on his throne!” Revelation 3:18-21



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Deeply Disappointed and Discouraged?

Come to Jesus and find what you can never get from a world leader, presidential candidate, religious leader, or world authority…

Get alone with yourself and pour out your heart to the the Living One…

He will give you His Heart,

His Mind,

and His Spirit.

The world cannot give you what your heart most deeply desires…

real hope,

real change,

a bright future,


highest potential

to be who God created you to be.

The Messiah, Christ Jesus, the Anointed One, IS, was, and is to come the One who has both the Wisdom and the Power to transform, reform, remake, restart, renew, restore, rebuild, recreate, regenerate and transfigure. What you cannot do for yourself, your life, your family, and your country, Christ Jesus is able…

in you.

Body of Christ arise! Holy Spirit come and shine in and through us! Your Light dispels the darkness! Let there be Light!

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The World is Broken

Find the Kingdom of God within

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