Journey into Awe and Wonder!


Journey into awe and wonder…

Journey from being human in the world to Christ-being in Love…
from spiritual blindness, seeing lack and limitation with physical eyes…
to open eyes and ears of the heart…
Journey out of seeing from human consciousness to a limitless heaven…
to seeing with heavenly awareness, having the same Mind as Christ…
Journey from external longing to internal fulfillment in our secret heart’s holy of holies…
Journey into awe and wonder…

“Behold, you desire truth in the inward being; therefore, teach me wisdom in my secret heart” Psalm 51:6

The kingdom of God is within; heaven is within; the holy of holies is within…

The heart is the key…

The intention of the heart speaks, creating heaven or hell…

Be held in the Heart of God in the Mind of Christ…

let every cell of your body be infused with the Mind of Christ…gut mind of Christ…heart mind of Christ…mind united with the heavenly Mind of Christ, perfectly one with God! Set your mind on things above; receive the heavenly downloads into your cells…light dissolves all darkness…

Journey into awe and wonder…

Jesus said, “Blessed are the eyes which see what you see! For I tell you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it” Luke 10:23

Asked when the kingdom of God was coming, Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; not will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you, within you…’The days are coming when you will desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and you will not see it. And THEY will say to you, ‘Lo, there!’ or ‘Lo, here!’ DO NOT FOLLOW THEM” Luke 17:20-30

The place to be completely safe, secure, protected, provided for, your soul at rest is in Christ in God. Be hid with Christ in God; you lose your separate life to gain eternal Life in Him. We put on the armor of Light; we put on Christ Jesus and his Spirit flows through our body, soul and spirit, infusing every cell with the kingdom. We become one body and one Spirit with God our Father in Christ. Our Father is above all and though all and in all; only your mind can keep you out of him! Enter his body of awe and wonder!


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Source: Secret Garden

Source: Secret Garden

Relationships! Our minds immediately jump to the natural, to physical relationships, either waxing nostalgically about lost loves or first loves, painful breakups, the one that got away, the one we messed up, the ones we regret, the ones we dream about, the ones we wear the scars from. Physical relationships are inherently messy and fall on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But what if we get off the duality tree and graft on Christ’s tree of Life? What if we get on the spiritual relation SHIP on the ocean of God? What if we sail across the stormy seas of physical relationships to the smooth spiritual Water of Life?

If we identify with the physical, natural world, we identify with the duality tree, and we get stuck identifying with problems or the things we don’t want or like. If we begin to identify with the spiritual, super-natural kingdom and Christ, the anointed One, we enter the Ship on the Ocean of Love unfailing, Love unending, and Love undying! When we begin to relate with the Greater Ship in the spiritual realm, and bring it into our relating in the physical realm, we  enter the pot of gold at the end-beginning of the rainbow at the Throne of God!

Planet Science photo

Planet Science photo

We begin our journey to Christ’s kingdom of Light, pure crystal clear Awareness of God’s Presence, in darkness, unawareness, asleep to the Spirit, unconscious of our true identity or dead to our true being. We begin waking up, usually through a crisis, near death experience, deep suffering, a disease, a catastrophe, or a relationship in the natural that goes south! We crack up and open and we begin to awaken; become aware that there is more than meets the eye, and we begin to observe thoughts, feelings, patterns of belief. We become a witness of the mind and we come to know the thoughts of our fallen mind actually created the suffering. We observe our relationship with the world’s fallen mind and our separate self’s fallen thoughts. We witness, without turning away, the pain, symptoms, grief, anger, rage, sorrow, sadness, anxiety, regret, resentment, bitterness…

Then we notice that in the fire of the deeply felt, painful feelings, all we avoided, hid, buried, thought unbearable, thought would destroy, kill, or lose our being into nonbeing… when consciously embraced…re-felt in the moment they present themselves…briefly intensifies…sudden torrent of tears…crescendo…deep calls to deep… then just disappears into nothingness when the Sun/Son of conscious presence meets it, the full awareness, the full Presence dissolves it…poof…in a twinkling… the full, noon-day Sun melts it into the perfect silence of stillness. We become aware of peace, stillness, ease, grace, flow, aliveness…a deep sense of relationship of perfect oneness with all that is, was, and is to come! We move into His alive presence, union with his kingdom, the realm of spiritual marriage with our Beloved in the eternal Day, timeless, beyond physical space, yet includes all of it! Ahhh!!

There is palpable grace in the glory! In his Presence there is fullness of Life in the emptiness of still silence when the manifestations of the fallen mind dissolve into the nothingness they arose from…the manifestations of Christ’s Mind resurrect and ascend in us! We are lifted with Christ into the places he prepared for us before the foundation of the world! Ahhh! Heaven on earth!!

Rainbow purple water:sky

Our journey on the ocean of Life Eternal in our relationSHIP with Abba, relating as one, in the same Ship, one body and one Spirit, begins with waking up! The new dawn of conscious awareness breaks through the veil of the world, the shell of darkness, the veil of conditioning, the covering of the self, the ego, the persona, the mask of false identity and the inheritance of Adam. The Light of crystal clear awareness of the Presence of the Spirit of God begins to dawn on us! The Light of Christ is able to overcome all darkness in our body, where we stuffed all painful events, experiences and circumstances in the personal and collective unconscious. When we yield our body to Jesus and allow his perfect Light to fill every space, molecule, cell, organ and system, we board the relationSHIP of our Christ and eventually arrive at our destination: the powerful Presence of our Abba! The morning star rises in our heart! When we allow the relation of perfect oneness with the Ship of our Father, we allow it to permanently anchor in our body of water!

Our body becomes the holy temple for the Presence of God! Glory Divine returns to the temple! Our body, soul and spirit are reunited, reconciled, rejoined in holy spiritual matrimony with our Source, the Most High, the Creator of Heaven and earth! We become one body and one Spirit with the One who carried us before the foundation of the world! Reconnect with the Throne of Glory! Remarry the King of Glory! Be as One! Glory Divine!

What does Jesus say about relationships? Physical relationships are resurrected to spiritual relationships. When Jesus’ family came to see him he ignored them and declared that those who did the Will of his Father were his mother and brothers. He said there would be enmity between family members. Does this mean that if you are content with your egocentric physical family it is because you are still asleep or on duality’s tree or have not yet come to the one body and one Spirit of our Beloved which ascends you into the one Father of all families in heaven and earth? Are you still identifying with world-centric race, color, gender, sex, biology, religion or nationality?

Jesus said one from a family would be taken; one from a city. Does this mean it was predestined to find your spiritual family and identity in Christ, leaving the natural for the spiritual so you can begin to bring heaven to earth? The last thing Jesus did on earth was change relationships. At the cross he changed his mother to John’s mother. Those who venerate Mary as Jesus’ mother have missed the change of relationship at the cross. He did not say adore and lift my mother up; he said John behold your mother; Mary behold your son. Mary’s last words in the bible, “do whatever Jesus tells you to do” John 2:5. Jesus says, “Come to Me” I will bring you to my Father and you will be remarried in a new covenant as a new creation!!!!!!!!

Milky Way

The natural, physical relationships are the vehicle to bring you to your True relationSHIP with the Beloved as a son, a visible manifestation of the perfect Spiritual One! We are here to wake up, become aware of what is real, identify with our greater spiritual Being, return home to heaven on earth, and begin to live from our heart in perfect unity with God’s Heart! We are co-heirs with Jesus of the whole inheritance of God! When we come into relationSHIP with Abba through Jesus, we receive the entire divine inheritance as sons, brides and beloveds of our Beloved! We are anchored in Christ and we receive the whole ocean of Love! We put on the many-colored coat of Christ Jesus and the bright, pure, white-Light overcoat of our Father and we step out as a new being bringing light, hope, peace, joy and his perfect Love into the world of darkness…

Put on the white Light overcoat of our Beloved!

Put on the white Light overcoat of our Beloved!

Our relationship with our Beloved resurrected with Jesus! Take it, it is FREE! Be born again of God from Above!!!!!!!!

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All Y’all!


Jesus came to earth to deliver a message and do what no one else could do. Jesus came to say, “Change your mind! You have an amazing Father you know nothing about! You have been blinded and misled; your true identity stolen. Change your mind! The god they have forced on you to control you and keep them in power and wealth is not my Father! They made up all those rules to serve themselves and their own hidden agenda. I have one law: Love! Love God and Love one another as yourself and you will begin to see…

All y’all listen up! Change your mind! You obsess about problems and you get what you focus on. You’ve been conditioned to think you are under threat and destruction is coming so that you will focus on disasters and unwittingly bring it upon yourselves and never come into your powerful potential…

You are a shoreline, and a luxury ocean liner has come in the distance and you won’t let them come upon your shore. The boat is filled with every possible good thing that you could ever desire, imagine, dream about or ask for, and you say, “No, I’m good; stay away. I’d rather have the devil I know than an unknown I don’t know” You cling to things that are destined to bring you sorrow and disappointment and you avoid the only thing that can save you…

Change your mind! Our body is our shoreline, surrounded by the ocean of God, the Water of Life. We make ourself an island and work on survival skills while our dream life is on the ocean liner just off shore, waiting to be given permission to come ashore…

All you have to do is change your mind! Jesus came preaching the gospel of God, and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; change your mind, and become aware of the gospel” (Mark 1:14-15). “I came to introduce you to your real Father!” The god you have been indoctrinated with is not God! You are not who you have been led to believe! Your biological parents are not your real parents; your genetic inheritance does not define you or give you a death sentence. Your real Father has perfect DNA and your real inheritance is life abundant, fullness of Joy, perfect Love, perfect peace, nobility, wealth, riches, abundance and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams!

When you see Jesus you have seen your Father! Our Father is invisible, unlimited, infinite Awareness and Presence: omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. His Christ is the Wisdom and Power that you will receive when you receive your real Father through Jesus! His Power enables you to do everything you be: a royal son of God! His Wisdom gives you powerful understanding, insight, revelation and knowledge of all the mysteries and hidden secrets of the multiverse and spiritual dimensions/realms/worlds! You are destined to reign as a king under the King of Glory!


“Those who listen to Wisdom will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of evil” Proverbs 1:33

Wisdom is priceless! Dwell secure in total peace, surrounded and in Love, with fullness of Joy; at ease, in the flow of Life Abundant, without a single care, burden, threat or fear! This is your inheritance, yet you choose to live in isolation on an island using your limited human resources and deny your birthright! Wake up!

The Wisdom of God is hidden treasure; when it comes into your heart you receive divine knowledge that is pleasant for your soul (Prov 2:4, 10). Get truth in your inward being; receive wisdom in your secret heart (Ps 51:6). Jesus opens the Way to your Real Father, absolute Truth and the higher Life of God! Let it come upon the shores of your body of water!

“In all your ways acknowledge your Father and he will make straight your paths…it will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones” Prov 3:6, 8. You will receive Jesus and his Father’s Christ, that is Wisdom and Power into your body, soul and spirit. You receive their perfect DNA, royal bloodline, and bones that will become enfleshed with new Life and the new creation! When the bones of the structure are good, the whole building is good. You are the building of God; you are part of Christ’s perfect body! You are upgraded to the divine model! You are downloaded with the Holy Spirit and glory Fire to fill your body temple with everything you could ever need in unlimited supply!

True wealth is Christ in you: the Wisdom and Power of God in your body temple! “The gain is better than silver and its profit better than gold. She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with Her. Long life is in her right hand; in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to those who lay hold of Her; those who hold her fast are called happy” Proverbs 3:13-18

Your new name in Christ: happy! a happy tree of life!!!!

Christ’s Wisdom is feminine, internal, mysterious, full of amazing, astounding depths of riches and wealth! She is true security and life for your soul! The old tree of the knowledge of good and evil is cursed; let it die and allow the fire of God to burn it down in you, branches to roots! Give permission for Wisdom and Power to come to your shores and anchor the tree of life on your soil! “Be attentive, gain insight; do not forsake Her, and she will keep you; love Her, and she will guard you. The beginning of Wisdom is this: Get wisdom, and whatever you do get insight. Prize her highly, and she will exalt you; she will honor you if you embrace Her…she will bestow on you a beautiful crown” Proverbs 4:1-9

Be raised into the crown!

Christ is feminine Wisdom who exalts you, crowns you and makes you a king! Christ is also masculine Power that will empower you to be who you really are: a son of God and king! Jesus is the Way to receive our Father’s luxury ocean liner of spiritual riches, wealth, prosperity, abundance, creativity, inspiration, insight, novel solutions, power to transform, and be born again to be crowned as king in His kingdom of heaven on earth! She will dress up your soul in beauty; He will clothe you with white flowing white robes of glory! The ways of Wisdom are the paths of uprightness with open doors and no falling! She presents you as a spotless bride to the Bridegroom, the King of kings! Do not let go of Wisdom’s instructions, guard her, for she is your life (Pro 4:11-13).


The path of the righteous, in right relationship with our Father and his Christ (masculine and feminine), is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until FULL DAY! (Pro 4:18) Be attentive to our Father; know his Words, Truth and Life manifested in his Christ, and keep them in your innermost heart! They are Life to those who find Her and healing to ALL your flesh (Prov 4:22)! The gifts of Wisdom are beyond imagination: better than gold or silver or jewels; all that you may desire cannot compare with Her (Prov 8:10-11)! By Christ’s Wisdom kings reign, rulers decree justly, and nobles govern the earth! Riches, honor, enduring wealth and prosperity, nobility, pure gold, finest silver, the way of righteousness, paths of justice, and our treasuries filled, are the result of Wisdom in us (Prov 8:18-21)! She loves those who love her, and those who seek her diligently FIND HER in Christ (Prov 8:17)!

She is daily Delight! She is rapture and pleasures forever more! She makes you happy all the time, unless you forget about Her! She has been with God from before the beginning! She is a master workman, builder, and little playful child! She rejoices always and delights in the sons of men (Pro 8:22-31)! She is the Life of your body temple! She satisfies your soul with all good things, leaving you satiated and fulfilled in every way!

Christ is Wisdom and Power! Christ is both the feminine and the masculine of God, our Father! When you allow the Power of God to burn every antichrist thought, word and deed out of your body, soul and spirit, removing your internal Babylon: pride, ego, offenses, hurts, bitterness, resentment, self-elevation and self-righteousness, burning roots and branches leaving all evil stubble, then the sun of righteousness RISES in you with healing in its wings! The dunamis, dynamite, resurrection POWER of Christ lifts you into a higher spiritual dimension and you are filled with Light! The masculine Power of Christ burns the past down and feminine Wisdom regenerates his seed in your body! You tread on the ashes of the past and you go forth leaping like a new calf from the stall! You are truly set FREE! (Malachi 4:1-3) Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

All y’all listen up! Let the ocean liner come upon your shore and anchor permanently! Get Wisdom! Get Power! Get Christ! Get your inheritance! Get the Truth of your Father! Get his Life for your soul! Get the tree of Life! Get Happy! Receive your new divine nature! Rejoice! Everything you thought you were is a lie! Everything you really are is beyond your wildest imagination! Get God! Let the false gods and religious laws die along with your false identity in the Fire of Love! Resurrect with Christ Jesus into Wisdom and Power! Hallelujah! HalleluYAH! Word! Truth! Life! HalleluYAH! Way!!!!!!!!



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The jig is up! They pulled the wool over our eyes. We have been fleeced; wake up! This is the year of the sheep; the year for the sheep to wake up out of the dream. Now it is time to awaken into awareness of the Presence of God that has never left you or forsaken you! Where can you flee from His presence? Ascend or descend, his Presence is there (Psalm 139). But you must become aware of it or your brain filters it out, especially in this time of great bombardment of stimuli, data, information, distractions and false delusions created by men to keep you looking in one direction while they manipulate, control, handle, pull the strings, enslave further in the other. The hidden darkness is exposed by the Light of Christ!

We don’t have to strategize how to descend or ascend, Jesus already did it all! “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’ (to bring Christ down) or ‘Who will descend into the abyss? (to bring Christ up from the dead). No! The word is near you, on your lips and in your heart” Romans 10:6-8. All laws and prophesy have been fulfilled in Jesus; we wake up and realize all the fullness of God is in Jesus bodily and we can be in Jesus as Jesus is in us because he is the same yesterday, today and forever; he is the Living One alive forever with the keys to life and death (Rev 1:18)! Jesus is the Door to the Father bypassing all the astral, psychic, demonic, disembodied, dangerous spirit realms, to the Most High, who also will live in your innermost heart when you invite Jesus into your heart when Christ comes knocking at the door of your heart.

Christ Knocking at Heart's Door

Christ Knocking at Heart’s Door

Have you had a door knocking experience? You heart will beat really fast and hard; it feels like it may beat out of your chest. You may feel suddenly tearful or remorseful; your conscience convicted. There is a wave of high vibrating energy; you may tremble or feel heat or electricity. You say, “Yes Jesus come into my heart. I give your everything and I gratefully, thankfully, wholeheartedly accept all that you are body, soul and spirit! I surrender all; I yield, I give! Come in! Yes, lets eat! Let’s get to know each other! Yes, I want to be your best friend! Yes, I want to go to our Father and be re-pottered, re-formed, into the same image and likeness as Christ in you Jesus! I want my inner spirit man to be reconnected with your holy Spirit! I want my soul (heart, mind, will) purified, refined and made white as snow! Yes, I want your eye salve to see as you see! Yes, I want your white garment; put it on me and I will never take it off! Transform my lead into your pure gold! Clothe me with your Light, your Word (Spirit and Life), Love, Peace, Joy, Gentleness, Kindness, Patience, Grace, Mercy, Glory, Salvation, Righteousness, Holiness, Humility, Tenderness, Compassion, Sanctification, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Resurrection Power, Strength, and Spirit! Clothe me with you, Christ Jesus! I put on your whole, full armor of Light: all the fullness of God! Fill me with your Spirit and Fire and Presence!

When we are aware of what we have been given, we rise with Christ. We set our minds on the things above; we have the same mind as Christ, in one accord! We rise in frequency with Christ above the fray of the world, above disease, disorder and distress. We rise in vibration above the levels of the adversary who “is not” (Rev 17:8). We are seated in Christ’s frequency of Light, the “is” that is far above the ability of human eyes to see! We have put on the new nature, Christ’s I am, renewed in God’s higher knowledge before the foundation of the world! Here in this higher dimension of Light, the kingdom of God in Christ, there is no religion, no partiality, no male or female, but Christ is all, and in all (Colossians 3:1-17; Galatians 3:28).

Religion, not Jesus, has fleeced its followers, built on men’s foundations, Peter, Mohammad, Rabbis, Joseph Smith, etc., with men’s doctrines and precepts, interpretations of the god men, which became the synagogue of satan as it was perverted and distorted. The only perfect man was Jesus, who was FULLY man and FULLY God, who never lied, deceived, manipulated, proselytized, converted, pressured, killed, raped, coerced, handled, warred, hurt, wounded, or fleeced anyone. Jesus Loved, healed, delivered and set free. Jesus is pure, unadulterated Love, a higher Love that judges by the intention of the heart; 1 Cor 13 Love, and even greater beyond our imagination, ineffable. Jesus loves beyond words! Jesus’ Love is beyond religion. His body is those many members who give our whole heart to him and he sanctifies us into his image and likeness. The only foundation to build on is Jesus and his perfect Love; everything else becomes dangerous as power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Jesus is the Door to the sheepfold. Think of it as a large circular green pasture with one door. We enter the door into the sheepfold. Jesus is the only gatekeeper and nothing can come into the door, no harm can enter. At night he lays in the one doorway, shutting the door that no one can open; and opening the door to the Father that no one can shut. When you are fleeced by religion, they keep you a sheep in a tight pen; the box of religion set in stone and you are labeled. But Jesus is the Door to the Father and as you enter the sheepfold, you go immediately to the Father and live in his kingdom in a higher dimension! You rise with the resurrected Christ to sit with him in heavenly places! You rule and reign with him on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus was given all authority and power in heaven and on earth from his Father, who is the Father of every family in heaven and on earth! He is OUR loving, heavenly Father who gives us EVERYTHING in unlimited supply!


You are not sheep; you are not a human being; Jesus was the LAST Adam; wake up from being fleeced! Take the wool that was placed over your eyes and give it to Jesus and come into the sheepfold through the One Door of Jesus and go directly to our Father! Do not pass go; do not collect 200 dollars! You have become a pawn in a game; wake up and become aware of the finished work of the cross of Jesus. You are a new creation, a new Christ being! Become aware that all is finished and the kingdom of God is at hand, waiting for you to wake up, arise, shine, bring the kingdom into your heart, and realize your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you! Become aware of what you already have been given in Christ!

Christ in us is the hope of glory; awareness of Christ in us is the glory! The glory is the Presence of God; wake up in his Presence! God made Jesus the head of all things in heaven and on earth; the church is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all (Ephesians 1:22-23). The Most High makes his habitation in you; flows his River of Water of Life in and through you as you remain on Jesus’ Vine in the tree of Life, eternal, imperishable and immortal! You are surrounded with the cloud of witnesses; wearing the multicolored coat of the 12 tribes, the twelve apostles; the fiery glory of Jesus’ ascension body is in your spirit man: the two become one! You become a part of the one body and one Spirit of God! You are hid in Christ in God!!!!!!!!

The word I was given in the middle of the night last night was “due diligence,” a legal term which means:
“reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.
a comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential” (google)

Jesus’ Spirit is our lawyer, our counsel. He is our legal advocate. We need to wake up and become aware of our name in his Will and Testimony! We need to know what he gave us! He canceled the bond which stood against us with its legal demands; this he set aside, nailing it to the cross. He disarmed the principalities and powers and made a public example of them, triumphing over them in him (Colossians 2:14-15). Christ in us satisfies every legal requirement and gives us EVERY asset, wealth, abundance, endowment and inheritance in heaven and on earth! The national debt is not yours, it is the synagogue of satan’s debt. We are free in Christ Jesus, beyond the confines of laws, legal requirements, religions, and men’s courts. We are ambassadors of heaven with diplomatic immunity!

We are in Christ Jesus who has ALL power and authority in heaven and on earth. Father God gave Jesus everything and he gives it to his body, the church; those who are one body and one Spirit with Him. In Christ we live, move and have our being! Jesus gives us the glory his Father gave him so we can be perfectly one. In that Day, the eternal Day of the Lord of lords, King of Glory, the Day we wake up and become aware of who we are in Christ, who our Father is, and what we have been given, is the Day we are truly Free! “In that Day, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” John 14:20. You are called in ONE body with one Spirit; having the same Mind as Christ (Colo 3:15; Ephesians 4:4).

Jesus said, “The glory which you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one” John 17:22-23

All power (dunamis) and all authority (exousia) is given to you in Christ! The two become one in Christ! We receive Life and Life more abundantly (zoe perissos). Every good endowment and every perfect gift is given to you without variation or shadow of change from our Father of Light! Jesus said, “You are the light of the world!” The full inheritance, all the fullness of God’s Presence, is given you bodily in Christ! The God of peace keeps your heart and mind in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7). There is NO religion of peace; Christ in us is Peace! There is no religion of Love; Jesus and his Father are Love in us! There is no religious rapture out of tribulation; we conquer our worldly, human, Adamic mind and rise with Christ Jesus to the higher frequency of light, sound, and vibrating energy of pure Being; pure Awareness of Presence above us, through us, in us, as us!!!!!!!! We are overshadowed by the Most High (epikaizo) who makes his habitation in us; we are hidden with Christ in God in the NHOEN!

“The righteous is taken away from calamity, she enters into peace; they rest on their beds who walk in uprightness…she who takes refuge in me shall possess the land, and shall inherit my holy mountain…Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstruction from my people’s way. The High and Lofty One inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy: ‘I dwell in the high and holy place, AND ALSO WITH THOSE of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite…from me proceeds the Spirit, and I have made the Breath of Life…I will heal you; I will lead you and give you comfort…Peace, peace, to the far and to the near…and I will heal you (church of Christ’s one body and one Spirit)…there is no peace for the wicked (synagogue of satan)” Isaiah 57:1-2, 13-21


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Light Exposes

True Light enlightens, reveals, uncovers, exposes… true Love transforms from the inside out…
True Love says love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you…forgive…have mercy…give grace…
True Peace enables your soul to rest in God…
True Joy remains despite circumstances…

Jesus, the Christ of God, is not religious…not spiritual…not a box or label…not partial…does not impose external control, but transforms the inside…
Jesus is True Light, True Love, True Peace, True Joy, Truth and Resurrection Life…
Jesus is the Way to the Father, our God of gods, pure Love that casts out fear, pure Light that has no darkness at all, and the Spirit of Truth.

It is time to throw out the dirty bath water of religion…
and birth the true Christ in the purified, refined soil of your heart…

The deception, the hidden agenda, is for an external authority to impose their will upon you in the guise of religion…
this is what Jesus warned us about…
smoke and mirrors…bait and switch…counterfeit light…kill all who disagree…lie to convert…hide the Truth that would set people free…deceive through any means…manipulate through public relations to craft an image…use pr front man while empowering terror, war and killing…wolves dressed up in religious attire…dualistic two-faced deception…black magic…magicians distract from real agenda by creating false illusions and false flags…image consultants promote religious image and hide truth…say what people want to hear to convert…divide and conquer…infiltrate education, seminaries, government, entertainment, media…deceive and push hidden agenda through religious cloak…convert through lies and kill those who disagree…silence women’s voices, intuition and presence…bribe with perversion, trick into compromising situations and then blackmail…denounce immorality while living amoral religious lives…lie and deceive to achieve evil agenda…pc instead of JC…manage perceptions…mind control…brain wash…use sex to harm, destroy, manipulate, control, handle, use sex magic, and blackmail…put forth religious public image while satanic, luciferic agenda…

False religion with counterfeit light has used external makeovers, laws, moral rules and doctrine to enslave human souls and hide evil hidden agendas.

Jesus is only concerned with the heart’s intention and internal transformation…
God is Love. God’s Son is Love. Jesus transforms us into Love. Love does no harm; Love does not kill those who reform or disagree with their religion/religious laws/religious doctrines. Love does not lie or deceive to achieve religious agenda; does not manipulate and white wash the outside to retain control. Love loves in righteousness, holiness and truth; condemns only evil; judges the intention of the heart, heals, transforms, delivers, and sets free. Love does not control but seeks to set every soul free to Love and be Loved. Love is sacrificial, puts others above self, uplifts, elevates, resurrects, protects, provides, empowers, enlightens, gives mercy, grace and glory to all, not just those who rule over. Love does NO HARM. Jesus is visible manifested Love; God is invisible Love! Jesus is the Way to transform into pure Light and perfect Love that casts out all fear. The only way our world will be saved and transformed into Love is Jesus, not religion.

Come out of religion and being under religious control; we are ONLY to submit to our all Loving Heavenly Father, the one God and Father above all and through all and in all. Be set free in Jesus as his Spirit comes into your body, soul and spirit; transforming you into Christ’s image and likeness from glory to Glory! Come out of religion and into Truth. Come out of gods made in man’s image and man-made religions, and into the true Light of Awareness of the Presence of perfect Love that heals, transforms and sets us ALL free to Love and be Loved!

Vid Deva photo

Vid Deva photo

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In the Same Boat


Are you in the same boat as the world? It is in darkness and her people thick darkness (Isaiah 60:1). It is destined for fire that will dissolve her heavens and melt her elemental body (2 Peter 3:7-12). Or has it already happened in 70 AD? Or is the counterfeit light about to stage a second coming of their false messiah as a part of a luciferian agenda? There is great uncertainty and very strongly held beliefs about God and what is to come. But I believe that it is all distraction, deception, fear mongering, smoke and mirrors, coming from the one who has something to gain from fear and division. The MO is divide and conquer through race, gender, sex, generations, religion, nations, cultures, end time beliefs…

The solution is simple…

Get out of the boat of the world and into Jesus’ boat! Simple! One step program! All we need to be certain of is God! Oswald Chambers said belief in creeds or certainty about your beliefs about God needs to give way to belief in God! It is time to get out of the boat of the world and world religions and get in Jesus’ boat because you will find yourself on the other side in a twinkling! Jesus is the direct Way to the Father. There are many paths up the mountain, but with Jesus you go straight to the Father through your heart! There is no mountain climbing, works, striving, or effort in Christ; you surrender, yield and submit to our Loving Father and everything is placed under your feet.

In the vehicle of Jesus, who has already overcome every obstacle, you are driven straight to the Father! He will not drive around and take the longest route to charge you more money. Taking you directly to your destination is FREE; you just give up driving and let him take you directly to the One! Jesus take the wheel! All the paths up the mountain make the ego feel important; all the spiritual practices, rituals, smoke, bells and costumes make the ego feel holy, spiritual, important, pious, special, and proves to self and others it is on the right team. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil seems right to the ego: attach to the right team and talk smack about the other team; mock, deride, judge condemn, avoid or fight the evil team. The ego loves a battle, an epic drama of good and evil, and a fight for peace and justice. The only problem is the battle has already been won and all we need to do is let the ego go and enter the Living One!


The truth is we are not separate or our egos; we are not our beliefs, thoughts, feelings or physical body. We are spiritual beings, made in the image and likeness of God, having thoughts, beliefs and feelings of the world OR of God. When we are still and silent and go beyond our beliefs and thoughts and imaginations, and go into the present feelings in our body, we find that the feelings dissolve into pure awareness of the Presence of God. We find that we are complete, perfect and lack nothing. When we let go of everything, we find we are already everything!

Beliefs about God just give the ego something to be partial about, make distinctions, cling to and avoid others with different beliefs. Knowing God directly dissolves the world of beliefs and melts the obstacles: the mountains the ego created. The world as we know it is all smoke and mirrors built from the fallen mind of the false self. It is ruled by lucifer and the spirits that thrive in an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, doubt, skepticism, anxiety, depression, and threat (end of the world, terror, war, weapons of mass destruction). Get out of the sinking boat of the world!

Get in Jesus’ boat and be in the NHOEN in a twinking! Stop identifying with the disciples in the boat and identify with Jesus (Luke 8:22-25)! Stop identifying as x, y, or z religion and identify with Jesus, the Christ of God! The truth of who you are is the image and likeness of Jesus the Christ: the visible manifestation of the invisible God! Our soul is restless until it rest in God! Our soul is our heart, mind and will or intention. Our soul is beat up until we are safely in Jesus’ boat, in his vehicle with him driving, and we reach our destination: the new heavens on a new earth (NHOEN)!


Our true being is the image and likeness of Christ; the Truth and Life of God. The Christ of God is the anointed One, the messiah, the Living One, the Holy One, alive forever more with the keys to life and death. Get in the Life Boat! There is one body and one Spirit of Life and when you are in Christ you are in the one body in the one Spirit of God! You are in the NHOEN, you are in the Bride, married to the Creator of heaven and earth; you are in the Kingdom of God. You become the NHOEN; you become the bride; you become the city set on a hill, shining with Light! Jesus said, “you are the light of the world”; you get into Jesus’ boat and you become the vehicle of Light!

Jesus is the Way to the Father! Jesus is the Truth; truth is not beliefs about God; Truth is Jesus and when Jesus is in you, you are in Truth! Jesus is manifest presence of the Life of God! In Jesus you are in Life and when Christ, the Spirit of God, is in you, you become Life Abundant present in Presence! Your soul becomes a well-watered garden bursting with color, fragrance and beauty! The Holy Spirit keeps the weeds out and the crystal clear River from the Throne flowing in you! The Son keeps you fed and watered, nourished and nurtured with Love, Light and Spirit; wearing the multi-colored Coat of God’s radiant Presence.

Every need is supplied by our Father of the one Family of pure Light in heaven and on earth. Thy will is done on earth as it is in heaven! Therefore, whether you are in your temporary body tent on earth or in a transfigured body in heaven, your mind is in Christ, in heavenly states of being! Your awareness is solidly anchored in NOW, beyond time and space, yet includes them! The present moment contains all the fullness of God, the pure awareness of the Presence of God dwelling in you bodily: our inheritance, the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!

You can identity with your beliefs about God; you can identify with your religion; you can identify as a particular race or color or sex or gender or nationality or heritage or culture or tribe…but if you identify as a Christ being, one with our Father, you are automatically living in the new heavens on earth now, your new automatic nervous system! You leave the world’s fight/flight/freeze triggers and enter the tree of life living in Jesus’ Peace, Love and Joy!!!!!!!!

Get out of the world’s boat and into Jesus’ boat and be transported to the other shore beyond beliefs, religions, distinctions, partiality, bias, prejudice, and separation! Enter the one body and one Spirit of the one God and Father who is above all and through all and in all in Christ! Let Jesus take the wheel and drive you direct to our Father! Let his baptism of Spirit and Fire melt the ego’s mountains and dissolve your old heavens of thought, imagination and feelings. Enter the one body and one Spirit of Christ in God in the NHOEN; be hidden with Christ in God! Be surrounded completely with the bright cloud of witnesses, centered around the one pillar of fire, the Christ, and be under the banner of pure Love and Light without any darkness at all, flowing with the Water of Life!!!!!!!!

“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” Luke 12:32

Say yes and enter!!!!!!!!


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Be mindful! A mind full of Jesus is a mind empty of yourself! A mind full of Christ is a mind empty of the troubles of the world! A mind full of Love is a mind empty of cares and burdens! A mind full of our Father is a mind empty of partiality, distinctions, biases, tribes, good and evil!

To be mindful is to be awake and aware of the presence of the Presence of Christ in us! The same powerful, wise, compassionate, forgiving, healing presence that was in Jesus, in our Father and GOD, is in us! Christ in us is the hope of glory; awareness of Christ’s Presence in us is the beginning of the manifestation of glory in our lives! We begin to live, move and have our being in GOD, in his manifest Presence! Glory Divine!!
The Source of Life is majestic glory above the highest heavens, chanted by babes and infants (become like child to enter kingdom of GOD); proclaimed by the heavens, sung by the trees, shouted from the rocks; even demons know and tremble before GOD! Be still and know! “What is humankind that You art mindful of them, and the son of man that You care for him. You have made us a little less than God, and crown us with your glory and honor…given us dominion over the works of your hands; put ALL things under our feet. O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is thy name/nature in all the earth!” Psalm 8:1-9

Annalize Mouton photo

Annalize Mouton photo

Being mindful is being empty of ourself, empty of the world, and full of his Presence! Being mindful, with a mind full of Jesus, is a mind that is empty of chaos, crisis and tribulation. Being mindful is being free from distracting and numbing spirits, split mind, divided heart, wavering will, sub personalities, entities, and ruled by archetypes and the collective unconscious.  We are delivered in Christ from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of the Son: the new heavens on earth (NHOEN)!

The lures of the world take us away from mindfulness! We fall for the hooks of the world that trip us up, numb and distract us! We need to get out of the boat of the self and into Christ’s greater Being! We yield our body with its broken, hardened, contrite heart and broken spirit to Christ’s holy, perfect, complete Spirit, and our ship is on the other side in a twinkling! We enter a new higher dimension of life! We leave the safe harbor for the deeper waters of the ocean of Love! Let the metaphors of life take you through the veil, through the Door, into the height, depth, length, breadth, and freedom of Presence!

A mind full of Christ’s Spirit is empty of distractions and lures of the world. The lures are sex, enlightenment, secret societies, counterfeit light, power, influence, wealth and deceiving spirits. In Christ we are “off the hook” of distractions such as mental porn, monkey mind, condemning thoughts, fear porn, violence porn and sexual porn. We abandon ship of the world where we are controlled, handled, manipulated, influenced, nudged and budged by media, entertainment, games, drama, terror threats, drugs, alcohol: numbing and distractions. “Don’t go playing with my emotions” (Abba from Mamma Mia!) The world’s rulers try to move public opinion by nudging and budging us toward their dark agenda to enslave your body, mind, soul and spirit. The unsuspecting souls are enslaved by sexual spirits, lustful spirits, elemental spirits, spirits of fear, depression, anxiety, discouragement, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, distress, disorder or evil spirits, disease or unclean spirits.

“Now we have received NOT the spirits of the world, but the Spirit which is from GOD. And it is imparted in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who possess the Spirit. The unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of GOD, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned” 1 Cor 2:12-16


This ship has sailed! Now is the time to move from the religious age to the kingdom age! It is off the hook! We move from the united states of the world (lower states of mind) to the State of Mind of Christ and a new state of Being! We move from human being to Christ being, as Christ is IN US! We become aware that Christ lives, moves and has His being in us! We move from external locus of control, literal, physical-led, believing only what we can see and observe with physical five senses, where the religious spirits try to get you to focus on antichrists, satan,  doom and gloom, and an external kingdom coming from “up there” (Luke 17:21). We move through the metaphorical and archetypal levels where everything is symbolic or taught by parables, to be Spirit-led! We move into the higher spiritual dimension within, a matter of the heart, spiritual perception, seeing with new eyes: the enlightened heart eyes of the NHOEN within! The Most High also inhabits our secret heart! We become the habitation of the Most High, bringing heaven to earth in our body temple as we become aware of what and who we carry!

“Whither shall I go from thy Spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy Presence? If I ascend to heaven, thou art there! If I make my bed in Sheol, thou art there!” Psalm 139:7-8

It is time to move from the religious age to the kingdom age! The harvest is Joy, in ascent to our Beloved in awareness (Ps 126)!!!! We reap what Jesus sowed (John 4:38)!!!! “Among the mature we do impart Wisdom, although it is not wisdom of this age or the rulers of this age, who are doomed to pass away. But we impart a secret and hidden Wisdom of GOD, which GOD decreed BEFORE THE AGES for our glorification” 1 Cor 2:6-7

It is time to receive your glorification and MOVE! It is time to move from being mindful of the world, human wisdom, religious teaching,  and focusing on external events, which cause us to be weighted down with the world’s cares, burdens, fears, doubts and confusion; focused on “me” a separate, helpless, hopeless, victimized, oppressed, harassed self (focus on yourself). This is living in the united state of the world, satan’s mind, a fallen vibration, a lowered frequency, darkness or spots of darkness; it is living in the state of tribulation. It is time to MOVE to the state of Christ! We move to the united state of Christ Jesus, the Spirit of Wisdom and Power!

When we are mindful of Christ in us, we are living in the kingdom of GOD, perfect, complete and lacking nothing! All things are possible! All things are given to us with ease and flow and grace in the glory: the manifest Presence of Christ within, the NHOEN within, the Bride (Rev 21- Rev 22). We are caught up out of troubles and cares! The weight of the world falls off and we receive the weighty glory! We move into a raptured state of mind! We are lifted in vibration! We are ascended in frequency in Christ! We are downloaded with his Spirit and Presence! Glory Hallelujah!!

We move from being in the boat of the world, in the same boat, to break free and jump ship! We get in the Christ Ship, the state of mind of Christ, and we are caught up, delivered and set free in the deep ocean of Love! We are translated into the kingdom of GOD, living in a new state of higher frequency Light, beyond physical sight! We are transferred into the higher vibratory sounds of the Word of GOD: Light and Power! We become dual citizens of heaven and earth with the NHOEN within!


What state does your heart live in? Jeremiah 17:9 or John 7:38-39??

We move from the fog of dark, stormy clouds to the bright, light-filled cloud of witnesses! We overcome by the blood of the spotless Lamb and the words of our testimony as we join the Cloud! Christ is IN US and clothes us with his Light and Presence! We are caught up beyond states of mind to BEING as CHRIST as we become awake and aware of CHRIST IN US! We move from human being to Christ being-ness! You live either in the states of mind of the world with external focus, or you move with the Spirit to the heart of Christ!!!! In the heart of Christ we are touched, kissed, and move our mind into our heart where we reunite in marriage with Christ’s Heart which translates us super-naturally into the Heart of our Father!!!!!!!! Our heart merges with Abba through Jesus!

We move through Jesus’ Peace in our heart to Abba’s Love, to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s Joy!!!!!!!! We receive the three witnesses: Water, Blood and Spirit of GOD! These three things remain: faith, hope, love, and the greatest of these is LOVE! We become agape Love: we stand in the gap, we are in the breach between heaven and earth, God and human; we bridge the two as we are a pillar, a banner of Love, a Christ being who has the fire being of Rev 1:12-18 in our center as our spiritual man!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! He is unfailing Love, undying Love, unfailing glory, unfailing manifestation of Presence: Love, Peace, Joy, Power, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Revelation, Counsel, Might, Reverential Awe and Wonder, and Spirit of Truth and Life!!!!!!!!

Be mindful and MOVE! Move into flow, ease, grace and glory!!!!!!!!



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Awesome Sauce!


It’s a celebration! It is an eternal celebration! There are bubbles and bubbly! There is effervescence! There is great Joy! There are presents and infinite gifts! There is an amazing banquet of food and drinks! There is invitation, welcoming, warmth, laughter, happy tears, all-enveloping Love, activation and quickening! There are jewels, gemstones and diamonds, crystal cut and clear, shining with luminosity, radiance, bursting into a prism of heavenly colors as the Light of the Son floods them! There is a white wedding garment billowing like a bright, white cloud: soft, fluid, flowing, shimmering with gold and silver threads! There is a Bridegroom to end all Bridegrooms, the combination of every perfect trait, character and quality of the loveliest, most gentle, most alive, vibrant, vital, energetic, strongest, noble, trustworthy, true, pure, respectful, praise-worthy, excellent, kind, caring, honorable, just, pure, holy, gracious, white knight on a white stallion decked out in gold trim! The sky is crystal clear, radiant blueness. There are fields of fragrant flowers all in bloom! There are lush, verdant trees and greenery! There is a waterfall, a river of crystal clear water flowing into a still lake…

It’s a celebration! It is a feast! It is a victory celebration for the ultimate success! It is the perfection of oneness with our All in all! It is the celebration of the successful overcoming or conquering of human nature, the human condition and the human mind! It is the mindful awareness of the Presence of God manifesting into our body vehicle! Our feminine soul (heart, mind, will) has married our masculine inner spiritual man and the two become one. We celebrate the marriage of our new creation, carried in our physical body, with Christ Jesus, the Bridegroom (the two become one); and our eternal betrothal with our First Love, the Creator of heaven and earth! Celebrate!

Love is unity of Light

Perfection does not come from outside; it is not external perfection and does not have anything to do with works or performance or anything we do or not do. Perfection is spiritual, a matter of the heart-mind: conscious awareness of Christ in us!!!!!!!! This is not blind faith or intellectual knowledge. This is experiential and signs confirm the substance and evidence of the manifest Presence of God in us! We are transformed from the inside out with Light! We become a lighthouse for God’s manifest presence: the glory fills our body temple! There is holy Fire and flowing Rivers and flashes of Lightning! We are unveiled as a bride married in amazement, in perfect oneness with Christ!

There is shaking and trembling, heat, tingling, electricity, rivers of energy, overwhelming Love, laughter, Joy, gladness, pleasure, delight, flashes of Light, colors of the rainbow, revelations, increased sensitivity, being taken over by the holy Spirit, being filled, breathed, lifted, enraptured, raised up, caressed with gentle breezes, blown over by tornadoes of vibration, overtaken with waves from a tsunami of Love, Grace, Goodness, Wellbeing, Rightness, Completeness, Holiness, Wholeness, Truth, Abundant Life…overflowing waters of Life creating a fountain that geysers up in wave after wave of glory!

We glisten, twinkle, blinkle, shine, glow, radiate, and become luminous stars of righteousness! We become full, live oaks, palm trees with high branches, pomegranate trees, beautiful blossoming fruit trees all seeded by the Tree of Life! We are always in season, ripe, juicy, flavorful, fragrant, soft, yielded, surrendered, open, receptive, filled, and overflowing! We are brides of awe and wonder! We are covered with Awesome Sauce!

We glitter like gold! We shine like silver! We burn with holy Fire! We flow with Living Waters! We glow with the Spirit! Where we walk, Light leaves a footprint! We shimmer in the glory! We glisten with His dew! We rise like the morning star! We break forth like the new dawn! We reflect our Father and are the spitting image and likeness of our Bridegroom! We have the Mind of Christ! We see our Bridegroom face to unveiled face! We are kissed by glory! We are in intimate relationship with our Beloved! We married into a huge royal Family: all heaven and earth is our one Family! Our Father is above all and through all and in all! We are the royal Family of perfect Love of which there is no other!!!!!!!!

Some kids put ketchup on everything! They grow up to put hot sauce on everything! Our Father puts awesome sauce on everything!!!!!!!!

hand in hand with the sun

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Seek FIRST the Kingdom!

“Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our soul is restless until it rests in Thee.” Augustine

Seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be given to you! Why seek the effects when you can FIND the Source and receive every good endowment and perfect gift in direct relationship with God who is pure Love? God is Spirit and Truth; God is perfect Love! Seek love from other sources, other gods that become idols like money, success, sex, power, and you will remain on the hamster wheel of good and evil, spinning in duality, avoiding evil and attached to good. The way that seems right to man leads to disappointment, destruction and death…

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. If you think you are a physical being seeking enlightenment or seeking to be spiritual or trying to find happiness for your soul, you will be a seeker, not a finder! If you wake up and realize your true nature is spiritual and your Father is Love without an opposite, his Son is manifest Love that brings perfect Peace beyond understanding, and his Spirit is pure Joy, then your soul can rest and your body becomes a holy temple for God’s manifest presence, the glory! When glory visits your body you are caught up in rapture! Be enraptured!

Everyone’s soul (heart, mind, will) is female and it longs, yearns and seeks to be complete. “You complete me!” But our soul will never be satisfied, fulfilled, until it is reunited in spiritual marriage with the Spirit of God. It is restless until it rests back in its Source! The journey to wholeness (holiness) is reconnecting our body with our soul with our human spirit; which we then reconnect through Jesus’ (Peace) Spirit (Joy) to join, yoke, or marry our First Love: God who is Spirit, Love and Light without opposite!!!!!!!!

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience to allow our soul to reunite with its Lover, the Beloved: Love Itself, the Source of True Love, pure crystal clear Light without any darkness at all, to express on earth the reflection of heaven in body. Only in a physical body can we taste, see, hear, feel and smell the fragrance of Love as the image and likeness of God, as glory, as a manifest presence! In union there is rapture, delight, pleasure, ecstasy, bliss and sanctified emotions that come from our spiritual marriage. Our soul (feminine) is restless until it RESTS in the Spirit of God again! When we are able to do this IN BODY (embodied Spirit of God) we enter the new heavens on earth (frequency, vibration, pure Awareness of Presence, Kingdom of God) in our body temple! Seek FIRST the kingdom and all things are given to you!

If you identify with the physical body or your thoughts or feelings or beliefs or physical sight as who you are; you run into the ditch or never really live, or die with your music still in you, and end up making decisions you would never make if you knew who you are. When you identify with Jesus and come into relationship with his Father and God who is Love without an opposite, Light without any darkness at all, Spirit and Truth, your SOUL can reunite with the deepest desire of your heart: to be complete, whole, perfect oneness with Love, your True Beloved, and you will lack NOTHING! This is entering heaven on earth!

Annalize Mouton photo

Annalize Mouton photo

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Mistaken Identity


This is way too long….couldn’t stop….being passionate about true identity because only knowing the truth experientially can set us free from ourselves, and free from the world and free to be who we were created to be: the image and likeness of God. We need to encounter the substance of our Father’s Love to become Love without an opposite, living in Light without any darkness at all, present in pure Presence….awake, aware sons and brides of Love, royal sons and brides of God….royal kings and priests given all authority and power, carrying the presence of God, the ark, and the holy of holies in our body temple: the one body and one Spirit we share IN CHRIST as Christ beings. We are in Christ and Christ is in us, meaning we are one being, carrying all the fullness of God bodily. Wake up out of confusion of body, soul and spirit and reunite with your First Love….it is sexual and gender healing….plus a whole lot more…

Great compassion is called for! The world is suffering from a massive case of mistaken identity. When we don’t know who we are, we are vulnerable to lies and deception and all sorts of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion and error. Confusion is never of God our Father; confusion is the calling card of lucifer (I do not capitalize on purpose because he is dead, barren and can bear no fruit in us in Christ). I have to be blunt and speak the truth in Love: yes there is a devil and fallen angels and their spirits are unclean and evil; they live in the lower vibration of the old heavens and old earth, what is commonly called the world, as opposed to the earth which is the LORD’s. The biggest deception of all is to think evil is a myth or just archetypal, or just a part of the human psyche. Yes, it is inside unsanctified man, but it came from outside of us, infiltrating everything in the world, including religion and spiritual groups. Evil wasn’t originally generated from our mind, heart and will (soul); we were created in the image and likeness of God. Evil comes from our fallen being, vibration or frequency that started with Adam and Eve. Mistaken identity is key because once you know you have died to Adam and are alive in Christ, you die to confusion and deception and you begin to live as a part of the new creation as a Christ being! Identify with Christ alone!

“Adam was a type of the One who was to come…the free gift following many trespasses brings justification…one man’s trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one man’s act of righteousness leads to acquittal and Life for all men…Law came in to INCREASE TRESPASS; but where sin increased, GRACE ABOUNDED ALL THE MORE…All who have been baptized into Christ (Water, Spirit, and Fire) were baptized INTO his death…and RAISED from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE…our old self was crucified WITH HIM so that the old body might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved…we have died with Christ, we also live with him…and never die again…yield yourself to God as beings who have been brought from death to Life, and your members to God as instruments of righteousness (right relationship)……yield your members to righteousness for sanctification…Now you have been set free…the return you get is sanctification and eternal Life” Romans 5:14-21, 6:1-23

There used to be two groups on the earth: Jews and Gentiles. But after Jesus changed time and space and his finished mission on earth, the finished work of the cross, there are only these two groups or types on earth: Adams and Christs (or put another way Harlots and Brides). Adams are going through confusion, tribulation, suffering, soul wounds, body and spirit disorders, sin, consequences of sin (karma), errors of judgement, listening to the wrong sources leading to dis-ease and distress. Adam is the old type of human and there are a LOT of glitches in the system! Adam’s are confused because their soul is enslaved to lucifer whose light is counterfeit. Adam’s type are flesh and blood, ruled by the lower mind of men, attached to the world of good and evil, suffering from lust of the flesh and eyes, pride, and egotism. They believe what their physical eyes see because they are blind to spiritual truth. They are enslaved to physical laws because they are unaware or unconscious of the laws of the Spirit of God. All unaware Adam’s fathers are satan, and their religions, or lack there of, are infiltrated with satan; their minds are infiltrated by satan and their thoughts are generated from satan’s mind. Their feelings are generated from inner conflict, mistaken identity, and a closed hardened heart from the hurts, wounds and traumas of living in a world run by powers and principalities of evil. Adam’s lineage and extended family mistakenly think, feel and believe that they are their physical body, a me, a separate self, and their ego is selfish, prideful, and only in relationship with itself. It’s soul is enslaved to satan and the world consensus trance mind. It is of the walking dead but thinks it is alive; it has no idea what real Love, Life and abundant Life (zoe perissos) are. I know because I was an Adam for so long! Until we wake up we are split, divided, conflicted and confused; yet we put on persona or mask, to deal with the world. Adams can be confused sexually, confused gender-wise, confused heart, mind, soul and spirit-wise. None of it matches up, not congruent or coherent with self, others or God; the insides and outsides are in conflict from one end of the spectrum to the other, in varying levels of intensity.


Human beings in the lineage of Adam are ruled by their flesh and blood, led by lust, devoid of Spirit, conflicted, divisive and based in fear not Love. Adams armor with things of the world. Satan reigns over them body, soul and spirit causing conflict, confusion, emotional pain and mental suffering. Because they have a mistaken identity, satan has legal right to enslave and rule over them. They unconsciously give consent to the powers and principalities of evil. They live as dead men walking in the world ruled by the prince of the air, satan. They mutilate the flesh because they don’t know they are not their body, their gender, not their physical sexuality; not their thoughts, feelings, intentions or will; not their two-spirit, or the community of spirits living in them. Jesus cast seven demons out of Mary Magdalene; all human beings today have at least two spirits in them and a divided house/body cannot stand. Confusion is from a divided house due to mistaken identity…

Great compassion is called for! Great compassion, mercy, grace and kindness is called for since the Truth at first causes great sorrow, conviction, shame, guilt, regret, anger, rage, etc. when we wake up and find out we have been sold a lie, deceived, controlled, manipulated and enslaved. Satan always condemns, but the Holy Spirit who convicts our conscience of mistakes, is the same ONE Spirit that resurrects life, heals, delivers and sets us free. We endure sorrow for a night to be woken in Joy in the eternal Day of the LORD, the morning star rises in our heart, the new dawn of glory breaks through, our spiritual heart eyes are opened and Light resurrects in us! We realize the only thing that was ever wrong with us, the only thing that was confusing and caused confusion was our mistaken identity.

We were conditioned to believe we were human beings when the Truth is we are Christ beings! Bruce Jenner said, “I am a woman” but that is a lie of mistaken identity. He is identifying with his enslaved wounded soul. All souls are female. His confusion and pain come from the powers and principalities at work in him; the spirits within him that generate negative and distorted thoughts. But we are not physical beings, not our body, soul or human spirit; we are no longer in the lineage of Adam or human beingness at all in Christ! Jesus was the last Adam. Christ is the new prototype. When Jesus died, he died as all Adams; when Christ resurrected in Jesus, all human beings resurrected into the new prototype. The confusion comes from believing you are a human being when the Truth is you are a Christ being!


Saying, “I am a man or a woman or gay or straight or black or white or jewish or muslim or enslaved or transgender” is mistaken identity from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of lies, enslavement by flesh and blood ruled by the powers and principalities of darkness. It is a lie, an illusion, a huge deception that keeps the world in tribulation and suffering while the powers and principalities feed off your negative emotions generated by the distorted thoughts the prince of the air interjects into your mind. Your soul is enslaved to flesh and blood, to mistaken identity, to elemental, unclean, evil and religious spirits and to the powers and principalities of evil. This is all delusion for we are new creations in Christ’s one body and one Spirit! When you know you are in Christ in God, your sanctified soul married to the Spirit of God matches with the outside; it doesn’t matter if you are in male or female body temple because both are the image and likeness of God!

The Truth is “I Am that I Am.” The Truth is “I am a Christ being” our new name in the new city of Light on the holy hill. Our true identity is the same “I Am”; we are Christ beings in our innermost being and when we wake up to the Truth, we begin to transform from the inside out as Light! Changing the outside to match the inside is matching our outside with death. The Truth is Adam’s being, legacy and lineage is dead, so all who identify as human being are living in mistaken identity and confusion. The Truth is in Christ there is only one body and one Spirit; our greater Christ being born of God. The Way to the Truth and our true identity is through Jesus who carried the fullness of the Godhead, who knew he was a Son and carried the Christ DNA: the exact image and likeness of God our Father. He was the visible expression of the invisible Father. Jesus had to take off the Christ and give up his holy Spirit to die; we have to put it on to really LIVE. Jesus suffered the greatest tribulation any human ever could so we don’t have to. We have been given the greatest Gift: a new identity, a new resurrected being, a new ascended life, a new legacy, a new lineage, a new heritage, a new Father, a new holy Spirit, and a new higher frequency dimension to live in. Adam’s type is dead and those who believe they are gender or sex confused, or think they are their outward, physical or external appearance, or change it to match their enslaved soul, are suffering from the greatest delusion hatched by the mind of satan. He and his demons laugh, mock, deride and put more and more deranged, deluded, confused, conflicted thoughts into the human collective mind to cause more and more pain, suffering, and tribulation, so the evil spirits can feast on our negative emotions as they hurt marriages, children and family’s lives. Fear begets more fear, begetting doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction and discouragement.

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

The Way to true identity is through Jesus’ body of flesh, his conquering and overcoming flesh and blood, worldly mind and human being/doing in Adam. There are only two types of human beings on earth: Adam and Christ. Which one are you? Adam’s father is satan and his mind is satan’s mind, his thoughts come from the prince of the air which lead to negative and distorted thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. All souls are female, but the unredeemed human soul in men and women is darkened, heart hardened, mind infiltrated and controlled by satan, and enslaved leading to the Romans 7 scenario: we do what we don’t want to do, doing even what we hate, doing what hurts others and ourself, leading to tribulation, suffering, pain, disease, and death. But when we receive the truth that we are suffering from mistaken identity or identity theft by satan, we go THROUGH the open Door of Jesus to our Real Father; seated with Christ in heavenly places, transforming our life on earth. We can’t know who we are until we know who are real Father is. In Adam we are orphans and widows but most don’t know it. When we are reconciled with our true Father, the Father of Light without any darkness at all, we become royal sons and brides! We learn our true identity: we are sons of God; brothers of Jesus; our true identity is not human being/doing but Christ being/doing! We are one body and one Spirit with the Christ of God! The Way to the Father is through the body of Jesus. The Truth is the Christ of Jesus! The Life is Christ’s Spirit IN US, AS US!!!!!!!!


Do not mutilate your flesh to match your physical body to an enslaved, darkened human soul or wrong spirit/spirits. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL things will be given to you. The way to be comfortable in your skin is to find out who you really are! You are not a human being; you are a Christ being: one body and one Spirit with Christ’s Spirit. Know the Truth and the Truth sets you free! Surgery, hormones, plastic surgery, drugs, all change the physical body and will never set you free to be who you really are inside. An enslaved soul in a mistaken identity influenced by deceptive spirits cannot make an informed decision and cannot give informed consent (con sent; we are sent a con). We require TRUTH in our inward being and need God’s Higher Wisdom in our secret heart (Psalm 51:6). The enslaved soul’s heart is full of darkness, deception, lies, satan’s poison, wounds, scars; a repository for negative emotions, unmet needs and pain. The unsanctified heart is full of satan’s deception, corruption, and fruit of lies (Jeremiah 17:9). We have to wake up to our stolen, mistaken identity to learn the Truth. We pray Psalm 51; we need mercy because we were sold a bill of goods, fed a lie, deceived, tricked, manipulated; conditioned by the world and mind-controlled by satan and his demons who have played with our emotions to feed their dark agenda.

Great compassion is called for! We need to be extremely kind and compassionate to ourself and others and show great mercy and grace and loving-kindness. We need to be told the Truth about who we are so we can be innocent as doves yet wise as serpents to know the tricks and rise above them. We are Christ beings resurrected in the image and likeness of God; we are sons and brides of the Most High. We are no longer of Adam’s type or lineage; Jesus was the LAST Adam. We are of the new prototype, the new creation, new creatures born of God, in the order of Melchizedek, in the image and likeness of Christ. We are ONE body and ONE Spirit with Christ and we only need our soul to be sanctified: cleansed, washed, cleared, purified, and refined. We need to be made white as snow in the Blood of the spotless Lamb. We have already died with Jesus to all Adam-ness; we need the first resurrection with Christ to be who we were created to be: our true identity as a Christ being, a type of Jesus in the order of Melchizedek, who had no biological parents. We rise above physical laws and biological dominance to being a “little less than God and be crowned with glory and honor” (Ps 8:5 RSV).  The second resurrection, when we drop our earthly tent, is reunion in heaven with the Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth.

We have to know the Truth for the Truth to set us Free! Being unaware (unbelief) or unconscious is to be enslaved body, soul and spirit. The truth is all Adam’s type human beings are DEAD in CHRIST, yet alive in the old heavens and earth subject to deceiving spirits. We need to receive the TRUTH and give our old identity to Jesus who is the WAY to our real Father and true identity. It is again the fullness of time as the religious age is ending; darkness covers the earth and thick darkness her peoples. We have to wake up and begin to KNOW the truth so the truth can set us free to enter the kingdom age. We need the light and glory of Christ IN US to avoid the deepening tribulation.

Jesus is the WAY to our real identity, the WAY to know who we are, the WAY to match our outside with our inside and become congruent! We go through Jesus’ body in our physical body to our True Father. All human beings are living a lie until they receive the Light of Truth in their conscious mind! Don’t mutilate your flesh, cut, burn, surgically or pharmacologically alter your body when it is NOT who you are! We transform from the inside out: spirit to soul to physical. We GIVE OUR HUMAN BODY to Jesus and he takes you to your REAL PARENTS, Elohim, in whom you were before the world was formed! You are a Christ being, one body and one Spirit with the Living One, alive forever more; eternity was placed in your secret heart before the foundation of the world. We are spiritual beings of one Family in heaven and earth with one Father who is ABOVE ALL and through all and IN ALL! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ! Our soul is purified and refined by the Holy Spirit and Fire of God. Our body, soul and spirit is made white as snow, and we receive a new, right, willing spirit. We trade sin for Christ’s righteousness, meaning RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one Spirit of God, the pure, holy Spirit. The two become ONE SPIRIT, our human spirit and God’s holy Spirit! Our body is the living sacrifice we give to the Holy Spirit of our Father and his Christ; we sacrifice our broken body, broken heart and broken spirit to RECEIVE Christ’s perfect, holy body, pure heart, and ONE holy Spirit. We are already reconciled body, soul and spirit with God; we have to WAKE UP and realize it, become aware of it, KNOW the truth and the TRUTH sets us FREE!


The key words are IN CHRIST! All human beings of Adam’s type and lineage are DEAD IN CHRIST. The enemy of our souls, our adversary, the accuser, the liar, the deceiver, the manipulator, controller, handler, mind controller, soul enslaver, body wrecker, relationship ruiner, family destroyer, marriage poisoner, prodigal children maker, source of all confusion, distress, disorder, disease, sin and death, satan and his fallen angels, lucifer, the devil, and all his other names Abaddon, Apollyon, Hades, Death, Sheol, Gehenna…, are not in Christ: “IS NOT” (Revelation 17:8-14). When we are unequally yoked with any of the dark entities listed above, we are outside the gates, outside of the kingdom, outside of Christ. They were banished from the new heavens and new earth and they want to take you down with them; they want to see you suffer their same fate; they hate you because you are made in the image and likeness of God and if they can keep you in the dark, steal your identity and give you a false one, they are adding to the misery of the old heavens and earth that they cannot leave: misery loves company. You can leave the world in Christ and enter the new heavens and earth in the ascension body of Jesus!

In Christ, we are resurrected and ascended into his one body and one Spirit, living in the higher spiritual dimension of the new heavens on earth (NHOEN)! God’s holy Fire and holy Spirit fill our physical body, transforms our soul, and transfigures our body. As we walk in the light and learn to overcome the worldly pull, glory begins to fill our body temple and we experience being raptured,  caught up in frequency, vibration, dimensionally into the kingdom of the Son! Our vibration rises as we cast off burdens, cares and weight of the world. We wake up inside of Christ’s greater Being, boundary-less, borderless, expanded, free, beyond gender, sex, race, age, nation or religion.  In Christ, we are already perfectly one with our Father, righteous, holy, perfect, blameless, irreproachable, complete, and lack nothing! We lack nothing IN CHRIST meaning we have an unlimited supply of all we could ever ask, imagine, dream or need! Nothing is impossible in Christ! Christ in us is the hope of glory! We merely need to know the TRUTH and the TRUTH sets us FREE!

Jesus is the TRUTH; truth is not facts, words, ideas, concepts, religion or beliefs. Jesus is the TRUTH; the Christ in Jesus is the TRUTH and we WAKE UP to the TRUTH by waking up IN CHRIST in the one body and one Spirit. We hear the truth, we take it by faith, we sincerely take the truth to heart, and we begin to speak the truth. We know we have already died to all of Adam’s typology in Jesus; we are aware that we have already been reconciled completely to our Real Father as a royal son with full inheritance, as a king with all authority and power in heaven and on earth, as a royal priest carrying the Presence of God, in the order of Melchizedek, with Jesus as our High Priest forever.

We have already been reconciled completely with our spiritual Husband, our Maker, our First Love, our True Love, as an eternal royal bride, on an eternal honeymoon with our Beloved. Our purified, refined soul is at perfect peace, resting on the bosom of our Beloved, his everlasting Arms are around us in an eternal embrace of pure Love. We are surrounded by supernal Light and manifest glory! We are completely satiated, satisfied, fulfilled and whole in his Love in our one body and one Spirit!



We do not have a divided mind or split personality or two-spirits in Christ! We are the new creation, Christ beings, the new prototype, the I am that I am; NOT ‘I am a woman” or “I am a man” trapped in a wrong body. NO, before we wake up we are all trapped in the wrong body! We are NO LONGER human beings, we are Christ beings and our REAL body is the one body and one Spirit of Christ! We match our Creator! Our soul just needs to be woken with Love’s True Kiss, the kiss of glory, the kiss of pure Awareness of Presence, and allow the River of Water of Life and glory Fire and Spirit to wash, cleanse, clear, purify and refine our soul! We don’t alter our body to match a mistaken identity; we let the Fire and Spirit purify and refine our soul to match our Christ being! Our spirit just need to be made new and in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one holy Spirit of God, our Father!

“Behold, you desire TRUTH in the inward being; therefore TEACH ME wisdom in my secret heart. Purge me and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. FILL ME with joy and gladness; let the bones which you broke rejoice (Adam’s bones are replaced with Jesus’ bones to resurrect Christ’s body in us as us)…Create in me a NEW, PURE HEART, O God, and put a NEW and RIGHT SPIRIT within me. Cast me not away from thy Presence (manifest glory/holy fire/Light), and take not thy holy Spirit (Life, Truth) from me. Restore to me the Joy of thy salvation (complete, whole, perfect, lacking nothing), and uphold me with a WILLING SPIRIT” Psalm 51:6-12


All kidding aside, great compassion is needed! Great mercy, grace, kindness and gentle, tender, loving care is needed. With an old house, if the bones are good, you remodel it. With the human being, you don’t remodel Adam’s old bones; you get the new bones of Christ through faith and the Spirit resurrects your new Christ being from the inside out! The Sword of the Spirit pierces, surgically cuts, to the division of soul and spirit, joints and bone marrow, to fashion Christ in you! Wisdom builds her house on the Rock foundation of Jesus; building us up in Love; not remodeling the old Adam! Don’t fix the outside; let the inward spiritual being, united with the Spirit of God, transfigure you from the inside out in the Light of Awareness!!!!!!!!

Those still asleep are lion prey; serpent food; mind controlled; handled, deceived, eating poisonous, toxic, deadly lies from the tree of good and evil: satan’s duality tree. Jesus taught not to judge or go by outward appearances or physical appearances or anything external. The heart is made right and the rest follows suit! We receive a heart transplant and our being is transformed! In Christ, the same Spirit that was in Jesus, we are dead to Adam’s legacy of sin, tribulation, death and laws. In Christ we are no longer under physical laws; we are immune to laws of sin and death, immune to confusion. In Christ we rise in frequency and being-ness, is-ness, existence, life and awareness to Christ’s one body and one Spirit that is BEYOND male or female, beyond physical laws, beyond two-spirit-ness. We go beyond confusion, inner/outer conflict, beyond physical appearances, physical laws, biology, or genetics. We move past the world of confusion, pain, wounding, hurts, traumas, suffering and tribulation into a new dimension, a new identity, a new city, a new divine nature, a new Family, a new Husband, a new kingdom, a new name, a new status as royal son, king, priest, and bride; no longer polyamorous, concubine, harlot, whore, sexual object, gay, straight, bi, or part of a harem, stable, or brothel, sex trafficked, used or abused by satan and his trickery. We move out of gender and sexual confusion to our true identity as a Christ being in the one body and one Spirit of God, married to our First Love, raptured into ecstasy with one touch of our Beloved beyond physical, sexual or gender issues. There are levels of delight, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and rapture with our Beloved that this world has hardly begun to realize! WORD!

We move past the limitations of language, labels, diagnosis, categorization, distinctions, biases, preferences, partiality, lesser sexual and gender labels, into the Galatians 3 truth: “Now BEFORE faith came (evidence and substance of Unseen), we were CONFINED under the law (confined by sex and gender and confusion), kept under restraint until faith should BE REVEALED (we are not human beings with a body and soul that may or may not match up; we are Christ beings IN CHRIST: perfectly ONE with God: married/yoked/joined/dwell/abide as ONE BEING). So that the law was our custodian UNTIL CHRIST CAME, that we might be justified by faith (just as if we were never human or Adam prototypes but Christ beings from before the world was formed). But NOW that faith has come, we are NO LONGER under any custodian (not under the flesh or blood or satan or demons or evil or religion or anything  but our First Love, our prime Creator); for IN CHRIST Jesus you are ALL SONS OF GOD, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ (FIRE AND SPIRIT) have put on Christ. There is no more religion confusion/deception/division; there is no more enslaved souls, there is no more gender or sexual confusion (no male nor female); for YOU ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST…heirs of Abba, not heirs of Adam and his father Satan.”


Jesus brought the Way, Truth and Life to the world to obliterate the confusion, lies and deception of stolen, false or mistaken identity. The Way to our true identity is not through changing the outside; the Way is through dying to the body, soul, and spirit to resurrect with Jesus into our True Identity: royal sons, kings, priests and royal brides of the Creator of heaven and earth! We are Christ beings, perfectly one with our Father, with divine natures, living in the one body and one Spirit, the Kingdom of God; living, moving and having our being in God. We have the potential to transform everything in a twinkling of an eye when we are awake, aware, present, and walking in our true identity in all the fullness of God. All things are possible in God!

In Christ, with Christ in us, filling us with his Spirit and Fire, his manifest Presence, ALL things are possible. Christ in us is the hope of glory; Christ expressing through us is the glory that will cover the earth as we wake up more and more! Sex goes way beyond physical to levels of ecstasy, delight and rapture that is not of this world; it is a kingdom reality of Spirit and Fire manifestation. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies become ONE new, born of God BODY in Christ and we are filled with ONE pure, holy SPIRIT of the Most High and our soul can finally rest in our Beloved as our Beloved works in and through us. There is no gender or sexual confusion, doubt, fear, suffering or pain in the kingdom of the Son, emotionally, mentally or physically. In Christ we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son and there is perfect Peace beyond understanding, perfect Love that casts out all fear, fullness of Joy, no conflicts or wavering or double-mindedness or two spirit-ness. There is only Life and Life Abundant (zoe perissos) and resting in pure delight, awe and wonder: satiated, fulfilled, complete, whole, and perfectly united in one being with God.  This is not science fiction; this is Reality in Christ in God!

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