Mistaken Identity


This is way too long….couldn’t stop….being passionate about true identity because only knowing the truth experientially can set us free from ourselves, and free from the world and free to be who we were created to be: the image and likeness of God. We need to encounter the substance of our Father’s Love to become Love without an opposite, living in Light without any darkness at all, present in pure Presence….awake, aware sons and brides of Love, royal sons and brides of God….royal kings and priests given all authority and power, carrying the presence of God, the ark, and the holy of holies in our body temple: the one body and one Spirit we share IN CHRIST as Christ beings. We are in Christ and Christ is in us, meaning we are one being, carrying all the fullness of God bodily. Wake up out of confusion of body, soul and spirit and reunite with your First Love….it is sexual and gender healing….plus a whole lot more…

Great compassion is called for! The world is suffering from a massive case of mistaken identity. When we don’t know who we are, we are vulnerable to lies and deception and all sorts of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion and error. Confusion is never of God our Father; confusion is the calling card of lucifer (I do not capitalize on purpose because he is dead, barren and can bear no fruit in us in Christ). I have to be blunt and speak the truth in Love: yes there is a devil and fallen angels and their spirits are unclean and evil; they live in the lower vibration of the old heavens and old earth, what is commonly called the world, as opposed to the earth which is the LORD’s. The biggest deception of all is to think evil is a myth or just archetypal, or just a part of the human psyche. Yes, it is inside unsanctified man, but it came from outside of us, infiltrating everything in the world, including religion and spiritual groups. Evil wasn’t originally generated from our mind, heart and will (soul); we were created in the image and likeness of God. Evil comes from our fallen being, vibration or frequency that started with Adam and Eve. Mistaken identity is key because once you know you have died to Adam and are alive in Christ, you die to confusion and deception and you begin to live as a part of the new creation as a Christ being! Identify with Christ alone!

“Adam was a type of the One who was to come…the free gift following many trespasses brings justification…one man’s trespass led to condemnation for all men, so one man’s act of righteousness leads to acquittal and Life for all men…Law came in to INCREASE TRESPASS; but where sin increased, GRACE ABOUNDED ALL THE MORE…All who have been baptized into Christ (Water, Spirit, and Fire) were baptized INTO his death…and RAISED from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in NEWNESS OF LIFE…our old self was crucified WITH HIM so that the old body might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved…we have died with Christ, we also live with him…and never die again…yield yourself to God as beings who have been brought from death to Life, and your members to God as instruments of righteousness (right relationship)……yield your members to righteousness for sanctification…Now you have been set free…the return you get is sanctification and eternal Life” Romans 5:14-21, 6:1-23

There used to be two groups on the earth: Jews and Gentiles. But after Jesus changed time and space and his finished mission on earth, the finished work of the cross, there are only these two groups or types on earth: Adams and Christs (or put another way Harlots and Brides). Adams are going through confusion, tribulation, suffering, soul wounds, body and spirit disorders, sin, consequences of sin (karma), errors of judgement, listening to the wrong sources leading to dis-ease and distress. Adam is the old type of human and there are a LOT of glitches in the system! Adam’s are confused because their soul is enslaved to lucifer whose light is counterfeit. Adam’s type are flesh and blood, ruled by the lower mind of men, attached to the world of good and evil, suffering from lust of the flesh and eyes, pride, and egotism. They believe what their physical eyes see because they are blind to spiritual truth. They are enslaved to physical laws because they are unaware or unconscious of the laws of the Spirit of God. All unaware Adam’s fathers are satan, and their religions, or lack there of, are infiltrated with satan; their minds are infiltrated by satan and their thoughts are generated from satan’s mind. Their feelings are generated from inner conflict, mistaken identity, and a closed hardened heart from the hurts, wounds and traumas of living in a world run by powers and principalities of evil. Adam’s lineage and extended family mistakenly think, feel and believe that they are their physical body, a me, a separate self, and their ego is selfish, prideful, and only in relationship with itself. It’s soul is enslaved to satan and the world consensus trance mind. It is of the walking dead but thinks it is alive; it has no idea what real Love, Life and abundant Life (zoe perissos) are. I know because I was an Adam for so long! Until we wake up we are split, divided, conflicted and confused; yet we put on persona or mask, to deal with the world. Adams can be confused sexually, confused gender-wise, confused heart, mind, soul and spirit-wise. None of it matches up, not congruent or coherent with self, others or God; the insides and outsides are in conflict from one end of the spectrum to the other, in varying levels of intensity.


Human beings in the lineage of Adam are ruled by their flesh and blood, led by lust, devoid of Spirit, conflicted, divisive and based in fear not Love. Adams armor with things of the world. Satan reigns over them body, soul and spirit causing conflict, confusion, emotional pain and mental suffering. Because they have a mistaken identity, satan has legal right to enslave and rule over them. They unconsciously give consent to the powers and principalities of evil. They live as dead men walking in the world ruled by the prince of the air, satan. They mutilate the flesh because they don’t know they are not their body, their gender, not their physical sexuality; not their thoughts, feelings, intentions or will; not their two-spirit, or the community of spirits living in them. Jesus cast seven demons out of Mary Magdalene; all human beings today have at least two spirits in them and a divided house/body cannot stand. Confusion is from a divided house due to mistaken identity…

Great compassion is called for! Great compassion, mercy, grace and kindness is called for since the Truth at first causes great sorrow, conviction, shame, guilt, regret, anger, rage, etc. when we wake up and find out we have been sold a lie, deceived, controlled, manipulated and enslaved. Satan always condemns, but the Holy Spirit who convicts our conscience of mistakes, is the same ONE Spirit that resurrects life, heals, delivers and sets us free. We endure sorrow for a night to be woken in Joy in the eternal Day of the LORD, the morning star rises in our heart, the new dawn of glory breaks through, our spiritual heart eyes are opened and Light resurrects in us! We realize the only thing that was ever wrong with us, the only thing that was confusing and caused confusion was our mistaken identity.

We were conditioned to believe we were human beings when the Truth is we are Christ beings! Bruce Jenner said, “I am a woman” but that is a lie of mistaken identity. He is identifying with his enslaved wounded soul. All souls are female. His confusion and pain come from the powers and principalities at work in him; the spirits within him that generate negative and distorted thoughts. But we are not physical beings, not our body, soul or human spirit; we are no longer in the lineage of Adam or human beingness at all in Christ! Jesus was the last Adam. Christ is the new prototype. When Jesus died, he died as all Adams; when Christ resurrected in Jesus, all human beings resurrected into the new prototype. The confusion comes from believing you are a human being when the Truth is you are a Christ being!


Saying, “I am a man or a woman or gay or straight or black or white or jewish or muslim or enslaved or transgender” is mistaken identity from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of lies, enslavement by flesh and blood ruled by the powers and principalities of darkness. It is a lie, an illusion, a huge deception that keeps the world in tribulation and suffering while the powers and principalities feed off your negative emotions generated by the distorted thoughts the prince of the air interjects into your mind. Your soul is enslaved to flesh and blood, to mistaken identity, to elemental, unclean, evil and religious spirits and to the powers and principalities of evil. This is all delusion for we are new creations in Christ’s one body and one Spirit! When you know you are in Christ in God, your sanctified soul married to the Spirit of God matches with the outside; it doesn’t matter if you are in male or female body temple because both are the image and likeness of God!

The Truth is “I Am that I Am.” The Truth is “I am a Christ being” our new name in the new city of Light on the holy hill. Our true identity is the same “I Am”; we are Christ beings in our innermost being and when we wake up to the Truth, we begin to transform from the inside out as Light! Changing the outside to match the inside is matching our outside with death. The Truth is Adam’s being, legacy and lineage is dead, so all who identify as human being are living in mistaken identity and confusion. The Truth is in Christ there is only one body and one Spirit; our greater Christ being born of God. The Way to the Truth and our true identity is through Jesus who carried the fullness of the Godhead, who knew he was a Son and carried the Christ DNA: the exact image and likeness of God our Father. He was the visible expression of the invisible Father. Jesus had to take off the Christ and give up his holy Spirit to die; we have to put it on to really LIVE. Jesus suffered the greatest tribulation any human ever could so we don’t have to. We have been given the greatest Gift: a new identity, a new resurrected being, a new ascended life, a new legacy, a new lineage, a new heritage, a new Father, a new holy Spirit, and a new higher frequency dimension to live in. Adam’s type is dead and those who believe they are gender or sex confused, or think they are their outward, physical or external appearance, or change it to match their enslaved soul, are suffering from the greatest delusion hatched by the mind of satan. He and his demons laugh, mock, deride and put more and more deranged, deluded, confused, conflicted thoughts into the human collective mind to cause more and more pain, suffering, and tribulation, so the evil spirits can feast on our negative emotions as they hurt marriages, children and family’s lives. Fear begets more fear, begetting doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction and discouragement.

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

Mistaken identity is like God spelled backwards! We get the opposite effect!

The Way to true identity is through Jesus’ body of flesh, his conquering and overcoming flesh and blood, worldly mind and human being/doing in Adam. There are only two types of human beings on earth: Adam and Christ. Which one are you? Adam’s father is satan and his mind is satan’s mind, his thoughts come from the prince of the air which lead to negative and distorted thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. All souls are female, but the unredeemed human soul in men and women is darkened, heart hardened, mind infiltrated and controlled by satan, and enslaved leading to the Romans 7 scenario: we do what we don’t want to do, doing even what we hate, doing what hurts others and ourself, leading to tribulation, suffering, pain, disease, and death. But when we receive the truth that we are suffering from mistaken identity or identity theft by satan, we go THROUGH the open Door of Jesus to our Real Father; seated with Christ in heavenly places, transforming our life on earth. We can’t know who we are until we know who are real Father is. In Adam we are orphans and widows but most don’t know it. When we are reconciled with our true Father, the Father of Light without any darkness at all, we become royal sons and brides! We learn our true identity: we are sons of God; brothers of Jesus; our true identity is not human being/doing but Christ being/doing! We are one body and one Spirit with the Christ of God! The Way to the Father is through the body of Jesus. The Truth is the Christ of Jesus! The Life is Christ’s Spirit IN US, AS US!!!!!!!!


Do not mutilate your flesh to match your physical body to an enslaved, darkened human soul or wrong spirit/spirits. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL things will be given to you. The way to be comfortable in your skin is to find out who you really are! You are not a human being; you are a Christ being: one body and one Spirit with Christ’s Spirit. Know the Truth and the Truth sets you free! Surgery, hormones, plastic surgery, drugs, all change the physical body and will never set you free to be who you really are inside. An enslaved soul in a mistaken identity influenced by deceptive spirits cannot make an informed decision and cannot give informed consent (con sent; we are sent a con). We require TRUTH in our inward being and need God’s Higher Wisdom in our secret heart (Psalm 51:6). The enslaved soul’s heart is full of darkness, deception, lies, satan’s poison, wounds, scars; a repository for negative emotions, unmet needs and pain. The unsanctified heart is full of satan’s deception, corruption, and fruit of lies (Jeremiah 17:9). We have to wake up to our stolen, mistaken identity to learn the Truth. We pray Psalm 51; we need mercy because we were sold a bill of goods, fed a lie, deceived, tricked, manipulated; conditioned by the world and mind-controlled by satan and his demons who have played with our emotions to feed their dark agenda.

Great compassion is called for! We need to be extremely kind and compassionate to ourself and others and show great mercy and grace and loving-kindness. We need to be told the Truth about who we are so we can be innocent as doves yet wise as serpents to know the tricks and rise above them. We are Christ beings resurrected in the image and likeness of God; we are sons and brides of the Most High. We are no longer of Adam’s type or lineage; Jesus was the LAST Adam. We are of the new prototype, the new creation, new creatures born of God, in the order of Melchizedek, in the image and likeness of Christ. We are ONE body and ONE Spirit with Christ and we only need our soul to be sanctified: cleansed, washed, cleared, purified, and refined. We need to be made white as snow in the Blood of the spotless Lamb. We have already died with Jesus to all Adam-ness; we need the first resurrection with Christ to be who we were created to be: our true identity as a Christ being, a type of Jesus in the order of Melchizedek, who had no biological parents. We rise above physical laws and biological dominance to being a “little less than God and be crowned with glory and honor” (Ps 8:5 RSV).  The second resurrection, when we drop our earthly tent, is reunion in heaven with the Most High, the Creator of heaven and earth.

We have to know the Truth for the Truth to set us Free! Being unaware (unbelief) or unconscious is to be enslaved body, soul and spirit. The truth is all Adam’s type human beings are DEAD in CHRIST, yet alive in the old heavens and earth subject to deceiving spirits. We need to receive the TRUTH and give our old identity to Jesus who is the WAY to our real Father and true identity. It is again the fullness of time as the religious age is ending; darkness covers the earth and thick darkness her peoples. We have to wake up and begin to KNOW the truth so the truth can set us free to enter the kingdom age. We need the light and glory of Christ IN US to avoid the deepening tribulation.

Jesus is the WAY to our real identity, the WAY to know who we are, the WAY to match our outside with our inside and become congruent! We go through Jesus’ body in our physical body to our True Father. All human beings are living a lie until they receive the Light of Truth in their conscious mind! Don’t mutilate your flesh, cut, burn, surgically or pharmacologically alter your body when it is NOT who you are! We transform from the inside out: spirit to soul to physical. We GIVE OUR HUMAN BODY to Jesus and he takes you to your REAL PARENTS, Elohim, in whom you were before the world was formed! You are a Christ being, one body and one Spirit with the Living One, alive forever more; eternity was placed in your secret heart before the foundation of the world. We are spiritual beings of one Family in heaven and earth with one Father who is ABOVE ALL and through all and IN ALL! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ! Our soul is purified and refined by the Holy Spirit and Fire of God. Our body, soul and spirit is made white as snow, and we receive a new, right, willing spirit. We trade sin for Christ’s righteousness, meaning RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one Spirit of God, the pure, holy Spirit. The two become ONE SPIRIT, our human spirit and God’s holy Spirit! Our body is the living sacrifice we give to the Holy Spirit of our Father and his Christ; we sacrifice our broken body, broken heart and broken spirit to RECEIVE Christ’s perfect, holy body, pure heart, and ONE holy Spirit. We are already reconciled body, soul and spirit with God; we have to WAKE UP and realize it, become aware of it, KNOW the truth and the TRUTH sets us FREE!


The key words are IN CHRIST! All human beings of Adam’s type and lineage are DEAD IN CHRIST. The enemy of our souls, our adversary, the accuser, the liar, the deceiver, the manipulator, controller, handler, mind controller, soul enslaver, body wrecker, relationship ruiner, family destroyer, marriage poisoner, prodigal children maker, source of all confusion, distress, disorder, disease, sin and death, satan and his fallen angels, lucifer, the devil, and all his other names Abaddon, Apollyon, Hades, Death, Sheol, Gehenna…, are not in Christ: “IS NOT” (Revelation 17:8-14). When we are unequally yoked with any of the dark entities listed above, we are outside the gates, outside of the kingdom, outside of Christ. They were banished from the new heavens and new earth and they want to take you down with them; they want to see you suffer their same fate; they hate you because you are made in the image and likeness of God and if they can keep you in the dark, steal your identity and give you a false one, they are adding to the misery of the old heavens and earth that they cannot leave: misery loves company. You can leave the world in Christ and enter the new heavens and earth in the ascension body of Jesus!

In Christ, we are resurrected and ascended into his one body and one Spirit, living in the higher spiritual dimension of the new heavens on earth (NHOEN)! God’s holy Fire and holy Spirit fill our physical body, transforms our soul, and transfigures our body. As we walk in the light and learn to overcome the worldly pull, glory begins to fill our body temple and we experience being raptured,  caught up in frequency, vibration, dimensionally into the kingdom of the Son! Our vibration rises as we cast off burdens, cares and weight of the world. We wake up inside of Christ’s greater Being, boundary-less, borderless, expanded, free, beyond gender, sex, race, age, nation or religion.  In Christ, we are already perfectly one with our Father, righteous, holy, perfect, blameless, irreproachable, complete, and lack nothing! We lack nothing IN CHRIST meaning we have an unlimited supply of all we could ever ask, imagine, dream or need! Nothing is impossible in Christ! Christ in us is the hope of glory! We merely need to know the TRUTH and the TRUTH sets us FREE!

Jesus is the TRUTH; truth is not facts, words, ideas, concepts, religion or beliefs. Jesus is the TRUTH; the Christ in Jesus is the TRUTH and we WAKE UP to the TRUTH by waking up IN CHRIST in the one body and one Spirit. We hear the truth, we take it by faith, we sincerely take the truth to heart, and we begin to speak the truth. We know we have already died to all of Adam’s typology in Jesus; we are aware that we have already been reconciled completely to our Real Father as a royal son with full inheritance, as a king with all authority and power in heaven and on earth, as a royal priest carrying the Presence of God, in the order of Melchizedek, with Jesus as our High Priest forever.

We have already been reconciled completely with our spiritual Husband, our Maker, our First Love, our True Love, as an eternal royal bride, on an eternal honeymoon with our Beloved. Our purified, refined soul is at perfect peace, resting on the bosom of our Beloved, his everlasting Arms are around us in an eternal embrace of pure Love. We are surrounded by supernal Light and manifest glory! We are completely satiated, satisfied, fulfilled and whole in his Love in our one body and one Spirit!



We do not have a divided mind or split personality or two-spirits in Christ! We are the new creation, Christ beings, the new prototype, the I am that I am; NOT ‘I am a woman” or “I am a man” trapped in a wrong body. NO, before we wake up we are all trapped in the wrong body! We are NO LONGER human beings, we are Christ beings and our REAL body is the one body and one Spirit of Christ! We match our Creator! Our soul just needs to be woken with Love’s True Kiss, the kiss of glory, the kiss of pure Awareness of Presence, and allow the River of Water of Life and glory Fire and Spirit to wash, cleanse, clear, purify and refine our soul! We don’t alter our body to match a mistaken identity; we let the Fire and Spirit purify and refine our soul to match our Christ being! Our spirit just need to be made new and in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the one holy Spirit of God, our Father!

“Behold, you desire TRUTH in the inward being; therefore TEACH ME wisdom in my secret heart. Purge me and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. FILL ME with joy and gladness; let the bones which you broke rejoice (Adam’s bones are replaced with Jesus’ bones to resurrect Christ’s body in us as us)…Create in me a NEW, PURE HEART, O God, and put a NEW and RIGHT SPIRIT within me. Cast me not away from thy Presence (manifest glory/holy fire/Light), and take not thy holy Spirit (Life, Truth) from me. Restore to me the Joy of thy salvation (complete, whole, perfect, lacking nothing), and uphold me with a WILLING SPIRIT” Psalm 51:6-12


All kidding aside, great compassion is needed! Great mercy, grace, kindness and gentle, tender, loving care is needed. With an old house, if the bones are good, you remodel it. With the human being, you don’t remodel Adam’s old bones; you get the new bones of Christ through faith and the Spirit resurrects your new Christ being from the inside out! The Sword of the Spirit pierces, surgically cuts, to the division of soul and spirit, joints and bone marrow, to fashion Christ in you! Wisdom builds her house on the Rock foundation of Jesus; building us up in Love; not remodeling the old Adam! Don’t fix the outside; let the inward spiritual being, united with the Spirit of God, transfigure you from the inside out in the Light of Awareness!!!!!!!!

Those still asleep are lion prey; serpent food; mind controlled; handled, deceived, eating poisonous, toxic, deadly lies from the tree of good and evil: satan’s duality tree. Jesus taught not to judge or go by outward appearances or physical appearances or anything external. The heart is made right and the rest follows suit! We receive a heart transplant and our being is transformed! In Christ, the same Spirit that was in Jesus, we are dead to Adam’s legacy of sin, tribulation, death and laws. In Christ we are no longer under physical laws; we are immune to laws of sin and death, immune to confusion. In Christ we rise in frequency and being-ness, is-ness, existence, life and awareness to Christ’s one body and one Spirit that is BEYOND male or female, beyond physical laws, beyond two-spirit-ness. We go beyond confusion, inner/outer conflict, beyond physical appearances, physical laws, biology, or genetics. We move past the world of confusion, pain, wounding, hurts, traumas, suffering and tribulation into a new dimension, a new identity, a new city, a new divine nature, a new Family, a new Husband, a new kingdom, a new name, a new status as royal son, king, priest, and bride; no longer polyamorous, concubine, harlot, whore, sexual object, gay, straight, bi, or part of a harem, stable, or brothel, sex trafficked, used or abused by satan and his trickery. We move out of gender and sexual confusion to our true identity as a Christ being in the one body and one Spirit of God, married to our First Love, raptured into ecstasy with one touch of our Beloved beyond physical, sexual or gender issues. There are levels of delight, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and rapture with our Beloved that this world has hardly begun to realize! WORD!

We move past the limitations of language, labels, diagnosis, categorization, distinctions, biases, preferences, partiality, lesser sexual and gender labels, into the Galatians 3 truth: “Now BEFORE faith came (evidence and substance of Unseen), we were CONFINED under the law (confined by sex and gender and confusion), kept under restraint until faith should BE REVEALED (we are not human beings with a body and soul that may or may not match up; we are Christ beings IN CHRIST: perfectly ONE with God: married/yoked/joined/dwell/abide as ONE BEING). So that the law was our custodian UNTIL CHRIST CAME, that we might be justified by faith (just as if we were never human or Adam prototypes but Christ beings from before the world was formed). But NOW that faith has come, we are NO LONGER under any custodian (not under the flesh or blood or satan or demons or evil or religion or anything  but our First Love, our prime Creator); for IN CHRIST Jesus you are ALL SONS OF GOD, through faith. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ (FIRE AND SPIRIT) have put on Christ. There is no more religion confusion/deception/division; there is no more enslaved souls, there is no more gender or sexual confusion (no male nor female); for YOU ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST…heirs of Abba, not heirs of Adam and his father Satan.”


Jesus brought the Way, Truth and Life to the world to obliterate the confusion, lies and deception of stolen, false or mistaken identity. The Way to our true identity is not through changing the outside; the Way is through dying to the body, soul, and spirit to resurrect with Jesus into our True Identity: royal sons, kings, priests and royal brides of the Creator of heaven and earth! We are Christ beings, perfectly one with our Father, with divine natures, living in the one body and one Spirit, the Kingdom of God; living, moving and having our being in God. We have the potential to transform everything in a twinkling of an eye when we are awake, aware, present, and walking in our true identity in all the fullness of God. All things are possible in God!

In Christ, with Christ in us, filling us with his Spirit and Fire, his manifest Presence, ALL things are possible. Christ in us is the hope of glory; Christ expressing through us is the glory that will cover the earth as we wake up more and more! Sex goes way beyond physical to levels of ecstasy, delight and rapture that is not of this world; it is a kingdom reality of Spirit and Fire manifestation. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies become ONE new, born of God BODY in Christ and we are filled with ONE pure, holy SPIRIT of the Most High and our soul can finally rest in our Beloved as our Beloved works in and through us. There is no gender or sexual confusion, doubt, fear, suffering or pain in the kingdom of the Son, emotionally, mentally or physically. In Christ we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son and there is perfect Peace beyond understanding, perfect Love that casts out all fear, fullness of Joy, no conflicts or wavering or double-mindedness or two spirit-ness. There is only Life and Life Abundant (zoe perissos) and resting in pure delight, awe and wonder: satiated, fulfilled, complete, whole, and perfectly united in one being with God.  This is not science fiction; this is Reality in Christ in God!

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A NEW new age!

Things are not what they seem: sand magnified

Things are not what they seem: sand magnified

I fell for the counterfeit new age when religion offered no life or transformation. Maybe you did too. We knew there was more than this physical existence; we had a divine discontent, a longing and yearning for what we did not know. But the new age was just another distraction, an empty promise…finding everything disappointed; the itch never satisfied…the ever-offered carrot never led to fulfillment. My soul remained restless. There was no contentment, even in the greatest worldly things…

Then the Fire fell upon me, and while I continued to stand and fall over and over again, each time I got back up I had a little more wisdom and understanding, first of what not to do, then more and more Truth and Life! There is quite a powerful attachment to things of the world, and the egoic mind, the separate self, has ingratiated itself, attracting unwanted distractions and dead ends…

As the tide comes in and out, it brings more good tidings and takes more of the past away…until the floor gives way to the Rock of Ages…our floor becomes the new heavens on earth… and we begin to build on this foundation of pure Love!

I bring you good tidings of great Joy! Heaven was birthed on earth! Jesus brought the gospel of God to earth in the fullness of time, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe in the gospel” Mark 1:15. Peace on earth and good will toward men! Change your mind and become aware of the gospel of Peace: the gospel of Shalom (completeness, wholeness, oneness, freedom, infinite possibilities, unlimited supply)! Give up control: become like an innocent, pure, trusting child and enter the kingdom of God! Root and ground in Love, in Christ, and grow up in Love into the Head of Love, our Father, and be a son of Love! Walk in Love without an opposite and become a bride of Love! We move from separation to greater and greater intimacy with our First Love, our Beloved!

“I have found the one my soul loves!” “I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine!” Song of Songs

Salvation of the world is already done; we need to individually work out our own salvation with fear and trembling for God is at work IN US (Phil 2:12). We have to get the kingdom of God from our hands to our heart!!!! We are already saved by the finished work of the cross, but we need the eyes of our heart enlightened to be able to spiritually perceive! “Now we have not received the spirit of the world (religious and elemental spirits), but the Spirit which is from God, that we might understand the gifts bestowed on us by God…taught by the Spirit, not by human wisdom…the unspiritual man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit for they are folly to him and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned…we need the Mind of Christ” 1 Cor 2:12-16. God reveals Christ in us through the Spirit, and then forms Christ in us! Until you can see the Truth and Life of God, your brain will filter it out!

The personal apocalypse is the revelation of Christ Jesus IN YOU! Christ in us is the hope of glory! In 70 AD those who pierced Jesus were destroyed along with the external temple. John shared the tribulation and kingdom (Rev 1:7-9), both good and evil, until 70 AD destroyed the external temple and external religion and made it possible for our body to be the new temple! The end of the religious age in 70 AD was the beginning of the kingdom age! But old ages die hard! We are still in the throes of throwing out the dirty bath water but keeping the baby! The baby is the kingdom of God in our body temple, still in its infancy! Religion is still exerting a tenacious hold in the world and the ego loves religion: it loves rules, laws, control, veiling, manipulation, lies, deception, intrigue, secret societies, mystery schools, and belonging to social, cultural, political, spiritual and religious affiliations. The ego loves to be a member of an exclusive tribe; loves to be right and judge wrongness; ego loves us versus them; eats the fruit of lies of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; and the ego is devoid of Spirit and causes divisions (Jude 1:19).

The external corporal apocalypse in 70 AD must occur personally in each of us! The antichrist must die in us; the positive and negative archetypes must die in us to reveal the unified Christ who is one with our Father of Light in us! The temple is rebuilt in us! The glory returns to our body temple! Jesus fulfilled all the laws, prophesy, and promises of God and when he is revealed in us, we become like him! Christ in us is the hope of glory! Say yes to all the promises and receive all the fullness of God in your body temple!

“Once again, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all nations, so that the treasures of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor…silver and gold…I will give prosperity…return to Me…the foundation of the Lord’s temple was laid…Is the seed yet in the barn? Do the vine, the fig tree, the pomegranate, and the olive tree still yield nothing? From this day on I will bless you…I am about to shake the heavens and the earth, and to overthrow the throne of kingdoms…and make you like a signet ring, for I have chosen you” Haggai 2:6-23

We are the hidden treasure, Christ IN OUR BODY is the hidden splendor that is revealed when all the shaking stops and the fire ends! Christ’s seed is activated in us by the Spirit and Fire of God coming upon us! The Vine grows in us connecting heaven and earth in our new kingdom age body! We receive the royal signet ring of our Father when we return to him! We are robed in white garments and eat the wedding feast, making us one with our Beloved!


All is finished on the outside as of 70 AD! The spiritual tithe is in the storehouse of heaven through the finished work of Christ, opening the Door of Heaven to all of us! The religious age is over as Jesus already mediated for us and won! Now we go direct through the torn veil to the Father, through his Holy Spirit and Fire in our body! Our body, soul and spirit must be shaken to leave only that which cannot be shaken: Christ in us! The Fire burns, consumes, melts and dissolves the antichrist in our body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit leaving neither root nor branch! The shaking, burning, dissolving and melting in us reveals the new heavens on earth in us, as our new body temple! We enter the NEW new age, the kingdom age, when Christ in us reveals his glory through us!

The revealing of Jesus as Christ (apocalypse), as the anointed, living, holy One, must be revealed in us, as us! Our body becomes the new temple, illuminated from within as our Father and his Lamb are enthroned in our heart, removing all other kingdoms! We become the bride, the wife of the Lamb, that comes down from heaven out of God after we conquer and are lifted up in frequency. The ascended Jesus draws us up with him to be seated in heavenly vibrations/light/awareness and we rule and reign with him in the kingdom of Light without any darkness at all! The old religious age and the old new age both have darkness and light. We arise and shine as the new cities set on the higher vibrational hill in the new kingdom age!

We change our minds (repented) and seek the kingdom and his righteousness! We ask and receive Christ and his Kingdom within our body! We conquer the attachment to the egoic world, and we are lifted up in frequency/dimensions with Christ! We receive Jesus’ baptism of Spirit and Fire! We wake up and receive Christ’s Light and Glory (manifest Presence)! We wake up in Christ’s one body and one Spirit! We become aware we are in Christ as Christ is in us! We begin to walk in the Light and signs confirm it! The glory of God becomes our body temple’s Light now, and is to come in greater and greater glory! The Lamb of God is our Lamp; our body is the seven golden lamp stand! Nothing unclean or false can enter our new temple! We are no longer dust, or serpent food; we are the new creation in the kingdom age! We eat and drink Christ and we are what we eat! We behold only Christ and we become what we see! As he is so are we in the world!!!!

We need to die to external control, including religious control, or a middle man, to enter the one body and one Spirit of Christ! Jesus mediated for us, once for ALL, died, resurrected, ascended and sent us his Spirit and Fire. When we say yes and receive our inheritance bodily, we enter the kingdom age! We can do nothing apart from the Spirit and Fire in us! We praise, worship and bask in the glory of the true Church: Christ’s Being in us, beyond religion! Religions are written in stone; we have Christ living in our heart revealing Christ to us directly from the inside out!

We must be born anew into the one Body of Christ, flowing with the one Spirit, becoming the image and likeness of Christ, to BE the new heavens on a new earth! The kingdom is not external that we would say, “Lo, there it is” or “Lo, here it is!” The true Church is within our transformed heart, spiritual, not external and physical (Romans 2:28-29). We are the new Body of Christ, and we are his cells on earth, with the same DNA, the same Mind, Heart, Will, and Spirit! We receive the glory his Father gave him to become perfectly one with our Father as the Son. In Christ, as Christ is in us, we live as the NHOEN! We become the many-membered body of the one body and one Spirit of Christ! Christ fills all in all! Christ is all, and in all! Wake up and receive the Light of Truth and Life!!!!

The pillar of fire and bright cloud is Christ; in the religious age it lead externally; in the kingdom age it leads us internally! All led by the Spirit are the sons of God (Romans 8:14). The pillar of our body temple, connecting heaven and earth, is Christ Jesus! The ghost in the machine of the religious age, becomes the holy Spirit and holy Fire of our body temple in the kingdom age! The Vine and Tree of Life are Christ, and we are grafted on, growing as one until there is no difference between the Vine and the branches! Truly, truly, if you remain on the Vine of Christ, you are a pillar connecting heaven and earth! You sprout, bud, blossom, and flourish as a tree of life in the garden of the NHOEN! You flow with the River of Water of Life; your greening is healing; your fruit is Love! You become a bride of Love! You help seed the earth with Love! Unconditional Love and acceptance begets Love and acceptance! Our spiritual inner man becomes the pillar of fire being of Revelation 1:13; we are one with the Living One, the Vine, one with the tree of Life, one with Abba and his Lamb! We begin to have a strong Family resemblance!!!!

Enter the NEW, new age, the kingdom age as a new creation, reborn by the Spirit and Fire in the image and likeness of Christ! Let your hidden treasure, your inner Christ splendor be revealed!!!!!!!!


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Free to be Free!


Free to be me is not really freedom at all! Free to be who Jesus set us free to be is pure Freedom! Freedom to mutilate your body out of fear of a disease is not Freedom. Freedom to mutilate your body to be what your “me” says you are, is not Freedom. Freedom to harm in the guise of religion is not Freedom. Freedom to hurt others, steal joy, destroy peace, or kill is not of God. Jesus taught Love beyond all laws, loving even enemies and those who persecute you, which is true Freedom!

To Love God and Love others as yourself is the fulfillment of the royal law, and it results in Freedom for all to be truly Free! Religion is external; real Love sets us Free from the inside out! For Freedom Christ has set you free! If the Son sets you Free you are Free indeed! Don’t set the mistaken identity free to follow a worldly path of me, myself and I; because the lower mind follows the ways of the world that seem right to man leading to destruction.

We wake up out of the world’s hive mind and receive the Light of pure Awareness! We are not our body, we inhabit one; we are not our feelings, we have feelings moving through our blue sky awareness; we are not our thoughts, we have thoughts that pass through our mind like clouds! We become aware as we receive more and more pure Light of Christ! We wake up and realize we are one body and one Spirit with Christ, with a unique soul (mind, heart, will) that needs to be purified, refined and made white as snow so the sensitive, dove-like Spirit can rest and remain on us!

We wake up and realize that we do not have to alter or fix the outside; or change the ego or separate self (mistaken identity). But we merely need to awaken to the Truth of our real identity: the image and likeness of Christ Jesus! “Awake, O sleeper, arise from the dead and Christ will give you Light!” We are not set free by changing the outside; we invite the holy Spirit, pure Awareness, crystal clear Presence of Christ to live, move and have its greater Being in us and the outside transforms without any effort or striving on our part! Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things are given to you! Don’t alter the outside; bring your entire being to the altar, and let the Fire of God consume all that is false, revealing the pure gold of our true being!

“In Christ Jesus we are all sons of God, through faith (evidence and substance will follow and confirm with signs/wonders, and miracles). For as many of you were baptized into Christ (through Fire and Spirit) have PUT ON CHRIST. There is neither Jew nor Greek (no more external religion), there is neither slave nor free (all are one with Abba Father), there is neither male nor female; for you are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to promise” Galatians 3:26-29

Heirs receive the whole inheritance: perfect health, harmony, Love, and peace; fullness of Joy and Life Abundant (zoe perissos) and all the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19)!!!!

Christ in us is the hope of glory; pure awake awareness of Christ in us is glory: the manifest presence of God in us! If you take off Adam and the clothes spotted by the world of darkness, you remove the thick darkness covering human beings (mistaken identity). You put on Christ and the white garment of Light, and glory rises upon you!!!!!!!!


“Arise, shine; for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you” Isaiah 60:1. It has already all been done; but you must wake up and realize it!

“All who see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the people whom the LORD has blessed. I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall exult in my God; for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation, he has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. For as the earth brings forth its shoots, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring up, so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations” Isaiah 61:9-11

Every good endowment and every perfect Gift comes down from the Father of Light to his heirs! Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places is ours when Christ is in us! The fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily in Jesus and he gives it ALL to us, now and is to come! He gives us his glory and we become perfectly one with Jesus’ God and Father! This is beyond religion, beyond spiritual paths, beyond gender, beyond race, culture, society or human nature. Don’t change the flesh; put on Christ and everything will transform and transfigure! From now on we do not regard any one from a human point of view (2 Cor 5:16) because in Christ we are a new creation with a divine nature! We are a new race, a new Being in a higher dimension, a new realm of pure Spirit, a higher frequency of Light in Christ! We are hid with Christ in God!

“What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him” 1 Cor 2:9

With God, all things are possible! With the awareness of Christ in us, we receive all the fullness of God into our body temple; we receive the full inheritance of glory! Just a drop, a foretaste of Glory Divine, has rocked my life; just imagine what the full inheritance of glory covering the earth will be! Heaven on earth!!!!

Do not alter the outside to be free. You mistakenly change the outside to match up with your “me” inside, not knowing you are NOT YOUR ME! Don’t change religions; put on Christ; put on pure Light; put on glory and be one with God! You need the Light of Christ on the inside to KNOW and BE KNOWN in the NHOEN! You don’t know what you don’t know! The world conditions us to believe and experience the duality of the world; the human being is controlled, manipulated and conditioned to fit in to a fallen mind-set. The world, devoid of the Spirit, labels, divides and judges by external appearances.

But Truth came and manifested on earth in the body of Jesus to show us the Way to Real Life of oneness with our Father; the Way of divine being-ness; and the Truth of our real identity as sons and brides in the image and likeness of God! Those in Christ’s infinite one Being are one Family on earth as it is in heaven, with one Father who is above all and through all and in all! Wake up to your true identity and nature in Him, with Christ in us! “In that Day you will KNOW that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” Wake up in the one body and one Spirit! We invite Truth and Life to inhabit the inside and everything transforms in the Light of Christ! Be set Free to be truly Free; living in Freedom in the NHOEN!

Become like a child and enter the kingdom of God

Become like a child and enter the kingdom of God


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Yes We ARE!


In God, we are the one body and one Spirit of Christ! The baptism of Love, the baptism of Fire and Spirit that the ascended Jesus will send you, burns or consumes all that is anti-Christ in you and forms all that is Christ in your body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit! The mountains of obstruction are melted, the antichrist elements are dissolved, and Christ is formed in you! Then your human spirit can unite in perfect oneness with God’s holy Spirit! Only righteousness dwells in the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN), so when you begin to live in Christ, as Christ lives in you, you begin to live in the NHOEN (2 Peter 3:7-14)! Move into the new wine in a new wineskin (Mark 2:22)!

As a result of the consuming Fire of God’s Love, our body becomes God’s temple, flowing with the Holy Spirit. Our body of water becomes our Father’s peaceful, still, silent Water, a green pasture, as Jesus’ well of living water bubbles up in us through our feet, our soles, up through our soul, meeting with the crystal clear water from the Throne in our heart of hearts! The two Rivers meet in our heart and our blood stream becomes the delivery system for the circulation of God’s Spirit, Life, DNA, Light and pure healing Love to every cell of our physical body! We are attuned to God’s higher frequency of Light without any darkness at all (1 John 1:5)! We are raised to the elevated vibration of the ascended Christ Jesus! We live in the world but are no longer of it; we are new light citizens of Christ’s righteous, holy body, united in one Spirit in the bond of peace in the NHOEN!

Yes, we ARE!
A: awake, aware, alert, attentive, attuned, aligned, appreciative, acknowledging always, abiding in awareness and ascension with Abba!
R: recognize, re-think, repent, re-mind, reconcile, reactivate, repair, regenerate, restore, rebuild, renew, revitalize, rejuvenate, replenish, reign
E: envision, enraptured, engage, elucidate, elevate, eager expectation, excellence, excel, excitement, exactly, enveloped, encompassed, enthroned

Yes, we ARE one body and one Spirit with Christ Jesus! Yes, we ARE awake and aware, acknowledging our Creator! Yes, we ARE recognizing Christ in all: re-cognizing, re-thinking, with a new resurrected mind-set! Yes, we are engaged to the Source of all Life, our First Love; enraptured with eager expectation of the all Goodness of God, beyond duality!


The two become one! Our human being becomes one higher frequency of Light Being with Christ! The duality of satan’s tree becomes one higher vibrational tree of Life in Christ in perfect oneness with our Father! The many idols, angels and demons, gods and goddesses of the astral heavens, in which we commit adultery in idolatry with the Ba’als, is burned to ash, root to branch, as we ARE grafted on the Vine of Christ that connects heaven and earth! We ARE rooted in Love below the earth, grown up in Love, and branch into Love above the heavens! We sprout, bud, blossom, fruit, and spread Christ seeds of Love on earth as we flourish in the NHOEN!

We ARE one body and one Spirit with Christ! We are, in Christ, perfectly one with our Father, who is above all and through all and IN ALL (Ephesians 4:4-6)! Jesus gives us his glory and we become perfectly one with his Father (John 17:22)! Perfectly one with our Father, the Father of Light, is to KNOW Light that contains no darkness at all, perfect Love that casts out all fear, and the Spirit of Truth! We biblically KNOW Abba, we are betrothed eternally to the new name “My Husband” and we are no longer married to the Ba’als (Hosea 2:14-23)! We are no longer harlots (men and women) eating the fruit of lies from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We have risen in vibration, as brides, to a new dimensional frequency, a new realm, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!!

earth with butterflies

We become brides of our Maker, wives of the spotless Lamb, becoming equally yoked, spotless, blemish-free and at peace (2 Peter 3:14). Be sure that you KNOW Christ Jesus! He is the only way to be a spotless, blemish-less, at peace BRIDE, the NHOEN, a new Light city on a hill shining as a lighthouse, a building of God, a field of God’s higher vibratory frequency of Light on earth!!!! The True Light that enlightens every human being is Christ, the Light of the world! Be sure that you KNOW this Light, not the counterfeit, and be one with him! To be one is to KNOW, to be AWARE and AWAKE in his PRESENCE! To be one is to be married, joined, yoked with Jesus; we abide IN HIM as he abides IN YOU! “Whoever keeps his Word, in him truly Love for God is perfected. By this we may BE SURE that we are in him: he who says he abides in him ought to walk the same way he walked” 1 John 2:3-6.

We ARE the one body and one Spirit if we walk in Love, in Truth, in Peace, in fullness of Joy, in signs and wonders, in miracles, in healing, in delivering, in setting free, in Light of Awareness, in perfect Oneness, in glory Presence, in Reverential Awe, in Rapture, in Beauty, in Revelation, in Wisdom and Understanding, in Power and Might, in one body and one Spirit, in Knowledge of the LORD, in Song, in Praise, in Worship, in Glory!!!!

“What is the glory realm? It is the realm of eternity. It is the revelation of the presence of God. It is the manifestation of his Presence. He is glory. He is everywhere, but glory is the manifestation of that reality. Earth has the atmosphere of air, whereas the heavenly atmosphere is glory, His presence. When the glory comes down, it’s a bit of Heaven’s atmosphere coming down to us, a taste of His manifest presence…God is giving us a taste of that glory, Heaven manifested on earth. God is revealing his glory visibly to many people. Glory: Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven (1990) Ruth Ward Heflin

sunpicture blue:yellow

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Face of Water


Water has a face! When the body of water is still, you can see what it reflects! When we look into our bodies of water, our transformed in Christ body temples, we should be able to see the face of God! The Spirit hovers over the face of the waters until it has a resting place in you! Our body is mostly water (see https://newheavenonearth.wordpress.com/2015/02/16/our-body-of-water/) so we are the face that Spirit hovers over! Our body becomes the temple of God when the Spirit of God inhabits us! The Presence, the glory, finds a resting place in us!

Our body temple is three stories (Ezekiel 41:7): body, soul and spirit! There is a stairway to heaven in the middle and when divine glory returns to our body temple, the seven spirits from the throne inhabit our seven lamp stand body! Our spine is like a palm tree (Eze 41:18), but our branches are in heavenly places watered by the crystal clear River of the Water of Life at the Throne and our roots are in the waters below the earth, in Jesus’ deep, deep well of living water! Let God expands your borders to the height, depth, length and breadth!

We have cherubs on either side of our spinal cord: one with a human face, one with the lion of Judah’s face (Eze 41:18-19)! When we go through the Door of Jesus in our heart into the holy of holies and reunite with our Father, the two faces become one and we receive the spotless Lamb’s robe of righteousness, garment of salvation, mantle of sonship, white wedding garments, white as snow and Lamb-like!

Pouring River of Water of Life; Pour upon all flesh!

The glory of God returns to the temple like the sound of many waters and the earth shines with his glory; the Spirit lifts us up to be able to see the glory of the LORD fill the temple. The resting place of the soles of God’s feet is in our body temple, where he dwells in us for ever (Ezekiel 43:1-7). Christ in us is the hope of glory! Our inner spirit man invites Christ to be our center as the Rev 1:12-18 being: white as snow head and robe, eyes flames of fire, voice of many waters, face full sun, mouth a sharp two-edged sword, breast-plate and body as seven golden lamp stands purified by fire, feet burnished bronze refined in the furnace, having walked through the fire to get to the NHOEN! We walk through the fires of tribulation until we wake up and put on the Light of Christ; the full armor of glory of Christ in God! We are robed with their Presence and are raised in vibration in them, caught up above the old heavens and earth!

The entire creation, both heaven and earth, is in our physical body that is a body of water! We are the face of the waters that the Spirit of God moves over (Genesis 1:2)! We contain the water from the heavens, crystal clear from the Throne, above, through and in our body of water; and the bubbling living water below earth that comes up through our soles into our body like a tree, defying gravity as it flows upward watering our roots, body trunk and branches in the heavenly places (Genesis 1:6-10)! When we are in Christ, we are a well-watered tree in a cloud of glory, our branches are new heavens, constantly renewed in the Spirit of God’s Water of Life and Fire, and our physical body a new earth, constantly renewed in the living waters of Christ’s Love! Awareness of Christ in us is the glory! We wear the white garment, the cloud of Presence, that contains everything we could ever need in a state of potential! The separated waters come together in our body temple, uniting heaven and earth in us in Christ in God! We are hid with Christ in God (Colo 3:3)! This is the incredible Gift of Jesus, the Christ, to humanity; it is beyond comprehension! I bow in humble, grateful thanksgiving! Yes, I receive it all, Amen!


“Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Fill me with joy and gladness…create in me a clean heart and put a new and right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence, and take not the holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of thy salvation (complete, perfect, lacking nothing), and uphold me with a willing spirit” Psalm 51:7-12

This is our inheritance in Christ Jesus: perfectly one with our Father, wearing the white wedding garment of union with God, pure heart that sees God, righteous spirit in right relationship to all creation and under only our Creator; in the Presence of God as his Presence dwells in our body temple! We begin to live, move and have our Being in the pure Awareness of Presence, flowing with the Holy Spirit, filled with Joy, willing to receive every good endowment and every perfect Gift from our Father of Light! Every prayer is yes and amen! In perfect oneness with our Father after receiving the glory from the ascended Jesus, there is instant manifestation of yes and amen!

Glory fills the earth like water covers the seas! Our inheritance is God’s glory covering our body temple like water covers the seas: completely!!!! If this is not our experience, we need to ask the Spirit of God to remove the barriers to our willingness and receptivity to receive the FULL inheritance of God! Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice so we could all become sons of God and be co-heirs with him! The glory he received he is giving to us, unless unbelief (unawareness) is keeping you from the full Gift! If we are not living, moving and having our being in his glory, we need to ask for all barriers, obstructions, and obstacles to be removed! The greatest obstacle is our unawareness; it filters out the Spirit from our life; it even filters out true Life from our being and most people are just shadows: dead men walking, instead of eternal living, ruach-breathing sons of God: kings, priests and brides of the Most High!

Jesus is the faithful witness (Rev 1:5); stop listening to lesser sources and go direct! The Holy Spirit’s sevenfold anointing will teach you everything! Get this powerful anointing! You receive the Spirit of the LORD, Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation Counsel, Power and Might, Knowledge of the LORD, and Fear of the Lord, the Fountain of Life, the beginning of Wisdom! We start this transformative process into the Wisdom of God by the Fear of the Lord, Reverential Awe, a realization that we have been misled and misinformed. We turn from worldly sources and our own ego advising us, to turn back to our Source of Life, the Father of heaven and earth, our First Love. We receive his perfect Love that casts out ALL fear!!!! We must begin with Love, because fear keeps us from receiving the gifts and inheritance of God. Without the perfect Love baptism from our Father, we fear even the Spirit and Fire that must come before we are able to rapture out of worldly trials and tribulations! The cares and burdens of the world keep humans weighed down and heavy, unable to be caught up with the Spirit. Let the Fire of God remove your heavy weights; arise, shine; receive Christ’s Light; let the glory rise upon you!

Bring Heaven to earth!

Bring Heaven to earth!

We ask God to teach us Wisdom in our secret heart, giving us Truth in our inward being (Psalm 51:6). We need the Spirit of God to open the eyes of our heart and enlighten them so we can begin to see the Way, Truth and Life of God! The blind lead the blind into more blindness! We need our heart circumcised, opened super-naturally, and our heart eyes and ears opened and filled with Light so our body can be full of Light! Jesus can open your heart mind so you can begin to think with the Higher Thoughts of God so you can know the higher Ways of God!

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isaiah 43:18-19


We cannot perceive the new until our heart is opened, our heart eyes are filled with Light and we can begin to perceive with our illumined spiritual perception! We need to be taught directly by the anointing given us by the holy Spirit.

“For God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, then he opens the ears of men, and terrifies them with warnings, that he may turn man aside from his deed, and cut off pride from man; he keeps back his soul from the Pit, his life from perishing by the sword. Man is chastened with pain upon his bed, and with continual strife in his bones…his soul draws close to the Pit, and his life to those who bring death. BUT GOD WILL BRING AN ANGEL, a mediator, one of the thousand, to declare to us what is RIGHT FOR US; are gracious to us and says, “deliver him, return his flesh to fresh youthfulness; return his days of youthful vigor…pray to God and come into his Presence with Joy…our life sees the Light…this can happen two or three times in your lifetime so you will SEE THE LIGHT…be silent and let God speak directly to you…be silent and the Spirit will teach you Wisdom” Job 33:14-33

“The angel of his Presence saved them” Isaiah 63:9 “At this time shall arise Michael, the great prince of angels who has charge of your people” Daniel 12:1 “I Jesus send you my angel” Revelation 22:16

God already sent Jesus, who already mediated and reconciled, already finished the work of reuniting heaven and earth; reuniting God and human beings. NOW it is up to each individual to reconcile with Jesus; let go of what you have been told about him, give up the ghost of the past and future, step into the NOW, HERE, IS-ness of the Presence of God; Christ fills all in all with Presence! We only have to wake up and become AWARE of what we have already been given!!!!!!!!


The Spirit is hovering over your body of water. Give him a landing strip in your inner being!

“Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare” Isaiah 42:9

“In that day the branch of the Lord (us!) shall be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the land shall be the pride and glory…called holy…been washed and become the daughters of Zion (beautiful brides of Christ, the Lamb of God)…and over our body temples a cloud by day and smoke and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory in our body temples there will be a canopy…it shelters us from storms and shades us from the full sun and heat; it is our refuge” Isaiah 4:2-6

Awareness of Christ IN US is the glory!!!! Take refuge in the glory in Christ in God in us!!!!

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory” Isaiah 6:3


“In thee my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of thy wings I take refuge (in epikaizo)…I cry to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose in me! He sends his Spirit and Fire to us…we lie in the midst of lions (lying devouring deceivers)…Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let thy glory be over all the earth! Awake my soul! Awake! I will awake the dawn! I will give thanks! I will sing praises! Thy steadfast Love is great to the heavens, thy faithfulness to the clouds (we are his NHOEN clouds!). Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let thy glory be over all the earth!” Psalm 57:1-11

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as waters cover the sea” Habakkuk 2:14


It is time, NOW, to let the “knowledge of good and evil” BURN in the Fire of God, and let the Spirit of God fill your body of water, your body temple, with the knowledge of the GLORY!!!! This is the new thing! Jesus completely destroyed the works of the devouring, lying lion that has stolen your glory, destroying your peace, and killing your joy. Jesus defeated every enemy at the cross; disarming all the powers and principalities. There is only one Power and it is the Presence of the Most High who is hovering over you until you are willing to turn and be healed and allow the baptism of Jesus, the Spirit and Fire, to consume all that is not of Christ (all anti-Christ in you) and re-form your melted elements dissolved by the Fire, into his image and likeness! Surrender! Yield your body! Prepare to die! Join Jesus in his crucifixion; then join him in his resurrection! And when you are ripe grapes full of the Son, join our Lord of lords and King of kings in transformation into NEW WINE in a NEW WINESKIN, your new body temple filled with the train of glory, the Presence of God in your body with full Awareness! Full Sun! Full Son!!!!!!!!

The water has a face, and it is yours! Jesus’ first miracle was turning water to wine; let him turn your body of water to his new wine! Be his new wineskin!!!!!!!!

“And we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the LORD, are changed into the SAME IMAGE from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord”

Colorful Orange Sunset-tw2011

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It is Simply Heavenly!


Father, I thank you for the finished work of the cross. Thank you that what you started in Jesus you complete in us! Bring every molecule and cell in our body into your divine order and ease! Bring us into alignment and attunement with your greater Being so we may sing your Song of Songs! Bring us up into your frequency of Light! Draw us into your perfect vibration! Amen. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Yah!!

When we reread the entire bible from the finished work of Christ, we see that from the end, the beginning was in all things! The Spirit hovered before the beginning; and in the end, the new higher beginning, the Spirit is living, moving and having its Greater Being IN US!! Christ is all, and in all, filling all things! We just need the open, enlightened eyes of our heart; Christ’s spiritual perception open, initiated, activated and operational IN US!! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ when our soul (mind, heart, will) is purified, refined and made white as snow by the Spirit and Fire of God! We become one being with the Greater Being of all Existence: the Father of Light and his Lamb! We begin to abide in him and he in us!

In Christ we have gone through the fires and floods, all the good and evil of the tree of knowledge, and we not only survive, but we are destined to thrive! But we not only thrive, but we have the potential to flourish on Christ’s Vine, in the Tree of Life, flowing with the crystal clear River of the Water of Life in the new heavens in a new earth body temple! Christ in us is the hope of glory! Hope is actual substance; every one who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure (1 John 3:3).

How do you get Christ in your body? You give Jesus everything, making space for the Father of Glory to move in! Jesus will give you his glory: the light, alive Presence of his Father and the pure Awareness of the Presence of his Abba, and you can become perfectly one with him! You are given unspeakable Joy for coming to the cross, dying to the past, dying to your inheritance of good and evil, dying to your human being/nature, so Jesus can resurrect your image and likeness of God!!!!

You die to every dastardly deed, every horrific event, every detestable, dreadful experience of humanity: the old covenant of separation from God that occurred from the moment your physical eyes were opened to the knowledge of good and evil. We die to the entire human history that is in our bones and DNA, even if you are not consciously aware of it. The entire stain of man’s inhumanity to man is wiped clean and you are resurrected into Christ’s image and likeness; only your free will can stop it! Empty and be filled with all the fullness of pure Presence!!

We conquer and overcome the world IN CHRIST! We receive his crown no matter what we did or did not do; our history is all wiped clean and we are resurrected into his perfect greater Being with bright hope and amazing future! This is a free Gift beyond our understanding! We take it on faith, which will become evidence and substance when we give it all to Christ and he gives us his Spirit and Fire! When you are overcome with his Spirit and Fire, you will KNOW you have overcome the world and live with Christ, in him as he lives in you! You are equally yoked with Christ in God when the Fire removes all that was not of Christ, and his Spirit re-forms Christ’s image and likeness in you!


As he is, so are you in the world! Astonishing! When he appears you will be like him! Awe! Wonder! Jesus promised in John 14 that he would not leave us desolate; he would come to us and manifest himself to us. He manifested himself to me after he sent his Fire and Spirit to me, lifting me up to his heavenly places, I was absorbed into his Love leaving no “me”. It is then a process of working out your own salvation (becoming complete and one with God) with fear and trembling; learning to walk in his Ways, Truth and Love! We learn to walk in his Light, seeing with his enlightened eyes! We celebrate his resurrection in us every day!

We have to learn how to be his Light in the world! He made us a city set on a hill; he made us his new heavens on earth; he made us this kingdom of Light and he made us sons, brides, and kings of Light to carry his authority and power in the world; he made us priests in the order of Melchizedek to carry his Presence on earth as it is in heaven! We are the ambassadors of heaven on earth when we carry his Light, Love, Fire, and Spirit! We wear his glory clothes! Unveil us in you and cover us with your light and glory!

“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall exult in my God; for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation, he has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with garland, and as a bride adorns herself with jewels” Isaiah 61:10

In Christ our breastplate ephod, twelve precious gem stones, expand outward in ever-expanding circles of blazing color to fill our life with the twelve rays of glorious, beautiful, radiant, luminous, shining, glistening, shimmering Light!!!!


“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things will not be remembered or come to mind” Isaiah 65:17

The former things WILL NOT COME TO MIND! If you still have good and evil in your mind, remembering duality, or are double-minded, you cannot enter the NHOEN. Nothing evil or accursed or false or unclean can enter the NHOEN. We use our free will to stay attached to the world of duality, good AND evil; OR we use our free will to surrender it all, give up our human beingness, our human nature, our right to ourself, our separate self. We give everything body, soul and spirit to the ascended Jesus and he gives us everything he is, his entire pure, ascended Being! His gives us his glory that the Father gave him! All we have to do is STAY AWAKE with him, in him, as he is eternally awake and living in us! He gives us his Light of pure Awareness! When his pure Presence is awake in us, we have it all! It feels heavenly!!!!


God’s Presence never leaves us, but our awareness comes and goes; waxes and wanes. Only in Christ, as Christ is in us, can our awareness be steadfast and stay awake, aware, and intimate with his Presence! When we know and experience being clothed continually in his glory, we are valiant and invincible! With Awareness of his Presence covering, filling and overflowing us, we are secure, safe, healed, made whole, complete, perfect and lack nothing! In Christ, Christ in us, we are complete and fulfilled; with everything under our feet! Heaven becomes our floor, and we build on this Rock! Victory is ours with Christ! With crystal clear Awareness of God’s Presence above, in and through us, ALL things are possible!!!!

Super-natural union with his ascended Being and his perfect Spirit of Truth and Life Abundant is something to celebrate every day!!!! Every day is a Joy to live in the King of Glory’s Kingdom of Light and pure higher Love! In his crystal clear Awareness that transcends all things, we are aware of his Presence in us, a deep, deep well of Presence immanent in us, that can never be limited or emptied! His Presence is an ever-flowing fountain of Life in us!!!!

Free-will allows you to experience everything of hell and heavenly consciousness in the world. Free will also allows you to give it all to Jesus and move into his nondual Kingdom, his higher realm, his greater frequency of Light, his higher vibration of Love! We bear the consequences of our free will choices, the consequences of our affiliations. We reap what we sow in the world through thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. When we yoke with Jesus, we reap what he sowed and we can live abundantly in him as he lives, moves and has his greater Being IN US! This is amazing Grace!! This is unfailing, undying, never-ending Love!!!!

Free-will allows us to yoke with Christ Jesus, which yokes us in perfect oneness with the Maker of heaven and earth, our Father, the Father of Light without any darkness at all! The Father of Glory becomes our Father and we receive every spiritual blessing of heavenly places! We are given every good endowment, and every perfect Gift from Above from the Father of Light! We only have to receive it! Open and receive!!

Yoking with Jesus, marrying the Christ within, joining with the anointed one, the Holy One, the Living One, equally yokes us with all Goodness, all Love, all Light, all Peace, and all Joy that is beyond words! We begin to live as one, yoked, married, united, joined in perfect oneness in the NHOEN, on the Vine, in the Tree of Life, with the crystal clear River flowing from the Throne in and through us, in the green pasture by the still waters, resting with our Abba Father on Christ’s green couch, nestled in his all-encompassing embrace of pure Love without an opposite!!!! Ahhh!!!! This is heaven on earth!!!!


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Fulfilled Love!


To fulfill the royal law: Love God and Love one another as yourself…

but make sure you are loving the God of gods! Be sure you are loving the Source of Love, the Father of Light! He will download his pure Love into you which will allow you to Love!

How do you know if you are in Love, pure higher Love, receiving the water of Life: the substance of pure liquid Love?

There will be fruit! There will be fruit of Love: Peace that surpasses all understanding, fullness of Joy that is not dependent on external circumstances, perfect Love that casts out all fear, gentleness, goodness, kindness, compassion, loving kindness (mercy), grace and forgiveness for yourself and others!

Before we allow Jesus, the visible manifestation of Love on earth, the perfect representation of the invisible Father of Love, to transform us into Love, our souls represent every dastardly character in the bible. Critics of the bible say it contains evil stuff…exactly! So does our soul and unconscious! Our DNA from Adam contains the seeds of some REALLY messed up situations. Read the old testament if you dare! You will find the archetypes that you carry and pass on to your children, physically in the form of disease potential, emotionally in the form of sorrow, depression, anxiety, heart-break; mental illness potential, soul wounds that pass generation to generation; and spiritual issues where gods and idols overtake self-control.

Let’s face it, we are all given a generational history at birth from Adam and most people spend their lifetime just trying to survive, make ends meet, get by, find a little pleasure here and there…

But with Jesus we can crucify our inheritance from Adam: our genetic inheritance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual baggage of the old covenant of separation from God and heaven separated from earth…and actually resurrect with Jesus into the kingdom of God, a higher way of being, higher thoughts that manifest in a new reality!

We resurrect into a new DNA with no potential for disease, a new pure heart with enlightened spiritual eyes, a higher mind of Christ, and a spirit that is one with God’s Spirit of Truth! When we wake up to the new reality: the Awareness of what we have been given, we are given Light and we learn to walk in the Light! We are given the baptism of Jesus: his Father’s Spirit and Fire! The Father and his Lamb’s Spirit and Fire in us lifts us up into a new dimension, a higher frequency of Light, the new heavens on earth. Jesus gives us his glory, the glory his Father gave him, to be able to live in this world but not be of it! The glory, the actual Presence of God, makes us perfectly one with Love, with the Father and Son of Love!

It makes NO sense to those devoid of the Spirit! It sounds crazy until it happens to you! The baptism of Spirit and Fire is the key to ascension with Jesus to live in the world but not be of it! The key is to live in the new heavens on earth in your Awareness, which manifests as a new reality! You have new eyes to see, new ears to hear, new spiritual perception from a new Christ-like heart! What you see you become! What you behold, you become! Division is caused by those devoid of the Spirit (Jude 1:19). The key for the salvation (wholeness, completeness, oneness) of the world is the Spirit of God!

Jesus has already done it all; already given the entire world salvation. But, and it is a big but, we have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). Our natural body, soul (heart, mind, will) and spirit are weighed down by the world and it takes energy and vigilance and some work to overcome our human conditioning. Without the increased Light of Christ and the Power and Wisdom of his Spirit, we cannot take the quantum leap…

We need the Fire to consume all that weighs us down; the heaviness of unconsciousness, sleep, unawareness and conditioning. We need the Fire to burn the past and melt the mountains of obstruction; the barriers to Love! We need the Spirit of God to teach us, because sadly religion and spirituality have been infiltrated by evil so that they are all a mix of good and evil. The mixture of good and evil is satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil; duality that has gotten us into this situation in the world. We need the anointing of Christ’s Spirit to teach us the Way, Truth and Life of God in the new heavens on earth! We need the Holy Spirit to form Christ in us! WE need the Spirit to fill every cell with the Awareness of Presence!

God said he would never leave us or forsake us; nothing can separate us from his Love! Jesus said, “I will be with you even to the end of the ages.” Christ filled every bit of earth and heaven with his perfect Presence; we have to wake up and become aware of what we have already been given!!!!!!!!

God’s Presence, his glory, is with us; we have to become AWARE of his Presence! Then we have to realize his Presence is in us if in fact we have the Spirit of God in us! There will be fruit! There will be a total transformation of your being! Get Spirit! Get the baptism of Spirit and Fire from the living Jesus, the Christ of God, the anointed One of God, the Holy One, the Living One, alive forever more!

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We are in the world but not OF it!

Spirit Moments photo

Spirit Moments photo

We live in the world but we are not OF it! We are not OF this world if we are in Christ, the anointing! In the sevenfold anointing Spirit of Christ we are spiritually gifted with Love that is beyond knowledge. Knowledge without the one holy Spirit divides! Knowledge without Love is divisive. God is Love and we are made in the image and likeness of Love! Without Higher Love, that is beyond the self, beyond ego, beyond personal affinities, beyond the tree of good and evil, beyond duality, beyond divisions, beyond religion, beyond even spirituality, we are not a part of Christ’s pure Being! Everything of the human spirit and nature is given to Christ, the visible manifestation of the Invisible Creator of heaven and earth; and we are given everything that Jesus was when he walked the earth, and even greater things, because he is now perfectly one with the Invisible Father of Light! In Light, we are Lights! In Love, we are Love! In the one body and one Spirit of Christ, the anointed one, we are anointed!!!!

In Christ and Christ in us means we become perfectly one! When we wake up to the pure Awareness of Christ in us, the fullness of Christ in us, the fullness of God in us, the fullness of the Presence of God in us, the fullness of the anointing in us, we are filled with the Light of God! The Father of Light gives us every good endowment and every perfect Gift from his Throne! This is the free Gift of every spiritual blessing of heavenly places into our body on earth as it is in heaven. We enter the one body and one Spirit of Christ’s greater pure Being! The anointing gives us everything of God and teaches us everything of God! We are downloaded and upgraded into God’s Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Revelatory Counsel, Power and Might, Higher Knowledge, and Reverential Awe: the fountain of Life!

When you accept Christ’s Presence and Awareness into your body, it becomes a temple for the Holy Spirit! Your body becomes the dwelling place for God and “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)  Your body becomes a holy temple, a resting place for the Most High, a dwelling place for the God of gods! When the Kingdom of God has come upon you, you are lifted out of the world, caught up, raptured into the kingdom, and you become a new city set on a hill (higher frequency), the new heavens on earth, a bride, a wife of the Lamb, a field of God, a building of God, a temple of God, a Light of God in the world! You are now a citizen of heaven on earth, re-presenting God who is Love without an opposite; Light without any darkness at all; Peace beyond understanding; his Spirit and Truth!!!!

We who are in Christ and Christ is in us, are in the world but not of it! We are citizens of the royal kingdom and the kingdom is within us making us royal! Awareness of Christ in us is the glory! Glory is his fullness of Presence! Glory rises upon us as the morning star rises in our heart! Glory rises upon us as the dawn of Awareness of God’s Presence rises in us! Eternal Day breaks in us; we become his Light! We die daily to the world and we are resurrected into his Light: the Beingness of pure Light! Christ in us is the Light of the world! The two become one! As he is so are we in the world! When your enlightened heart eyes behold Christ in you, you become as he is! When you see the Light you see Christ!

When you encounter the perfect Love of our Father, made visible in the Son in you, all fear is cast out! When you experience the substance of our Father, who is Love, you become Love! You taste and see Love! You taste and see Light! You taste and see glory! You taste and see the manifestation of Presence in you! Your body comes alive; you enter his alive Peace; his Shalom: completeness in him! Your frequency changes; you feel the vibration of the substance of Love; you are uplifted in Love! You are filled with sensations of delight, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, and rapture in the glory! Christ in us is the hope of glory; awareness of the Presence of Christ in us is the glory!

The glory is Christ’s garment we wear as a bride in the world! The white gold is our wedding ring; it surrounds us with concentric circles of finer and finer glory, waves of energy, higher and higher frequencies of Light going all the way to the Throne, filling heaven and earth; with Christ in our center, in our midst, in the midst of our seven lamp stands in our physical body! We radiate outward from the Christ in our center, in our innermost spiritual being! Arise, shine; for your Light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

The pillar of Fire and water cloud is no longer leading us externally, but it is now within us! The epikaizo surrounds us; we are overshadowed by the Most High and we rest in the shadow of the Most High’s blindingly bright, overpowering, unapproachable Light! We are the treasure hidden in darkness that Jesus buys with his sacrificial Love! He buys our whole field and then lets us live in his energy field of Love; his kingdom and his anointing! The two become one! We live, move and have our being in Christ’s glory; his glory in us for ever and ever amen.


We are in the world, but not of it! We are citizens of heaven on earth; we are citizens of the kingdom of God; the kingdom of God is within us! We are the new city, at a new higher frequency of Light! We are the eternal bride, new every morning, perfectly one with our Maker, our Source, our First Love! We are wife of the Lamb, spiritually one with divine nature, with shalom: completeness. We are equally yoked with shalom, complete, whole, perfect and lacking nothing! Christ in us is the anointing in us, and in the anointing we lack nothing! Awareness of Christ in us is the glory; in the glory we lack nothing! With Christ in us all things are possible! We delight in God and we receive the desires of our hearts!

When the glory comes upon us in Christ we are caught up, raptured, delighted and we delight in God and we are given the desires of our innermost heart! We are raised up with Christ to be seated in heavenly places with our Beloved to rule and reign with him in the world as Lights of the world; as Love beyond knowledge; as Peace beyond understanding; as Joy in the fullness of Presence, that is our true strength! We carry the Presence as priests in the order of Melchizedek, our High Priest is Jesus who was, IS, and is to come in greater and greater glory! We wear the twelve jewel stones on our breastplate of righteousness, given to us when we give Jesus everything of the world, including a separate self! Our ephod expands in the glory and it fills our life with heavenly rainbows of supernal Light of all goodness, at a higher vibration than the world! At this higher frequency, God’s kingdom of heaven on earth, there is ease, grace, glory, and all things are possible!!!! Yes! Amen!

On the Vine, as branches, we are rooted and grounded in Love, in Christ! As branches of the Vine of Christ, we grow from below the earth to above the highest heavens! As the highest branches of the palm tree, we bud, blossom, fruit and our seeds fall back to the earth to replicate the tree of life (Christ in us)! On the Vine, in Christ’s Tree of Life, we are flowing with the River of Water of Life, our roots are in the deep, deep well of Jesus’s Love, the living water, which bubbles up in us in a continual geyser of Love! We become a fountain of living water! The crystal clear Water of Life from the Throne and the well water from below, meet in our heart and we become a stream of living water in the world!

We are in the world, but not OF it! We are a new city on a hill, a light city, a light house, a holy temple! WE are the bride, the wife of the Lamb, the new heavens on earth! We are the kingdom of God within, that shines without in the world! WE are in Christ and Christ is within us! Christ fills all in all! When we receive the pure awareness of Christ in us, we wake up to the infinite possibilities! When we experience the Presence of God filling our body temple, we rapture, we are caught up into his kingdom and there is fullness of Joy! It is this Joy is our strength! The fullness of his Spirit is Joy! Those devoid of his holy Spirit are devoid of Joy and they cause divisions in the one body and one Spirit of Christ. The Spirit and Fire baptism of Jesus is the entrance into the unity of Spirit in the bond of Peace in the one body and one Spirit of Christ in God! This baptism is the entrance into the glory! Christ in us is the hope of glory! Waking up in awareness of Presence is the glory rising in us!

“The glory which thou hast given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and thou in me, that they may become PERFECTLY ONE” John 17:22-23

“In that Day you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you” John 14:20

“I will Love you and manifest myself to you” John 14:21

“Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 3:11

Know the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free in the glory!!!!!!!!**

Christ in us is the hope of glory! Get Christ within you! Seek the kingdom and his righteousness and all things will be given to you! You give Jesus everything and he gives you everything of Christ, everything of the anointing, everything including his glory, his Presence, his pure Awareness, and his perfect Being that is perfectly one with our Beloved, the Source of Life!

In Christ and Christ in us, we are no longer of this world!!!!!!!!



**(outside of the glory, God’s pure Presence, is darkness and gnashing of teeth; a hellish realm, an egoic, separated self, whose own thoughts torment, accuse, mock, deride, condemn, hate, scoff and marinate in their own choice, freewill, to refuse the fire and water of Love that lets them live in fear or the absence of True Love with our First Love. Only our free will choice can separate us, because Christ fills all in all, and Christ is Light and pure Love excluding nothing!)


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Out of This World!

It’s out of this world….the Kingdom that is…
It’s out of this world…the Kingdom of heaven on earth!

It’s out of this world…the new reality of Christ in us!
It’s out of this world…the new spiritual dimension of our Father that Jesus brought to earth!

It’s out of this world…the holy Spirit and Fire burns the bridges to the past…its NOW and is to come…
It’s out of this world…the bridge to human beingness is consumed in the holy Fire…it is beyond Adam…it is beyond atoms…it is beyond star dust…it is Christ in us!

It’s out of this world…we receive heaven in our body and we are a new temple of the new earth
It’s out of this world…it is a whole new reality
It’s out of this world…we become a citizen of heaven on earth; Jesus made us a kingdom!

It’s out of this world…we have a new name, a new nature, live in a new city, a new address, a new reality, a new dimension, a new identity, a new Spiritual Family, a new kingdom consciousness, a new Awareness, a new fullness, a new all-encompassing Presence of the one Living One, the Holy One, living in us as we live in his Presence!!!!!!!!

It’s out of this world…we are caught up in Light
It’s out of this world…we are immersed in an ocean of pure Love
It’s out of this world…it is beyond words
It’s out of this world…it is beyond concepts
It’s out of this world…it is beyond religion or spirituality
It’s out of this world…it is rapture, fullness of Joy, bliss, ecstasy, delight, pleasures forever more…it is being in a new state of being, beyond states of mind, in his Presence!

It’s out of this world…its finding Home in our secret place of the Most High in our innermost heart!
It’s out of this world…we traverse the holy highway…with clean hands and pure heart we ascend the holy mountain…with open sole Doorway we are filled with the deep, deep Well of Jesus’ Living Water…

It rises…ankle…knee…hip…torso…head…overhead…submerged…still breathing, ruach, united with the crystal clear River of Water of Life from the Throne…two Waters unite, join, marry…
Living Water of Jesus’ Well continually bubbling up like a geyser through the open Door of our soles…River of Water of Life continually pouring down from the Throne like a waterfall into our crown…two bodies of Water meeting in our united heart and soul…made one in Christ…Christ in our body, soul and spirit…one body and one Spirit…one God and Father who is above all and through all and in all…Water from the Throne and Water from Jesus’ Well unite in our body of water and we become a well-watered vine on the Tree of Life…

Our couch is green…ever green!
Our heart is awakened to Love…we are lost in Love…beyond thoughts or feelings or words…
Inexpressible Joy…unspeakable Rapture…
We pour out the depths of our spirit in intimate communion with our Beloved…
Worship and adoration is a time of Love-making…beyond sexual…Love is not synonymous with sex…it is out of this world…it is a spiritual dimension of perfect oneness, wholeness, completeness, shalom…

He pours his Love in us and we pour our love in him…
We sing the bridal Song of Songs…a new song…new every morning…fresh, fiery, passionate, flowing, rapturous, delightful, full of awe and wonder…wondrous delight…wonderful beyond this world…

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Transfigure me This!

On the mountain of transfiguration, Moses speaks to the spirits that are not holy, and says, “Let my people go; let my souls go!” Jesus says, “I got this!” Moses disappears…

Elijah speaks to the soul and says, “Turn your heart back to our Father, the Father of Light!” Jesus says, “I got this!” Elijah disappears…

Out of the glory cloud we hear a Voice saying, “Listen to my Beloved Son!” Jesus says, “Awww Father! In your total pure unconditional Love I got this!”

Jesus carries the radiant Light and Fire of the glory cloud, the pure powerful Presence of God, down to the valley and heals the impossible; delivers us from the impossible into the super-natural infinite possibilities and unlimited potential, and sets us free to be the impossible: Christ-like!

I have seen the sick and haunted be transfigured when the pure Presence comes into the hospital room…I have seen the dying transfigured into pure Light when their spirits are already encountering heaven…I have seen the blinding, brilliant, luminous Light of God’s angel of Presence with me and others have told me they see it when a need is present and there is pure Awareness of Presence.
This is not unique to me…it is part of the spiritual inheritance we have in Christ in God. The key is to KNOW the Truth: know our Father intimately by going through the Door Jesus opened for us that no one can shut! Know God’s Presence directly, intimately! Awake, O sleeper, arise from the deadness of unconsciousness, and Christ will give you Light!

The ascended Jesus’ face is bright as the sun shining: he is the Son who is always shining! His hair is white as snow: he is consummate Wisdom of pure Presence! His eyes are flames of Fire: we become what we see! Pure holy Fire melts all mountains of obstruction, melts all barriers to Love, melts all forms so the elements cannot be restructured into the old Adamic form! We begin to see with his eyes that cut through the physical appearances to the Truth of Christ in all, as all! When we can begin to see it, it becomes it! We see people into their destiny, into their potential: Christ in us!

His clothes are white Light that contains all colors in heaven and earth! His clothes are glory clouds! His clothes are righteousness: pure, right relationship to our Father, perfect oneness! And when he unveils us, takes off our filthy garments spotted by the world, he covers us with his glory like water covers the seas! He covers our physical body, a body of water, with his glory cloud clothes, like water covers the sea! We are clothed in his righteousness! We enter a right relationship with Abba! Father! In Christ Jesus’ glory, Christ in us, we are perfectly one with the Father of Glory!

His feet are burnished bronze from walking in holiness Fire and we begin to walk in his shoes on earth as it is in heaven! His face is like the sun shining full strength, and when he turns his face to your face, you feel the warmth of the Son, and you receive his pure Light, and you begin to shine!

In his right hand are seven stars! The Father of Light gives the Lamb the seven spirits from the Throne to place in your body temple: his Spirit, Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation Counsel, Power, Knowledge and Reverential Awe! We are clothed with Jesus’ glory when we receive his white garment of righteousness in exchange for us giving him every burden, care, sin and fear! He clothes us with his ascension garment of pure Love’s Light!

He gives us his eye salve: salvation for our eyes!
He gives us his gold, refined in the Fire of God, to make our body temple seven gold lamp stands! The Lamp is the Lamb in us! Christ in us is the hope of glory!
He gives us his white garment: pure white Light; pure glory; his pure Presence and his crystal clear Awareness of the fullness of Presence! He gives us his glory!!!!!!!!

All for one and one for all! He was the only one ever found worthy and he gives everyone this worthiness as he robes us in his righteousness so we come into right relationship with our Father: perfect oneness, and right relationship with his Son: perfect oneness, the image and likeness of Christ! This Gift is free!

This Gift is beyond comprehension! This Gift is the finished work of the gospel! I say yes, Lord of lords, I receive your fullness of Presence; your Awareness of the fullness of God in me, in Christ in God in your glory! This is NOW and is to come! This is now glory, and is to come glory in greater and greater glory for eternity in Christ, in God!!!!!!!!

Transfigure me this!

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