In His Presence

In the Presence of God, here, now, in the present,

the Gift of God,

through praise and spiritual worship of our King of kings, the King of Glory,

we are made one in the glory — cells are changed — organs are changed — body and soul and spirit transformed by the Holy Spirit to live IN the Spirit — one with Christ — the perfect has come, the imperfect passes away — the old heavens and old earth pass away

and we begin to live a new heaven and new earth where only The Word remains — life and Spirit — where righteousness dwells.

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” — righteousness in us — NHONE in those who believe Jesus, agree with God, by FAITH receive all of Christ into all of you from the Father of Glory now and forever — staying awake, aware, alive, attentive in the present Presence with Christ Jesus our ALL in all.

The cares of the world try to steal the Word from your heart; don’t let them. Cry out to God, bring all your tortured grief, loss, sorrow, betrayal, injustice, persecution, despair, disillusionment to Jesus. “Cast all your cares upon Jesus for He cares about you” “Come to Me and I will give you rest; YOKE TO ME and learn from Me and you will FIND REST” “Come and drink of Me and rivers of living water will flow from you  [Christ in you will begin to flow; the deadness begins to turn into new life in Christ; the unbearable is only bearable with Christ]. The Spirit and Bride say, “Come.”…TAKE the water of life without price” Take Grace and come to His Glory. God will dry all your tears and speak TRUTH and LIFE to you. Christ is the ONLY WAY to the Father of Glory so the King of Glory can come into you.

Every day practice the presence, some days it seems impossible, but in the Word you are reminded “everything is possible WITH God.” Keep remembering the TRUTH of God until you KNOW the present Presence; every night give all the pain and sorrow to God again in your woundedness, hurt and brokenness and every morning everything is made new when we choose to be present in the Presence of God. We strive only to enter His Rest. The thief wants the trials he brings to break you, steal from you, kill you or destroy you; but Jesus comes into our suffering when we invite Him, bringing life and life more abundantly than we could ever ask or think. TRUST GOD, not what you see; walk by faith not sight, until you see the glory and goodness of God in the land of the living.

Count it all joy when you go through various trials for the full effect is to be made perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. Ask God for His Wisdom from above and He gives generously to you. But ask in faith, with no doubting or wavering…a double-minded man will not receive anything from the Lord (James 1:2-8). Become single-minded in Christ; come to your right mind and spiritual senses opened; eyes fixed on Jesus; ears only listening to the Voice of the True Shepherd; totally dependent on God our Father. Enter His Presence in praise, in the storm.

“For in Him the whole fullness of the Godhead dwells bodily, and you have come to fullness of life in Him, who is the Head of all rule and authority” Colossians 2:9

“The mystery hidden for ages and generations but NOW made MANIFEST to his saints. To them God chose to MAKE KNOWN how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the GLORY of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” Colossians 1:26-27

Take it to heart and come alive with Christ Spirit.

“And you, who were dead in trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God MADE ALIVE together WITH HIM” Colossians 2:13

“They CAME TO LIFE, and reigned with Christ a thousand years…this is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he who shares in the first resurrection.” Revelation 20:4, 6

“Do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day” 2 Peter 3:8

“NOW to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you without blemish before the presence of his glory with rejoicing, to the only God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time AND NOW and for ever. Amen.” Jude 1:24

Have you seen His glory? It transforms us into the likeness of Christ from glory to glory.

“But God, who is rich in mercy, out of the great love with which he loves us, even when we were dead through our trespasses, MADE US ALIVE TOGETHER WITH CHRIST (by GRACE we have been saved), and RAISED US UP WITH HIM, and made us sit with him in the heavenly places WITH CHRIST” Ephesians 2:4-6

In Christ is perfection, completion, nothing lacking, righteousness, shalom, joy in the Holy Spirit, and holiness; Christ in you is the perfect coming into you so the imperfect has to pass away as The Word is made flesh in you. Believe, receive, and begin to live according to The Word by the Spirit of God.

“Therefore, if any one is IN CHRIST, he is a new creation; the OLD HAS PASSED AWAY, behold the NEW HAS COME. All this is FROM GOD, who through Christ reconciled us TO HIMSELF” 2 Cor 5:16-18

“You are already made clean by THE WORD which I have spoken to you. Abide in Me and I in you” John 15:3-4

I pray for all those mourning, grieving, suffering from loss of their earthly beloved; have lost all that is precious to them in the world, to trust God with your sorrow, pain, attacks of the enemy, injustice, loss, and the locust who come to devour. Come Holy Spirit. God is ABLE.

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We now know that the Lord of lords is Jesus crucified, buried, resurrected, ascended; the glorified Christ; the King of kings; The Word made flesh, Trustworthy and True; The Everlasting Father; The Wonderful Counselor; The Almighty God; The Prince of Peace; The Light, Love and Spirit of God; The Joy of the LORD; Faithful and True; the Way, the Truth and the Life of God. Surrender all and receive all of Christ to spiritually experience beyond knowledge of this world.

What does LORD as acronym suggest or reflect to you? Here are some I came up with:

  • living out redemption delivered
  • life of real devotion
  • life of real delight
  • life of radical devotion
  • living out radical deliverance
  • light of radical deliverance
  • love of redeemer delivered
  • light of remembered deliverance
  • love of remembered delight
  • life of riches delivered
  • life of renewal delivered
  • life of regeneration delivered
  • life of real dependence [on God our Father]
  • life of radical dependence
  • life of revealed deity
  • light of revealed divinity
  • love of revealed deity
  • life of revealed divine
  • life of repented devotion
  • life of released dedication
  • life of revival delivered
  • life of reformation delivered
  • life of rejuvenation delivered
  • life of restoration delivered
  • life of rest delivered
  • light of redeemer delivered
  • light of ruach delivered
  • light of real divinity

Repent, turn, return to your First Love and let Him be Lamb of God within, our lamp within, Christ within; Lion of the tribe of Judah roaring over you, silencing all other voices; Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End; The New Thing spoken by Isaiah, the ever-renewing Holy One; Name above all names; Lord, Savior; Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer; King of Glory, the Light greater than any created light; Father of Glory, Father of lights; Creator of heaven and earth; Source of all needs; Husband, Bridegroom; Comforter, Provider, Protector, Teacher, Guide, Holy One Anointing; Gardener, Pruner; Author and Finisher of Faith; Fulfilled Hope; Manifested Promises of God; Our Delight, the Lover of our soul; Made our Righteousness and Sanctification, Wisdom and Power, Counsel and Might, Revelation of God’s Goodness and Glory, our Redemption and Forgiveness, our Understanding and Knowledge of God, our Awe and Miraculous Wonder; the Presence of God, the Majestic Glory, Bringer of God’s Glory to earth as it is in heaven; the Rock of Ages, the Highest Mountain above all mountains; Perfect Peace, Perfect Love, Perfect Health and Harmony, Fullness of Joy, Unfailing Love, Everlasting Arms of Love; Holy Spirit and Holy Fire, River of Water of Life from the Throne, Tree of Life and everything that is Good, True, Pure, Lovely, Honorable, Praise-Worthy, Excellent, Glorious, Gracious, Faithful, Just, Righteous, Holy, Perfect, and Complete. What have I missed?

He is my Everything and I could not go on one moment longer without His Presence revealed; His everlasting Love made palpable; His Light exposing all lies, dissolving darkness, and revealing Christ; His Spirit quickening to life what has died; bringing to nought that which is and calling forth that which does not yet exist (Romans 4:17-25). All glory to God our Father and his Lamb forever.

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The River of Spirit

The world has a river of fire flowing that destroys all living things in its wake


USGS photo

but the River of Water of Life from the Throne brings Life to everything it touches.

“The thief comes to rob, kill and destroy; but I come to bring you life and life more abundant”  ~Jesus the Christ of God

“Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Yoke with Me and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble of heart and you will find rest for your soul”  ~ Jesus

“Come to Me and drink of my God and Father’s glorified Spirit, and rivers of living water will flow from you”  ~Jesus

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ Take the water of life without price. “

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The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is our “saying yes” to the marriage of the Lamb of God, making us the royal-blood spotless-bride, equally-yoked to the Christ through the fire -power and presence of the Holy Spirit; the free Gift of our God and Abba Father as we receive and realize His Word made flesh.

Holy Spirit pour upon all flesh, and by the fire of Your Truth, remove all lies and deception of the thief who comes to rob, kill and destroy. Bring your New Life to all who desire it today, through Your Way. God is Real; believe and receive and be who God created you to be, not of the world, but of His Kingdom and Righteousness. The place where Righteousness dwells is a new heaven and a new earth. The old heaven and old earth pass away when the Word makes its home in your body so the Holy Spirit can begin to dwell upon, with and in you forever. Amen.

“It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life”  ~Jesus the Christ of God

“And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh” Acts 2:17 RSV

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let those who hear say, ‘Come.’ And let those who are thirsty come, let those who desire take the water of life without price.” Revelation 22:17

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even in the darkness

The darker it may seem to get around you, the more Christ shines brightly.

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How can we be holy and perfect as our Father is holy and perfect?

We can’t

but Christ in you CAN and IS and will never leave nor forsake those who believe, receive, and be who God says you are, not who the world says you are. Agree with God alone; only unbelief can keep all the free gifts, promises and full inheritance of God with Christ from you.

The Holy Spirit is sent to those who believe, bringing Power and Presence where weakness and separation existed. Power of Christ + your weakness = power. Perfection of Christ + your imperfection = perfection. Holiness of Christ + your old self = holiness of your new being in Christ. Righteousness of Christ + your unrighteousness = righteousness. We are the righteousness of God in Christ. Believe the Truth to live Christ Life, the Way, prepared for you through the finished work of the Cross; dwelling in Christ, Christ in you.

God gave Jesus all Power and Authority in heaven and on earth, which means the evil one has O power and O authority = O. Abide in Christ, and Christ in you now and forever and ever.

Make Christ Jesus your all, in all of you. Hold nothing back; let the Presence of God inhabit every part of you, leaving no place for the deceiver/destroyer.

God said, “Let us make humankind in our image and according to our likeness” Genesis 1:26. Through Christ we are remade in God’s image and Christ in you remakes you in God’s likeness. Amen. Hallelujah!

“We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose. For those he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the first-born among many brethren. And those whom he predestined he also called; and those he whom he called he also justified; and those whom he justified he also glorified…If God is for us who can be against us? He gives us ALL THINGS with Christ” Romans 8:28-32

“For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily, and you have come to fullness of life in him who is the head of all rule and authority” Colossians 2:9

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Christ in you makes you the bride,

the Holy Spirit and fire come in you means you have the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the grave;

now what are you going to do with your one precious life?

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ ‘Take the water of life without price’ ” Revelation 22:17

The Spirit of God stops hovering over you and makes his home in you when you surrender all, let it all go, be washed in the Blood of the Lamb, be purified and refined in the fire of God, be regenerated by the Holy Spirit, making you the temple of the living God where nothing accursed, unclean or evil can enter. We receive the river of water of life from the throne and become a fountain of life. We are the righteousness of God in Christ when we believe and receive the Christ, the glory of God, to live, move and have his being in us. Righteousness dwells in a new heaven and a new earth. The Presence is everywhere (Psalm 139:7-24) ; the manifest presence is manifested here and now for those with eyes to see.

Ask God to open your eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to understand, spiritually perceive, discern, know both God and his Glory, and receive His kingdom, power, glory, righteousness, wisdom, counsel, might, reverential awe, wonder, miracles, healing, wholeness, completeness, perfection, holiness, godliness, faith, testimony, prophesy, blamelessness, and irreproachability.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you”

“Be holy and perfect as your Father is holy and perfect”

“When the perfect comes, the imperfect passes away”

Only Christ can remove the veil and send you his glory that never fades, to see him face to face and be transformed into his likeness from glory to glory, which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:14-18)

When Christ comes and knocks on the door of your heart, let him in! Conquer and be granted to sit with Christ in heavenly places (Revelation 3:21). Listen to no other voice. “My sheep hear my Voice,” the gatekeeper opens; Jesus delivers us from the dominion of darkness, and transfers us into his Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven (John 10:2-3; Colossians 1:13). We receive everything of God through Christ, by grace, through faith in the power of the Holy Spirit sent to those who believe.


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take the wings

Take the wings of the Word and the Spirit to soar over difficulties,

seeing through God’s perspective

far above the human perspective.

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Some days

Somedays all you can do is cry out “Jesus”

and that is more than enough

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Two ways of Looking

There are two ways of looking at something:

  1. by physical appearances, seeing through our physical eyes
  2. by asking to see the something or someone through God’s Eyes, through the spiritual eyes of our innermost heart transformed by the Holy Spirit and fire of God

The first is changeable, temporary, subject to levels of consciousness, states of mind, frames of reference, ideology, belief systems, world mindsets, thoughts, emotions, or past experiences,

but the latter is Truth you can stand on–Trust completely–bank on, because it is eternally unchangeable, immovable Truth; a sure and steadfast anchor for your soul to rest in.

Ask God to show you the situation or person through Christ’s Eyes and stand firm in his Truth and Life: the only Way to go!

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isaiah 43:18-19

“Then he showed me the river of water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God” Revelation 22:1

“Know the Gift of God. Ask Jesus and he will give you Living Water; drink and never thirst; the water Christ gives you becomes in you a spring of water welling up as a fountain of life in you” John 4:10-14 paraphrase

“If any one thirst, COME TO ME and drink…believe and out of your heart shall flow rivers of living water…the glorified Spirit of God” John 7:37-39

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And those who hear say, ‘Come.’ And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires TAKE the water of life without price.” Rev 22:17

I pray that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of God and his Glory, having the eyes of your heart enlightened that you may KNOW the Kingdom, Power and Glory of God our Abba Father and the manifest presence, the glory, of Christ revealed to you and in you and through you to the Glory of God now and forever. Amen.

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