Full Gospel Baptism

I experienced The Last Reformation last weekend and every time a new piece (peace) falls into place, I rejoice! and give all glory to God! For in relationship with Him we are led to every perfect thing for us individually on the journey of our soul to perfect union with His Spirit!

Every thing is not for every one; only God knows your particular background, present ground, and foreground! What kind of soil do you have right now? a path? rocky? thorns? good soil? (Matthew 13:1-58)

When in intimate connection, communion and relationship with our Father through Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit can lead you into your highest and best for the highest and best for all!

I have been baptized before, but I chose to be baptized on Saturday after hearing the gospel in a new way, deepening my understanding. When we were given a selah moment to ask God if we were going to be baptized in the hotel pool, I heard a quick, definite yes in my spirit! I slept on it and another resounding “yes” the next morning!

“Die with Christ; rise with Christ”

By faith we take it literally, physically, mentally, emotionally, willfully and spiritually, within and without! The full gospel baptism is not symbolic or representational; it is actual, real, alive, supernatural and powerful!

When repentance, baptism in water and baptism in Spirit are separated, sin can continue and make self-identified Christians slaves to sin, missing the POWER of the full gospel; missing the circumcision of the heart, missing the death to the flesh nature, missing the death of the old man, missing the deliverance of unclean spirits, missing the resurrection of the new creature with a new Christ-nature. (John 3:3-8; Matthew 3:13-15; Romans 6:6; Colossians 2:11-15; 2:17, 19-20; Colossians 3:1-7; Ephesians 4:22-24; Philippians 3:8-11)

“Die with Christ; Rise with Christ”

After hearing the gospel, we position our heart to receive the new of Christ through repentance; everything and anything that is obstructing, restricting, constricting, causing a barrier, or separating us from God; any sin or falling short of the glory of God is confessed in the repentance room (there were teams of two set up all over the room with a third chair for those who decided to get baptized). One person wrote the list of what we wanted to leave in the water and the other just listened. In the repentance room partitioned off in the ballroom, you could feel the supernatural power, mercy, grace and glory of God begin to work. Repentance is powerful when from the heart and soul; surrendering all to God, submitting all to God, not holding anything back.

We took our list to the hotel pool and waited for a team in the water to become available. I sat up against a palm tree and waited until I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me. As I waited, a huge wind came out of no where (now here!) and I lifted my arms and received it (a John 3:8 moment) Feeling it against my skin, blowing my hair, and experiencing the power in its movement, like it was blowing the past completely away. Right then a team opened up and I stepped into the water.

“Die with Christ; Rise with Christ” When I went under the water, everything that came before that moment was dead and gone, crucified with Christ. When I came up out of the water, it was no longer I who lived but Christ who lived in me. I raised my arms, my head tilted heavenward, and I felt myself growing. I went up on tip toes and felt stretching upward, upward, and started praying in tongues and then rejoicing and thanking and glorifying God! (an Ephesians 4:15-16, Philippians 3:12b–14, 21, Galatians 3:27-29 and Colossians 2:19 moment)

“Die with Christ; Rise with Christ” For he was crucified in my weakness, in my flesh, but lives in me now by the power of God (2 Cor 13:4).

“Do you realize that Jesus Christ is now in you?” (2 Cor 13:5) Yes! “God chooses to make known how great are the riches of the GLORY of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colo 1:27). “We have this treasure in our earthen vessels to show that the transcendent POWER belongs to God. We were afflicted, carried the body of the DEATH of Jesus, so that the LIFE OF JESUS is manifested in our bodies, Christ manifested in our mortal flesh [through water AND Spirit baptism]…the SAME SPIRIT that resurrected Jesus’ dead body that had taken on all sin, RAISES US UP WITH JESUS and brings us into His Presence [manifest glory]” 2 Cor 4:7-15.

In full gospel baptism, we repent, receive water baptism for the forgiveness of sin (past, present and future) and baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire to resurrect us into Christ’s resurrection LIFE now and forever and ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

“Do you not know that your baptized body [“die with Christ, rise with Christ”] is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? So glorify God in your body!” and “Do you not know that you are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you…for God’s temple is HOLY, and that temple YOU ARE?” (1 Cor 3:16-17; 1 Cor 6:16b–17, 19, 20) “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ (arms, legs, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, heart, mind, will, etc.)? The two become one flesh. Those who are UNITED to the Lord become one spirit with Him.” “Be holy as our Father is holy; be perfect as our Father is perfect.” This is possible with God; in full gospel baptism: hear, believe, do, receive, be made new spirit and soul and body!

After repentance, the baptism of forgiveness of sins in water is immediately followed by deliverance and circumcision of the heart spontaneously in the Holy Spirit and fire baptism of Jesus. The fire burns all that is man-made, any foundations not of Christ Jesus, and all self-made righteousness (wood, hay, straw, stubble, dross, chaff, tares, weeds, or man-made gold, silver or precious stones). The Day discloses it ( I watched approximately 30 baptisms and have never before witnessed the fire disclosing EVERYTHING that was in a person but hidden to the physical eye COME OUT before the gift of tongues came and the heavy load and heavy darkness was lifted off, and the Holy Spirit lifted them up to new Life). “Man’s work was burned up, the old man was lost, the new being SAVED (made complete, healed, whole, delivered, set free, lacking nothing, missing nothing, nothing broken), but only through fire” (1 Cor 3:11-15) God is SOOOOO GOOD! Amazing Grace! Perfect Glory!

I see the need for full body immersion to be buried with Christ to be resurrected with Christ a completely NEW creature; the two become one flesh: Christ and the baptized in water AND Spirit! Born OF God; a new creation! the old is dead and gone; the new has come! That is why on the way to church on Sunday morning I asked God how he sees me and I heard during the amazing worship time, “You are a spotless bride” and I heard and believed and testified before the congregation, “I am a spotless bride” with tears and great joy in the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!

The destroyer tried to put some things back on me the night after my baptism and before my public testimony, but I saw right through it. I only listen to the Voice of the Shepherd who leads me to springs of living water! I agree with God! all other voices are of the father of lies and those words are ignored as I hear the Voice of Truth and Life. I hear and heal! I hear and am delivered from evil! I hear and am set free! I hear and believe, “I am a spotless bride.” In God’s eyes we are flawless, spotless and beautiful! Having gone through the floods and fires, now go through the red sea: the King of kings and Lord of lords destroys the enemy, and we no longer wander in the desert wilderness, but let our Beloved Bridegroom pour His Love, Light and Spirit into us, making you a well-watered garden paradise of God!!!!!!!

This is our inheritance as co-heirs with Christ! Be born again, anew from Above, of God, in both water and Spirit! be MOVED into the kingdom of the beloved Son, no longer under dominion of darkness, and begin to live, move and have your being in Christ, in his glory, for the glory of our God and Father!!!!!!! Hear and believe God, the Father of Christ, not the father of lies! Hear, believe, receive and be who God says you are!!!!!!!






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Spots to Spotless!

There is only one way to go from spots to spotless. There is only one Way to go from spots of darkness to full of Light; full of Holy Spirit; full of His Presence; full of the Son: repentance (forgiveness of sin) leading to baptism of water and Spirit where we die with Christ and rise with Christ! Both, to be an entirely new being: spirit and soul and body!

Ask Abba Father: how do you see me?

If you are surprised at the answer, ask Abba Father how you can move from how you see yourself to how God sees you! If it seems impossible, then you KNOW God is the only one to turn to! Our Father is the God of the impossible made possible!!!!!!!

Are you willing to share your answers?

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I Am Who You Say I Am!

There is only one Presence and Power that can give you your new name: the Holy One who created heaven and earth and you in His image and likeness! By the blood of the Lamb of God and the washing and regeneration of the Holy Spirit, I am a whole new being! a new creature! a new creation in the image and likeness of Christ, who is the exact image and likeness of God!

I am not who the world says I am

I am not even who my earthly mother and father said I was

I am not who I said I am

I am not who my family says I am

I am not who religion says I am

I am not even who my church says I am.

I am who my God and Father says I am!


I am who You say I am Abba! Father!

I am who You say I am!!!!!!!



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Reap Now what God sowed, NOT what the world is sowing ( a snow job)

God planted a seed of the tree of life in your heart

and when you receive his Son’s rain (reign!)

and nourishment (daily Word and refreshing of the Holy Spirit)

it begins to grow

and eventually,

no one knows the time or date except our Father,

you reap a mature tree of life

in the center of your garden


making you a paradise of God!

The paradise of God

is not a utopia;

it is not nirvana;

it is not some geographical place in the sky (old heavens)

or physical earth (old earth).

It is where righteousness dwells,

peace dwells,

and joy in the Holy Spirit (new heaven Spirit)

abides deep within (new earth body).

We let it arise

out of our innermost spiritual being

and flow

in us

as well as through us

to the glory of God!!!!!!!


Abba! Father! thank you

for the new spiritual elements:

pure gold

refined by holy fire

pure living water

new earth

and pure Holy Spirit breath of Life!!!!!!!

Thank you for Your Heart Eyes to SEE!

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When the Mountain doesn’t Move

The problem with contemporary Christian music is any particular song is only as true as the consciousness of the one who writes it; most are mixed truth with lies, or mixed truth with religious dogma. The song by Lauren Daigle is a great example:

Letting go of every single dream
I lay each one down at Your feet
Every moment of my wandering
Never changes what You see
I try to win this war
I confess, my hands are weary, I need Your rest
Mighty warrior, king of the fight
No matter what I face You’re by my side
When You don’t move the mountains
I’m needing You to move
When You don’t part the waters
I wish I could walk through
When You don’t give the answers
As I cry out to You
I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You

This sounds all great and wonderful, a song about trust can’t be bad right?

The problem is over 2000 years ago, the mountains that were not of Christ moved, the waters parted, the fatigue of bondage ended, the need to just lay down, give up and trust something outside of yourself ended; the separation from God our Father ended. The religious jewish and roman government elite power over God’s people ended when Jesus resurrected, ascended, was glorified and sent the Holy Spirit to not only be with you forever but to be IN YOU when you receive the Holy Spirit and fire baptism of ascended Jesus. Christ clothes his beloveds with Himself, His anointing, the Holy One’s anointing that teaches you everything and leads you into His all good, all light, all love, all HOLY Spirit! The Spirit of Christ in you is all the Power and Wisdom of God in you; do not “fritter away” your spiritual life capacity.

“Am I fulfilling the ministry of the interior? the hidden ministry of intercession that brings forth fruit for the glory of the Father? Am I allowing my spiritual life to be frittered away; or am I bringing it ALL to one center–the Atonement of my Lord? Is Christ Jesus more and more dominating every interest in my life? If the ONE CENTRAL POINT, the GREAT exerting influence in my life is the Atonement [the finished work of the cross] then every phase of my life will bear fruit for Him. REALIZE…ABIDE IN CHRIST–continue to act and think and work from CHRIST IN YOUR CENTER…take time to abide…concentrate your affinities in the POWER of the cross…’Whatever you ask in My name, that I will do’ ” ~Oswald Chambers

With Holy Spirit within you, when you meet with a mountain, IN RELATIONSHIP with God you can move the mountain by the Power of the Holy Spirit in you. He who is IN YOU is greater than he who is in the world. When you speak His Word it does not come back void but fulfilling God’s higher purposes!

With the Spirit of Christ living in you, the waters either part drowning your enemies (God is no respecter of persons; what he did for them he will do for you!), if there is not enough water, it will come out of a rock (it will come in a way you did not expect!), or stream down from heaven making the desert wilderness a watered garden paradise of God. The tainted or stagnant water will become fresh in you by the tree of life in it!

(warning: politically charged content) In the new covenant between God and the Son we can covfefe: in covenant with the Father and Son through the Holy Spirit within us, iron sharpens iron until we all become gold refined by the fire and Holy Spirit baptism of the ascended, glorified Christ!

Don’t try to win a war Jesus already won! Ask and receive the conquering, victorious, overcoming Spirit of Christ! Take it in to yourself and run with it!

AND of course we surrender all and trust Christ in you, the hope of glory, to glorify our Father and God in whom we totally and without holding anything back, abandon ourselves to and TRUST completely! Only the god of this world is not to be trusted…But God!

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The Reason you keep running into the Ditch

The reason we keep running into the ditch

is because we follow what we heard

from past reliable sources of religion, government, science, education, media, family, corporations, institutions, etc.


Jesus said, “You have heard, BUT I say…”

The new thing is Christ in you, listening to ONLY the Voice of Holy Spirit, both the Wisdom and Power to become children of God, the Righteous One, the Holy One who saves, heals, delivers, and sets you free by anointing you with Himself.

The old things keep us stuck in the old heavens and old earth, with mixed good and evil…the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. We get full of knowledge that cannot transform us into who God recreates us to be.

But God! Christ Jesus brought the NEW THING to earth, BEYOND knowledge, beyond understanding. Stop mixing the old and new; it just makes you double-minded and the double-minded do not receive ANYTHING of God. Come and TAKE and PARTAKE of the ALL NEW water of life, the divine nature, Christ Spirit in you! Only in relationship with God through Christ are we whole, complete, lacking nothing! Apart from him we can do nothing; and the “nothing” we do ends badly! In relationship with the FULLNESS of God in Christ, we can do all things with Christ who strengthens us; all things are possible WITH God, in intimate relationship with God! The two become one with God, Christ in you!

The Word and Spirit of God remain in you when you continually eat and drink of them, to hear, see, know and experience the always fresh, flowing, powerful, wise Guide, the Holy Spirit, who leads us to ONLY springs of Living Water of Life not stagnant, tainted waters! The Water of Life is ever-flowing, ever-new, ever fresh Word and Spirit! not the old, stagnant, written in stone, dead things of Adam that cannot give Life Abundant but steal, kill and destroy our lives and relationships leading to sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, pain, depression, suicide, worry, stress, anxiety, dread, fear, and burdens we were NEVER meant to carry.

Cast your cares upon Christ Jesus; give every burden to God; take his ease and light and rest for your soul as a new child of God, carefree and free to live in wonder, awe, curiosity, newness of Life, no fear, no doubt, no wavering, no double-mindedness, no patches, no old wine, but every day a new creation in Christ, eagerly expecting only Good, only Light, only Love, only Holy Spirit because we KNOW because we have SEEN and TASTED and EXPERIENCED the glory of God through Christ in you that you can TRUST completely; he is the Word, the Trustworthy and True, the Life, the Faithful and True, The King of kings and Lord of lords, the Victory: the substance, assurance, conviction and evidence of the Unseen; the invisible God becomes visible, takes form to work in and through you!!!!!!!

“Can you make wedding guests fast when the Bridegroom is with them? No one tears a piece from a new garment and puts it upon an old garment; if he does, he will tear the new and [stay broken]…And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; if he does, the new wine will burst the wineskin and [you will remain broken as you can’t keep the Living Water in you!]. New wine must be put into fresh, new wineskins. No one who keeps drinking the OLD asks for the new for they say, “The old is good” [having never tasted, seen, known or experienced the NEW: Christ in you] !

(Luke 5:33-39)

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Wow! Wow! Wow!

I love you God! You are beyond words! beyond amazing! beyond wonder FULL! beyond awe and delight to the never-ending fresh, new, ever-deepening, ever-heightening, ever-broadening, and ever-lengthening awareness through the Holy Spirit! even more! unlimited! unlacking! source of all beyond what we can think, ask, imagine, dream…

We don’t want new skin put on the old bones…EVERYTHING we were conditioned with has to die, to wake up, arise from the dead and receive the NEW LIGHT OF AWARENESS through ascended Jesus’ eyes, in the Light of His Face! the glory Light of God…

we don’t want new skin put on the same old bones!

that just perpetuates the lie

and generation to generation there is the SAME ADAM waters in new skin…


We want the fire of God to burn to the bone…Adam’s bones dead, gone and burned to ash and NOT RESURRECTED.

We want to die to the marrow of Adam, to be born COMPLETELY NEW of God, by HIS pure WATER and HIS holy SPIRIT! made NEW in the image and likeness of ascended Christ Jesus! The new Christ Jesus marrow produces stem cells of Christ Jesus’ DNA… there is no DAN in the tribes listed in Revelation 7! NO MORE MIXED UP DNA OF ADAM’s TAINTED WATERS.

In the light of what is being MAN-MADE right now; scientists messing with DNA and gene editing and mixing animal DNA with human DNA and who knows what else, don’t walk, but RUN to Christ Jesus and take his Living Water and his Spirit and be born again anew from ABOVE.

DAILY take the Living Water of Life and be made new EVERY morning! Wake up and REMEMBER! not the past, not some future event, but now in his ever-renewing Presence be present! Daily eat of the Word and drink of the Spirit and the bride will form within!

It is going to get ugly through the evil intentions of the world rulers of this present darkness. “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins and share in her plagues” Come to ascended, glorified Christ Jesus and he will safely lift you through the fallen angel realm, above the old heavens and old earth of Adam, to his righteous kingdom of the Son, drinking the water of life of the Spirit and the Bride, to live from heavenly places IN HIMSELF, as a part of his one body and one Spirit…the ONLY safe place in the heavens and the earth…his new heaven and new earth and new sea where we live in consciousness, awareness of the Most High God, the Creator of heaven and earth who we can ONLY know through Jesus who is the exact image and likeness…his FORM in us through the POWER of the Holy Spirit…his substance and Spirit in us!

All the images, statues, paintings, and representations are copies, counterfeits, types and shadows…even the host offered to you contain ghosts, spirits that are NOT CHRIST, but idols that can give no Living Water, tainted spirits that leave you constantly seeking…

RUN to the REAL PRESENCE and FIND; be SATISFIED; receive the FULFILLED PROMISES through the real, alive, living Christ Jesus who will take you immediately to our Father to be born again…to live, move and have your being in His Son’s Perfect, Holy, Pure, Righteous Being as a member of His Church, not external, not made with human hands, but His Body, His Glory that covers the new earth like water covers the seas by TAKING HIS WATER OF LIFE, his Spirit from heaven out of God.

If you don’t know the ascended, glorified Christ Jesus through more and more intimate relationship, you will settle for counterfeits and will refuse the Spirit when it comes to you, or shrink back with shame because you don’t know the FINISHED work of the cross, or FEAR and not receive his river of water of life that is full of FIRE and HOLY Spirit. You will settle and say, “The old is good” because you have never tasted or seen or known the NEW resurrected, ascended, glorified Christ Jesus. You will let the false church and the elemental spirits PATCH your garment instead of receiving the new, white garment from the Holy Spirit, the pure gold refined by the fire of God, or the eye salve that allows you to SEE and KNOW the counterfeits so you can say, “Be gone!”

The elemental spirits of the universe are BOTH good and evil, a mixture of light and darkness. The water can be pure or tainted; fire can be used for good or evil; metal can be rusted or polished, earth can be the old of Adam or the new of Christ; air can be toxic as hell or fresh, pure, life-giving and heavenly.

But in Christ you receive the HOLY Spirit of God: the Living Water from the throne which is ALL PURE, the fire of God that consumes only what is false, the metal ONLY pure gold of Christ, the new earth where only righteousness dwells, and the new heaven’s air, breath of Life, giving Life and Life Abundant, the fullness of God with Christ in you!!!!!!!

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The Beginning and The End and You!

In the Beginning there was one Spirit hovering or moving over the face of the waters (Genesis 1:2). In the End there was the Spirit and the Bride saying, “Come…Take the waters” (Rev 22:17).

In the Beginning was One: The Spirit

In the End there was two: The Spirit and The Bride

In the New Beginning there is you taking the two into you to be one bride of the One Spirit of God! the same Spirit! the two become one flesh!

Take the “face” of the water of life; the conscious awareness and Spirit of the Living Water that Jesus says if you drink you will never thirst again. Drinking the water of life from the throne out of heaven from God makes you a new body of water, a new sea of the new heaven and new earth flowing with the Holy Spirit!

There are two spirits: the spirit of Adam or waters of Adam that have become tainted, and the Spirit of Christ, the pure, holy, perfect, complete, and lacking nothing water of Life!

The old has to die to be resurrected into the new, holy, pure Spirit of Christ living in our body temple that goes from glory to glory with the Living Water!

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The Spirit and the Bride

The same holy, pure Spirit that resurrected Jesus, is the same Spirit that taken within your body makes you the bride!

The same Spirit that flows external to you in a continuous river from the throne of God since the ascension of Christ Jesus, when taken within you, makes you the bride! (whether male or female)

The two become one. The Spirit and Bride say, “Come..and take the water of life without price.” When you take the water of this fiery, glory-filled Spirit into your being, spirit and soul and body, you become the bride who is one with the Spirit of God!

The end of Adam in you is the new Life of Christ in you!

Your body becomes the new temple, filled with the Holy Spirit from God, the new place of his presence, his manifest glory!

Here comes the Bride!

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The Future Now

The future now is Christ,

a new heaven,

in you,

making you a new earth form!

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